Seal Network Platform – 5 Min of Crypto

Seal Network Platform – 5 Min of Crypto


Ladies and Gentlemen     I am the Crypto Crow      I’m a little rough today I’m not gonna lie finally went out for the first time in quite some time drank a bottle of scotch and uh I’m feeling it so welcome back to another edition of 5 minutes of crypto with the crypto crow this is a paid feature with the sealed Network and so basically I’m just gonna show you guys some stuff and I hope you like it so first thing I’m gonna do if you’re not familiar with the seal network at all I’m gonna play this video that kind of explains everything and then we’re gonna pick it up we’re gonna dive a little bit deeper it is for 24 we’ve got five minutes of crypto [Music] it’s a symbol it extends your identity and it displays your values that is a brand I think craftsmanship is the most important that’s what give me like the joy about doing what I do the brand experience is crucial for a brand to stand out and build a relationship with their consumer I just can’t have enough sneakers I love them a brand that’s really important for me it defines Who I am it’s not about the sneakers it’s about the lifestyle

it’s about those small moments of happiness that you can create by connecting to brand here at the moment middle of the set and blackout especially in the music industry where there’s an overwhelming amount of knock offs for every new piece of equipment they’re counterfeiting is a global problem faced by retailers brands and consumers brands will will lose credibility and in the end none of the brands will really have an opportunity to exist blockchain based technology that C offers can offer a solution so I think seal has a great future it will be used in thousands if not millions of products I think for the long-term future she’ll has to be there we want to ignite a renewed appreciation for brands and we make the world a more genuine place out of love for creation so there you have it you know basically still Network is looking to it’s actually a little device I know that you can attach to different products and it basically follows the product and it’s it’s the fight counterfeiting and and you know I think that the idea of utilizing the blockchain to counter everything from counterfeiting theft hacking all of this stuff I think that’s solid and in looking into this company

I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve found so far now this isn’t a review this is just a feature this is basically just me showing you something new but I’m gonna we’re gonna go into the token sale the pre ICO doesn’t even start for another 13 day so you’ve got plenty of time to do some research and kind of find out whether or not this is something you want to get invested into but the website has a lot of information obviously you have the white paper telegram let me look at their telegram metrics real quick 13850 one people so that’s a very good sign that people are looking to adopt this I like that just in terms of pulse let’s see what this says it’s a simple same video all right seal is a blockchain powered product make sure I’m alright audios good seal is a blockchain powered product authentication and serve and services platform which will provide consumers and manufacturers with product trust seal enables anyone the ability to confidently quickly and economically verify the authenticity of any product which is seal enabled

the seal proprietary technology utilizes NFC compatible sealed chips which can be effectively securely and discreetly incorporated with any physically manufactured product upon integration of the sealed chip the product is paired with the digital counterpart on the blockchain verification of authenticity is instantaneous with a simple tap or scan with any smart device I mean the fact is is it’s just getting more and more difficult to define counterfeit products they’re getting really good I mean I know back in the day when a lot of counterfeiting started it could be as simple as you know they would miss miss miss spell names and in things like that and which which is just like it’s crazy to me but you know and there are a lot of different tips and tricks and things that you could use to spot a fake to buy with confidence be sure you get the product you expect recognize genuine products from fakes fight counterfeiting preserve value how does it work the seal platform consists of several components namely products with an embedded seal chip that uniquely identifies the seal app installed on an NFC compatible smartphone and the seal token which allows communication between the different parts of the platform the sealed network and immutable blockchain database where each transaction is recorded and validated by its nodes brands are the sole issuer of product pairings on the blockchain

this way brands can ensure exactly how much authentic copies are released how many authentic copies are released disingenuous manufacturers are no longer able produce limitation imitations that can be passed off as authentic because they cannot replicate the token see seal in action okay so simple as that folks thank you for joining me in a segment of five minutes of crypto hope you enjoy it learned a little something new and yeah check out seal Network and see if you’re interested in getting involved here in the next 14 days when the pre ICEL pre ICO launches and I’m a follow up in the near future with a full-blown review we’ll see thanks for joining me and I’ll see you soon Crowe your coins folks

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