Turn $100 into $100,000 Trading Alts – Cliff High Predictions

Turn $100 into $100,000 Trading Alts – Cliff High Predictions


what’s up everybody  I am the crypto crow I’m gonna tell you  I’m gonna I miss all you guys  I honestly so yesterday when I shot that  video and I was all jazzed up as soon as  I finished that video I crashed so hard  something awful like I I finished that  video drained of all life and I went  right upstairs and went to sleep so I’m  gonna try and take it kind of slow  tonight because there’s a lot of stuff  that I want to go over I want to make  sure I’ve got the energy I’m doing a lot  better I really am but now I almost feel  like honestly I feel like the the  antibiotic they got me on amoxicillin or  something it’s like a giant horse pill  the size of my finger and I have to take  it twice a day with a nasal spray for  the sinus infection and I feel like  everything’s getting better but I still  feel kind of messed up like and I think  it’s almost and it’s different so I  almost wonder if the that stuff is is  messing me up  I love that song too I’m glad you guys  loved it because they did a hell of a  job on it and so here’s what I wanted to  talk about so for starting off first  make sure you guys are hitting up the  forums the Crypt okraw.com  you know check them out

I mean it’s  there they’re growing that there’s more  people getting on there every day and  the membership is growing quite a bit  but I like I said if you’re on discord  if you’re on my discord channel I’m  probably gonna be getting rid of that  very soon so make sure you guys check  out these forums and looking at the  market bitcoins it’s nine thousand seven  hundred fifty seven dollars very so it’s  exactly broke even though looking at the  chart I mean it’s it’s it’s been kind of  going up it did drop quite a bit wow  this dropped all the way definite weight  a minute that wasn’t when was this  oh I was gonna say this was uh this is  back on the seventh yeah these are day  these are day candles so yeah I mean  it’s been going up and it’s dip in a  little bit but I think it’s it’s gonna  come correct here pretty soon  and so yeah smash those likes everybody  and and you know what oh I didn’t  loaded up but we got Superman to crow  your coins we got him to say crow your  coin well we didn’t I wasn’t up to  anything I just happened to be in his  channel watching this video today on an  IC o—- and um a lot of you guys showed  up in that channel and like took it over  took over his chat with crypto crows  stuff and you know he’s a he’s a trooper  man

I mean he is he’s a trooper you got  to give him credit cuz you guys were  blowing up like what the orange crypto  crow I mean you guys were in there  blowing up his channels and crow your  coins crow your coins and he did say it  he did say it on my the video that I  posted we’re like I like you know he  lost three million dollars and he posted  crow your coins peeps and I thought that  was really cool very nice of him to stop  by and show his respect and everything  there’s support I guess you should not  respect like I’m some fucking godfather  or something but you found Superman  through me well that’s cool like don’t  don’t listen to all the fun guys and  here’s the thing I want to talk to you  guys a little bit about you guys say you  like my rambling I’m probably be doing  some of that tonight you know with this  whole paid review thing I you know when  watching cuz I haven’t watched Superman  do a review in a while and look I don’t  give a shit if somebody is being paid to  review a cryptocurrency as long as  they’re giving me good information and  you know szimpla me and swears up and  down he doesn’t get paid to do any  reviews and he may very well not

I know  firsthand look just exploit so people  saw and this whole video the video is  not clickbait just so you guys know the  title of this video is not clickbait i’m  gonna give go into some details some  some cool shit i’ve been telling you  guys for weeks  i just really wanted to feel well enough  I’m still not 100% sure I do feel well  enough but I’m gonna do my best so I  might have to take things really slow  tonight but to put things into  perspective I get probably 10 ICO review  requests a day okay and I basically I  send a canned response to everybody  basically linking them to my website  saying this is what I  charges is what I do it doesn’t mean  that I’m gonna review you it doesn’t  mean anything other than look this is  what I charge this is the situation if  you if you’re cool with it and basically  the situation is you’re gonna pay first  I’m gonna review the the ICO very  honestly to my people and it may be good  it may not it may not it’s just it I you  know paying me to do a review doesn’t  mean I’m gonna be running all over the  internet talking about how amazing it is  it’s just not what I do and so and I  send them to the page that explains all  that and it’s like look if you’re still  …

ok this is what I charge this is how it  works and that’s it and I don’t even say  anything I just send them that link and  then if they come back and they say your  rate is fine how can we move forward  then I get into details about whether or  not I even want to do it ok because I  get so many that I’m not gonna go  through and investigate every one of  them I want to find out who’s willing to  play ball and who is it look this is  what I do for a career now you know  YouTube is it for me between YouTube and  my fun this is it so when you know  everybody gives Superman all this hell  about me and me talking really does mess  me up I think it’s still the zionists  thing but anyway Superman talking about  or having that little thing pop up from  Skype where they agreed to pay a certain  amount or whatever it doesn’t  necessarily mean anything because I get  a bunch of people agreeing to pay me  whatever the hell I want it still  doesn’t mean anything I’ve had a couple  casinos offer to pay me I’m not kidding  six figures six figures to talk about  casinos and I’ve not done it so yeah let  that be known because that’s no bullshit  so and the fact of the matter is I don’t  care

