Profit Trailer Settings for ETH and BTC – PNX Update (and Correction)

Profit Trailer Settings for ETH and BTC – PNX Update (and Correction)


Greetings Everybody    I am the Crypto Crow     coming to you from Chicago Illinois out  of my western hotel room as I await my  beloved wife who is doing salsa  workshops all afternoon her a little  competition or whatever it is it’s it’s  I guess it’s a competition to see who is  going to open the big show this evening  and I guess that’s sometime later this  afternoon probably around 4 o’clock and  so in my time waiting I have been  working on getting you guys set up with  a new set of Bitcoin Bitcoin and and  aetherium profit trailer settings so  you’re gonna find those in the link  below but I also wanted to talk about a  couple things and yes you know this is  I’m on my laptop I’m not on my big setup  at home so we’ll just have to make do  but I’ve been asked for a couple of  updates on my phantom X master node and  just going over the market you know  honestly right now it seems like the  markets kind of going down again I saw  it hit a high of $9,000 per Bitcoin and  then just suddenly started dropping now  I wasn’t watching my indicators or  anything or I would have paid I would  have probably sold let’s see here

you  can’t really see it but my indicators  told me to basically sell at 80 705 at  which point had dropped all the way down  to a low of 82 82 57 so and then it came  back up and it looks like it’s starting  to go back up a little bit now so a lot  of volatility today giving it to  Saturday afternoon typically things kind  of rally during the weekends and start  to come down a bit and stuff for some  dips on Mondays but you know we’ll see  what happens I’m just gonna continue  holding at this point I feel like I  already missed the drop indicator  so we’ll just kind of see what happens  so here’s what I want to show you guys  well first off I’ll show you phantom  axes at 12 cents so if you remember I  actually bought in at 7 cents 7 to eat I  think is where I bought in to set up my  master note it’s now 12 it seems to kind  of go up and down a little bit and it’s  kind of easy to spike based off of who’s  who you know excuse me how many people  are setting up master notes so hold on  let me uh well that’s not what I want so  well I got the hiccups on some pretty  big growth in a lot of these where’s  mine here we go so yeah it’s down to 12  cents it’s still it’s gonna cost about  $2,400 to set up a new master node so  and and I will make a correction

apparently well somebody in my somebody  in the comments corrected me on phantom  X not necessarily being the coin that  Charles Hopkinson was talking about in  this three-hour interview and you know  what I caught it I caught it as a quick  mention and then somebody else pointed  it out to me in in another one of my  channels and hey did you see Charles  talking about this phantom X and I  thought oh you know what I did remember  something about that so then I went and  I looked at the master notes all how  cheap it wasn’t set one up so it may not  be the and I haven’t gone back through  that three-hour the interview I’m just  going to assume it’s not the coin that  Charles was talking about but regardless  it’s a fun little project and it’s still  a cheap masternode that that’s that’s  gaining value so I mean we’ll just kind  of leave it at that but I did want to  make it known that you know I did I do  think I made a mistake on that but again  you know it’s it’s treated me well so  far and it’s just fun to have a master  note I mean it’s just  passive income so for those of you  curious like what is the update on what  it’s doing so far

right now I’m up about  525 coins so that’s about what my master  node has made me so far since I set this  up which has been I don’t know it’s been  like five or six days I think so if I  were to calculate it well what did I say  that was awful for 525 all right so so  63 bucks in profit I mean honestly  that’s that’s really not terrible for  four I mean you know when I built my  aetherium mining rig back when etherion  was 250 bucks that’s you know 63 bucks  is a little more than I was mining at  the time  so now granite had I held onto all that  you know I’d probably be up quite a bit  now but is what it is and I found out  too that apparently no wonder man that  uh that mining rig I built with those  graphics cards I sold that damn thing  for four grand come to find out it was  actually worth about six now because you  can’t even get those graphics cards  anymore for less than $1000 but I you  know I basically got out of it what I  put into it and not to mention all the  education that I got in building and  learning about how mining works and all  that

so I gained a lot more than just  money out of that whole thing alright so  this isn’t going to be a really long  video just kind of wanted to go over a  few different a few things and so here’s  what here’s where we’re at so basically  when you download the profit trailer  settings now this does not include  feeder this is specifically for people  to just run profit trailer and that’s it  and then maybe some of you guys want to  run some aetherium pairs okay so let me  go in here once you download the file  let me minimize my thing here alright so  once you download the file this is what  you’re going to only make sure you’re  seeing it okay so this is what you’re  going to end up having after you  downloaded it the first thing I suggest  you guys do  the readme okay now you’ve got your  etherium pair settings here in your  Bitcoin pairs here now what I’ve done is  I’ve created the Bitcoin paired and then  I created the etherion pairs settings  come on my VPS is a little slow with  everything running on it so when you  open this up you’re gonna have these  three files what you’re gonna do is  you’re gonna open up your profit trailer  folder did you do and you see this  trading thing here trading folder you’re  just gonna highlight all these

hopefully  your computer be a little slower faster  anyway you’re gonna highlight all these  this could take me a couple minutes and  just drag them right over here and just  replace everything that’s in there and  you’re good to go for the most part now  what you’re gonna see is I’m gonna open  up the pears so what you’re gonna see  you see I’ve changed the market to  aetherium and then eath training pears  pretty much everything else is the same  except I traded all of these pears and I  false all these out because these are  the coins that I looked at I looked at  their charts and so forth and I  basically concluded that these are  pump-and-dump  like these are very prone to pump and  dumps and so I didn’t want to trade them  and that’s what that is so both both  pear sets have this in it so this this  should help you quite a bit so that when  you do end up with bags and you will you  at least have bags that are more  valuable like that the coins are not you  know pump and dumb shit coins and so  forth  so that’s it I mean there’s really  nothing else to it you know check the  readme

