Why I bought 750,000 Telcoin

Why I bought 750,000 Telcoin


–  Hey Everybody this is the Crypto Crow    Just wanted to give you a quick notice  that I am NOT a financial adviser I’m  not licensed to be a financial adviser  and everything you’re gonna find in this  video and others is as a matter of  opinion only I may very well and I have  a clue what the hell I’m talking about  so once you’ve completed a video make  sure you do your own research and make  your own decisions be greatly  appreciated and if you do buy coins  remember to CROW YOUR COINS  –

Ladies and  Gentlemen   the Crypto Crow is back   for a  presumably quick video for two reasons  hey I’m trying out some of my new stuff  that I got today from my from Amazon you  know I got to tell you I thought it’s  going to be a lot more expensive to get  green screen lighting and all that stuff  in for a hundred fifty bucks that  basically redid my entire my whole deal  that’s so and I’m surprised at how good  this looks I actually look like a human  being again is it that phenomenal I  didn’t realize you’re supposed to put a  light behind you directing at you to  separate you from the background that’s  what I look like Shrek all this time and  hopefully the crypto money chicks won’t  make fun of my yawns I’m doing this a  little earlier in the afternoon it’s  only 2:30 today so you guys are great I  got a kick out of it they gave me a big  shout-out in a video of theirs last  night they’re brand new to YouTube and  they’re super pumped and they’re  basically making fun of me because I  yawn all the time but now that they’ve  been diving into crypto for the past  week they’re starting to stay up later  and later as well and they find they’re  finding out how addicting it is so

but  today I actually want to talk to you  guys a little bit about and I see oh  that that I that that I bought into that  I absolutely think is going to be rockin  and I’m gonna be very honest with you  I’m telling you about this this ICO for  two reasons one because me and a bunch  of my clients own a shit ton of it okay  so and and well so that’s a B is when  this it’s exchange is you’re likely  going to be able to get a lot of it  yourself so during the ICO of Tel coin  you’re able to get like 750,000 token  for you like an ether okay and for one  aetherium which is a lot okay these  things are fractions of a penny apiece  and this is ultimately what I’m not  going to go through everything on the  video I’m just gonna kind of tell you so  in a nutshell what tell coin is doing is  they’re creating a cryptocurrency that  mobile carriers will be able to sell you  directly and as I understand it unless  I’m crazily mistaken after reading their  white paper and some of the information  about them you’re gonna be able to  basically just buy the crypto on your  phone bill so what’s gonna happen with  this thing now there’s a big supply and  all that stuff okay

so I’ll but they’re  you know they’re so damn cheap that it’s  just nuts  and there’s more to it than that but  just that that factor in itself  everybody cuz here’s what’s happening  right now you’ve got all these newcomers  coming to cryptocurrency and what’s the  first thing they do they’re buying  ripple and maybe Bitcoin they see  Bitcoin is being so expensive so there  might be a little bit they might buy a  little trinkets a Bitcoin they just want  to say they own crypto right they’re on  board they’re joining the party even  though they’re purchasing options are  extremely limited to whatever is  available on point on coin base now with  with this crypto with tell coin you’re  gonna actually be able to buy this  currency right from your cell phone and  it ultimately store it on on your phone  and and do things with it so this is  this is gonna be pretty nuts I would  suggest going through and reading you  know anything I tell you guys about I  want you guys to read I’m not telling  you to buy it I just want you to read  anytime I share an ICO or a coin or  something like that I want you to go  read up on it join the telegram

let’s  see how many people are in there  telegram Group nine thousand five  hundred and thirty like when I when I  look at an ICO or I look at a coin if  they’re if they’re telegram is booming  with people that’s a really good sign to  me I’ve already joined it I think so  it’s all good and it’s a good place to  keep up with the latest news because  anytime they update stuff they typically  post it under their telegram channel  so I mean the the team looks pretty  solid I mean honestly the whole thing  looks pretty exciting and and if if this  were to go up to as much as one penny  it’s gonna I mean you’re gonna make a  small fortune off of off of a very  little investment now it’ll probably  take some time to get there but you know  ultimately it’s it’s gonna be pretty  sweet a solid model for telecom adoption  tell coin issuance to telcos will occur  at a rate of 5% annually for a period of  ten years following the IC o—-  distributed to GSM a mobile networks  continuously based their stage  distributed to GSM a mobile networks