I’ve seen so many shit ICO reviews  all over the internet from people that  are being paid and otherwise and it just  it doesn’t matter to me if you’re being  paid for something as long as you’re  giving me really good information I mean  look the research in this stuff really  takes time and quite frankly the way  Superman does things I am actually going  to be changing the way I do ICO reviews  moving forward and I if you’re on my  telegram channel I kind of showed you  my 10 my 10 list okay so I’m gonna take  a second here  rayji man I’m glad that was you need to  go  I don’t allow racial slurs in my chat I  don’t care if you’re being funny yeah  you’re gone luckily people couldn’t see  some of the stuff he’s saying just just  those words aren’t even cute to grow up  watching from the UK been following you  from the start number one thanks man  no I can’t be bought and that’s the  thing you know I made comments before  that you know look when I get back to my  hundred-percent self my videos are gonna  start rocking again I’m telling you  they’re gonna be better than before I’m  working on getting a new machine where  I’m gonna be able to start editing

I  know how to edit it’s just the machine  that I have is slow so I got to really  invest in a big powerhouse system so all  right so talked about this first thing I  want to talk about it’s a little bit me  and I might have to cut this into two  videos I don’t know I might have to take  a break in between them cuz I’m really  not feeling so hot Oh every time I start  feeling good I’m like I’m gonna go down  I’m gonna do this video I almost waited  to do this until tomorrow so this here  is a report that was sent to me by  somebody so what happened was somebody  somebody recently invested in those  block Lancer as a matter of fact and  they they got scammed I forget exactly  how it happened I think he clicked a  Google ad he had watched my video click  to Google ad he looked it up in Google  clicked on an ad and exactly what I’ve  been telling people don’t do he did and  he was just basically letting me know  hey you know this website is fake you  know I just sent him in one aetherium to  invest a block Lancer I didn’t get  anything I’m pretty sure it’s a scam and  I sent that over to the people of block  planter

it’s one of the perks of doing  paid i SEOs  if you know if I’ve got a good  relationship with them they’ll help me  out and in this case this guy I believe  this guy he wasn’t asking me for  anything he was just kind of letting me  know so I sent it over to block Lancer  and this isn’t something I do all the  time but I believed him and they said  okay we’ll take care of it so they’re  sending him his coins and they’re  actually investigating the site and all  this other stuff so and that was it and  he thanked me profusely he’s like man I  didn’t expect you to do any of that  thank you so much you know you’re great  yada yada and I’m like cool man  pay it forward is basically what I said  well then he sends me this report and he  was like thank you so much I don’t know  if you’ve ever heard of cliff high  before but I really love his stuff and  he’s typically really accurate in his  predictions and so this is the report he  sent me soaring 20s forecasts for  January 2018 through 2022 it’s a 36 page  document now I don’t know a whole hell  of a lot about cliff high other than I  have caught some of his videos in the  past I’m gonna take a sip here

maybe  it’ll help me  so this guy does I think what he does is  he has some kind of system it’s him in a  group of people and they do all these  predictions based off you know how I  talk about the pulse of I cos the pulse  of cryptocurrencies that sort of thing  these guys basically take it to a whole  nother level an asymmetric linguistics  trends analysis intelligence report  basically they have this system that  goes through and finds all the chatter  across the internet and based off of the  chatter and the words used and the  emotional state of the markets and all  this other stuff and they formulate  pretty accurate predictions on things so  I’m gonna go all the way back down here  and I know I’m not gonna read a lot of  these but I’m gonna read a couple of  them because I found them interesting  that’s another thing too  there’s so much to talk about with you  guys tonight  somebody sent me an email today wanting  to pay me thousands of dollars to  publish a new video about Bitcoin it was  like a 33 minute video and I haven’t  agreed to publish it I watched it I was  actually it was a pretty interesting  video it was like exciting but scared  the hell out of me at the same time and  I’m not gonna say a whole hell of a lot  but there was 33 minutes well-spent

