Suppoman Lost $3 Million Dollars? PT MAGIC and More

Suppoman Lost $3 Million Dollars? PT MAGIC and More


. . . Bitches I’m back! ha ha ha ha ha   two days on an  antibiotic and I feel pretty good I’m  not 100% but God dang and I call all my  friends bitches so don’t be all offended  like I was like I got a bunch of shit  from when I was messing with the Polish  and some of the more I’m polish  we don’t suck I’m like I know you guys  don’t suck I’m just being silly you guys  got to get to know me a little bit  better I still do have a little bit of a  like a little bit of a headache but I am  at least walking amongst the living so I  am I am I’m definitely I can’t tell you  how good it feels to be able to sit here  in a live video and not feel like I’m  about to die and I’m not even kidding  bitch please see all the you guys can’t  see it with a bunch of people like bitch  please show bitch but you can’t see it  because it automatically hides like half  the stuff that comes up in this chat so  all right so I’m gonna try not to get  too cocky because I don’t know how long  I can feel this way while doing these  videos for whatever reason when I do  these videos it drains me and I get so  exhausted so here’s one of the first  things I’m going to show everybody well  so here’s the market mmm  bitcoins done in 97 15 it’s been going  down today and you know feel better  bitch

so you know look guys Superman  just said it himself today I watched his  video now actually I said this yesterday  I’m gonna play this for you I hope you  can hear it just go be patient that’s  what I have I mean do I look like a  person that’s lost like three million  dollars recently but I am I’m exactly  that person I haven’t lost that much and  do I look like it  no I’m not funding on opportunities and  saying this is shit that shit dude last  3 million bucks  he doesn’t seem to give a shit and I’m  hoping that this this video I I use  Superman like you guys know I like  Superman I don’t give a shit what some  of you guys like say I really like  Superman a lot and the dude straight up  he’s like look I just lost three million  dollars you know in the market with this  with this crash and he’s like I’m not  freaking out about it and I’m gonna show  you guys why that’s the whole purpose of  this video is a click big title fools  you clicked it cuz you’re like some of  you guys are like ah yeah Superman he  just took it mm do permit no man he  didn’t really lose anything he still has  his coins he’s a lot like I am we are  CRO our coins and he doesn’t say CRO  your coins he should at least once he  should be saying CRO your coins but

here’s the thing guys I’m gonna show you  guys something this here if I move my  big giant head out of the way this is  2016  starting in January of 2016 okay this  here is the month of January this here  is the month of February and then we get  into actually is there 2016 17 18 yeah I  did twenties I only did three years the  past four years have been very similar  and I know some of you guys have seen  some of this but I went and redid it  myself on tradingview  and these are one day candles okay but  if you look January 2016 this here looks  to be about where we are now  you’ve seen these huge dips this is  January this is right now okay this is  January  let’s see Gina did it this starts  January so this is December this here’s  the month of December January February  okay now to come back up here if you  look at these the charts are very  similar this is the  huge downtrend in 2016 and then there’s  some stability some more big dips and  then boom it takes off like if you can  see it over here this is where Bitcoin  starts to just run the hell up okay look  at 2017 all right here we are January  big dips in January okay then we get  into March and they’re a bunch of big  dips this March of 2017  looks like our January of 2017 really  kind of our December or January but then  right after that boom that’s when it  takes off again

and here we are now you  look at some of the similarities you can  see where we’re at  I highly expect this is all three of  them together all right now the whole  point of this yes there’s obviously a  big pattern every year people have been  asking me with the fun because there’s a  one-year lockup on everything am I going  to basically just wade through this and  then start Redemption at the end of all  of this or before it my plan regardless  of what the lock-up says my plan is to  get out get liquidated before this  happens very likely next year we’re  gonna see what happens okay because  there are so many changes in the market  over the course of this rate of this  year and just another wannabe Superman  that’s funny hey you know what if I can  lose three million dollars and smile  about it I’d have no problem with that  so if you want to call me it want to be  Superman you can say whatever the hell  you want but I can guarantee I’ve got a  lot more holdings than you do so yeah I  don’t know some of you trolls just I  don’t know you guys are just idiots

