Profit Trailer for $200? Crypto Market comeback Feb 16th/17th?

Profit Trailer for $200? Crypto Market comeback Feb 16th/17th?


Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen     I am  the Crypto Crow     still uploading my video  that I created I was up late last night  late late setting up my first master  node and I gotta say it wasn’t as  complex as I thought it was gonna be I  got to be real honest with you and I  thought you know what I bet you my  viewers will want to watch this and  learn how I did it but I basically set  up a phantom X master node and already  making some money like it hasn’t been a  full day and it’s this is cranking out  coins for me I’m digging it so hopefully  once that video uploads and you guys are  able to check check it out maybe you  guys want to try it it’s pretty slick so  anyway  that being said look at this man  bitcoins at 70 140 and it’s probably  going lower why do I not seem to give a  shit because it’s the opportunity that  this presents look guys I I keep seeing  all these questions and concerns how low  will it go how it might get to five  grand so what I don’t care if you bought  in at $20,000 and you’ve been holding  the whole time it’s gonna go back up and  when it does it’s gonna not only meet  the $20,000 mark

it’s probably to go  into the 30s much quicker then it went  into the 20s  October 1st 2017 Bitcoin was at $4,100  over the period of two months less than  three months I know that but I think  about two months it got up to got up to  20 grand we’re not hurting here folks in  the grand scheme of things bitcoin is  still technically on it up uptrend  everything that’s been happening Jesus  excuse me I’m gonna take us a week I  hate it when people do this on videos  but I’m gonna do it anyway can I have  two those sounds I’m one of those people  that gets driven crazy hearing people  drink or eat anything mouth sounds drive  me nuts and I know I’m very guilty of it  on my video because I don’t have  everything structure set up yet the way  I really want to I want a mute button BB  beep I know I have one on the microphone  but that’s too troublesome anyway so  look guys bitcoin it’s it’s gonna  continue going down a bit we had a  uptick here and and you know we have  these little up ticks every time this is  every time this happens this is a  one-hour chart let’s go to one day chart  dude now this is now this is where we’re  getting real so this is a this is a one  one day chart here every one of these  down there down there down Bay and I’ll  see you know like oh I’ll tell you guys  right now

it’s gonna come back but like I said  back in October man I mean we were four  grand even if we got down to five which  everybody all these big ta guys these  Fibonacci guys the hmm all these guys  with their with the fancy ta skills  which I love I’m jealous I wish I  understood what the hell Fibonacci  retracement was and how to do it I  actually I just started learning that  but anyway these guys are talking about  you know Bitcoin hitting five grand and  look even if it does that’s fine and if  you bought in high and you’ve already  sold it well you still have profit  because you’re able to buy back in now  and improve your Bitcoin position over  where it was when you sold it after  buying it high so even if you took a  little bit of a loss you still have  plenty of opportunity here and this is  what I think is that this is what  everybody is waiting for everybody’s  waiting for the press and the news and  the media and everybody because  everybody has to be led I mean let’s  face it the majority of people  especially the people that are new in  this space have to be led they need to  be told what to do and most of them  sadly rely on major and controlled news  media to find out what they should be  doing it’s this lemming mentality that  honestly gets us in these situations to  begin with

because let’s face it all  these billionaire people all these media  moguls and their relationships with  finance and everything else I mean all  this stuff is controlled the same way  politics and everything else is we as a  society just have to be led and and we  haven’t were controlled that way we’re  told what to do what to buy what to eat  where to go what time doing this do that  don’t do this don’t do another thing and  it’s like we’re all just kind of  lemmings you know in a rat race to try  and get ahead but realistically we could  only ever get as far as we’re told we’re  allowed to and you know that’s a part of  why I love the whole cryptocurrency  revolution  because it’s it’s really gonna give an  opportunity for free thinkers like  myself who look I’m not gonna lie I read  a lot of the news and everything as well  but I also see past it and I look for  the the underlining meaning to things  and what’s really going on and that’s  all a part of what I call the pulse of  the of the the space right and you know  we’ve got some big stuff coming up I  mean we’ve got some things going on