and  I’m debating on doing you know I’m  debating on publishing it because some  people are probably gonna really like it  I really like it  newbies to the space might freak out  about it so I haven’t decided but it  brought some really valid points like  you know one of the points that this  movie made was you know Satoshi Nakamoto  nobody knows who the hell this guy is or  if it’s a group or what their motives  are the guy creates Bitcoin nine years  ago and apparently hasn’t spent a single  Bitcoin from his wallet address or from  his address that’s kind of creepy  like what’s the motive if it’s not  money what’s the motive overall and if  it’s not about money and he has no  intention he or she or they have no  intentions about cashing out that how  about you just dump them off so that you  don’t ruin the entire Bitcoin economy or  the entire altcoin economy if you Sunday  decided to and that was one of the  points made in this movie and there’s a  lot of really good ones so keep that in  mind folks I mean it’s it’s a little  scary so I don’t know if you guys want  me to publish that I’ll let you guys  decide  yeah CIA created it alright you know  I’ve wondered published it put that  tinfoil hat on for us hey man I’ve got a  big big beautiful tin foil a tin foil  hat so I’ll see

you know it looks like a  lot of you guys are wanting me to  publish it well it’s so scary but yeah I  might we’ll see I mean it you know  they’re all gonna pay me offering to pay  me and the thing of it is is I don’t  know the full motive of the video so  okay so I’m gonna read a couple of these  and I’m gonna get to some of this tips  what am I looking for here where are  they this this this goes in the mining  the future all kinds of stuff so there’s  some stuff about Bitcoin it goes into  several of these several coins but in a  nutshell this report basically states  that it sees man we all let the dude you  will fuck that Fudd the heck outta be  BTC noobs I know I know that’s that’s  the thing there’s so many people that  are still so uneducated about  cryptocurrency that this video could  just literally scare the hell out of  them I will say though that this video  made a very valid point that Bitcoin  could legitimately get to a million  dollars a coin and there are a lot of  reasons why but the fact that the the  fact that bitcoin could get to a million  dollars a coin is a big part of what’s  so scary because of how a meltdown of  Bitcoin at that point would cause like a  global catastrophe and that’s that kind  of leads into the idea there’s a lot

like the video is interesting I will say  but I don’t want to start I don’t want  to fund the hell out of everybody that  doesn’t quite understand and you know if  it were to happen it would probably be  you know decades from now and I don’t  know and and it gave some it wasn’t all  fun it was basically like here these are  some scenarios that we need to be  mindful of as the Bitcoin market  continues to grow and these annual  patterns and all this stuff and every  year it gets you know it doubles and  triples the value over the previous year  and so forth and so on  yeah Garcia not 2009 I’m not creating  any FUD I definitely don’t want to  create FUD all right  so but this this this prediction is  basically talking about Bitcoin reaching  over $40,000 relatively soon in this  year you know  where’s talks about yose doing pretty  decent man I’m really hurting guys  denied 125 times I don’t know what you  were denied about John  JPMorgan applied 125 times for Bitcoin  all yeah the the the one thing that this  video was very very clear on is that  Bitcoin is at some point going to take  over the financial industry go get off  and come back later brother

I know I know I should I just I hate  letting you guys down I know some of you  guys wait for my videos but I’m still  still kind of dealing with stuff I’m  under the weather that’s why I waited  until the Mike’s I’ve been feeling good  but it’s when I start talking like this  it’s for whatever reason me talking it’s  like vibrating my head I don’t know if  it’s vibrating my sinuses and it just  starts sending me downhill all right let  me try and get through here’s what I’m  gonna do  basically this report talks about all  these coins like coin Manero  Komodo neo oMG populace Ripple  I don’t even know what that is sovereign  tokens talks about all kinds of stuff in  a nutshell 2018 touch streams short if  you don’t felt feel well enough bro  we’ll love you anyway let me know if you  want help picket a new computer my hobby  thanks tax owned axe yeah this is really  rough tonight guys I’m so sorry I really  AM like it’s killing me it’s killing me  that my channels hurting because I just  cannot physically get through what doing  what I want to do and my wife knows it’s  like really it’s really affecting me you  know cuz it’s it’s big you know momentum

