Oh its on! Open Platform, Eden Chain, One Ledger & Moxy One ? ? (ft. Best Hat in the Game)

Oh its on! Open Platform, Eden Chain, One Ledger & Moxy One ? ? (ft. Best Hat in the Game)


What’s up Ladies and Gentlemen . . .  I am the Crypto Crow    and I’m ready to hang out tonight I’ve been I got to tell you I wasn’t a hundred percent prepared for what I’m going to do tonight because I’ve been busy this weekend just just you know like we went and saw the new tomb raider movie tonight the family did actually is really good I actually like this new girl a lot better than I like the end of Angelina Jolie not that she was terrible but I like this new girl I like the whole fresh look and everything for Tomb Raider and it was a pretty good movie honestly good evening everybody I know it’s kind of late actually it’s only it’s about 10:30 no it’s like 11:00 I think my time is all screwed up yeah it’s like 10:00 10:30 my time is a little messy icx is a big hold this year so you know there’s a couple things that I wanted to talk about where’s my stuff let’s see here there we go so talking about the market initially there’s there’s there’s some crazy stuff going on recently and let’s see I want to crip there’s there are a couple articles actually I wanted to prep those before doing this and I didn’t I didn’t get a chance to but anyway some people had posted recently in my patreon about the crypto market like some articles that have been published one of them was put out on reddit that’s the one I really want to find I have it all upstairs but I didn’t transfer it all down here and but there’s an article on reddit recently talking about you know what happened last year and how this guy the kingmaker who apparently is this anonymous guy but apparently he predicted the big bull market last year and he was very accurate about the bull market last year and I guess this year he’s even he’s saying you know the entire crypto market could 10x by May 14 and you know basically a lot of institutional money is planned to start entering the crypto space around May and one of the examples was that was given was this so there’s this article if you just punch in like crypto kingmaker and Google you’ll find this it’s an interview I think it’s what this teeka tiwari with Palm Beach confidential and you know I mean they’re I think they’re selling they’re they’re trying to push some subscription of some kind here which is it’s fine I guess there was an interview that this guy did and he was referencing some of the stuff that apparently this guy’s into he gets a lot of inside info with the big players of the market talking about some islands and all these big whales go to which is probably the Cayman Islands because that’s where everybody with money goes so you know we’ll see how this transpires but apparently there’s a big conference in New York and he I guess this conference last year only had about 2,000 attendees registered attendees and apparently the ticket for this conference is like $1,700 so just to attend this thing’s almost a couple grand not counting airfare and you know food hotel all the other stuff so to go to this thing’s a pretty big deal and I guess then so last year right when this conference happened immediately after the entire crypto market went up about 25% pretty much overnight and that’s ultimately what started the big bull run for the year well this year it’s happening again but this time apparently instead of 2,000 people are over 4500 people plan to go and now we’re you know last year it was definitely a bit of a new thing for a lot of these guys they’re still learning about what is blockchain you know now they they had a whole year and a lot more attentions have been drawn to the space and I think a lot of questions have been answered over the past year so basically these guys are saying look there’s you know there’s a really good opportunity here for for the market to pasta we hit a 10x over where it is right now come May 14th and from there on in other words starting May 14th we’re gonna get a huge boost in the market and it’s gonna start the big bull run for 2018 now I know that a lot of you guys you know some of you guys like oh man I’ll CRO I invested in this ICO and I invested in this point and that coin what the hell is going on the whole market is still down and you know I just bought this ICO and I’m seeing a lot of icos that are hitting the exchanges and they’re they’re worth less even than they work their ICO price it’s because a lot of these icos that have launched recently I’ve been launching in a bear market and so with that there’s not as much a there’s not as much money going around on the exchanges to beef up the prices once these hit exchanges and you know it’s it’s it’s I mean look there’s just not as many people in the space right now a lot of people took some losses and you know because of the big bull run a lot of people came in a little late to the party chasing candles all of that stuff and so we basically had it’s like an etch-a-sketch it’s almost like we somebody just shook the whole crypto etch-a-sketch and put it back on the table and said all right now start over and that’s kind of what’s happened however a lot of you guys know that this has been a pretty typical pattern year after year so look I think you know like