Pikcio Chain ICO Review – Monetize Your Personal Data

Pikcio Chain ICO Review – Monetize Your Personal Data


Greetings Earthlings   I am the Crypto Crow . . .  back with another episode episode of the Hat I like my hat I’m probably gonna be wearing my hat for a little while at least I’ll get a new haircut so so look we’re going to be talking about something today you know it’s been a little while I’ve got a lot of catching up to do and I’ve been doing some reading on peak Co chain it’s so it’s such a weird name that this is a sponsored review but as you’ve come to grow and love you know my ICO reviews are very no-holds-barred kinda it is what it is if they score well and they do well on their own merit I tell you if they don’t well I let you know that too so there is no nobody pays me for basically telling you bye bye bye this is the best thing ever they paid me for exposure on my channel and to get me to pay attention and to take a look at their project from there it’s all entirely up to me and I am pre paid for all of my reviews because I am NOT you know I don’t want to what’s the word not that I would be anyway

but you know some people might be more easily swayed if you know they’re paid after the fact so it is what it is but anyway so the first thing I’m gonna do with this ICO review you know making sure I wasn’t muted I’m gonna play their video cuz this is gonna give you like I can read through a bunch of stuff and I can give you the synopsis and all that you’ve heard this before okay I will say that but there’s some differences we’re gonna go over why this projects actually pretty special so but at first I’m gonna play the video give me just a sick [Music] data drives 21st century business and personal data is the most sought-after and valuable information of all increasing kyc and AML requirements are driving up the cost of compliance and draining businesses of resources add to this the coming implementation of the e use general data protection regulations and it’s clear that organizations need a new cost-effective model for the verification and exchange of client data a new approach is needed and in decentralized block chain networks we found the answer we’ve harnessed this power to create a CO chain which lets organizations create new revenue streams through the exchange of personal data with each other

and their clients using pkc the token that monetizes the network for the first time businesses will be able to turn kyc into a profit Center and individuals will be able to see a return on the use of their valuable personal information pick CEO chain is a GDP are ready plug-and-play solution that operates across all data formats and they blame the automatic verification and exchange of data making it ideal for use in the financial services sector Vic Co chain can be used by any business no matter what data formats or platforms are in use our customers use pic Co to access and exchange this data knowing that they’re doing so in accordance with owners permissions which are automatically enforced by smart contracts secure verify exchange and monetize pic Co chain is delivering a blockchain powered revolution in the way organisations look after in processed data it’s a revolution that’s been recognized by blue chip companies BNP Paribas and telefónica it’s a revolution that starts at midnight on November 24th by pkc enjoying the Personal Data revolution pic Co chain and pkc tokens it’s time to get involved

oh I just I just realized that I did not have sorry about that that is the case so basically you know you’ve heard this kind of you’ve heard about this kind of project before civic the key self key you know all of these all these groups are kind of data-driven blockchain companies and you know I so these guys are they have some pretty big partners already obviously with neo they haven’t right on their home page or well where is it there it is contributed 3 million USD in the pic Co token sale so you know basically the the big cheese over at neo has is obviously supporting it you’ve got Ernst and Young Capgemini I mean they’ve they’ve got some partners now you know going through the numbers of this so basically their token sale you’ve got 10 days to get in and I like the majority of the numbers that I’ve seen from this project here’s the problem you’ve seen it before and I think that these guys are struggling a little bit generating that hype and that FOMO and so forth because we’ve already seen so many data-driven projects like this and so these guys the pro and con to that is because we’ve seen this multiple times now and we’re still waiting for those other projects to really start to come into their own now

we have peak CEO chain which is following very similar steps but they’ve had the they had the opportunity to kind of make things better right and to kind of come over top of civic and self key and the key and all these other groups that are like them and and here’s here’s some things that I want to go over these are some of the differences in peak CEO chain and you know Civic the key self key data wallet and Remy so the very first thing you’re gonna look at is their market cap 30 2.3 million dollar market cap which is substantially less than Civic okay and the key self key was a little less data wallet little tiny bit less about the same in Remy was was was less validation of kyc data and documents so about all of the newcomers to the board are catering to this and necessity because it’s going to continue to grow and is regulation on icos and and crypto currencies continues you’re gonna see kyc data being a necessity for almost everything to be quite frank with you and I know that a lot of you guys are gonna disagree with me I believe that cryptocurrency can remain decentralized maintain its soul so to speak but attach kyc data to every transaction

