Top 5 Crypto Under 1 Dollar for 2018

Top 5 Crypto Under 1 Dollar for 2018


Hey Everybody    This is the Crypto Crow    I want to make sure you understand that I  am not at all licensed financial advisor  in any way shape or form and all the  content in this video and all other  videos on my channel are merely a matter  of opinion alone make sure you do your  own research and you base your decisions  on what you find yourself  I am simply stating opinions if you need  any other help or you like any of the  contents of the videos that you find  make sure you click the show more button  which is where you will find a lot of  different links associated with a lot of  the things that I discussed I hope that  helps you and I’ll see you very soon  crow your coins ladies and gentlemen  it’s the crypto crow I will look like I  just got my ass beat but I really this  is the stupidest shit I’ve ever done so  a lot of you guys so I have had a cold  okay for two days people I know you’re  not gonna believe this but I’m so not a  sickly person whatsoever I’m really not  a this basement it’s a finished basement  it’s it’s but we’ve never done anything  with it and so I just figured I’d put  all my stuff down here do these videos

but it’s just dusty and I am allergic to  dust now my eyes because so many look  since I was 5 I’ve had dark circles  under my eyes it’s just how it’s always  been  sometimes they’re worse than others so  today I decided to take a little bit of  my wife’s cover-up and put it under my  eyes like bleeding so like screw it I’m  doing a damn video anyway cuz I wanted  to get this done before the weekend and  of course my nose is running because I’m  either stop to the point where my head’s  gonna pop or it’s running like a faucet  so you guys are just gonna have to deal  with the fact that I’m a mess so here’s  what we’re gonna do I want to I want to  start off I want to go over the market  man I mean it’s it’s rebounding pretty  solid I mean it’s it’s you know bitcoins  Beca it I mean it’s close to 13 grand  I’d like to see it about 14 and a half  here  by the end of the weekend I’m hoping  everything’s recovering pretty nicely I  mean if I were to go to change in the in  the last 24 hours I mean you know some  of these coins are back up you know 38  36 percent so it’s it’s looking good the  market cap as a whole it’s up to six  hundred nineteen thousand six six  hundred nineteen billion

so look at  everything everything’s looking nice  I feel very very good about it I like I  tell everybody you know if you have it  if you haven’t gotten private trailer  yet you need to make sure you get it now  while the goings good because this is  probably the cheapest you’re gonna get  it I’m guessing it for three to six  months if I’m not I could be wrong but  so anyway we’re gonna try and do a quick  video where I’m gonna give you guys some  helpful pointers on coins that are under  a dollar actually all of them are under  seventy-five cents right now  on their way up and I’m not gonna go  real deep into every single one I’m just  I’m gonna kind of talk briefly about  each one I’m gonna try and keep this  video short everybody talking about wish  your videos were shorter so I’m gonna  make this a short damn video that’s  packed full of hopefully helpful helpful  information now real quick this is not  on my top five list under a dollar  though it probably should be okay I  almost made a top ten list just so that  I can make sure I included this Intel  coin actually so tell coin real quick  boom it’s it’s it’s coming up it’s at  point zero one and I see oh this was  like point zero zero four

okay so it’s  already gone up substantially since the  ico for one aetherium pretty much I got  seven hundred fifty thousand coins so  and then the point the bonus coins I  could think I get in February so I think  I have like five hundred and something  thousand now and then in February I’ll  get another and get the rest  so in everybody else that I’ve been  helping so that’s pretty cool so we’ll  close that out and then vast a couple  updates on vest real quick I’m gonna  read so when I put out the video Steve  Stewart he’d sent me who I’ve been  talking to about this  sent me some Corrections on the video  that I put out mainly the the the ICO  the pre ice the pre-sale token was  actually ten cents and so it’s it’s up  to seventy so you can see the growth  already since I see oh it looks like it  took a huge hit but actually it just it  spiked hard after and then and then it  started to go down because they don’t  have a platform up yet and it’s kind of  a niche product right now so I but I see  this doing extremely well soon some of  the people that he’d filled me in on  that they’ve signed so far I might screw  up some of these names but andreas  Carlsson as a brand partner and bobby  rap as brand ambassador that was just  yesterday that they signed those guys  and then I guess busy crook and nipsey  hussle in the past two days