I’ve been saying you know I come come the end of this month I think we’re gonna start seeing some decent turn around man adobe just keeps blowing me up with these okay I’m about this last one so anyway so yeah card on Oh to the moon absolutely I think man here and this is and it’s funny it’s a good thing that you guys brought up card ah no because when I think of card ah no right now and I think of big institutional money coming into the market I see card ah no as being one of those coins it’s likely going to get a huge initial interest because now I don’t know who all speaking at this conference I wonder I wish I could I wish I could have pulled it up maybe maybe tomorrow if when I do a video tomorrow I’ll bring up this reddit and I’ll show you guys what I’m talking about there’s a lot of really good information in there and it’s really it really was backed up by you know data from last year’s market trends and what’s happened in accordance to the date of this big conference and all this other stuff so it seemed pretty solid it didn’t seem like a bunch of smoke and mirrors you know a bunch of false hope kind of thing I mean it seemed pretty legitimate so we’ll see what’s gonna happen but I think that ultimately you know when when if we do in fact like somebody fry bread some we’re talking about trillions of dollars like ten trillion dollars entering the market relatively soon and it’s very well possible guys like as much as I used to bitch and moan about the regulations and all of this other stuff and how it’s kind of like you know like to me the whole crypto space it’s almost like when you came into the picture early and and you you were really jazzed up about crypto and it’s like this is our thing right and then you know the big corporate people and the big you know governmental people come into the space and then you want to start screwing everybody and regulating everything enough I don’t think that way anymore but it’s almost like discovering a band right like you didn’t like Green Day you know like we before Green Day got signed to their label and they were this big punk band you know they had this huge fan base and then they it was almost like the record label was the FCC they kind of came in changed the game a little bit all their fans or so betrayed and they were so upset but because of that they ended up going huge all over the world which I really see you know regulation kind of playing that role it’s like a major label role to this little independent culture that we’ve established and so I think from from here the sky is absolutely the limit so alright so that is that so the first thing I want to talk about a little bit is now and nothing on this video tonight is paid nobody’s paying me for anything that I’m saying or doing tonight I’m just kind of like winging it right so I wanted to show you this is a little graphic that I was working on basically I was starting to break down these if you see it there yeah I was trying to I was I was trying to break down these uh I see owes a bit right just kind of going through my formula and you know some of the information because these aren’t even public like you know open network they’re probably not even gonna be having a public sale at all they they’re they’re they’ve done so ridiculously well in private sales and institutions and everything else that they’re like look we’re already over sold at presale we’re not even gonna do a public sale why am I talking about it because I still think this is gonna be huge and when it hits exchanges I think it’s gonna be a really smart Buy you know in my opinion again this isn’t financial advice nothing I say it’s financial advice just my opinion but I think open networks probably gonna be a pretty solid thing and why do I think that so you know in a nutshell open network is basically a it’s a developmental platform to enable just about anybody to create a system to accept blockchain currency to accept crypto currencies as payment for just about everything and anything from applications to games the websites to you name it and you know I actually I’ve actually talked to the CEO of open platform and you know I’m trying to work some things out but you know overall the this this is I think this is gonna be I mean there’s socially look at their numbers man I mean this is stupid forty two thousand plus people on telegram it’s probably more than that because this has been forty two thousand for a while so I’ll play this video real quick so you guys get an idea as to why I like open platform so much and I’m hoping that I’m able to work out something with these guys because quite frankly I want an allocation I do want to invest in open platform bare market or not I think long term this is gonna be solid as a rock so I’ll play this video real quick and again I’m not being paid ready there so open is the first developer wallet and payment infrastructure we provide the missing payment infrastructure for application developers to handle all on chain payments and payment data into both centralized and decentralized applications most applications will require use of off chain technologies thus requiring on chain and off chain components that can communicate payments open provides developers with the payment rails for their applications to handle on chain