continuously base their stage of tell  currently kind of didn’t make sense that  read funny anyway a Wallach ad Gnostic  ERC 20 token issued by telecoms all  right tell-tell coin will be exclusively  distributed by GSM a mobile network  operators available worldwide by  partnering with telcos we bring yeah  where’s the list they have a list  somewhere that I saw before of the the  telecom companies that they’re  partnering with already maybe it’s in  their white paper I think I feel like  some of this is gone since if you can’t  just pull that up I think some of this  has gone since the ICO completed well  anyway do some digging on it but I I  think this is definitely something worth  keeping an eye on as it once it starts  to hit exchanges if I’m assuming based  off of the bonuses and how many coins  you can get for solar for like one  aetherium and then based on even the  guys who got into this thing and like  private presale presale all that stuff  and those bonuses I’m anticipating a big  exchange dump so don’t think that  because you didn’t get into this this IC  o—-  at the IC o—- doesn’t mean you’re not  going to be able to get in for probably  close to the same because they’re gonna  be a lot of people dumping bonus coins  and things like that  onto the exchanges as soon as they go  live

so my suggestion would be add add  them add to the telegram get on their  telegram pin  so that you’re getting all the updates I  don’t know how I have so many groups and  things that I’m a part of that I kind of  scan and keep an eye on all day every  day in between other things but the real  important stuff I always pin to the top  until I’m done with it  so pin this and just keep an eye on it  man as soon as it hits exchanges be  ready and I wish there were I wish  they’d pre-planned their exchange  launches so that I could keep like a  calendar and then just invite everybody  to this calendar but there really isn’t  anything I mean they’re all different  you never really know so hopefully  hopefully this is helpful to some of you  guys I’d like to see some of you guys  get into this because I think especially  those of you with really small budgets  that are looking in the hold long term I  think this is going to be a good one the  same way that I was talking about  electro neom and how they’re gonna  really help break into the youth the  high school kids the college kids even  you know all of the young people who are  basically going to be using the  simulated minor on their cell phones and  it’s going to kind of like a gateway to  cryptocurrency for a lot of people

I  think that you know I still hear people  all the time struggling setting up their  coinbase account get everything  confirmed I hear it every day from a  hundred people so it’s it’s it’s not  it’s not that it’s super hard it’s just  they’re super difficult it’s just when  you’re new to things and you really  don’t know what to expect it can be  difficult so that being said I think  this is gonna be a really big gateway  for a lot of people excuse me who want  to move into the crypto space and don’t  really know where to turn but when they  find out they’re gonna be able to buy a  cryptocurrency on their phone you know  I’m having issues drinking my coffee  drink and they find that they’re gonna  be able to do a lot more on their phone  at a cheap price and hold it and grow a  time I think that’s gonna be a big  gateway for a lot of people moving into  cryptocurrency so keep that in mind when  you’re watching this tell coin I do  think it’s gonna be pretty good no I’m  not dumping any of my coins I never do  when it hits exchanges and keeping them  holding them long and I’m gonna curl my  coins like I always say I will say I’ve  been getting I’ve been getting a lot of  people sending me your own designs on  like crypto CRO CRO your coins things  like that

I had a guy send me a coffee  mug you designed and  he’s like hey man you have any problem  with me you know making my own mug and  and I’m like no not really but I do have  some stuff in the works because believe  it or not and I know some of you guys do  I know that there’s a couple haters that  love to like kind of spam my channel  with garbage I try to get rid of them as  quickly as I can  but you know it’s not a cash grab for me  it’s a branding thing for me it’s a  marketing thing more than anything I’m  probably initially gonna start like a  cafe press shop or something like that I  did put I did start a thing on 99designs  so I’m hoping to get a lot of really  cool examples and I gave three different  shirts that I really want to have made  and so we’ll see what happens and then  I’m gonna take some of this stuff and  I’m probably gonna create my own like  coffee mugs and and thing like things  like that so don’t feel like you have to  go out design this stuff and then pay a  fortune to have a custom made yourself

I’m gonna have some stuff for everybody  I’ve been getting a surprising amount of  requests like one of you guys what are  you gonna have this when you’re gonna  have that I promise you I’ve been trying  to find designers for like a week and a  half and I’m still kind of looking but  yeah I want I want to design it it  really matches my style and kind of the  image that I’m looking for and so we’ll  see hopefully I’ll come up with it in  like three days I think that’s when a  lot of these designs are supposed to be  turned in and in the meantime I’ll  probably come out with some other stuff  too so you’ll find it on Jason Appleton  com  and if you go to the cryptic road comm  just so everybody knows that is mine I  own it it just redirects right to jason  Appleton com so on that note there are  some other updates but I’ll save them  for later I still got some work to do I  just kind of wanted to help you guys out  and that’s it crow your coins folks and  I’ll talk to you soon thanks

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