Top 11 Tips For New Crypto Investors

Top 11 Tips For New Crypto Investors


Ladies and Gentlemen I am the Crypto Crow    Thank you for joining me I’m gonna go over some of the top tips for getting into cryptocurrency as a newcomer if you’ve been watching my videos now religiously for a while I’ve probably covered a lot of these things but I figured I’d it’s time I put it all into one video and help those that are because here’s here’s a little here’s the way I see it there gonna be a lot of new people coming into the crypto space here over the next few weeks you know as the market like the markets kind of taking a bit of a dip again which is I consider that kind of a correction over it growing by like a little you know over a thousand dollars in a day or so so there’s gonna be some correction and that’s fine and then I think that’s gonna be it and we’re gonna start mooning here pretty soon and I think that as the press and media and everybody start picking up on things there’s gonna be a lot of newcomers to the space again you know I think that there are a lot of people who kind of came in late to the game you know as Bitcoin was getting up into the 17 18 19 20 thousand dollars and I think a lot of people were burned some people are frustrated

some people are probably still holding look we’re gonna get back there so if you didn’t pay in Excel and you’ve been holding as are as I say CRO your coins then you’re probably gonna be you’re gonna be alright now if you panic so little loss well that’s a lesson you’re gonna have to learn in crypto you don’t ever sell crypto at a loss unless you know there’s an opportunity for you to get better gains elsewhere typically I tell everybody to crow your coin so you don’t miss the opportunity all it takes is one good press release from a crypto currency company and and you’re gonna see significant gains for that day or week even on that coin so number one thing I’m going to go over is security okay this is the number one thing I learned a hard lesson recently I had to factor and and other security on just about everything I had except my gmail so if you are a gmail user and you use Google Chrome number one do not save passwords in your browser because if for some odd reason somebody for any reason gets access to your gmail account they’re gonna have access to every saved password in every website in your in your browser okay so that’s the first thing don’t ever say write them all down keep them all written in a book of some kind

I keep a backup write everything down and this is actually an article you know if you wanted to Google the crypto traders guide to online security go through this because it’s very very helpful two-factor authentication is an absolute must on everything you do from this day forward okay I’m telling you now get it use it and when you do use it make sure you back it up okay so when you’re going to set up Google two-factor authentication on something what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna give you a QR code that’s gonna pop up and it’s gonna give you a little private key that you can use to back it up what I would suggest doing is take an offline camera of some sort take a few different pictures of that QR code and label it for whatever it’s associated with as a backup so that if something happens to your QR or you’re off that out your two-factor authentication so that if you maybe if you forget to write down your private key or or your backup key or what have you you had those QR codes you could just zap them again and reactivate the two-factor all right now passwords I have learned to love passwords like this but I use okay yeah they do have some characters

I use everything and you make them long and strong and that’s really the name of the game it sucks having to put these things in all over the place especially when you’re doing different passwords for different sites and so forth and so on but it’s an absolute must you just you have to the one thing that I’ve learned personally about online security or is little is the lazier you want to be with your security the more likely it is that somebody’s gonna figure out a way to exploit it and get access to everything you’ve got so if you if you’re just if you’re just a casual browser on the internet whatever okay throw up at least two factor and and you know decent password and risk it but if you are investing in the cryptocurrency which is why you’re watching this video make sure that your passwords are written down backed up they’re very difficult and they’re not saved in your browser make sure you’re running two-factor authentication on everything and and continue reading the rest of this article if you want to google this okay there are some additional security features as well but I’m sure we’ll be getting to those

now number two hype when you’re talking about investing in cryptocurrency don’t invest in blind hype there are a lot of idiots on the internet there are a lot of paid shills there are a lot of people that are gonna tell you to buy things that really have no merit okay so just because a lot of people say something is great doesn’t mean that they have a clue what they’re talking about always do your own research and always invest in projects that you believe in which isn’t my number three buy what you believe in a significant example of this for me personally is card Auto when I found card on oh and I’ve read through their white paper and I just that they’re they’re naming their know me just everything that these guys do the way they name everything the more I learned about card Donna the more I fell in love with the project I still expect car Donna to do very well in 2018 even though I think I bought it at like 33 cents talked about it in another video got as high as a dollar 30 and then the market crashed and recently it’s been as low as 12 freaking sense but because I love and I’m passionate about this project I don’t care where it goes short-term I only care about where it’s gonna be long term I care about where this is gonna become you know