alright so anyway so yeah basically  looking at the long term scope don’t  freak out and that’s really what this  whole video is about it’s don’t freak  out everything that I’ve purchased over  the past year I’ve holed I’ve held I  still have it my portfolio right now  I’ll be real honest with you is about I  think the last I looked at is about 109  grande okay and when everything goes  back it should be close to 400 thousand  okay that’s that’s just no BS let me  look at some of your comments in here  we’re gonna have six thousand again you  know I’m not a TA guy I look to others  for that I’ll be real honest with you  you know I don’t think we’re gonna see  six thousand I really don’t I mean I  think we’re seeing we’re seeing another  dip but I think what’s happening right  now is going to be the last of it I  think this is this is going to be the  big final dip before Bitcoin makes a  huge run so regardless of where you buy  in right now I think you stand to gain  substantially over the rest of the year  even if this were to drop down to eight  thousand and you bought it right now  even if that were the case which I don’t  even see that happening necessarily it’s  you know it’s it’s not a matter of how  much money you’re gonna make in 2018

this is my own personal opinion  okay I’m obviously not I am NOT a  financial adviser but you know my own  personal opinion is it doesn’t matter  what you do at this point with Bitcoin I  think you’re gonna probably fare very  very well over the neck I mean look I  expected to see thirty thousand plus  between now and I’ve got a light going  out back there I thought I was my mind  messing with me but I yeah I see Bitcoin  hitting 30 grand this year I do it quite  possibly even more and if I look at  what’s been happening it almost looks  like every year things are happening a  month or two in advance so the the  further out we get into the years that  almost looks like it almost looks like  things are happening well it’s kind of  like well it’s almost we’re closer to  duplicating what happened in 2016 than  we are 2017 so but you can obviously see  the patterns are very much the same all  right so let me see what the trolls have  to say today I’m gonna scroll back up  here crypto crow I caught myself humming  crow you’re  poins the other day you got me damn that  was the whole point of the song SunnyD  stop purchasing shit bags

I’m not even  sure what that’s supposed to mean  trolls are stupid Jason just ether some  fool me and are a lot of trolls in here  and that’s what’s funny I knew I knew  that that title the title of this video  is gonna draw a bunch of trolls you guys  are just a whole bunch of hateful little  assholes and yeah I’m just saying it  straight up like you hate me if you want  you guys need to find a something better  to do with your time than just troll on  the Internet  finally got 10,000 a da because of you  my man thanks for the learnin yeah I  mean look it’s it’s a da is down too I  mean cardano’s down a bit everything’s  down it doesn’t really matter but where  is it there it is down to 32 cents I  just I cannot wait I cannot wait I have  so many new positions like I bought so  much new stuff I recently bought let’s  see what did I bought I bought silica  about 15,000 silica recently I bought  nano and I bought Fusion and because I  didn’t get in on any of those I SEOs and  everybody’s been talking about if  Superman’s been talking about it he has  been talking about anybody’s been  talking about it I don’t want them for a  while but then I just wanted to wait for  the best time and I think right now is  probably gonna be the best time

so you  know and I was gonna do some separate  videos like why I bought silica why I  bought Fusion and all that but and I  probably will for those who don’t see  this video but yeah you know I just  bought all three of those this this week  really so yeah let’s see what else we  got here and I want to get into some  other things I got 26,000 stellar  another crash lower than the crash  before question I don’t I don’t think so  I mean I could be wrong like don’t I  mean keep in mind this is on my own  personal opinion from everything that I  see and look at all the time and I don’t  see this I don’t see this being another  big huge crash I mean it might get down  to  maybe I don’t know I can tell you right  now I’m holding my Bitcoin like I’m not  gonna play it you know even if all the  TA guys right now are like it’s going to  7,000 I’m not selling my Bitcoin like it  is what it is like if it goes down it’s  gonna come back up and when it does it’s  gonna shoot up and when it does shoot up  it’s gonna shoot up so fast you’re  probably gonna screw yourself trying to  swing trade it unless you set up  automatic limits and so that’s just my  that’s my . . .

let’s see here by icx icx will  follow the path of neo yeah I put some  my um I put some people and I see exit  11 cents they were a well stock monies  coming boys and gods all right Chad I  strongly believe what you were saying  crow thank you  give this man some likes yeah you know I  don’t know even though I I just I think  people coming up my channel and lately  look I’m gonna be straight up I know  I’ve been slacking lately I mean my ico  reviews I feel could be a little more  in-depth but you know it’s like I make  commitments to some of these people like  y’all have it out by this day and I  wasn’t expecting to get hit so hard with  a sinus infection and I can’t put my I  can’t put what I’m doing on hold for  these guys when time is of the essence  with an IC o—- so I just had to try  and muscle through it and hopefully it  was helpful to some of you guys and  you’re able to pick which ones you  really liked you know even if I’m super  bullish on an IC o—- for whatever  reason it doesn’t necessarily mean you  should run out and buy it I want you  guys sometimes I intentionally leave  things out because I want to draw  question I want to bring question