transactions and to update off chain data tables empowering developers by using technologies they are already comfortable with and minimal blockchain knowledge well that was simple and easy I was about to fix my my video here real quick cuz I’m looking a little every time I change this and I change the lighting a little bit I get kind of start to look funky there we go hopefully that’ll fix things a little so anyway that’s basically like I’ve actually seen like the scaffolding I’ve actually seen things about open network that’s not even public yet they’re like look we’ve had this finished for you know a while now public doesn’t even know we’ve had this finished like and I’m like wow this is great you know I mean these guys are pretty hardcore and you know look I like it I like open platform quite a bit go through their website do some reading you know I I’ve actually considered so when I when I to you guys that still ask about moon runner and moonrunners at a point now where we are getting ready to start integrating blockchain like we’re start getting ready to in it we need to create our coin the moon runner coin are the token to put it in specific terms but we’re getting we’re gonna start creating the moon runner token and then integrating that token into the platform to be accepted as payment for subscriptions and so I have actually reached out to simple token because if at all possible I wouldn’t mind partnering with simple token and working with them and implementing everything as that’s a big test case like hey this is we’re gonna do we’re gonna basically launch moon runner utilizing simple tokens platform for you know tokenizing things and that the other possibility that is if we don’t end up going with simple token there’s a good chance that I’d be able to utilize the open platform so one way or the other icy moon runner getting getting finalized here pretty soon because I don’t really think it’s going to take a significant amount of work from this point to create the ERC 20 token which is what I’m planning on doing and then integrating that into the website so whether it’s simple token or open platform one of the two I see utilizing to finish moon runner and then from that point we’ll see what happens I don’t know anything about Seether and thank you Sophie I am I’m feeling a lot better things that things have been going pretty decent and you know everything everything’s been stressful I kind of look at it you know now like 2018 I kind of look at this year as the year I just need to get through like to be honest I it’s there’s so much going on and it’s really stressful and it’s stressful knowing that I’m like a target for every croakin in just all I don’t even like talking about it anymore I’ve drained myself so much just worrying about every little thing that I do the the my upstairs looks like a madhouse for security and gadgets and tech and all kinds of stuff and just everything that I’ve been doing to try and get more and more secure likely extreme overkill but I just you know but it’s stressing me out to be real honest but I mean physically everything’s been going pretty well I definitely plan on hitting the gym again here pretty soon though not that anybody cares but I needed to get my fat ass back in shape I shouldn’t even say back in shape I just need to get into shape I don’t know if if I don’t know if I’ve been in shape for several years now since I was an MMA so it’s time to push that button alright next on the list here is Eden chain this actually so this hasn’t even started yet either so that I don’t even think these guys have started their pre-sale yet if I’m not mistaken let me see cuz I yeah they haven’t even started processing kyc or anything yet so this is something that you could potentially get in in the near future but it’s it’s the the thing of it is is it it might be what these guys are waiting for I don’t know these guys might be waiting for the the bull market to kick off before they even really start launching their I see oh and Eden changed pretty pretty slick I mean I was going through let me see where’s my sheet Eden change the blockchain technology seems solid team of solid advisors cool cool total supply they’re looking at 1 billion but it’s a new blockchain it’s their own blockchain a billion coin sounds like a lot but you know out of that 1 billion coins they’re looking at a 6 cent price which is nothing like that’s where a lot of blockchains typically launch and then they just moon from their market cap of 24 million solid pulse pretty trustworthy I mean you know take a look like I said I mean this isn’t none of this is a paid review I’m just basically trying to tip you guys off the stuff that I’ve been looking into and here’s actually how I learned about some of these like open network I’ve been talking to for a while some of these I knew about but what I did was I went to my telegram channel and I said hey guys you know I what do you guys want me to look into you know I get so many people what are your thoughts on this what are your thoughts on that nine out of ten times it’s just somebody who like is a part of a team and they’re trying to like you know get me to mention it or whatever to get some exposure and it’s like it’s cool it’s all good but you know I wanted to know from my own community you