I don’t want to lose momentum with my  channel the way it’s been growing and  the way everything’s been going and and  I just there’s so much stuff outside of  these reviews that I’ve been doing that  I want to get to here so I’ll cover this  report another time there’s one thing  that I wanted to show you guys and it’s  basically a quick point in this I’m  gonna touch I’m gonna touch on the turn  a hundred dollars into you know a  hundred thousand dollars a million  dollars even really using the same  principle but all it boils down to  something you guys would give me hell  when I would talk about an ICO after  it’s already hit exchanges okay you know  why don’t you tell us about it before it  hits exchanges well then I start doing  that and you guys are like well you know  there’s no point in you even doing these  reviews because most of us can’t get  these i SEOs anyway this is an IC o—-  that recently hit exchanges okay it’s a  very top rated ICO that it was very  expensive however and right now it’s a  dollar eighty okay get this at IC o—-  the price was two dollars and 13 cents  now when I tell you guys when I’m  reviewing an ICO and I’m like oh well  the bonuses is kind of the bonus is a  little high

I don’t like it because I  don’t want just did a review a paid  review or I basically said the bonus was  too high for some people  and they’re probably gonna dump on  everybody else when it hits exchanges  right you guys remember that I was a  paid review  I’m always straight-up with you but pun  DX isn’t is a strong example of exactly  that I was talking about this was 2  dollars and 13 cents a coin and I see oh  it’s a dollar 18 now why where did I  find it bonus for the first 5 to 30  percent okay sold on presale twenty  three million dollars worth of this coin  was sold at presale with bonuses up to  65 percent now when I’m talking about  turning a hundred dollars into you know  doubling it doubling and doubling it  that’s what this is all about that’s  what the whole video is all about take  it you’re stiff like some of you guys  like well I’ve only got a hundred  dollars what can I do with it well if  you can’t get into any I cos you look  for situations like this  you look for situations where there were  big bonuses at ico  you wait for the dumping to occur when  those coins hit exchanges and you track  it using something like TweetDeck okay

so you can keep track of the of all  kinds of you know whatever you want  really  I mean if it’s on the internet you can  pretty much keep sure if it’s on Twitter  you can keep track of you know what  these guys are doing now what you do and  I don’t even know you see Bundy here we  go hashtag pun DX there goes it’s  loading up  so I’m gonna move this over a little bit  so it’s a little easier to keep track of  I definitely need to get a new computer  or one that’s a little more powerful  where to go here it is so now what’s  gonna happen is anytime pun d-x is  mentioned on Twitter anywhere this it’ll  pop up right here for me and a feed now  this is gonna allow me to keep track of  what’s going on because if I like we’re  as of right now I can buy this on  exchanges now the idea is to do this  like if you have a smaller budget you’ve  got $100  the idea is to is to get a list of like  10 coins that you’re watching right when  you yeah the site’s TweetDeck sorry  didn’t I say that I’m like out of it  it’s oh yeah you can see it’s tweet calm  so when you guys when you have like a  hundred box  maybe you’re you’re going after I cos  that hit exchanges when those icos  are you know the ICO coins are five  cents or one cent like electro neum was  that sort of thing

if the price of the  coin is justified by the total supply of  it and the bonuses during ICO  are not that high okay especially for  these pre sale folks cuz these pre sale  it’s the presale bonus that really kicks  you in the balls when you’re an ICO  investor on the on the front end right  so you have to know what those bonuses  are if the bonuses are significantly  high and there’s a large supply and that  our presale sold a shit ton of coins  like Pun DX did you can pretty much bet  that when those when the when the coin  hits exchanges like this one it shot it  got the 450 but then it took a big dump  and now it’s down to it well it’s bet  it’s going back up a little bit earlier  this afternoon when I first found this  it was about a buck 67 do you guys  understand what I’m what I’m getting  that so far tell me the time I’m  spending with this video right now is  worth it  I’m really trying to lay some knowledge  cuz I know it’s been a little while  everything is taking a dump right now I  get that but things aren’t I mean this  just happened like pretty much like this  this was on February 2nd this is after  the whole market crashed okay alright so  basically the idea is let’s say this  were you can do this with exchange coins  to like

let’s say let’s say I’m on  coinage II okay and I am I’ve got a  hundred bucks now I can go through here  you see this panel here these are all  the different trading pairs okay now  this is these are one day candles all  right but I don’t even have to do one  day candles I can do I don’t know let’s  look at for our candles so you can see  that there’s some volatility and this is  a random point I don’t even know what  this is ata  this is card ah no ha ha so there’s a  lot there’s some decent volatility here  but this the volatility here is  typically only a few cents right cuz I  mean right now it’s at 32 cents which is  lower than I’ve seen it in quite a while  but apparently it’s gone as low as 28  cents recently which is freaking nuts  really good time to buy if you don’t  have card on oh yeah it’s a pretty good  time to buy there’s there been some fun  than people putting foot out recently  which it’s you know I haven’t even paid  much attention to a lot of it but anyway  you see that on a high and I know it  might be a little loud because the  basements kicking on back on the ninth  to nine prices as high as 42 cents right  now