I want  you to get involved I want you to join  their telegram and ask questions I want  you to read their white paper their  executive summaries or whatever you know  when I do an IC o—- review I’m not  trying to do an all out fully  comprehensive IC l review I’m not it’s  not really what I do I do a lot of the  reading myself and but you know I don’t  want my videos to be three hours of  white paper reading so I leave a lot of  that stuff up to you guys my goals are  just trying to push you in the right  direction all right so here’s something  that I wanted to talk about  profit trailer magic I’ve been seeing  this come up a lot lately I will not use  this get it for free get it off their  github all I’m going to say and I mean  this very sincerely use this at your own  risk nothing is free in crypto I hope I  make that abundantly clear I have from  what I’ve been hearing  I don’t know this to be true 100 percent  can’t prove it don’t know ok but what  I’ve been hearing that is that this  could potentially be a rip of profit  feeder and profit tracker put into one  free thing that could potentially do  harm to you with your API keys and  things of that nature  now I don’t know this to be true I don’t  know this to be fact

I just know that  it’s what I’ve been told by some people  including developers of different things  all I’m going to say and it’s free so  it’s like even if I were like look this  is complete bullshit scam stay the hell  away from it you’re gonna lose all your  money if some day this guy decides to  wipe everybody’s accounts which is not  what I’m saying but if I did say that it  really isn’t oh hell of a lot he could  do because it’s free so he can’t sue me  for losses but you know until it’s been  proven that this is a hundred percent  safe I won’t touch it  that’s basically all I’m trying to say  thud thud thud I mean say what you will  look if you guys use it and you know it  helps support Petey magic just start  your Petey magic monitor and navigate to  donate in any of these I mean let’s just  say this I thought it looked nice but  I’m not touching it and that’s pretty  much my stance on it if even if let’s  see here  yeah even if this it’s hard for me to  wrap my head around how somebody would  do so much development let’s just say  they did this whole thing from scratch  what what do they really stand the gain  out of doing this whole thing knowing  that add-ons add-ons that help people  make money make money period

so why  would you do all that work for nothing  like absolutely nothing unless there was  an ulterior motive and that’s what I  think it’s just my opinion  guys I’m not trying to I don’t even know  who created this I’m not saying that it  is a scam I’m just saying that I’m not  gonna test it with any of my api’s on  any of my exchange accounts that’s all  I’m saying  all right another thing guys you guys I  keep hearing similar things and I’ve  done videos on this already but I want  to remind all the newcomers to my  channel who are watching this you guys  really need to stop using Google search  for anything crypto related okay I mean  this so sincerely I mean I just punched  in debit um I see oh just to see what  would pop up and an ad did pop up  Ireland clicked it I’m not doing  anything with it and if I look down at  the bottom it looks like he could be a  legitimate ad but what happens with  these got with with ads like this scam  operations can easily duplicate an i  SEOs website throw it up on a very  slightly different domain or redirect  from Google they can redirect you to a  scam website so that could look that  down there could look legit but they can  they can make it look all sorts of ways  and then you go and invest and you  basically just pumped all of your  aetherium into a fake scam operation and  you lost your money

I’ve had a couple of  reports about this happening recently  and with a few different I SEOs so do  not I never ever ever use the search  function in Google for anything  ICO related or crypto related and and  click ads just because it’s the first  thing that pops up and that’s what a lot  of these scam operations are kind of  preying on their preying on the fact  that you’re not gonna that you’re just  gonna click the first thing that pops up  instead of something legitimate and  typically that first thing that pops up  is in the ad that’s being paid for  alright so make sure you guys keep that  in mind moving forward just to remind  you guys click show more if you look  below okay you can’t even see that arm  it’s over here  but if you click below show more you’ll  find all kinds of links for all kinds of  stuff one of them is the crypto pro  forums I encourage everybody to join if  you’re a troll stay away because you’re  gonna go through a lot of trouble  registering just to get banned but it’s  it’s definitely I am I am definitely  wanting to phase out my discord channel  I just I said it in another video but  for those of you that didn’t see that I  set up the crypto CRO comm specifically  for discussion forums and they’re  starting to get more active