know what are some of the projects that you guys are interested in that you want me to look into more and like that because I people want my my opinions on a lot of this stuff and honestly that so five were presented to me one of them I wasn’t that into so I didn’t make it a part of the thing tonight but I really kind of liked all the other ones and so that’s that’s why we’re here that’s why we’re talking about these and so you know I’m basically just saying look I’ve been reading into this I you know I was kind of mapping out you know some of the metrics to get an idea I mean you know all of them what all these icos that I’m talking about tonight are I mean they all pretty much even though I don’t have a lot of the information yet my guess is pretty solid that well other than open Network because they’re not even gonna have a public sale but I I think all of these are gonna be winners in one way shape or form let’s see crow has no technical analysis yeah I’m not a TA guy I’m not a TA guy I like to dabble and I use simple simple indicators EMA spread indicators MACD RSI those are the three I that I look at when I’m doing anything but I’m not somebody that’s even going to attempt to try and predict any big future of anything using technical analysis and to be honest with you while technical analysis is a pretty solid tool in crypto with the way one article can completely change the entire market for the day or the week even you know technical analysis is cool but if anything I mean really technical analysis is more a way to the predictions and trends and you know rises and falls of any particular currency using technical analysis is pretty much an idea it’s like it’s almost like a groupthink tool this is this is kind of you know I tell you guys all the time like I’m always looking at a technical analysis trying to learn more and more but what ta really to me does is it’s a bunch of stuff of more or less standardized shapes configurations and different assortments of trends that a large number of people who know what they’re looking for trade off of so it’s almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy if that makes sense in other words you know if I’m sitting here and I’m looking at technical analysis right maybe there’s 20,000 of us out there and we’re all looking at the same chart and we’re all looking we’re like oh this is a cup and handle this is probably what’s gonna happen well if you get enough people seeing that and then acting on it because of what is expected then it’s like this self-fulfilling prophecy unless like a big news article comes out and just changes the game and puts everybody on their ass right because you just but that’s ultimately to me what I’ve kind of grown to expect from technical analysis and that’s I’m not saying that it’s not an extremely valuable tool nor am I saying that it’s not accurate to a lot of to a pretty high degree I think it could be pretty accurate but I do think that that’s what makes it fairly accurate it’s it’s knowing what to look for in these different shapes and trends within the market that a mass of a number of people are also seeing and then acting on at the same time and that’s that’s pretty much what I think yeah technical analysis is definitely more relevant once the market has stabilized they completely agree so anyway yeah even chained I’m gonna tell you guys right now like I’m always looking for that next big blockchain there was something that I saw here I don’t think it was there white paper here I’ll play this video because these guys they made a claim hold on I’m gonna up in their white paper because I think I’m gonna have to get rid of this window because these guys made a client like a lot of people have been talking about credits credits credits credits oh my gosh they’re so fast they just had a four hundred thousand transaction per second mark or whatever and that’s cool they’ve actually reached out to me recently I don’t know if they were just trying to market hope and I would talk about things or or what but I told him I like look I’ll review you I’ll put some work into like researching you and stuff like that but you know pay me like I credit says I’m kind of on the fence about credits and honestly I haven’t done a lot of digging into them because I just I’m comfortable being on the fence about it right now to be honest with you if everything that they claim to be true or everything that they claim could happen then yeah it’s probably gonna be pretty big but these guys are basically talking about having infinite transactions per second on eden chain and they kind of broke down how and why but I can’t remember where I guess just if you’re interested in that I don’t remember where I saw the claim it was it was I think it was something else but anyway these guys stated somewhere that basically their blockchain is gonna have like an infinite number of transactions per second and so yeah if you’re interested in that just check out the white paper I’m not trying to go too deep into a lot of these different projects yet I’m just kind of giving you guys a heads up as to one I’ve been looking into and because I haven’t really had the time to dive in super deep on everything I don’t want to start throwing a lot of randomness out there and you know out and crow was wrong I