November of 2018 and and much like other projects that I invest in I didn’t buy into card on oh because of a bunch of hype I created a lot of the hype okay and and a lot of people who have watched my videos and have seen me talk about card on Oh have learned to appreciate the coin and that’s the idea if you buy something that you are truly passionate about yourself you’re gonna naturally share that message and drive others to take interest as well if your passion is empty or your interest in a coin is mostly speculative without much weight or all I heard from a guy that this was gonna do well I heard from a girl that this was a really cool project those are the kinds of projects that don’t have legs most of the time because it’s just word of mouth people you know there are there are a lot of people that are paid to generate that kind of FOMO and that kind of hype and typically if a project has to pump of that kind of money into hyping a project chances are it doesn’t have the legs necessary to carry it long term and you end up missing out okay back up everything the next note here back up everything I have a multitude of external hard drives and thumb drives that I keep backups of all my wallets and and pretty much everything that I do

so you know you will find that you know having a really solid so I’ve got one of these I’ve got one of these I’ve got I’ve got I’ve got quite a few of these axe I’m seeing some cool ones that I’m gonna get I have one of these what my one of my favorite USB thumb drives is actually the gorilla I think it’s a gorilla 64 yeah it comes in an enclosure that’s kind of waterproof yeah they’re a little pricey a little bit well this is only an 8 gig I’ve got like a 64 gig I think it rained me like 30 bucks and this is just one of my thumb drives yeah there’s my 64 gig let’s see how much was that well apparently on here you can’t get them in 64 gig but I think I got mine at Walmart but yeah this is a really good thumb drive and it’s it’s I like how bulky and heavy it feels so if you haven’t on a keychain or something like that you know it’s there it’s easy to find you could reach around a drawer if you have to and you instantly know what it is but anyway back up everything you can install like your my ether wallet or your you know like if you’ve got you know your card ah no wallet or neon wallet or whatever you can actually install those and those up on your thumb drive and and it’s just and then you can remove them if you want but yeah so backup everything another thing never ever ever ever under any circumstances whatsoever

I don’t care who they are what they say what they look like never give anybody your private keys if you go to my ether wallet calm and you set up a wallet and then you backup your private key so you’re gonna have your wallet key and then you’re gonna have your public key which is what you’re sending to people and don’t get these mixed up either I’ve seen people mix up their public key with their private key post their private key and then realize that after the fact and by then it could very easily be too late if something that the wrong person figures out what you did but you know keep your keep your keys safe again these are the things that you’re gonna back up on your thumb drives and you know it’s not a good idea to keep them on your your actual computer I’ll never store these things on on your actual computers I don’t luckily I don’t never have never will but and never give them out you’re gonna be bombarded as a new cryptocurrency investor you’re gonna see things all over the place that are gonna create FOMO fear of missing out you’re gonna see advertisements for air drops you’re gonna see you’re gonna see a lot of different things that are basically put out there to con you and scam you out of your money

and a lot of these basically work off of your own ignorance and your ability to cough up things like your private key which with your private key these hackers scammers and others can just wipe you out in seconds okay so make sure you don’t give your private keys out to anybody all right now a simple little trading thing here is if you’re if you’re brand new to cryptocurrency one easy way of kind of figuring out through basic some very basic technical analysis in terms of what is a good time to buy a cryptocurrency I use what’s considered basically an EMA spread okay and basically what this does is it’s I have a 13 and a 34 and these are basically exponential moving averages okay and basically my 13 is this purple all right so this is all I’m gonna keep it super simple all right you set this up when you you can use tradingview you can use coinage II okay and when you set this up you’re basically gonna set it up with I think let’s see whoops indicators so you click your indicator and you can just plug in EMA okay moving average exponential these guys so these are public libraries for different things but your EMA indicators you’re gonna set one for the thirteen one for thirty four and you want them to be different colors okay and ultimately when you’re watching these charts let’s like so right now right now

