Profit Trailer Settings Download – Anderson DCA Explained – Merry Christmass!

Profit Trailer Settings Download – Anderson DCA Explained – Merry Christmass!


Ladies and Gentlemen    it is 548 in the  p.m. Eastern Time on this fine Saturday  evening where’s it Sunday I think I  think my clock is wrong so I am actually  doing something today that I think is  going to help a lot of you solve a lot  of problems so I am I have gone through  and here let me play this because this  is what this is the spirit that I’m in  right now so here’s what I’m gonna do  for you fine folks I have gone through  and I have created what I consider to be  some of the perfect settings for three  different budget types and I’m going to  explain the Andersen dca settings in a  little bit more detail so that everybody  really kind of wraps their head around  how I structure these settings okay so  as a Merry Christmas gift to all of you  Santa’s going to bring you profit  trailer settings for three different  budgets and I’m sipping all three of  them into one file and making them  downloadable right below the video  that’s you guys right there your plates  ready to go feed me crypto crow feed me  so here we go

so here’s what I’m gonna  do so the first thing I’m gonna do is  I’m gonna explain kind of the budget  kind of the budget layout a little bit  all right  and so here’s what I did I created I’ve  got three folders right here it’s  already zipped and created I’ve got one  for a point zero three five budget all  right so let’s see here I’m just making  sure that you guys can see what I’m  doing here I’m gonna make this a little  smaller so I can see all right so a  point zero three five budget means you  are working with about five hundred  bucks  all right that that I mean you can you  can test things  with less but I wouldn’t exactly I  wouldn’t exactly tell you you know like  you’re not gonna be huge money right but  for those of you with smaller budgets I  have a pack just for you as a present  just for you  and so I’m going to explain starting  with the smallest budget here I’m going  to open up my Dream Weaver and I’m gonna  open up the some of the settings here  and I’m gonna show you exactly what I  did and why all right so give me just as  quick second bear with me I’m on I’m  unwrapping presents right now for you to  open let’s just open all of them

he’ll  drag them into there all right now let  me open up a new window here and I got  to try and do this quick because my wife  is waiting for me to meet the fam her  family for Christmas  all right so I think you see that there  we go okay so these are the dream well  this is Dream Weaver and so here’s what  we’re gonna do  I based all of these now my all my  current all my old settings have this  little budget in here all right so this  here typically all by settings have been  running at a point zero zero five or  even a point zero zero eight with  limited dca settings but I’m changing it  all around for you guys I’m going to  show you guys why now the Anderson DCA  now now this fire these this this is to  protect you so I have these triggers in  here these triggers down here are  basically the highs and lows of Bitcoin  so if Bitcoin Rises or that if the  Bitcoin price drops with this triggers  seven percent or more you go into cell  only mode if it rises  10% or more you go into cell only mode  and then if it corrects in the opposite  direction by 4 or 5% then it’ll start  working itself again and buying and  making some trades outside of just  selling

if you don’t want the bot to  ever be in cell only mode you can just  put zeros in these spaces but I left  them here as default just to kind of  protect you while you’re messing around  and you’re learning how things work okay  now Anderson dca settings this here is  set up to go into Anderson DCA when  you’re when the when the coin you bought  goes negative 4 percent or greater all  right you don’t need the indicators now  the dca settings you ask on a very low  budget now the pair’s  this is this here 500 bucks you’re  trading 4 pairs okay you’re trading 4  pairs on a three-tier dca alright that’s  a $500 budget right now ok that’s your  point 0 3 5 BTC okay so keep that in  mind this is a newbie budget this is a  newbie package alright so I don’t and  it’s it’s setup to making money but it’s  set up to protect your your tail bit –  okay so your dca settings this is a  three tier Anderson Double Down DCA so  what happens is is when it goes into  negative 4% it goes into DCA from there  it watches it and says okay if it goes  into 5 point 4 negative then we’re gonna  double down and if it goes to 15.5%  we’re gonna double down again and then a  third time at twenty point five percent

now what does that what exactly does  that mean and why am i only trading four  pairs off basically what is today a $500  budget so what happens is can I let me  if I can want to see if it’ll let me run  my calculator on here it’ll let me show  you that in just a momento  calculator all right well it’s saying  it’s showing it but it’s not so here’s  what I’m gonna do oh it’s just showing a  black screen there so here’s what I’m  gonna do I’m gonna pull up a calculator  online in Curzon and see so I’m gonna  close that I go to Chrome say a  calculator okay all right so here’s a  calculator all right so if we are buying  a pair at point zero zero one Bitcoin  and we multiply it so we double down so  the first DC a triggers we double down  and multiply that by two  we’ve got point zero zero two if it  doubles down again it’s gonna go times  two and a third time times two is point  zero zero eight okay so at point zero  zero eight if you multiply that times  four that’s point zero three two that’s  almost the total budget all right that’s  basically that’s almost your total  budget minus the other three original  coin purchases you’re gonna make

