Crypto Crow Show and Youtube
How Can Crypto Crow Help You?

Crypto Crow has expanded his reach from over 75,000 Youtube Subscribers to branching out into National Television. Whether you are trying to promote a quality ICO or Exchange Token, he can help you generate the kind of exposure nobody else can.

TUFF TV is a National Television Network with 40 Affiliate Stations across the United States and serves over 40 million homes. You can find Crypto Crow on Tuff TV on Monday evenings at 8:00 PM EST/5 PM Pacific and Tuesdays.

BizTV is available in a combined 59.4 million households, with a potential reach of 148.5 million people on TV and online.

Crypto Crow is also found on his Roku Channel which has a potential reach of 30 million homes in the USA.


What Does It Cost For A Paid Feature?

A Youtube Only ICO Review is 1 BTC, paid in advance and does not guarantee a positive review, though even not so glowing review prove valuable and helpful to ICO's. With a Subscriber list of 75,000 loyal followers, this is your first block for building the foundation for exposure for your ICO or Exchange Token.


Television Segments cost 1 BTC in addition to 1 BTC for Youtube Segments. A total of 2 BTC is required for Youtube and Television Segments.


Segments are roughly 5 minutes in length.


BTC Payments Should Be Made To: BTC Address: 3MwMVTeradg3UyBievyFEw3ASnUgNkzRWQ