it’s down to 32 cents and it’s gone  as low as 28 cents well if I had $100  and I would have if I were to put this  in right now now this is this is trading  this is active trading but you can take  that 100 bucks pretty easily turn that  into maybe 150 in a relatively short  period of time just based off of the  sheer volatility now at that and the  volatility on Cardno really isn’t much  but if you can find coins or pairs that  are really volatile like look at this  pattern I mean this is crazy volatile  and these are for our candles so you  know you’re seeing a lot of highs a lot  of lows ATX okay this is an ATX beat  Bitcoin pair you can use this volatility  and then run these EMA gains to really  figure out when’s a good time to buy and  sell you know when I talk I’ve talked in  other videos if you’re new to my channel  I’ve talked in other videos about using  these EMA gain indicators to find out  the best time to buy and sell a coin  when you’re when you’re when this little  purple indicator here is crossing over  the blue line that’s that’s basically  saying okay it’s time to buy before the  before the price really goes up and then  when it comes back down you know across  this downward that’s you know you if you  see that trend happening or that pattern  happening you know

on a four on a four  six hour you know it’s a good time to  sell and that’s basically what you’re  looking for when you’re making these  trades and you’re wanting to use high  volatility coins like this one you know  so that you can start with 100 bucks 150  bucks and and then to add the other  layer to this is you’re keeping track of  the coins so so if I were if I were  trying to put together a top ten list of  coins that I want to take a hundred  dollars or a thousand dollars I want to  multiply that relatively quickly I would  take this coin okay and I would plug it  into TweetDeck and I would just have ten  coins set up on TweetDeck and I want to  keep track of their news then I’m gonna  go to those coins and I’m gonna go and  I’m gonna go to their website I’m gonna  try and find out what is their timeline  do they still have their roadmap from  ICO maybe look at wayback machine too  because some of these sites they have  their they had the road maps during ICO  but they take them down after the ICO so  you can go to Wayback Machine hold on a  minute  like Pun DX did this so I’m gonna see  hold on a minute

I want to see if my example will work  here on the X me and my head is feeling  like hell all right so I’m going to  Wayback Machine now wayback machine is  an Internet Archive and basically I used  to use this for SEO quite a bit like if  I were buying domains to launch  Authority websites and this is a way to  find out if a website to actually aged  like people sell domains on GoDaddy and  they say oh yeah this is a 12 years old  domain but then it was never indexed by  Google so I would look up domain names  on the wayback machine and find out  alright so back in 2017 let’s look at  see what their website looked like now  this is some real shit folks I don’t  know is anybody’s ever taught you this  stuff before sometimes this will work  out for you sometimes they may not have  much we’ll see  I’ve not heard of Electra this snapshot  isn’t showing me anything let’s go back  a day maybe but basically the idea is  they use wayback machine to try and find  these guys we’ll find the coins roadmap  to get an idea as the when big things  are expected to happen with that coin so  if I’m looking at the volatility and I  know that right now this coins on a  downward trend or it’s down here it’s  been as high as this and it’s down here  if I buy here knowing that over the next  week or two weeks even

they’ve got some  big news potentially coming here we go  I feel we’ll start in here we go this is  what I’m talking about  so this is basically what their website  looked like pre ICO what do you think  about that now token flow I mean this is  a good way to learn about stuff so this  is part of their roadmap all right so we  are in quarter one all right  oops here we go so quarter to enter  Canada market all that’s automated I  thought I was doing it with my mouse I’m  not it’s doing it all on its own cuz I’m  like wait where are you going why I’m  still right here so anyway you can get a  really good idea so if you wanted to  take things a step further you can set  up a Google Calendar and then make notes  in your Google Calendar based off of  these different time frames so what you  can do effectively is a right now I do  not own any pun Deacs I’m just using  this as an example to teach you guys  something okay but I’m probably gonna  buy some just so you know so anyway you  keep track of the coin I looked on here  Pontiacs isn’t even on here yet because  it’s only on a couple little like really  small exchanges