also working  with John from System of a Down which I  like system of down and then more every  day they’re swamped with artists and  publishers they’ve got so much stuff  going on and hopefully this was okay to  just tell you guys it I mean I assume so  because he’s sending us another thing of  Corrections yeah they actually got four  point seven million at ICO and when you  take the pre-sale and all the other  stuff they got four point seven million  at one point three so anybody did tell  me he’s like I know that’s what’s on our  website he’s like so I understand but uh  yeah I just wanted to kind of touch on  there real quick there’s some other  stuff that he goes into but I’m gonna  save it for the future super nice guy  I honestly and I see a lot of you guys  you’re making comments on my best video  talking about it and and all you guys  are right like I think this is going to  be huge it’s kind of a niche thing but I  think it’s gonna be a big gateway I  think it’s gonna be I think it’s gonna  be a lot of things to a lot of people  and so we’ll see how that develops so  now I’m gonna go over the top five coins  under a dollar and realistically this  should be like under seventy-five cents  because every one of these is under  seventy-five cents

and every one of  these are coins that I see doing  extremely well in 2018 all right now the  difference here obviously these are on  the exchange now you can buy them now I  got the majority these at IC o—- now  I’m gonna let you guys know a lot of you  guys said why don’t you talk about  CIO’s before they hit or before they  finish and you know I had people all  over my groups like how do you get into  I cos if you’re in the US I’m gonna be  real honest with you guys  you really can’t I mean there are some  things that you can do but I can’t  really tell you what those are you kind  of have to figure those out for yourself  but outside of that the crypto CRO fund  that we’re gonna be launching that next  week I’ve been getting a slew of filings  and documents and and partnership my  Articles of Incorporation I just  finished the website for it last night  I’m not telling anybody about yet but  everything is going to be everything is  going to be solid by next week and  that’s really about the only way like  you will be able to invest in the fund  not be an accredited investor and I will  be able to get positions for you in  securities so even if it’s an IC o—-  to security I’m still gonna have access  to it because of the fun and the nature  of the fund

so that’s gonna be extremely  helpful to a lot of you so while some of  you guys are seeing these coins you know  where I can get them at IC over you know  two three cents and then you might see  them at 67 cents and getting ready to go  up that’s basically about the only real  big option you guys are going to have  not to say that you have to join the fun  there are other things that you can do  but I just can’t really tell you what  they are because they’re not exactly I  don’t know what the best word is legit  if you want to say that so so here we go  I should I start at number five for  number one I guess I’ll just start  wherever I’ll just do a random so corn  stamp coin stamp right now is the 52  cents it I mean it’s been in a high of  about 75 cents I think this is going to  go up I think this is gonna be much  bigger over over 2018 ultimately this is  basically like a security audit kind of  token where you know that it’s it’s I  put all the descriptions in little notes  here hold on let me find myself  where am I  yeah my cold is killed kicking my butt

so anyway this is basically it’s like a  security auditing protocol it I don’t  even know exact I’m not a tech guy in  the sense that I don’t know or  understand exactly what the hell it does  I just understand that this is actually  going to be very helpful in making sure  that different blockchains I think I  don’t know a hundred percent this is  this is an ER C 20 token so I think this  is more of this is going to basically be  helping run security audits on ER C 20  blockchain and and that’s that’s what I  understand so far but it’s the only one  that I know of so and the thing of it is  and I know that when you are creating a  blockchain a security audit can run like  thirty five to fifty thousand dollars  and it’s really really pricey and so  this this is basically a protocol to  facilitate that and you know without  knowing all the nuts and bolts I mean  that’s pretty much in a nutshell but I  think this is gonna do pretty well I  mean the hype around this coin the  community around this coin is huge and I  see this growing okay but admittedly I  don’t know a whole of a lot I just know  that I bought a lot of it

okay bit  degree this is going to be freaking nuts  I think I mean over 2018 is this catches  on I’m gonna be putting courses on bit  degree this is ultimately a udemy  disrupter I mean that’s that’s what this  is in a nutshell and I do very well  thanks to you guys I do very well on  udemy and I’m actually working on a new  udemy course I wanted to be more of an  advanced course than the current one the  feedback I’ve been getting from all you  guys want my udemy course has been  fantastic and I’ve been trying to be  very active because there’s so many of  you I’ve been trying to get through and  answer questions and be you know further  supportive of you guys learning but in  the comments of this video I’d be  grateful if you guys wanted to know like  if you took my original course and I  want to get into some more advanced  topics I’d really like to know things  that you want me to teach you things  that you want  learn so that I can kind of better  outline this next course and go into  things that you find extremely helpful  make sure you if you can’t help me out  put in the comments which you’d like to  see in the next course but bit degree I  mean this is going to be this is gonna  be huge