if  you just look up crypto news and you see  you know Texas is coming down you know  guns blazing and everybody that they  think is shady which good on them you  know what I mean I know they just  recently sent out a cease and desist a  Dvorkin which it’s funny because I see I  saw all these people that lost money and  bit connect and then you know Trayvon  James and so these other guys are out  there like oh Devore coin de Bourgh coin  let’s go into de Bourgh coin now we’ll  get in early and we’ll do it all over  again and I’m like you morons like this  is the kind of shit that I was telling  everybody about like anybody that went  and lost money and bit connect to put  their money back into another high-yield  platform like Devore coin you deserve to  lose everything you got I don’t feel bad  I don’t want to see any videos about you  losing money because they you know catch  this already filed their cease and  desist on Devore coin you know and I’m  sure Devore coins shutting down I don’t  even look because I don’t even care like  you know whatever happens and that that  whole space you know it is what it is I  mean if you lose money again after after  the bit connect thing

look bit connect was the biggest there  ever was and probably ever will be  anything under that it’s just it’s it’s  you’re don’t let greed run your life  folks that’s all I’m saying but anyway  I’m gonna play that well you know what  I’m gonna make a quick note so right now  you’re looking at 72 72 20 okay and in  Bitcoin price bit Qatar a profit trailer  it is the time to buy it folks  I mean seriously you can get it for a  couple of our buck so now it’s a  no-brainer and when the markets back  you’re gonna make that back in an hour  of trading and I’m not kidding it’s a  point zero three so at the current price  let’s just say so a current price you’re  looking at 200 bucks 200 bucks and if  Bitcoin does drop to you know sixty five  hundred or even six grand  you’re gonna get this thing for even  less I’m not saying you’re gonna use it  right now because you’re really not  gonna the bot is not gonna make you a  fortune in the market the way it is but  you’re able to buy it at a super crazy  discount so get it while you can you  know because I know a lot of people that  are picking up profit trailer and profit  feeder you’re depositing money into  coinbase to buy your Bitcoin and then  you’re sending it over and you’re going  through this whole process to buy it and  like look it’s like if you’re gonna do  that and you’re basically buying and in  essence you’re buying profit trailer  with fiat money

you’re just using  Bitcoin as the vehicle which is fine but  what I’m saying is is that for those of  you doing that I would keep your eye on  the market now and and kind of  understand that now this week is gonna  be the week you’re gonna want to buy it  if you want to buy it I’m just telling  you straight up that’s my personal  opinion not a financial adviser you know  for educational purposes and me just  trying to keep you sane because I think  you know come you know we’re at February  5th now and I figure we’ve got about  seven or eight days left of all of the  fund and all of the bullshit that’s  going on in the market that’s sending it  down we’re gonna hit the bottom soon and  I’m telling you right now my prediction  my gut prediction is come 14 15 16th in  the 17th and 18th so basically that four  five day window we’re gonna start seeing  a lot more positive news we’re gonna  start seeing you know people resolving  this government’s resolving this you  know everybody everything is gonna start  to look up come come around the February  15 16th that’s that’s my prediction  that’s my my gut based off of everything  that I’ve read over the past couple  weeks my my kind of understanding as a  whole you know

kind of my gut feeling as  to the pulse of the market and and  everything’s gonna start to shoot up and  those of you who are missing the boat on  getting profit trailer now while it’s  really cheap are really gonna regret it  when you go back and you start watching  all my profit trailer videos and you see  this video where I basically told you to  buy it for a couple hundred dollars so  and that’s just again I’m not  necessarily I’m not telling you by this  to get rich I’m not telling you buy this  buy this right now I’m just saying if  you are already planning on buying  now would probably be a very good time  okay just to make that clear because you  know when I when I have a power day with  the bots and I make 1500 bucks in profit  I’ve only used like 0.6 Bitcoin to do it  you know I know that you’re gonna do  well with a bot so all that being said  so there’s that and and for those of you  who for those of you who don’t like when  you go get feeder if you get profit  feeder they have a thing on there that I  think it’s like point zero one Bitcoin  and they’ll set up everything for you so  for those