so I can’t even get  access to any charts really yet so to  put this all into one lump nuts  okay you’re watching the volatility you  want to try and buy the coin when it’s  low in this case it’s an ICO that’s  recently hit exchanges and then dumped  okay because all the both the whales  that bought in at pre-sales 65% bonus  just dumped on the heads of everybody  else okay so now you know this is an  example like if I do a paid ICO or a  regular ICO review and I say well their  bonus is really high and I really want  to see everybody get dumped on this is  exactly what I’m talking about you can  even see my hand I talk with my hands a  lot but so that this is exactly what I’m  talking about  okay so but this also gives you an  opportunity so even if I talk about an  ICO if I think and ICO is really good  and you are like well why are you  talking about ICS it has an I can’t get  into it because I’m in the US or I’m in  China or I’m wherever it doesn’t matter  folks there’s still a really good  opportunity tap it typically to get it  when it hits the exchanges you just have  to do your homework set up on TweetDeck  so that you know ii cuz that they  announce stuff on here on twitter as  soon as they hit in exchange

congratulations we hit this exchange or  they’ll say hey vote for us to get on to  X exchange and you can follow that and  typically when that stuff happens well  you bought it low and then you can sell  it when it hits a peak and you can  typically tell when those Peaks happen  because you can watch these EMA  indicators when when it’s on the rise  like a TX is right now it dips a little  bit but it’s gonna have to dip quite a  bit more to until until this indica this  13 indicators gonna cross down and  basically say okay so the volume is  turning into more cell volume than it is  buying volume and so you know the price  is gonna start going down does all this  make sense to everybody  yep I did this with nag  are you talking to you alright  knowledge is power crow like TweetDeck  I love TweetDeck it’s like a it’s like a  big master command center for the  Internet  thank you for the Wayback Machine crypto  crow didn’t know about that what an  important tool yeah I’ve got a lot more  tools I haven’t even really I’m telling  you guys well as soon as I start feeling  better I’m gonna put together some  really interesting stuff keep in mind I  did SEO and online marketing for 20  years I’ve got all kinds of tools I’ve  got stuff that I haven’t even helped  myself with yet in terms of my channel

like I just started doing some things to  help my channel a little bit alright  who’s toilet mouse I don’t know what’s  going on I think I’m missing something I  think somebody’s trolling and everybody  who’s beating them up alright okay crow  you can make them you can make a lot of  money fast this way unlike the stock  exchange where only grows 8% in a year  and at times yeah I mean you can you can  make a lot of money this way here’s the  thing guys and I’m gonna leave it at  this for the night because I really am  hurtin but I just really wanted to get  this out to you guys you have no matter  what you do here’s the thing it doesn’t  matter when you when you’re talking  about guys like me Superman  crypto grinders like any of these guys  don’t ever just take what we talk about  even if it’s a positive review even if  it’s a bad review I might review an ICO  and say I don’t really dig it I’m not  really into it I’m not gonna buy it and  then they could turn around and make  everybody a mint okay some of what I  personally buy into is based off of what  has treated me well in the past

okay so  that doesn’t necessarily mean that  something I don’t necessarily like right  now  and you know what Mike my thighs my  giant thighs are making the video camera  shake yeah ultimately I’m saying buy low  sell high but I’m saying that there’s  there are a lot of tricks and things  that you can do to kind of figure out  when the lows and the highs are gonna  happen before they happen that’s the  idea but the whole point is you know  none of us are gonna have the time to  say buy low right now this is because  this isn’t what I do  really you know what I mean I buy and  hold but I know that you know some of  you guys you have limited budgets and so  one of the best way I mean look I did  exactly this with Bitcoin and Bitcoin  caster and that whole thing I showed you  guys in other videos my chart you see  all the red and green arrows I just  basically bought and played all the dips  and highs and that’s exactly what I did  and I knew that was coming because I was  following the news and I was following  what was going on on TweetDeck and I did  exactly what I’m trying to tell you guys  to do now if you guys want to make a lot  of money and you want to be able to turn  a hundred bucks in the 10,000 20,000  50,000 and so on you’re gonna have to  get used to doing your own homework and  learning the systems

you’re going to  you’re not going to be able to rely on  guys like me Superman you know any of us  you’re not gonna be able to be able to  rely on us use us as a stepping stone I  used guys like Superman and others as my  stepping stone to give me a foundation  from which to grow and further expand my  knowledge of the space so that I could  rely on making my own decisions okay  that’s that’s that’s what I encourage  all of you guys to do if you watch my  channel religiously I want to lead you  in the right direction so that you can  grow yourself so that you can establish  a portfolio grow your positions and grow  your coins that is my goal okay and and  and you know with me I’m going to be  getting into more details here very soon  you know I promise you guys that once  once I’m a hundred percent and I can  really sit down here and work for hours  without feeling like I need to lay down  I really do want to teach you guys how  to make  a lot of money this year because I do  firmly believe that bitcoin is gonna  start surging back up here relatively  soon and you know when it does I know  that my channel is gonna blow up I think  that the markets as a whole are gonna  blow up and there’s gonna be so much  opportunity