they’re  starting to get more stuff going on in  them I’ll pull it up  and over time I’m gonna be working on  them to make them you know nicer and  better and add some more functionality  and things yeah they’re starting to pick  up things are starting to happen there’s  14 people on right this moment 181  members I just launched this like 48  hours ago not even 48 hours ago so one  of the things that I kind of set up  while I was comatose and and not able to  do a whole heck of a lot but the what  I’m wanting to do is I want everybody  that registers if you’re gonna be active  in the community to add your aetherium  and bitcoin wallet addresses in your  signatures that way you can post and be  helpful and you’re not throwing your  stinking signatures all over the place  because what’s gonna happen is sometimes  I will see a really good guide like  somebody posted a really cool profit  feeder guide I’m not even exactly sure I  think it was in useful tips and guides  yeah I want to see this I want to see  this category of the discussion forum to  really blossom and turn into something  really helpful for newcomers  and I’m adding some more moderators and  things but technical analysis basic  script

basically the idea is you know  step by step guide for profit trailer  this guy basically broke down click for  click how to set up profit trailer and  I’m probably gonna reward this guy he  hasn’t even added I mean I guess he just  did this to be helpful but he hasn’t  even added his wallet addresses or  anything yet but ultimately when I if I  do an ICO review or something like that  I’m gonna take a little bit I’m gonna  throw it into a charity wallet and I’m  gonna come here I’m gonna look and see  who’s being the most helpful on these  forums provided they have the proper  addresses in their signature I’m gonna  flip you guys random coins just for the  hell of it and I’ll probably leave a  comment after saying hey I just since  you X number of this make sure you you  know you double check and that sort of  thing because one thing that the tax guy  told me is that when I have when I send  people coins I really need to make  people do something for them to make it  kind of a write-off situation well what  better than be an active member of my  community in a positive way help other  people and that ultimately helps it  helps me and it helps other people and  it’s worth it so make sure you guys  check that out

I joined today CRO love  it oh cool thanks Shane Keating use  clarified to check registered addresses  best way yeah it’s it’s amazing to me  how many scamming scammers there are  honestly the world of cryptocurrency is  like a mirror image of EVE Online it  really for any of you to play EVE Online  or have played it you probably  understand what I’m saying  why no more discord because it’s too  hard for me to police it and there’s  some there are trolls in there who they  they’ve created they keep creating  accounts to make themselves look like me  and they’re running around direct  messaging everybody asking for money and  it’s difficult in some cases to police  that sort of stuff and so and honestly  it’s a solid discussion forum  you can’t be that in terms of in terms  of community and things and it’s easier  to keep things organized and structured  let’s see if anybody else is yeah 42  some of you guys are checking it out now  that’s awesome it’s just overall to me  it’s better and you know it’s just  easier for me to monitor this police  this then then discord so I’m probably  gonna give discord another week or so  and I’m gonna keep mentioning these  forums before I just pull the plug on  the discord Channel morning from  Australia crow

thanks man  all right let’s see okay so I am feeling  a little a little bit woozy  nothing crazy I am getting so much  better though by the end of this weekend  I’m gonna be rocking it out and I will  be back to my former self I think I  burst a bubble like just you know the  way I opened the show so hopefully um  and I do have another video that I want  to try and get done today  and it’s basically how to turn $100 into  a hundred thousand in trading crypto  currencies on exchanges and and it’s  basically it’s gonna be a bit of a guide  it’s gonna be a lot of common sense but  I’m gonna be showing some tips and  tricks on things that you could do I  know there are a lot of you guys that  you know you’ve got like a hundred bucks  maybe 200 bucks 500 bucks and you’re  trying to figure out what’s the best  thing to do with it and just to give you  kind of a synopsis of what the whole  thing the whole video is gonna be about  when I get it done and it’ll probably  I’ll either do it tomorrow  or I’ll shoot it today and set it for  tomorrow publish it tomorrow but if you  guys ever hear the story about the guy  who started with a paper clip and I  think over the course of a year he ended  up getting like a house or something  crazy

and what he did was he just kept  finding people to trade up so we started  with a paper clip and then he might have  I think maybe he got a pencil eraser and  then he got a pen and then the pen  became a better pen and then that better  cap n became like a watch and that watch  McHale you know what I mean and he and  he was running ads and he was just and  everybody knew that this was kind of an  experiment he was doing but he ended up  ferrying extremely well the principle  can be fair it was a Ferrari really I  don’t know if that’s true somebody just  put  in the comments but you know but  basically crypto currency trading could  very much be similar if you’re if you  know what to look for and you’re  watching for patterns and so I’m gonna  be doing a video coming up very soon on  doing that paperclip to a broken spoon  there’s a documentary on it there you go  you got a Ferrari from a paperclip  amazing alright so I’m gonna cut it here  hopefully hopefully you guys hopefully  this is a little bit better video than I  than what I’ve been doing over the past  week

I’ve got some really cool stuff  planned I really really do and until  next time guys grow your coins and I  will see you guys very very soon with  some cool stuff alright

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