but here’s the thing I would  not advise you to do that not because  it’s not a good service but because like  you know when i chat with Elroy the  creator of profit trailer he’s he’s he’s  very much about community he’s very much  about not nickel and diming it I mean  this is honestly private trailers is  from everything I’ve tried and  everything I’ve read about private  trailer is by far the best automated  trading bot that’s easy to use easy to  learn easy to configure even for a  newcomer if you just spend the time and  if you get involved with the community  and you ask questions and so forth I  think you’ll find that this is the best  money spent just my humble opinion ok  Elroy the developer is absolutely  adamantly against anybody selling  settings which is one of the big reasons  why I give to my settings away you’ll  find if you click show you know show  more in my description under this video  you’ll see a whole bunch of shit click  them uh-huh it’s the best thing I can  tell you you’ll find settings in there  you’ll find all kinds of stuff in there  you’ll find links to private trailer  you’ll find links to profit feeder  you’ll find everything you need to get  started with whatever it is you want to  do

so on that note yeah all right this  week is gonna be the week to buy it  because I think come as we get closer to  February 15 16th and so on we’re gonna  start seeing a lot of changes towards  the upside I’m telling you I think I  think things are and I think the seed is  already starting to be planted in major  news media and here you know this this  is something that was just posted today  it expressio UK and so this is  this is a symbol this is a sign to me  that you know the news media is gonna  start turning they’re changing their  tune a little bit okay because I feel  like the the big finance guys and the  you know JPMorgan and all these guys who  are basically used to you know making  shitty predictions and then letting the  government bail them out of how terrible  they are and how clueless they are you  know you know even Warren Buffett you  know Warren Buffett’s been wrong about  so much big stuff whether it was Google  or Amazon and now he’s wrong about  Bitcoin it’s like look I get the guy’s  rich and in his day and in his I’m  rolling up my sleeves for this you know  in in Warren Buffett’s day you know when  technology wasn’t what it is today you  know

I’m all his methodology and all of  his ways of doing things I’m sure  brilliant and I’m not saying that they  aren’t today but but it put but somebody  raised in a different age it’s very easy  to get things through the cracks of  their their perspective does that make  sense it’s like I am a product of the  technological age I am somebody who  adapts and thrives on learning and  exploring and experimenting and and I’m  very open-minded I’m very just you know  I have no boundaries right like I just  it’s I’m always learning I’m always I’m  always taking in new things like this  and and uh you know so anyway I’m gonna  play this little video it’s kind of  short so I’m gonna go ahead and play it  and then I think it was pretty  interesting for all the newbies out  there classical music something that’s  very very calm well you are in for a  surprise  [Music]  you better get used to this kind of  stress yes you better because this is a  very nascent field even now see what  percentage of people are in crypto and  this is changing the world because it’s  like you know this is like 1994 in the  internet you know

the thing like you  know Bezos comes out and says people are  gonna buy books on the internet nobody  believed it by 1998 most of the analysts  out there were saying that around by  2002 Internet is not gonna be there  there’s not gonna be any internet and  all of this hype is gonna go away so in  between that prices went up prices go  down but the whole space is expanding  the same thing is going to happen to the  tokenization on the utility token market  or the security token market everything  that we see around us are is going to  get tokenize I’m not gonna say it’s  gonna happen tomorrow but it’s in it’s  gonna happen in the next 10 to 20 years  and you can be you can decide to be  early on it amen brother  I mean look guys this like like he said  this is the beginning you know I know  that cryptocurrency has been around for  several years now Bitcoin started back  109 or something like that you know it’s  everything that’s happening right now is  this is that this is the way I see it in  a grand nutshell okay this underground  crypto technology starts to sprout up in  video gaming the dark web used to by  hitmen and drugs and hookers okay and it  had this negative connotation to it

people thought well it’s this block  train the blockchain thing what’s the  blockchain and it’s this con su tow  untraceable anonymous kind of thing and  you could send something of value from  point A to point B nobody really got it  and it just slowly over time started to  pick up and the technology started to  pick up and for all I know it was a  mastermind drug lord that created  Bitcoin you know what I mean like who  knows who created it  I mean I know how I felt about it when I  first heard about it I thought it was  honestly just a like a creative way for  people to sell like world of warcraft  stuff and like ultima online stuff or  not Altima but basically you know like  video game virtual assets you know what  I mean it was like a virtual currency  for virtual assets that actually had  some tech behind it cool I said but  nothing that I felt I thought I needed  to get into years later you know three  four years later I’ve been for four and  a half years now four years and here we  are so now we have 15 1700 alt coins you  know that are in some way connected to  blockchain technology except ripple I  don’t really count ripple into anything  it’s like the redheaded stepchild of  cryptocurrency if you ask me with all  kinds of special attention from mom and  dad