you know mix something up or whatever anyway but I will play their video I don’t think I don’t know if they talked about this or not in the you [Music] even if a fast situa and reliable cell generation protein platform technology that allowed all your tangible and intangible values that’s right but these guys aren’t either their accidents are so thick I was so I was actually on telegram the other night and these guys kind of inspired it I was I watch this whole video and everybody’s English well maybe I didn’t remember him yeah yeah I did watch it so everybody’s English is so like their accents are so thick I was really struggling to make sense of any words and I told everybody in my telegram channel I’m like what if I had like a playlist on my channel specifically where I’m just roasting icos and having some fun because I saw and what I see oh I was looking at one of the guys on their team looked like an Asian Ben Affleck I’m like so that’s what Ben Affleck would look like if he were Asian and you know these guys you know they’re giving it their best but I had no clue what the hell they were saying and just stuff like that I just think I thought it was funny and maybe I should just start on like a roasting playlist a little bit just to have a little fun nothing mean you know these guys are but they probably should have had somebody break this stuff down in better English that’s all I’m saying like no real fault to them but anyway I am interested in even chained I’m not saying this is a really good investment yet or not but I but I’ve got my eye on it so no in the future that I may come out and do a complete full review of eden’ chain and I am interested in Eden chain as a potential investor through and through because I love new blockchain tech and so that and I have not read through this entire white paper yet either but so the next is one ledger I’m looking at that you know I don’t even I went through it briefly but I’m not Eve I’m gonna go too deep into it I was literally just starting to check into that and then there’s moxie one that I’m [Music] to be honest I’m not super big in the moxie one like fur so there’s two days left so right now they’re token sale is live there at a 15 percent bonus like I don’t necessarily think this is gonna be a bad investment my personal opinion but I just feel like there’s so many companies coming out with these crypto cards and you know if I’m gonna use a crypto card chances are it’s probably gonna be with ethos like I I’m Syme invested in ether still I haven’t I haven’t sold a single thing you know it’s like I’ve moved some stuff around but I have not sold and I have just got my stuff vaulted and just sitting because I’m like I I have no interest in selling my ethos or Cardona or anything so yeah I’m just letting everything chill and I think that when ethos officially launches its gonna be offering a lot of the same stuff so what what I’m seeing now in this space are competitors like Moxie one wanting to come into the space and offer some you know maybe some different functionality you know branded debit cards I mean it’s like like all these companies are raiding Moxie one super super good and I’m not saying that it’s it’s gonna be a bad deal I just personally think that there are already others that I’m waiting for and I want to see what happens with those investments before I go into another you know carbon hoods involved with this I mean that’s pretty cool Carbon hood is partnered with Moxie one as an exchange partner to list spend at the end of the token sale I mean that’s pretty cool you know they’ve got stuff going for them but I’m just I don’t feel the need to jump into this just yet and and put money into it and especially because you know realistically I’m just I’m just not what did I hold on let me look at the metrics that I pulled up so far real quick 53 cents that’s what I thought like 53 cents given the current value of aetherium and it actually might even be a little bit more than that right now max supply of 50 million coins which that’s why the price is 53 cents it’s a little steep it’s tough calm and like I’m still I’m still again like I’m just giving you guys a heads up on these different I SEOs letting you know look they all have my interest but I haven’t dove in deep enough yet to say yes I want to buy into this I want to do this I want to do that I’m just trying to you know a lot of people it man you know you always talk about stuff after the fact well I’m trying moxy ones the only one that you’re you know times limited and I don’t think this is for the whole token sale I just think this is the bonus so if you want the 15% bonus with Moxie one you got like less than three days to get in there and get busy and and you could you have to get whitelisted so that that’s pretty much that I mean really I just kind of wanted to touch base with you guys and show you hey this is the stuff I’m looking at give you a heads up about you know May 14 to mark your calendars about May 14th you know potentially the entire market could start doing a huge huge run-up I think I think the uptrend is gonna start prior to May 14th but I do think that there’s gonna be some stuff happening so let’s see what you guys have going on it’s kind of late not as many people on tonight as I was hoping but it’s all