I’ve got all the links in the  readme file so you’d have a direct link  to profit feed or support profit trailer  support plus all the all of the links  that are in my you know just open it  all of the links that are under my  videos you know so you know if you like  what I do use them like my links to get  whatever you need but it’s all pretty  much in there and I explain like exactly  what setting and your payers file to  change to true if you decide you want to  go if you have a bunch of bags and you  just want the bots here this is how I do  things I don’t let typically if I’m  running really aggressive settings like  this and I end up with a bunch of bags  and this is and these settings are  percentage based also so you know  whether you have three hundred dollars  in there three thousand dollars or three  hundred thousand dollars your buy ratios  are gonna be based off of a percentage  not a direct amount so this should help  you settings Wow these settings should  ultimately help you regardless of your  budget you’re not gonna have to worry so  much about changing things because it’s  just based off a percentage of what you  have but you’ll notice the profit  trailer profit feeder discord support  channels

you know my course link if you  haven’t joined my course yet I highly  suggest you do that the feedback I’ve  been getting from it has been fantastic  and just other useful links based off of  whatever your interests are okay so  that’s it in a nutshell super simple I  wanna make sure that the link is  available under my video and so when you  see this you’ll have the you have  everything you need  and yeah that’s it for now I’ll probably  do a little bit of a live video my  biggest thing is I don’t want to look  like a cheese ball shooting a live  YouTube video on a huge croak before so  that’s why I didn’t shoot anything yet  but we’ll see and I could do like the  boring ass years I’m in my hotel room  here’s my view you know I’ve got a I’ve  got a view of another hotel and lots of  traffic outside of Chicago so nothing  really spectacular look at I’m not like  in Bangkok or anything works like really  cool look at the window  just a lot of snow right now I will say  that we did watch a an SUV who  apparently thought they were hot shit  burning through the snow going pretty  fast on the highway and they ended up  they almost did a complete 360 like they  fishtailed like three or four times  right down the middle lane of the  highway

that could have been really  really bad had there been people next to  them so if you’re a douchebag and you  love to drive in the snow just know that  it doesn’t matter how secure you feel in  your big old vehicle when when the roads  are bad you’re just setting yourself up  and you can ultimately be setting  yourself up to kill other people there’s  another thing too as I noticed on the  way here I noticed a few different  people driving really slow and then  swerving in other lanes and then what we  would get next to them and I would see  you sure enough they were texting and if  you are driving and you’re texting on  the highway and you see some ogre  flipping you the bird that’s why just so  you know because you put my life in  danger and my family’s life in danger  because you wanna lol at a stupid fuckin  joke and yeah I take that stuff pretty  seriously so on that note I will leave  you guys to it got some updates coming  from the bank hair group and yeah we’ll  leave it at that for now so hopefully  this will help you guys get set up over  the weekend and you should be able to  see some pretty decent gains with my  with these settings you are gonna get  bags though

so just so you know like I  still sing people oh my god I lost 50  bucks oh my god I lost $200 it’s like  you hide them and I wish you people  would read and watch these videos you  you watch one video you buy a private  trailer you copy some settings and you  don’t know what’s going on and I just  hate seeing comments talking about  losses you only sell what you what you  sell out of locks guys everything else  is a bag so you know do me a favor you  know those of you who are in the know  and you’ve been watching my videos for a  while and you understand how things work  when you see somebody post something  silly like that kindly direct them to  either a video that explains how the  stuff works or just link them to the  wiki which you’ll find in my settings I  put it all right there I tried I’m  trying to make this all this explanatory  and we’ll just call it lazy proof as  possible but it really doesn’t matter I  mean from what I see there are so many  people that just kind of  throw caution to the wind throw their  money down by the box set it up using  settings they don’t have a clue what’s  happening or what means what and then  they just go back and post comments

you  know what I’m going to lose the money  what’s going on this doesn’t work this  is bullshit and I’m just so tired of  seeing that like do some research people  it helps you make a lot more money when  you actually have a clue what’s going on  okay all right that’s it I will leave  you guys to it crow your coins I know  there’s probably several other things  that I should discuss right now but I’m  drawing a blank I’m not really prepared  I don’t have a list and I’m just  literally sitting at a hotel room on my  laptop so I’m sure you’ve heard enough  of this voice for now so I’ll come back  with some better stuff here probably I’m  guessing I’ll probably end up being back  here we’ll just a Saturday so probably  tomorrow evening and hopefully these  settings will treated you well until  then enjoy your weekend folks    Crow Your  Coins

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