you could probably buy just  about any altcoin on the exchanges right  now and in 60 days it’s going to go up  and you’re gonna make money okay so what  you do with the profit is is the  question because once you’ve invested  your money today if you’re not flipping  and buying a low selling the highs and  you’re really working these these swing  trades you know you could effectively  make more money but the catch is is that  if you’re not doing your homework if  you’re not doing the TweetDeck if you’re  not keeping tabs on milestones so forth  and so on  you can kick your own ass in the wrong  swing trade okay that’s why I’m trying  to show you some of these tools I want  you to make educated swing trades I  don’t want you to just follow these  charts if all you do is follow these  charts and ta there are always going to  be things that technical analysis does  not account for when it comes to  cryptocurrency I don’t give a shit what  anybody says technical analysis is not a  crystal ball a lot of guys that run  technical analysis on coins find what  they want to see and then they display  that information a lot of it is either  very hopeful or a lot of it is very fun  like

so you have to be able to make your  own educated decisions as to what’s  happening in the market use these use  technical analysis use these little  indicators as tools against everything  else going on in the market and that is  how you’re gonna get really effective  swing trades and you’re gonna be  guaranteed a win every time using these  EMA indicators and buying at the right  times there’s it’s really I’m not gonna  say it’s difficult to lose money when  you’re doing things properly but you’re  much more likely to gain more okay  one other note that I wanted to make is  if I go do not I’ve been seeing things  recently about like  Nino’s and and other things holy cow I  have almost a thousand of you on right  now that is blowing my mind I don’t know  if I’ve ever had 900 people I hope I  helped you guys tonight  do not buy hardware wallets from Amazon  or Ebay  from private parties if it is not  directly from Leger nano or it’s not  directly from the company I would not  buy it because apparently what’s  happening is people are like mint sell  and you know these different little  companies some of these people are  hacking these hardware wallets selling  them and then somehow they’re able to  wipe these wallets okay

so play it safe if your guys are gonna  by heart and I did have I had Wow my  mind is like I had links I did have some  Amazon affiliate links for Leger Nano  and the treasurer wallet but I’ve  removed those when I started seeing that  this was actually kind of happened this  was happening I’m like holy shit I gotta  I’m gonna get rid of these links and  make sure I tell everybody what’s going  on and why I took them away so hopefully  if your long-term followers of my  channel and here’s another thing to I  ask a lot of you guys  yeah malware embedded yeah I mean that’s  scary stuff so if you’ve bought one of  these and you didn’t buy it directly  from the manufacturer I would probably  try to return it pull all your crypto  off of it put it back on my ether wallet  for now and then go back and buy one  directly from the manufacturer and if  you if you happen to buy one of those  from one of my affiliate links I’m  really really sorry I did not know that  this was happening until recently and  it’s not like a widespread problem it  just seems like it’s happening here and  there so if it’s if I you know for me  I’m not taking I take zero chance when  it comes to my crypto so yeah keep that  in mind

I’ll try to answer a couple  questions and then I think I’m gonna I’m  gonna get out of here  oh snap I bought mine from Amazon  buying it from Amazon doesn’t  necessarily mean and actually when I  think about it I think that the the  affiliate links I did use were directly  from ledger so mine were probably safe  to be honest with you because I wouldn’t  have just grabbed a random I would have  went directly with ledger I can and I  can go back and check but I’m pretty  sure it was so I wouldn’t worry too much  Jason you’re the man to help Elroy get  him to do a profit trailer I see oh he  has gold in his hands and not noticing  it let’s start using AI and profit  trailer oh and you know what while I’m  talking and some of you guys some like a  lot of you guys have been asking me  about this crypto hopper this other  bought look I’m gonna tell you guys  stress so I watched this video this  other guy and his video sounded like  like a like an infomercial like he all  he didn’t have was the southern accent I  mean he talked about Jesus he talked  about you know all this stuff and his  infomercial just sounded like it was the  it was funny to me it was funny but in  his own video he was basically he was  trying to say I’m leaving profit trailer