because to be quite frank with you in a space that is so riddled with hacking and security issues and all that stuff it would be nice to see our encrypted safe identifiers attached to cryptocurrency transfers I don’t know how exactly that would work but I would like to see kyc data utilized more frequently in cryptocurrency and it looks like PGO chain is really working on being able to implement those things so I’m just gonna go down the list now basically these are things that that peak CEO chain offers that these others don’t clearinghouse this is really hard for me to read actually I’m gonna zoom in a bit yeah there we go yeah automatic updates of data and certificates its own blockchain is a side chain allows for more flexibility in control if side chain underlining blockchain is neo so you’re actually gonna be able to store this on your neon wallet which is pretty cool and it’s one of the few projects that have been launched using neo and it’s it’s funny because it just seems like this kind of business model for whatever reason gravitates to neo and I don’t know if that’s because neo is actively supporting you know kind of hedging its bets and getting involved with multiple companies like this

I’m not sure I’m not even 100% sure that they are involved in some of these others but I remember the key and self key I can remember which woman I think one of them had also had something to do with neo but I could be mistaken on that transaction speed looks like a hundred transactions a second with neo 10000 transactions a second which is significantly more than all of these others except for Remy which is on hyper ledger I had never even heard a Remy before I don’t even I don’t know anything about that so that might have came out a while ago and didn’t I don’t know what it’s doing build on a private chain encrypted data processed on private chain which that’s a big deal it looks like none of these other groups are doing that anonymous p2p transfers data stored on private devices that that’s on everybody’s doing that qdp are compliant it’s kind of 50/50 kyc wallet to participate in token sales so it looks like self key is also offering something similar but that’s looks to me about it I mean overall these guys have positioned themselves to be extremely competitive with those that came before them and I think that you know my opinion it

like if I go through their community their community’s not tiny I’m if thousands of people but it’s not the ten fifteen twenty thousand people you see what the big booming hyped up super strong FOMO inducing icos so again I think a part of that is because you’ve got all these other companies that people are already waiting to see what happens with but you know realistically I mean if you were to break it all down peak CEO chain is in a much better position to grow than these others and because their market cap is significantly smaller than something like Civic or the key there’s just a lot of potential here for earnings there really is so look you know their telegram excuse me I think their telegram group only had like four thousand or 4,800 people again not huge but this is kind of an under-the-radar ico and and i don’t know if it’s because look their market cap is small they’re not a big cash grab I see oh they’re not trying to get 150 million dollars I mean these guys I mean the team is relatively small but qualified so you know after a post-grad and philosophy and master in mathematics and an MBA did year if I’m pronouncing that

I think that’s French dizzier juggle between working in the banking industry for over 15 years and being an entrepreneur in the software industry you know I don’t want to go back through all these guys other people have mentioned you know the team the team isn’t a rock star powerhouse of blockchain developers or anything but they’re all very professional people in their own right so you know it’s it’s the team is pretty strong but I will say that the team is strong in the sense that I think these guys are gonna get the job done I don’t think any of these guys are I don’t think this is a scam operation I don’t think this is I think this is a legitimate effort to achieve what these guys have laid out in their white paper which their white paper really is pretty decent I would suggest reading it if you have an interest in this group and what they’re trying to do they have a lot of pictures they have you know pictures of their wallet and and I’ll get to some of that if I can but they’re white paper reads easy it’s not a big convoluted massive stupid big words and things like that I mean it’s a very well done white paper and so you can go into the data here if you want to learn more details about their wallet and their processes and things like that