I think this is going to be a I don’t  know I don’t even I think this is gonna  be an exponential growth  I look at bit degree as kind of well  it’s hard to compare it I can’t really  compare it to steam it obviously they’re  completely different purposes that this  is it’s a steam it’s no blockchain the  whole nine but I think in terms of  growth I think this is going to take a  little while for it to really get to  where I see it getting but it’s a twenty  eight cents right now and it’s it’s a  stupid buy in my opinion you trust this  is going to I am rooting for you trust  big time because PayPal is such a this  is basically a PayPal disruptor and  PayPal can PayPal is great okay don’t  get me wrong but they’re also very very  militant like I just called because I  wanted to make some changes to my  account because of how I’m setting up my  crypto CRO fund and the membership and I  wanted to change the business name on my  PayPal account so I called and they said  well we’ll call you back wait times  gonna be like 50 minutes of course  nobody called me back I never got a  phone call I had my phone the rest of  the day waiting for pay Potter call me

they never did and if they did it was a  lazy rep who basically called  let me answer and hung up on me cuz that  happened twice so you know I’m just and  on top of that you know if you try to do  any kind of business on PayPal with  vaping you know they’ll shut you down  they’ll just shut you down and not say a  word like they don’t even get they don’t  care I’m not saying that you trust is  gonna be different but until proven  otherwise I’m still rooting for them and  to have something like PayPal on the  blockchain I think is gonna be huge so I  definitely see you trust gaining ground  and doing very well over 2018 next on my  list  wait that’s only one – yeah that’s five  okay next on my list  tobon hood so cabin hood is basically a  decentralized exchanged with no fees and  it’s I think this is going to be  fantastic they’re they’re they’re doing  a lot of contests and things they’re  doing you know all kinds of stuff to  pump themselves up and I think that zero  trading fees I mean come on you know I  and I downloaded the app on my phone  it’s nice everything is nice these guys  are legit III do think these guys are  legit and I think the sky’s the limit  for them

are they gonna be ethos or Izzy  alright you know who’s who’s gonna do  better  ethos or Carbon hood ethos I think it’s  gonna blow Carbon hood out of the water  but ethos is also probably I think it’s  like five bucks right now so it doesn’t  fit into my top five under a dollar  oh it’s seven bucks it’s back up to 720  and and I know one point it was like ten  yeah it was over it was almost $11 ethos  is going to the freaking moon but it’s  also a lot more expensive so let’s say  if you were wanting to get into you know  semi similar token or an exchange token  I’d see the market definitely going  closer or moving more towards  decentralized exchanges over because  these other accept bid tricks Polonia  –xe  you know even by Nance for that matter  they’re all running into so many issues  with backlog and getting people in and  new account acceptance and all this  other stuff and I just you know people  are looking for alternatives and I think  Carbon hoods gonna be a very good one I  actually looked around for a common hood  affiliate link of any kind and I didn’t  find any so boohoo  but anyway I’m talking about them anyway  because I think these guys are going to  do fantastic

last on my list of course  it’s my bread and butter coin it’s card  on oh you know this went up to over a  dollar up to a dollar thirty it’s back  down but it’s it’s climbing it’s gone up  four and a half percent over the past 24  hours it’s gonna continue to do well at  69 cents it’s still a steal folks I mean  you’re able to get into Cardno narrower  than well especially lower than last  week so  that that’s pretty much it I mean if you  guys are able to pile up on these coins  I think you’re going to do pretty well  over 2018 you know I personally I always  try to go in on these kinds of coins at  ICO because obviously the gains are  significantly greater which is a big  part of the reason why I’m launching  this fund it’s basically help everybody  get into coins like this before they hit  exchanges and spiked up you know several  hundred percent overnight now that’s  pretty much it in a nutshell I went over  eat those vest haben hood so we’ll do a  recap of what I talked about ethos vest  common hood there’s another kind of hood  cargo no bit degree quant stamp you  trust and tell coin so until next time  folks crow your coins definitely some  bigger and more updates coming soon

I  hope this video helps you and start  doing some research and one of the  reasons why I don’t go into a lot of the  different things about all the coins  because I want you to go look them up  and read the sites for yourself you know  if you have a let’s say you had a  thousand dollars that you wanted to  invest and that’s all you got and you  want to put that thousand dollars to  work for a year and you can’t get into  securities you can’t get into icos  because you’re in the u.s. that’s why I  do videos like this to help you guys  basically understand and kind of know  what coins you know I get I get  complaints you know why didn’t you talk  about this during ICL well because the  majority of you can’t get them anyway so  it’s better for me to talk about the  coins that are getting ready to hit  exchanges so you have your funds ready  and you’re able to get in as soon as  they hit that’s why I do some of what I  do for you guys  it’s not that I’m holding out on you or  anything like that I just know that the  majority if you can’t do much about it  so on that note    Crow Your Coins    folks and  I’ll be back very soon enjoy your  weekend I’ll probably be back Monday  hopefully with some really big  announcements     Thanks and have a great weekend .

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