Setup Profit Trailer on a VPS Server

Setup Profit Trailer on a VPS Server


Greetings Everybody    I’ve had so many  people ask me about doing like a video  and setting up a VPS and so you know  I’ve tried a few VPS servers and had  problems I had problems with all of them  and so I finally found Vermont  vormax Vermont I’m not quite sure how it  goes but kind of a silly name but anyway  I this is who I’ve been using and it’s  been it’s been going very well so I  figure I’ll go ahead and show you guys  kind of a cliff notes video I’m not  gonna go into every little click in  every little detail I think you’re if  you’re into crypto you probably have a  decent idea how to do some of this stuff  and it’s very easy like what I do so so  here’s what we’re gonna do so basically  I go to you’ll have the little affiliate link  yeah I’ll use the affiliate link because     why not  I’ve been using these guys for a while  now and I go so when you go click the  link you come here to the VPS to go  cheap windows VPS ok and I personally  set up this one

I think I’m gonna  upgraded this a little bit cuz the one I  got is actually I think it’s $13 a month  so I got this one so I put order so  basically this is a 2 CPU core 35 to 75  gig 2 terabyte of bandwidth all this ok  so so you click order and this is where  so I I know I use Buffalo New York that  was their mean their main hub you want  to try and pick one that’s closer to  yourself it doesn’t matter that much  really in the grand scheme I don’t think  but I just picked one closest to me and  let’s see I’m pretty sure yeah so that  was it  they’re premium support management to do  CPU dedicated cores  okay so that was that so basically just  go through oh that’s what I did I added  I went with the 50/50 gig SSD just in  case like if I’m running multiple Bob  instances or I decided I want to do  anything else so add that to cart make  your purchase you’re gonna get some  emails you’re gonna confirm and then  you’re gonna set everything up so should  I do that trying to think if I should  set up a new account and like walk you  through everything but I don’t really  think I’m gonna need to so I don’t  remember there being anything overly  complicated

so once you’ve set all this  up and you’ve paid for your account  you’re going to you’re gonna get some  emails you know confirming your your  order or whatever and then you’re gonna  get a couple links to basically the the  admin like the login so once you logged  in and I have five there’s nine sign ups  in here so once you logged in you’re  gonna end up at a page like this okay  this is basically your services so  services my services it’ll take you here  this is my this is my VPS so when I  click this you’ll see your mind’s online  and I’m pretty sure that like when you  first purchase yours might be online  instantly it might take a few minutes to  come up but before I did anything else I  just click VNC desktop okay and this is  how I got everything on here that I  needed so what the first thing I did so  when you first login this I’m already  connected to the server on TeamViewer so  when you first log in you might have to  click the control-alt-delete and then  enter your admin password and then it’ll  take you to this screen okay and I’m  making sure I’m not given

oh wait let me  make sure you can see that No okay you  can’t see that so hold on a second  sure there we go alright so this is what  I’m talking about so when you click on  the VNC desktop you’ll get this screen  and you can continue to use it this way  if you don’t like TeamViewer for any  reason I know some of you guys may not I  really like TeamViewer and I set it all  up the way I need it I’m not gonna  explain exactly how I set mine up  because that’s really neither here nor  there but then I don’t want to get  anybody accuse on anything that I want  to do to try and hack in or whatever but  so once you’re in here what you need to  do the first thing you’re gonna need to  do is install the latest Java okay so  hold on let me go back to other words  that window alright so and this screen  needs to be bigger and alright so as you  can see I’ve got my team you were down  here I did install the notepad plus plus  because that’s what I used to edit my  crobat files and it came with it came  with Chrome already set up and installed  for me which is really nice but what the  first thing you’re going to need is an  installed Java

so we’ll install Java up  so you already go so plug in Java free  Java software download because to run  this you you you’re gonna need the  latest version so if you’re running the  latest version of profit trailer you’re  gonna need the latest version of Java as  well and so you’ll just go through that  I don’t think I need to show you how  that you know click this and approve  everything so I won’t waste the time but  then once that’s done then you might  want to if you want to if you want to if  you just want to use the VPS like this  you can you’re already set up and then  all you have to do quite honestly is  just drag your folder you can just drag  your  your profit trailer folder directly on  to the desktop here just drag it over  and it’ll copy all the files over and  you’re good to go  it says it’s that simple now I know I  can do that with TeamViewer so if you if  you like TeamViewer it’s the I like  TeamViewer because it’s easy for me  technically yes you can log into you can  log into okay so you can log into this  and from anywhere and access your VPS  using this VNC desktop and that’s fine

