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Who Is Crypto Crow?

A former Pro/Am MMA Fight Promoter and VP Of Sales For A National Mortgage Company, Jason Appleton began his venture into Crypto in Dec of 2017 and quickly established a loyal following inspired by his rise, educated by his lessons and touched by his story of rags to riches and a never quit attitude.


Having grown up with very little, Appleton knows what its like to live on Ramon noodles and .39 cent meat packets. Raised by a single mother, Jason saw struggle every day of his life. He spent 40 years learning new industries and establishing a name in those industries for integrity, hard work and accomplishment. Now, in the Cryptocurrency space, Appleton's mission is to rise into the ranks of the wealthy while bringing others along for the ride, every step of the way. He aims to educate newcomers to the Crypto space while teaching them security, analysis and more in the name of empowering others to build wealth in what may be a small window of time where making a dollar out of .2 cents is more than probable.

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Crypto Crow educates viewers on Youtube, his online Udemy Courses and soon, his Television show.


Whether fans are a member of the Crypto Crow Telegram Group, Patreon or other community, the community is close.

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Nominated as one of Crypto's best Coin Analysts, Crow reviews ICO's and Crypto Products.

2018 will very likely be the last opportunity for small investors to see substantial gains by being able to get into positions on a small budget. Its time to educate yourself and take action.

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@Upstager - Telegram

@Upstager is the only Telegram Handle Crypto Crow uses. Any "Crypto Crow" related handles are FAKE!


It seems that scammers/hackers try to con ICO companies into sending them ETH for reviews in my name. I only accept BTC.

Spoofed Emails

Scammers have been sending emails that appear to come from my email addresses. If you are asked for anything, repond with a question. I will get them and let you know.

@jasonappleton - Twitter

I have one Twitter Account, linked here. All others are fake.

My BTC Address

BTC Address: 3MwMVTeradg3UyBievyFEw3ASnUgNkzRWQ

That is the only address I accept payments.

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@crowbooking - Telegram


Crypto Crow offers a variety of options for ICO companies looking to gain exposure for their Token Sale Launches, Post Token Sale promotion for generating exchange trading interest as well as education, tips and more for budding investors. 

Crypto Crow doesn't review everything, regardless of budget. Your project must have some merit. No Gambling, Adult, Cloud Mining or Ponzi type projects are allowed. Reviews are 1 BTC, Features are .5 BTC and 5 Min Of Crypto Segments are .25 BTC.

BTC Address: 3MwMVTeradg3UyBievyFEw3ASnUgNkzRWQ

That is the only Address Ever Used To Accept BTC.

The Crypto Crow Television show will begin airing the week of 6/25/18 and each season will run for 13 weeks. 13 half hour episodes which will feature educational segments to teach viewers about crypto investing.

You can see more details about the show here.

Paid Segments on the Crypto Crow TV Show are 1 BTC each and will run 5-10 minutes in length and paid to the following:

BTC Address: 3MwMVTeradg3UyBievyFEw3ASnUgNkzRWQ

No Adult, Gambling, Cloud Mining or Ponzi related projects.

Udemy is an incredible resource for learning about any possible topic and as such, Crypto Crow has 2 Crypto Related course available. Course 1 is typically for beginners complately new to the space and Course 2 is more intermediate.

The Crypto Crow Patreon is a newsletter like service with an attached community. While no financial advice or sale of anything is involved, its a great way to see behind the scenes of Crows life while helpful articles are shared, tips on tokens Crow is purchasing and the like.

Becoming a Crypto Crow Patron is easy. The cost is $18.99 per month and is the only Tier Available.

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