Top 5 Crypto Exchanges – Exenium

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges – Exenium


I don’t know what’s up everybody   I am it’s funny because I’ve been installing so much security shit on all my stuff that I can’t even do my live broadcast right now until I figure out what the hell like I’m la everything’s locked up like I’ve got man I tell you I’m not quite sure what I did I’ve got firewalls and IP maskers and oh I just I got all kinds of shit going on and I don’t even know how to connect to live anymore so I’m gonna have to work on that but I wanted to I wanted to do a little video kind of talking about some of the the different exchanges that I used and the ones that I liked and I was gonna do a live but I wouldn’t want to say that for another time I think I know what I did I just got to go through and really tweak tweak some settings on some things so we’ll get there so anyway looking at Bitcoin it’s it’s back down again I mean it’s it’s I’m not even gonna call it you know an uptrend I mean it’s ticked up a little but it’s an 86 84 and you know it was over 9,000 yesterday and you know it’s it’s just doing its thing

I mean it went up quite a bit pretty quick and then I think it’s it corrected and you know it’s it’s taking a little tick up but you know I’m not expecting miracles until probably next week so you know we’ll see we’ll see what happens so the first thing that I wanted to kind of go over so I’ve been working with these guys a little bit a little bit just just kind of like I haven’t done any videos they have not paid me anything I may make money off of this later down the road maybe but they have not paid me anything directly but I do think that this is a really cool exchange and I wanted to go over kind of like the top exchanges that I use and then go over this one which is exciting which is an exchange that I see potentially growing substantially over 20 basically what this exchange is is it it utilizes telegram discord whatsapp or wait what is this I can’t even remember basically chat clients and and it’s an exchange that functions within these different chat clients so there’s a whole extra layer of added security for your exchange transfers which i think is pretty slick and I’m going to move this over here maybe what’s happening there we go so anyway and they are at ICO right now which there’s another three days and six hours left of their ICO so there’s definitely an opportunity for you to get involved pretty much at the ground floor of this thing

they’ve raised about over a million dollars so far you know they’ve sold forty thousand eight hundred eighty-seven x NT tokens so before I get too deep I’m going to I’m gonna play a video all right I want you to watch this video because it explains everything that this exchange does and it’s it’s I think it’s gonna be pretty big so and again they’re not paying me right now like I like I said I may make money down the road but it’s gonna be kind of a long-term thing I really dig this exchange and everything they’re doing which is why I’m talking about it with you guys especially security wise it’s a pretty big deal you know like telegram obviously has anybody ever tacked telegram so you know that’s that’s kind of the the whole point behind this exchange is they’re utilizing the encryption technology and security measures of these major platforms with millions and millions of users to ultimately make crypto exchanges and transfers so here we go let’s watch this real quick we’ve developed an absolutely new approach to cryptocurrency trading a user-friendly step-by-step interface in your favorite messaging app telegram facebook Messenger whatsapp and even discord the favorite messaging app amongst gamers so xnm has two and a half billion potential users of different ages and income levels and who have differing interests

what are some of the killer features of exceiient oh there are lots of them one of the most interesting features is the ICO IPO module you can perform an ICO directly in a messaging app there are a lot of projects in the ICO market today and all of them can be our clients and partners also we have a unique solution for the investment of crypto funds the invest management system allows for creating a funds own investment portfolio token we have a built in stock exchange transfer system and a free listing of all new tokens with easy and quick new token integration from Bitcoin ethereum bitshares and waves platforms during an IPO campaign users can purchase our xnt promo token which is based on an aetherium platform with the ERC 20 standard the entire amount of tokens released will be determined at the end of the I T o campaign during the ITU campaign there will be xng bonuses and rewards the exciting M token is payment currency for all xn iam activities all crypto currencies will be paired with an x NT for the better liquidity of the latter all x NT tokens being used will be withdrawn from circulation our marketing strategy