I  just like TeamViewer because it just  makes things a lot easier I don’t have  to log into this website first and I  manage a few different things with my  TeamViewer at different places so it  just makes things a lot easier for me  okay but that’s honestly about all there  is to it and then once you’ve set it up  like I know this sounds super simple and  there really isn’t anything else to it  to be honest with you guys it’s not it’s  not complicated I know some people like  to try and use command prompts and this  and that I don’t deal with any of that I  you know I like things to be simple so I  get a Windows Server and and I set up  TeamViewer and I’m set up in five  minutes now I will say this and this is  something that I that I encountered on  multiple like every VPS server that I  tried to set up on prior to this the  server time kept changing and would shut  down randomly and I would then email  support and then they would be like oh  well good jump through this hoop jump  jump through that hoop and they’d start  running me rampant incidentally I cancel  I’m like you suck

I can’t I don’t have  time to deal with that these guys the  same thing happened and I said in a  support ticket and I said look so after  the first time they said okay well we it  was like tier 1 support and they said  well here you should be good to go and I  and I logged in at the time was still  changed so I send back another ticket  and I said look here’s the deal you know  this is I’m this is what I’m doing with  this VPS it needs to work I’ve already  cancelled three different accounts you  guys have one more shot to make  sure that this never happens again or  I’m gonna have to cancel I’m sorry  and he’s flagged it as a tier 3 support  issue and then within 30 minutes they  fixed it they said hey this is what we  did we took care of this and that and  another thing that should never happen  again sorry for the inconvenience and  it’s been running like a champ ever  since and has yet to close down so so  yeah just the support is really good and  so just knowing this moving forward like  when you set this up if you have issues  with the time changing or it’s shutting  down

just send a support ticket and  they’ll they’ll take care of it and let  them know like hey you know we were  referred here by the crypto CRO or  whatever you know because I think  anytime I’ve submitted a support ticket  it’s like one of a couple people so  they’re gonna be aware of the issue now  moving forward I’m sure he said hey I’m  running a bot I don’t want this to shut  down on me do what you did on crypto  Crowes account and they’ll be like ok  and they’ll know exactly what to take  care of not that you should even have to  do that I doubt you will for those of  you asking questions about how much does  the bots use and bandwidth it’s used 381  gigs of almost 2 terabytes so far since  I started it up so it uses a lot of  back-and-forth and I have set up a  second instance so because I’m trying to  do USD T versus Bitcoin swing training  which is not very active at all it’s  just because the price keeps going down  so it’s not like doing anything yet but  I’m trying to capitalize on the swings  of Bitcoin using the tether

so we’ll see  if that works out if it does I’ll show  everybody exactly how I did that I’m  doing that on by Nance so I’ll keep you  guys updated like it’s honestly  here I’ll even show you like it’s not  really doing a whole hell of a lot and  I’m not using a lot of money for either  to test it so let me see where we at  here here we go so close this is we  don’t need it and yeah I was looking at  my DCA bags possible bio log I’m in sell  only mode on this this  is actually my main bot and I’ve taken  some money out of here to put on to  finance to do this and experiment with  it but Jesus I mean it’s down 13 percent  I mean it’s at 12,500 so this isn’t  doing much it’s waiting I think it’s  waiting for a crossover to buy in and  ride the wave so for as long as this  keeps going down this isn’t gonna do  anything but so yeah but this is my  Barney Anse swing trade so it’s not even  it’s not even good I’ve only got this  set from one pair which is us DT and BTC  and it’s not even looking at it right  now because it just keeps going down  more so that’s that and this as this  improves if this starts picking up some  good swing trades and improving my  tether position

I’ll do a video showing  you guys exactly what my settings are  for this very similar to what I’m doing  here  it’s just with one pair on buying ants  and but the binding settings are  different so look hopefully this was  helpful and you know it helps get you  guys set up on a VPS I assure you it’s  very easy just make sure you go with the  Windows server setup TeamViewer and it  really couldn’t get more simple all  right if you have any specific questions  I will be watching the comments like if  you run into something you’re like oh he  didn’t talk about this I know I didn’t  walkthrough click 4 click setting up a  brand new account if I have to do that I  guess I will but I know that it’s such a  simple process I didn’t feel as  necessary once you setup dive in now it  is more complicated on some of these  other companies and especially if you’re  trying to do something outside of using  a Windows server but you know that’s  pretty much it in a nutshell all you got  to do so hopefully this is real helpful  to you guys and I’ll be watching  comments to try and help you if you have  any specifics    Thanks see ya .

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