but it’s like you know I we’re still  laying the foundation for what’s to come  this is still such an infantile  technology it’s such an infantile space  and you know like I said man back in  October October one Bitcoin was a $4,100  so you can’t and then it shot up to 20  grand in a couple of months and now it’s  come back down and it’s at 71 53 as I’m  talking okay and you know it’s like  that’s okay so many people are just  freaking out all people are doing right  now I’m telling you all people are doing  right now all these hundreds of billions  of dollars they’re all waiting for the  fund to recite recede they’re waiting  for the media to change its tone you  know so all the sheeple are basically  waiting to be told when it’s safe to buy  back in all the investors who know  what’s going on and understand what’s  happening are waiting for the bottom to  drop out so that they can buy back in we  went from four to $4,100 to $20,000 a  coin in two months now that everybody  has had a glimpse of what the future  holds okay there’s not gonna be it’s I  don’t even think it’s gonna take that  long to get back to 20,000 to be honest

I think that once the uptrend starts the  money it’s almost gonna be a race to  pump money into by the Bitcoin on its  way up because everybody’s gonna know  we’ve already hit 20 grand in two months  I want to get there faster and so that  money is gonna hit the market I honestly  don’t think it’s gonna be a slow and  steady grow over two months I think it’s  you know come mid-february I think I  think we’re gonna see huge leaps at a  time and I see us getting a 35,000  relatively quickly I feel like we’ll  probably hit the 35,000 mark in the same  or less timeframe then we hit the twenty  thousand dollar mark from forty one  hundred and that’s my prediction and you  know while all that’s happening I  definitely suggest you guys get your  profit trailer now I am honestly very  grateful at the fact that I have it I  have that I have Fedor I have everything  ready to go now and now here’s the other  thing that I want to make sure I point  out to all you guys is even though even  when we start to hit an uptrend in the  market profit trailer is still gonna  struggle a bit and I’ll tell you why

if  anything if you get profit trailer even  if you already have it I’m actually  thinking of experimenting a bit with  more aetherium pairs why because I do  see Bitcoin growing so fast once it  starts its uptrend that it’s gonna be  difficult for you to not maintain a  laundry list of bags because the bitcoin  is likely going to outgrow the altcoins  that you purchased with the bot and so  it’s good you’re gonna spend a lot more  time waiting for there to be some kind  of happy medium before an exchange or a  trade is made and I think aetherium  while it’s gonna continue to grow as  well I think it’s gonna be more sideways  for longer periods of time and it’s  gonna be easier to capitalize and make  money now if I what I’m thinking of  doing is using profit trailer to I’m  gonna probably load it up with a theory  and I’m gonna start making my trades  increase my aetherium position and use  my profits in every given week to then  buy and increase my Bitcoin position  that way because I think that the trades  are going to be more consistent using  aetherium than they are profit trailer  okay so and that’s that’s just my guess

hopefully this video serves you well  guys and gals my other video how far  along is in the upload process let me  look real  quick uploading at 90% so I saw 19  minutes remaining until this Fantomex  video is uploaded and ready to go so  hopefully you guys get a kick out of  that I did try to edit do some editing  cuz I shot it pretty early this one I’ve  shot like 11 o’clock and I was still  kind of coughing and hacking my eyes are  all messed up from my allergies and  everything else so I tried to pretty it  up a little bit but that got hairy too  so anyway yeah I’ll leave it at that so  what time is it’s about 5 o’clock all  right guys so bitcoins at 71-43 make  sure you pick up profit trailer sometime  this week because I really do think this  is probably gonna be the last week  you’re gonna be able to get it on the  low and that’s it     Crow Your Coins    and I will be in touch  very soon    Thank You Guys  .

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