okay I don’t typically go into a lot of that stuff in a review I read through it but I don’t go taking you guys through it step by step if you’re interested you’ll go and you’ll read it yourself it’s kind of how I see it their advisory board you know again no major rock stars jozu I’m so bad at pronouncing names just so you guys know I don’t even know if that’s how you pronounce his name jozu but I know that he has some he’s probably the most credible blockchain adviser on this panel but you know they’ve got a pretty well-rounded group I mean look overall when I’m looking at a team you know I Kellie’s cute so when I’m looking at a team I’m looking at can they complete the project do they have the people necessary to accomplish their goals in the space they’re in and and I think honestly post ICO we’re probably gonna see this team grow and I think that we’re gonna see the more advisors getting on board but look I mean the founder of ant chairs and Neos of supporting these guys pretty significantly with 3 million dollars of his own money so obviously he knows these people he sees something in them and you know that’s a pretty good thing now

the road map the road map is okay but there’s nothing in it yet that that’s blowing my skirt back entirely I mean I like to know what’s gonna be coming down the pipe for the project but it seems kind of slow for for the first year and I don’t know if that’s you know they’re just waiting to see you know how the ICO goes that they’re waiting to bring on additional team members to elaborate on what their project offerings are gonna be and the timeline for completing them so forth and so on it’s not bad the roadmap is fine it’s just you know again when you’re competing with other like-minded projects in the same space here’s the thing these guys have been around for a while it’s not these guys aren’t spring chickens these guys didn’t just decide to start up an ICO six months ago throw a bunch of shit in the fire and expect something to happen I mean these guys have already been working so you know it’s you know yeah self-funded 750,000 dollars invested by the President and close friends into a into development of peak CEO chain goal to build the Bitcoin of personal data I mean you give him an A+ for commitment I mean these guys started this thing long before it sucks that having been working on this for so long

they weren’t able to come out with this during a bull run market prior to some of these other competitors in the space because I think honestly I think a lot of the money you know when I when I look at an investment myself I I don’t mind hedging my bet and investing in one or two maybe even three projects that I think had the potential to go somewhere cuz if any one of those moon and does really well it’s more than made up for the lack of moon I guess you can say in the other projects but typically a good project is a good project it’s gonna generate solid returns over time regardless it’s just a matter of how much right and so for some people I think you know people I know a lot of people put them a bunch of money into the key and self key and civic and so you know I think some of these people are just kind of waiting to see what the space holds now you know if I’m going if I’m gonna look at the numbers right so let me pull up so one of the first things I’m gonna show you I’m gonna go into civic I’m gonna see where it’s at right now so Civic right now is the only 26 cents okay now it’s reached a high it’s like a buck 33

so it you know everybody that’s invested in civic early on did pretty well and I think that the same potential is there with with there we go the key so the key is it’s it’s at 1 cent right now I mean it’s been up to 3 cents so not not a significant gain I mean not a whole hell of a lot going on with the key right now I mean again this is brand new it just launched recently you know look and and I think that that’s kind of what’s keeping peak CEO chained down a bit in terms of overall growth being able to sell out their ICO and things like that the numbers are solid and I’m gonna go over them next the numbers are solid but you know again I just think it’s that thing where people have invested in these and they’re waiting to see something pop and because things that I SEOs in this space aren’t full of that FOMO generating spirit you know I think it’s a little slow but I think I think overlooking peak CEO chain is potentially at a detriment now here’s here’s the thing so I’m gonna go over some of my numbers here all right so you know

basically I’m calling this an app it’s already I mean it’s already they already have a lot of this stuff running and rolling but you know it’s a utility token through and through however you can still only invest within the United States if you’re an accredited investor okay so there you have that unless you figure out other means of giving in the technology you know is there a need I’m saying yes because I haven’t we still don’t have that major player in the market and I feel that these guys have added so many additional functionalities to their blockchain effort to really be competitive against Civic and the key and self key basically its competitors that yes I’ll give it a point because I think until somebody proves to be the front-runner in that space the ground is it’s still open territory for somebody to get in there get in there and make some things happen the team yeah I think they’re solid I think they’re gonna get it done I mean a bunch of qualified people no super stars or all-stars but you know I think they’re decent advisers I think they’ve got some decent advisors on board they have support from some of the biggest people and blockchain right now though though not advisors you know