basically it’s saying the Bitcoin to me when I see this is that bitcoins in kind of a sell pattern basically people are kind of dumping it the the volume isn’t high enough on the uptrend to to signify that the price is gonna be going up anytime like very soon and now this is on a oh this is on a one day chart okay so on a one day chart but let’s switch this let’s go to a four hour alright so on a four hour it looks you know a lot different okay on a four hour it’s showing that basically look it crossed up here and it wants to cross back down it looks like it’s coming back down there’s a huge dip so this red candle here means a lot of cell volume and each one of these candles is a four-hour period of time okay so based off whatever you change here that’s what’s gonna change the length of these candles so right now we’re on a four hour and you see a lot of bearish volume a lot of people selling which drives that price down so what what you’re doing here the EMA spread is you know when this comes up right when this part this purple meets the on an upward incline that’s basically telling you okay we’re gonna get some price changes in the positive and it might be a good time to buy right and then from that so like here let’s say the opposite of that

let’s say it’s up here okay and you know I mean I don’t know what what’s gonna happen and you see the the purple crossed downward into the blue that’s basically saying look it’s probably you might want to sell before it goes lower because this is gonna be a downtrend and sure enough look how far down that trend happened okay and you didn’t buy back you didn’t buy back you didn’t buy back he didn’t buy back because it didn’t cross over yet and then when it when it starts to peak up right here’s where you would have bought back in right and you’d have got some more games but you know and yet when you’re looking at this long-term this is how you’re playing swings this is kind of a swing trading thing now this could be very dangerous because sometimes you could buy this here it’ll come up a tad and then just take another dump right there and drop and you’ve already you’re already losing a little bit so but typically when these indicators cross over there’s there’s it’s they’re fairly good patterns I mean this is a pretty strong trading pattern that you look if you’re buying just these crosses up or down it’s not very likely you’re gonna lose money okay now crypto toolbox if you don’t already know about it this is the one of the best sites crypto or coin market Capcom

this is basically what I use pretty religiously to tell me what’s going on in the crypto space okay that’s one tool ico drops there’s another one if you’re interested in icos so this is IC o—- drops comm it’s basically telling you active I cos upcoming I cos and I cos that have already concluded and what happened to them there’s a lot of good information on these sites my ether wallet is a good tool because you’re gonna use this for any ERC 20 tokens that you want to buy or invest in you’re going to want to store those tokens make surely you go to my ether wallet calm and not one of the fishing competitors that are gonna steal all your money okay and you know it’s gonna be it’s gonna be green let me see you’re not even gonna may see that let’s see here I’m moving everything around but what I want here we go all right so my ether wallet calm and you’re gonna see that that’s green in here because it’s secured so that’s really important as well and they’ve got a lot of little things that are basically telling you look be super careful when you create a wallet all you’re gonna do here is you’re gonna give your wallet a password okay you’re gonna click here create new wallet then it’s gonna take you to here we’ll just create a fake one real quick

all right so this is your Keystone file this is what you’re gonna back up on your thumb drive and then once you click Next I understand and continue well they might not let me unless I download that but then it’s gonna give you your private key and so forth that you’re also gonna backup all right creating a wallet is super simple and and then when you when you open that wallet back up in my ether wallet let’s say so let’s just say we wanted to view the wallet information so we can click view wallet you’ll just come back here click this click this and you’re gonna be able to upload your wallet file okay don’t worry folks there’s nothing there it’s just a bunch of graphics files and stuff so anyway so that’s that I just wanted to give you some basic and then trading view obviously which I’ve already showed you here’s trading view calm that’s gonna allow you to do you’re gonna be able to see what how other people are charting your favorite coins you’re gonna get some signals and things like that and then you can click here for the interactive chart which you’ll be able to change and do like the EMA spread indicators that I just showed you as well as a lot of other indicators and things okay like your MACD and RSI and things like that

okay another thing by the dip which we kind of just went into let’s just say you know the market wasn’t the markets not where it’s at right now okay let’s just say that we’re you know we’re midseason I’m gonna start calling this season’s because I feel like cryptocurrency as like cyclicals seasons and you know when you when you see a cryptocurrency let’s say this has been worth $9,000 for two weeks and suddenly it drops down to 8500 excuse me that’s when you’re gonna want to buy that’s when you’re gonna want to buy that’s what they call buying the dip so like right now we’re in a dip pattern because this was up yesterday but everything is super volatile right now because everything’s kind of down and it’s just been kind of all over the place because everybody’s I feel like there’s a lot of consolidation going on I feel like the market cap you know people are just playing around there’s a lot of bots that are trading and things like that so but when this happens you know like if you look up here it got here and then it came down I think yeah you can see that and that’s basically where you want to buy you want to buy that dip and then if you want to take things further