during the month of March 2018 there will be approximately 1000 projects on the IC o—- each project has its own community ranging in size from 3,000 to 8,000 users we propose a free listing of tokens of projects that have the greatest potential hence all token holders automatically become our traders in 2018 we are planning to attract more than 1 million users to the xn am stock exchange and I think they will so III don’t need to finish the entire thing I just wanted to give you guys kind of a foundational gist of what’s happening so um DDoS attacks no risk and they and they basically go over how you know why are we better here listing terms from one week from one month from one month from one month 45 days listening deposit no and they’re not you know what Polonia exit bc bit phonetics bit tricks excuse me listing cost from two Bitcoin from 20 Bitcoin 28 Bitcoin this is basically like if you have a currency that you’re wanting to be listed on one of these exchanges this is about what it costs to do so you know and in talking to them they’ve already told me like look basically I’ve become kind of like the US ambassador for this exchange okay and a part of that is like there is gonna come a day when I’m going to launch a crypto currency a crypto CRO coin and I’m actually getting ideas as to what I want to do on that

but with that regard you know what so I’m a big music lover my wife is a big music lover and you know this is a little bit off topic you’ll have to bear with me but you know one of the big things that that I am all about I just loved building I love developing my entire life has really been about building something whether it was building bands building their popularity building their careers building fighters taking fighters out of you know being amateurs with their first fight and guiding them and promote and marketing them all the way up into their pro debuts and the contracts with you know Strikeforce in the UFC you know I I’m very much about taking something helping to shape it popularize it and branding it and building it outward right and it’s just it’s a passion of mine it’s something that I truly enjoy doing and and that’s kind of what my point is is that whenever I do end up launching like the crypto CRO coin I want it to be about building something else or building others I was even thinking about potentially setting up a coin that kind of makes itself a like an incubator so to speak basically like a development coin where as a perfect example Reena Hara

okay you know she created this great crypto crow theme song for me she has other really good great songs that she’s put out and she’s there working on new ones right now for a full album and I’ve already I’ve already made some calls to some people that I’ve worked with in the past about taking Reena Harrah’s EP and marketing that throughout the entire United States to college radio okay I’ve done it in the past and I’ve charted bands and you know in the top 200 charts anyway in college radio and and I basically want to do that in efforts of springboarding her social media okay and I have kind of a long-term plan that I’m gonna be working with Matthew and and and Reena because I really want to get involved and I’m thinking what if there was a way to tokenize Reena what if there was a way you know like the vest vez t I’m waiting for that to launch I want to tokenize the crypto crow song use any proceeds generated from that to help Rena’s career so I want to take things to another level and you know I know there are a lot of other artists I would like to feature other musicians and and bands and things like that on my channel you know as like the intro song of the week or you know something like that but then actually play a role in helping them you know gain ground for the for the music that really touches me like that I go slow song from Rena really touched me

obviously I didn’t hide that very well in my my last video I watched it through and I’m like oh wow that’s an ugly face but you know I just I really want to do stuff like that so anyway extending has already told me they’ll list my coin for me they’ll give me my own index if I want they’ll like help me do whatever I want to do when I’m ready as well as the moon runner token and so I am I you know I’m gonna be real honest the only thing about xn am like I love my telegram but using an exchange within these applications is a little daunting at first it’s a little tricky to get kind of used to because it’s such a different way of doing things but this is this is I think this is gonna be big man I really do I mean they’ve like they said they’ve got a built-in market for a lot of this stuff between discord facebook Messenger whatsapp and telegram I mean you know being able to make transactions through those applications I think it’s gonna be huge and I think it’s gonna become more and more I think initially and this is something that I plan on doing but that’s like the interface right within some of these applications and within telegram and I think what I’m gonna be doing is in the future

I’m gonna start kind of putting together tutorial guides on how to use how to use extending in exchange to accomplish different tasks and things like that on these different platforms but check this out I highly encourage you to check this out do some reading go over the white paper maybe you want to get involved in the ICO I think it’s actually gonna be worthwhile I’m not doing a full review but you know I would suggest you guys taking a look at this now bit tricks is probably in my opinion one of the so depending on what you’re wanting to do right like I’ve used bit tricks for BOTS trading for ever since I started with profit trailer and it’s done very very well for me I’ve had no issues with bid tricks the the volume now and that’s like if you look if you look at like Bitcoin right this is a part of what made this list or how I kind of formulated this list if you look number one on this list is bit for next and this is in bit fin X’s in exchange it’s been around a while and that has the absolute highest Bitcoin trading volume of any other exchange that’s wonderful but it’s also had the most hacked and stolen to my knowledge now I I could be wrong about that but if you look up bit finex you see that like at one point I think like and again don’t quote me I could pull it up but it’s something around 70 million dollars in Bitcoin was hacked out a bit for next