they’re still getting support there it’s a functioning system I mean they’ve been building this and working on this for years now all right so the total supply is 84 million which is really really really really low okay now only 43% of those are actually being sold which it’s under 60% I mean it’s it’s not under 60% I’m sorry it’s not over 60% so they didn’t get a point for this all right I like to see over 60% of the total supply being put on the market now this is the kicker I give them a point but at 46 cents for an IC o—- token in a market that’s already semi saturated with competitors that haven’t mooned yet 46 cents is gonna be a difficult task I’m giving them a point because they’re under my sixty cent rule but I still think especially in this space 46 cents is pretty steep now the counter to that is their market cap is significantly less than their competitors who launched their eye cos at significantly lower per coin prices okay so this is it’s a bit of a gamble now the thing is is that when you’ve got a price this high one of the first things I look at at that point is so how big are the bonuses depending on where you got in thirty thirty million dollar market cap

nothing five percent five percent was the highest bonus at pre sale so really nothing I mean not a big deal at all to me the pulse I’m gonna say I’m gonna say no there’s not a big pulse for this yet there really just isn’t I hate to say it but you know I think it deserves it I think if this were launched six months ago this would probably have been a huge IC o—- is my guess but right now it’s it’s still it’s still kind of trucking along and I’d like to see it grow though trust yes I trust these guys you know I think they’re gonna get this done they’ve been working on this for years already major personal investments into this it wasn’t like somebody came up with an idea launched an IC o—- to get the capital needed to develop everything you know I think this is a good project I think it’s a very legitimate project and I didn’t count these up before one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten so these guys made it by the skin of their teeth but I’m giving them a ten out of the 13 I will say though you know overall it’s a tough call in terms of is this something is this an IC o—- that I would invest in personally I still haven’t made up my mind to be quite frank with you there are things that I would like to see

I would like to see more support for this and honestly I would like to see more partnerships in play you know just because of the competition that these guys have I feel like their project overall is superior in a lot of ways to its competitors but because they’re a little late to the ico game so to speak I feel like some of the partnerships these guys should probably have are already active with others and so I think that you know but that’s not to say that these guys can’t do very very well I just think that based off of where they’re at I think it’s gonna take them a little bit more time to kind of wrap their hands around the throats of their competitors and and and start pushing them underwater okay so that’s I think it’s absolutely possible but I think it’s gonna take a little while what’s gonna happen with the ico price at 46 cent 46 cents a coin you can invest in neo or you can invest with neo you can invest with etherium but at 46 cents I still feel like the price is a little steep hello like I said the market cap is substantially smaller so the chances of that price going down once it hits exchanges is probably pretty slim and depending on you know how they meet their road mount milestones it could send the price up

so that’s my review of peak CEO chain you know do your own research check out the white paper and you know give it some thought do you know if here’s the thing one of my biggest things is look some of these projects you know are a lot of people seem to have invested and just based off of the hype based off of the FOMO based off of the marketing budgets and things of that nature I feel that the the people who are investing in peak CEO chain are investing because of the project itself they’re not buying into height because there isn’t a lot of hype to be bought into so if I go to hold on a minute here and let me go back so I mean they’re they’re got ten days left and they’ve been doing pretty well with their sales but there’s no big hype machine to this I think that the people that are investing our sincere investors that are looking at this project is something that’s gonna compete with with the rest so you know I would suggest if you know if you’re looking to buy into something that I would consider a long-term hold with the potential to really grow then I would say peak CEO chains probably a safe bet how long you’re gonna have to hold before you see a significant return

there’s really no telling so but that’s it that’s my review of peak CEO chain I think it’s actually pretty solid overall it meets the numbers and that’s that’s where I leave it so until next time hope you guys enjoyed this quick little review not too quick I think it took a little time until next time Kruger coins guys thanks so much

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