so this  maxes out that point zero three five  budget all right so that makes sense I  hope this is super helpful I really hope  everybody watches this video because I’m  really trying to break it down so that’s  what this is that’s what this does  alright so when when you’re talking  about a smaller budget this set this  this setting set should definitely help  you quite a bit I want you guys to to  use it learn it use these settings to  really figure things out I want you guys  to tweak things I want you to read the  wiki I want you guys all to really learn  what all these settings mean and kind of  tweak your settings how you really want  them but this this is going to get you  started and it should be very profitable  for you okay  now I want to make a note again I am NOT  a financial adviser I am not telling  to do this I’m actually telling you to  use these as a baseline foundation from  which you will learn further and further  customize your settings now I have the  the basic same kind of settings set up  for the larger budgets as well so I’ve  got a point zero three five Bitcoin  budget 0.35 Bitcoin budget which is  [Music]  doodly-doo to do

I think that broke down  like five grand let me double check so  twenty three five  yeah so that’s about five thousand  dollar budget okay and then and then  I’ve got a to Bitcoin budget set alright  so I’m putting all these right under  this video this is a quick video so that  you guys watch it all in full my other  video you know profit trailer settings  for any budget kind of explains this but  I don’t go into the excuse me I don’t go  into the Andersen dca settings and as  much details I should have and so that’s  what I’m doing here and because I let  you guys kind of hang in with some of  that you know and to be honest I wasn’t  a hundred percent sure exactly how  Anderson worked I wasn’t sure if it’s  just a double down of the original  purchase or if it’s a double down of  your most recent purchase off your DCA  tier and I wanted to clarify that and  make one hundred percent sure before I  really started pushing it and and  basically hand delivered settings using  it the way I knew it should have been  used so these settings are the are these  settings should replace all previous  settings

okay and any time if you’re in  my discord and you’re part of that my  discord community somebody says where  can I get the settings link them to this  video first don’t just tell them where  to get the settings make these bastards  lunches video you got to put some time  in I want you guys to learn how to who  perfect everything I said bastards I  call everybody bastards so but anyway I  want to wish you guys a Merry Merry  Christmas  likely gonna be in my last video until  next week so use it also keep track of  those triggers if you find that you’re  getting stuck with more bags because you  took the triggers out just throw the  triggers back in there it’s a precaution  I know that I make a lot more money per  day without those triggers but I also  end up with more bags by the end of the  day and so I might have a two day run  where I’m doing five six hundred dollars  in profit a day and then I’ll have like  two days where I’m just unloading bags  and sell only mode because I don’t have  the budget to buy anything

so my to book  my to Bitcoin budget set now and I know  because I don’t have one well what if I  only have 600 dollars well if I have 750  dollars well if I have thirteen hundred  and fifty dollars I just showed you guys  exactly how to calculate that all right  so I’m gonna go over one more time to  make sure that everybody gets it when  you have your budget alright and you  know exactly what your budget is you  will where am I going here where am I  going all right so you just come to this  side coin coin gecko comm find the pair  find you know you think you can see yeah  you can see the URL right up in here so  just go here and this is a little this  but the money that they show like the  value on here is typically a bit  different than crypto market cap which  there’s yeah so like this is showing at  13,000 605 while this is showing at  14,000 so there’s a little bit of a  discrepancy there and so damn it alright  so you basically punch in your budget  here okay so if your budget is I’ve got  $1,600 J what do I do  so I take that $1600 I take give it all  the fluff I say okay I’ve got point 11  Bitcoin that’s my budget and then I  calculate my I calculate my settings  based on that right

so you and I mean  you should base it off a point zero zero  one original purchase price  not purchase price but you know like  what’s your what’s your paying out of  your budget for whatever well it  whatever that amounts to in terms of the  number of coins and or the fraction of a  coin you’re buying it your original  purchase it should be point zero zero  one and then you’re gonna double that  down for as many tiers as are in your  dca settings okay and then when you get  to the top and you say alright well I’m  gonna use a five tier dca when it hits  all these marks so you’re gonna start  with your original you’re going to  multiply that times two five times and  then they take the final result and  divide that into your point 1 1 if you  have enough in your budget to cover that  then from there you multiply that by the  number of pairs that you want to trade  okay I hope this is helpful guys  hopefully it’s not very confusing it  should it should be pretty clear  I really do sincerely wish you guys all  a very Merry Christmas do me a huge huge  favor smash those likes for me get this  going I you know spread this video  around hopefully it will help everybody  I’m gonna I’ve already zipped this

I’ve  uploaded it as soon as this video  publishes you’re gonna find all three of  these settings right there in a zip file  making it super easy for everybody to  hit the ground running thank you guys  all for supporting me my video it really  does mean a lot I wish this were  actually a face video right now because  the support that I’ve been getting from  all of you guys just your comments of  support you know thank you so much for  being so helpful and I love your videos  and if you know I’ve really had such a  I’ve really had a horrible week sorry  there’s been a death in the family  there’s been there’s been a lot going on  and reading your comments has proven to  be very therapeutic  and I really appreciate it so thank you  all and from from the bottom of my heart  have a Merry Christmas and a happy  holiday weekend and   I’ll see you next  week .

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