so I didn’t make bit the next part of my list I I basically tried to make this list exchanges that I’ve used for different purposes explain why and then kind of point you in the right direction but if you you know all these exchanges all right all these exchanges there’s 400 exchanges listed on here and they’re there they’re ranked based off of the volume for the coin that they hold alright so in this case it’s Bitcoin so this is BitFenix is ranked number one for Bitcoin trade volume alright so you know bit tricks is down way down on this list actually however where is it it’s not that far down so here okay so this is a bit tricks USD T pair so that’s down 36 so there’s twenty seven million dollars in Bitcoin traded a day on here so you know and that that’s cool but for especially for lower budget bot rating you know to Bitcoin or less bit bit bit tricks has been great okay now you’re also gonna find a lot of other pairs so let’s look at bit tricks as a whole these are all the trading pairs you’re gonna find right now bit tricks okay I think there’s like 300 let me double check because it’s been a while there’s 275 so on bit tricks there are two hundred and seventy five coins trading

all right so that’s another way that you can kind of gauge what exchange like let’s say if you’re only gonna pick one exchange now the other side to this buy Nance buy Nance has been a pretty solid exchange for quite a while however my Knicks especially lately has just been hitting me with it’s it’s been just there’s been issues finance has definitely been having issues I know with bond trading by Nance has been having issues and you know I think I not many exchanges have gone completely unscathed over time in terms of security and hacking but they seem to be pretty solid about tightening things up some of them have had you know kind of misunderstandings however by Nance I like because it typically picks up new ICO coins pretty quickly and that’s that’s what I have always kind of looked at right so they have 290 coins but some of the more obscure kind of ICO coins can be found on by Nance often times and if not by Nance you could probably find them on ku coin which is another big exchange that I absolutely love I’ve been learning to love coup point quite a bit I wish I would have got involved with this from the very beginning luckily

I’m hoping to be able to do some of that stuff with extending them but ku coin is definitely a solid exchange their volume is an incredibly high yet but if you’re looking to get you know for those of you you know a lot of you guys that watch my videos on a regular basis you’ll you know you might get shitty with me really oh you keep talking about these I SEOs we can’t buy without being accredited investors well that’s true however I also tell you guys to keep an eye on the exchanges because as soon as these coins hit exchanges typically you can buy them most more often than not within the first couple hours you can buy them for either at IC o price or sometimes even a little less depending on the overall pulse popularity and FOMO that’s been generated by that ICO in particular so you know typically if it’s a really strong ICO but it wasn’t available to a lot of us a lot of us people unless they were accredited investors what typically happens is is that the ICO price might have been 30 cents but the listing price on the exchange might be $1 $2 $3 and then it might go down from there and depending on how much what the bonuses were associated with the coin and things like that as as well as the exchange that that coin initially comes on

because let’s face it when some of these ICO can’t coins go like I guess you could say public in terms of anybody can buy them when they hit these exchanges a lot of the volatility and a lot of what happens with those coins in terms of price and value is really kind of dictated based off of the exchanges they end up on initially what their initial listing price is and how many people bought bulk amounts of that coin at high bonuses in other words how many people want to dump them on the exchange when it hits and and and it and basically how many people are there to pick them up right and that kind of dictates the the down the down trend of the coin when it hits exchanges if there is one now if there are more people that wanted to buy into this coin that weren’t able to get it in ICO the bonuses at ICO weren’t high enough to justify a quick dump because they expect and that’s another question with these I SEOs when people buy them hot you know high or when people buy these I cos at IC o—- but with high bonuses you know or low bonuses sorry I know I’m being totally confusing right now because I’m trying to make a point but I’m like running in three different directions if I’m an investor and I’m gonna buy the crypto CRO coin okay

if I can buy the crypto CRO coin at five percent bonus but I really believe in the project let’s say that when the when that crypto CRO coin goes to ice or goes to an exchange maybe I bought I see Oh at 30 cents it hits the exchange at $1 and and and that’s what I’m hoping I’m hoping it stays as close to $1 or gives me at least double value right from Jump Street because of the extra demand from those who aren’t able to get the coin yet right the people who bought my coin had a 5% bonus if they believe in my project if their belief in the project’s ability to pump that coins value up far above the 5% bonus that they initially got they’re gonna hold it and wait for that if they feel that the bonus is gonna be less or if the bonus is more valuable to sell the coins that they got at such a discount if they think it’s gonna be more profitable for them to liquidate initially as soon as it hits the exchange over waiting long term I see where I’m going with this so those are some of the things that you want to look for when you’re talking about these coins and exchanges