I’m gonna leave the TweetDeck on because  I just think that looks cool looks  powerful doesn’t it but anyway this guy  was talking about how he was leaving  profit trailer for Krypto hopper and and  I thought okay I looked at Krypto hopper  before I found profit trailer I actually  think I looked at that before I bought  gun bot as a matter of fact and I just  didn’t like the way it was set up it was  kind of set up like everything you do as  a cash grab and it was all based off of  monthly recurring payments that you have  to make so you buy crypto hopper and you  had like a $30 a month I think or 20 and  then a $50 a month and then a third one  I don’t remember how much it was but  this guy was basically talking about how  he was paying $50 a month for his crypto  hopper that $50 a month I think was like  $600 a year but he was complaining about  paying I think he said he paid $250 to  own profit trailer okay  so that was logic strike one  okay and he was he was going on to talk  about all this great functionality of  crypto hopper but then he would flash  back and forth between profit trailer  and his crypto hopper

his profit trailer  had made 48 dollars in profit and then  his crypto hopper had only made 19  dollars in profit I assume in the same  time frame and I even posted comments  I’m like you you everything you said was  kind of a contradiction to what I was  seeing in your video I don’t understand  you know what I mean and oh  Superman when you were in the shower I  don’t even know what that Jason were you  watching Superman when you were in the  shower no I wasn’t I don’t even I don’t  get that yes there will be a bullish  market soon I do believe that  wholeheartedly  crow is your PT making some good buys i  yes so the when I when I was trying to  leave to Arizona I set up my bot and  it’s been making trades with the market  and a backslide here’s the thing and  that was another thing – this guy was  running his bot during what was a pretty  decent day and but it wasn’t a great day  right and look I have used profit  trailer for a while now and while I  don’t get as many trades with profit  feeder running I also don’t get as many  bags but in a backsliding market you’re  screwed  regardless which is typically why I used  to just set it in sell only mode and not  even sweat it  but anymore

I just let it run and then  it does what it does  so but you know for those of you guys  asking me about crypto hopper it’s  old-school in my opinion it’s old-school  and everything you want to do has a  monthly cost to it so while you’re  spending you know I can spin you know  point zero three or whatever it is like  a few hundred bucks it’ll just call it a  few hundred bucks for  betrayal or own it for a life and get  the benefits of all the updates and then  I can get profit feeder and I really do  like that profit tracker you know I get  all that and I own it I own it forever  so it doesn’t matter what’s going on in  the market  I ultimately have software that I can  rely on to improve my position in  Bitcoin why the hell would I sign up for  something that’s gonna cost me every  single month and then on top of that if  I want to add different strategy packs  and whatever all these different people  are selling it just adds to my monthly  it doesn’t make any sense to me at all  crypto krob want to be making another  guide soon probably  it’s Doctor Who and I don’t understand  Eric I’m not sure what you’re saying  brother please could you share the clip

I will try to share the report I’ll  probably throw it on to the crypto  chrome forums but I want to look more  into where it came from I want to make  sure that I’m not handing out something  free that they charge something for to  be real honest with you I don’t want to  get any trouble and I don’t want to harm  cliff high just so you guys know cliff  heart-like one of my very first videos  back in November was on November 9th  when I predicted bit connect to end in  December I ultimately kind of concluded  that based off of some things that cliff  high was going into in regards to  following the chain of bit connect down  to end chain the company that’s that  ultimately helps a lot of these  high-yield platforms get off the ground  and all this other stuff and it was a  very very very good video that I saw  about cliff high and sure enough he was  right and I watched that you know I  watched that and it was before like a  little while before I made that video  I’m really starting to feel like guy so  I’m gonna have to cut this 49 minutes I  lasted 49 minutes so I am getting a lot  better hopefully this week things will  really start taking off and look just so  that you guys know I really absolutely  truly appreciate each and every one of  you guys

even some of you trolls can be  funny  and so you know any questions that you  guys have what I’d like to start doing  is I’m gonna start going to the crypto  crow comm and I’m probably gonna set up  a live question-and-answer category in  here I’ll probably do that tonight and  so when I am on doing a live broadcast  maybe towards the end of every show I’ll  come to this channel and start answering  questions from my forum because they  move so everything moves so fast in this  chat that it’s really difficult to see  so this is probably where I’ll start  coming to answer any questions that you  have serious questions though guys just  so you know like I’m not gonna like you  know how big are your feet and you know  silly stuff like that but I do love all  you guys I really appreciate you  spending so much time I’m really glad  I’m very very grateful sincerely  grateful that you guys have been  supporting me through this time with  like the the hormone stuff and and you  know everything that’s been going on you  know the sinus infection I didn’t even  know that I had we’re gonna pull through  everything’s gonna be great and I’m  gonna be able to get back to some really  solid work and and really teaching you  guys how to make some money here in 2018

so until then thank you so much I really  do I love you guys so much I thank you  so much for all your support my family  appreciates everything that you guys do  and kro your coins and I’ll see you guys  soon and as an outro I’m gonna play that  song one more time so that you guys have  it stuck in your head and then I’m gonna  cut out alright here we go

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