that’s when you’re gonna look at the EMA spread you’re gonna say hey what’s the potential of this going further down right that’s what you’re gonna use those EMA spread indicators because you’re gonna look at the volume and you’re gonna look at what’s happening in the market you’re gonna see you know what kind of news is out there and if it looks like there’s some good stuff that’s getting ready to pop off you want to buy that dip alright number 9 basically what I just went over cryptocurrency runs basically right now because of the market cap being as small it as as it is on a global scale I feel that there is a cyclicals seasonal pattern associated with the cryptocurrency market if you were to look at what’s happening with Bitcoin and and really Bitcoin but the entire market as a whole this time last year you’re gonna realize why is this so shadowy I don’t understand why it’s a shadowy in here you’re gonna see that that ultimately on my neck is kind of disappearing so that’s interesting so anyway III know I had to fine-tune some of this because I was getting like different lines around me in my back my wall back here was threatened to show funny so anyway sorry so that that’s that’s basically it I mean it’s it’s like a cyclical pattern

I mean it really is the last three four years of Bitcoin in the entire crypto market have done the exact same thing and so you know I expect things to start really going back up here towards the end of this month which we’re getting there I think we’re looking at our final dip right now I thought the last dip might be the final one looks like this might be it we’ll see if it takes us into April but I think this is probably going to tidy itself up here relatively soon so I may be here by Saturday I expect things to start shooting up alright so sometime this week is gonna be a pretty good time to buy is my guess now as a newcomer to cryptocurrency let’s say you buy right now at 80 600 and this happens to drop down to 8,000 are you gonna freak out no you’re not gonna freak out because this is probably gonna go back up to 20 might even get to 30 grand this year so just relax crow your coins and hold on to it enjoy the ride alright number 10 another thing that I want to tell you to do is the look for cryptocurrency communities because you know like if you go to let’s see I’m pretty sure I have a links to my cryptocurrency community I’m sorry not sorry I have to see what that was about so I’m gonna go to my channel here and let’s see

I’m gonna go down under my videos so under all my videos you guys will see like my udemy course the teaches a lot you know teaches a lot of the basic stuff and and and some more in-depth things about cryptocurrency it’s great for beginners the feedbacks been fantastic on the course but if you click show more wallah you’re gonna see all kinds of other stuff now one of the things that you’re gonna see is this this right here is my crypto crow telegram community there’s five thousand nine hundred and sixty people in the community it’s good for you to find communities like this if you don’t use Telugu get it download it and get a telegram it’s fantastic but get telegram download it and you’ll be able to join my telegram community here and there are a lot of other communities but I would suggest getting active in some of these communities you’re gonna be able to find a lot of big communities on Facebook as well get active get in there ask questions even if you’re not asking questions just read just read and pay attention and learn what other people are saying and what they’re doing and what experiences they’re having I promise you will learn a lot doing that for a while just be a sponge in the last number 11 on the list don’t click cryptocurrency ads anywhere

okay let’s see I don’t even know what would be a good one right now open open platform so typically when you’re punching up icos and crypto currencies sometimes you’ll see cryptocurrency ads up here Google AdWords ads these are unknown oh don’t ever click a cryptocurrency ad anywhere because it’s very very likely that it’s a phishing site or a scam site or some other site there to take your money so just stay away from them and it’s theirs you know recently there’s been a lot of news about Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and everybody basically cutting all cryptocurrency advertising don’t listen to the conspiracy theorists out there it’s not because they’re against crypto it’s because they want to shut down everybody that’s being robbed because there are so many people like yourself no offense meant but that are still very ignorant to the space and how dangerous it can be in some regard and one of those dangers is the cryptocurrency advertising because it would be impossible for Twitter and Facebook and a lot of these big big companies to effectively police every advertiser in the space some of these scam operations hire legitimate ad agencies that don’t know any better is well to run ads to scam based websites

okay so even even some of the advertising that’s bought by legitimate advertising companies they don’t know what their client is up to either all right so it’s just safe to assume if you see a cryptocurrency ad somewhere chances are you don’t want to click it all right hopefully this has been a helpful collective of tips for newcomers nothing specifically mind-blowing but hopefully it’ll give some of you guys you know maybe even some some more seasoned people learned a thing or two hopefully but overall I just wanted to give you guys like a top 11 list of things that you really need to consider look into potentially use that’ll help you in your journey as you continue to make that million dollars in 2018 I am the crypto CRO and until next time CRO your coins folks and I’ll see you soon

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