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The Crypto Crow Community is one made up of positive, cryptocurrency enthusiasts that look to the Crypto Crow for educational information.

Currently, on 3/11/2018 the Crypto Crow Youtube Channel has over 70,000 Subscribers. Further, the CC community contains over 20,000 members within Discord, Facebook, Telegram and Twitter.

BEWARE: There are people all over pretending to be me on Telgram, Youtube, Gmail, etc!!

My Telegram is @upstager (I never respond to messages there because I’m a member of over 60 groups and direct messages drop like a rock so I never see them).

If you want me to review or feature your ICO or Coin, please contact Heather at

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What You Should Know About Crypto Crow Reviews

Jason Appleton, a.k.a The Crypto Crow does not guarantee glowing reviews. His approach to reviews is simple, its about getting you exposure to his audience in a neutral manner using his point review system and personal opinions.

While not all ICO’s or Coins CC reviews are coins he would personally purchase for various reasons, this doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t support your cause or goal.

Crypto Crow will NEVER review High Yield Investment Programs, Casinos, Adult or Cloud Mining Programs, regardless of your budget.

Any ICO’s suspected of being shady, dishonest or otherwise disreputable will be ignored, if you’re lucky. Its best not to email him with disreputable ICO’s.

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What Does Crypto Crow Charge For Reviews?

CC charges 1 BTC for ICO/Coin Reviews but will sometimes allow for other arrangements.

What Does Crypto Crow Charge For Mentions?

If you are simply looking for more exposure and a brief explanation as to your ICO and not an endorsement or full review breakdown, CC will provide this for .5 BTC paid in advance. Mentions have a better chance of being accepted by Crypto Crow on his channel than a complete review.

Charge for 5 Minutes Of Crypto?

.25 BTC to be featured in a 5 minutes of crypto segment.

Does Crypto Crow Always Disclose Paid Reviews To His Audience?

Absolutely, yes. Not only is it immoral to review ICO’s or other investments on a paid basis without disclosing it, its illegal in the United States.

Does CC Only Accept Payment In Advance?


How Do I Submit My ICO For Your Consideration?

If you want me to review or feature your ICO or Coin, please contact Heather at

Or @CrowBooking on Telegram


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