so 1 2 3 4 so we talked about COO coin COO coin has COO coin recently has been picking up a lot of coins right off of of exchanges recently let me look here all right so let’s see how many they have I’m kind of yeah forget it anymore so they have 310 different trading pairs available on COO coin a lot of very obscure coins but they have a lot of everything and I’ve noticed that you know when some of them were popular I SEOs when they hit exchanges it looks like they’re they’re getting picked up on COO coin pretty quickly now last it’s won everybody pretty much knows cuz it’s the first thing you see typically when you first get into cryptocurrency everybody tells you to go to coinbase because right now it’s one of the few if not only exchanges that enables you to buy Bitcoin aetherium litecoin and Bitcoin cash with fiat currency directly and you know it’s this isn’t the kind of exchange you’re not gonna pick up you’re typically what I do what I’ve done is I’ll buy my cryptocurrency on coinbase and I’ll transfer it out to an exchange where I’m gonna make a purchase on that exchange and then I send that to a cold wallet that I backup on a thumb drive and I I get up get that like I don’t have it

I don’t leave anything on anywhere right and so coin bases in exchange that enables you to pretty much do that you’re gonna buy your Bitcoin or your aetherium typically and you can set this up let’s say you want to buy and you just want to hold it well you can set up by weekly weekly I think even daily purchases if you want to kind of build a treasure trove of coins within coin base and then you can store them in a vault if you wanted to which is a little more secure than just kind of leaving them out ready to transfer and I think if something should happen I think you have like a three-day buffer to catch something like a security thing or anything that happens it’s odd so you know join base seems to be pretty solid in terms of security for the most part the one big thing that I want to make sure that you know on every one of these exchanges and I don’t care where it is or what exchange you’re on always use Google two factor authentication at the very least make sure you’ve got a very long password that’s very very complicated and don’t store them in any browsers okay and that’s pretty much it you know these are these are primarily the main exchanges that I use with cryptocurrency and I’m going to be utilizing exiting them most likely very soon and starting to put out some some guides and how-to and things like that

I mean you figure I’ve got 6,000 people in my own telegram channel and I want to start helping some of these guys learn to pick up on X in iam I know some of them have signed up some of them have been getting involved in the ICO and learning about it and yeah and another thing too for those of you looking for a community the crypto CRO forum community has been growing pretty solid you know fifteen hundred and seventy-five members I’ve got a good handful of what Yuma call it moderators and things like that and I’m probably gonna change the structure of this so that it’s more focused towards the center instead of spread over the entire screen there but there are some changes but yeah this is a really good group it’s a very solid community that continues to grow lots of help provided here for newcomers so if you’re you know like if you looked at my old not old I think I posted that yesterday might like my top 11 tips for newcomers to cryptocurrency I tell you get involved in a community my community really is solid and that’s not self marketing that’s just the fact that I’ve got a really good group of people who care about the brand they care about the message and what I try to do to help people and and like Stacy Stacy and her husband I mean they’re like super fans

I was giving him I was joking with him about their daughter their daughters really cute and I was teasing them about her and you know just like everybody knows everybody and it’s like I try to pop in as often as I can especially on telegram say hi to everybody Chad I share blow pictures of the family and things like that sometimes and so we have a good time and then you know something will pop up and I got to bounce out and so people have noticed that I’ll I’ll come in a mine but might be active for 5-10 minutes and then I’m just gone it just depends on what I have going on around me in the moment so anyway coinbase coo poin bye Nance but be careful with bye Nance and always be weary just kind of you know I use it to begin in and out in and out metrics which is overall all around a pretty solid exchange I like it a lot and and then exam iam so hopefully this video is helpful and I’ve got some ico reviews coming up I think I’m looking at a food chain here pretty soon and I’ve got some others coming so enigma enigma’ something or other I think is coming up here pretty soon as well so yeah until next time hopefully I’ll get my live broadcast stuff figured out and then maybe I’ll come on live this evening and hang out with everybody so we’ll see until next time crow your coins folks talk to you soon

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