good they’re a bunch of you guys made it let’s see what’s up fried rice lol just I agree too many crypto cards yeah I mean it’s you know anybody can get a debit card I could get a crypto credit card like in a week if I want one it’s like it’s not that big of a deal people sign up for the ethos Universal wallet for free air drops maybe crow are you still sharing your settings yeah I am I just haven’t read them I will soon actually when I was working on tonight was was the forums I was working on and I’m not even logged into anything down here but yeah I was just working on the forums nineteen hundred and four users on the crypto crow comm forum so and you know the community is continuing to grow things are getting more active so but I’ll probably probably put a section on the forums here where I basically just post profit trailer profit feeder settings all that and just leave them so if anybody looking for settings it probably won’t be tonight but probably tomorrow I’ll go ahead and take all those settings I’ll date them so you know it what like which one’s came first and let you guys experiment with them hopefully that’ll help you cool cool let’s see crypto crow do you really believe to eat those wallet is gonna be a game changer you know maybe yeah you know we need a universal wallet we need something out there that we can all use for pretty much all the different stuff that we have going on in a secure way and I mean let’s face it you know haven’t haven’t a lot of these development platforms or these companies that are working on they’re working on these these platforms that are gonna basically you know close the gap between the different block chains I think those are gonna be huge man I mean they’re I truly believe at some point and I don’t know how but this is this is gonna be one of those predictions that you know people are gonna forget about that I ever even said anything when actually happens like everything else on my channel but I think that it’s either going to be a coin that even doesn’t exist yet or it’s gonna be Bitcoin but one way or another I think somebody is gonna figure out a way to bridge all the block chains but be represented by one in other words you know if I send you know a fragment of Bitcoin based off of the current value and the transaction speed and the price of transaction there’s gonna be something that kind of regulates transaction fees while having like a universal coin on a blockchain that gaps it fills the gaps of everything else out there on the market I don’t even know if that made sense I know what I’m thinking in my head but ultimately I see myself basically saying okay I have I have a full portfolio let’s just say I had you know 700 different crypto currencies in a wallet somewhere and I want to spend you know five bucks well somehow there’s gonna be one coin I think or one technology that’s utilized to pull fragments of my entire portfolio to create that order for five bucks and and there will be it’ll automatically happen based off of you know the market trends over the past you know 30 days potential value tomorrow against where the value was yesterday and all these calculations are gonna happen on the fly and it’ll it’ll liquidate the least you know the the least potentially valuable coin and for that time period you know there’s all kinds of different stuff like you know if I were to sit down and write down all the ideas and all the different things that I that I drum up in my head on what like things that I wish would come into the market things that I wish would happen I would I would well let’s just say I would never be bored because I’ve got plenty of ideas so love the cap crow I’m sporting mine – there you go Todd that’s right yeah actually I just saw your it’s hard to see your picture I’m pretty sure yeah Todd you’re the one that I just actually met at the bodybuilding show this weekend he was wearing a hat just like mine he likes my style I like his he knows what’s a car vertical I keep hearing about car vertical like it’s the second coming of Christ and I honestly I haven’t even looked into it much I know I think Superman’s talked about that quite a bit I try not to like I try not to go too deep into stuff that some of the other youtubers go into because people are going oh you’re just copying off of this person or that person and it’s like you know if somebody’s already doing it it doesn’t need to continue to be redone and it’s like to some degree I feel like I should start looking into some of this stuff yeah Carver vertical is crap in my opinion hey crow I love your channel thank you very much I appreciate it let’s see here have you looked at talk about Kim poin now I actually bought a little bit of a of Ken coin and I see oh but I haven’t even gave it a second thought since then to be quite frank with you I mean everything that I have everything that I own I honestly haven’t even dug too deep into because I I don’t expect a whole hell of a lot to happen probably for I don’t know at least a month or two you know and at that point I’ll start really zoning it because here’s the thing even like what the market where it is today let’s just say I looked up card on oh right and card on Oh has this big crazy awesome update of something that they’re doing it might get a life spike for a few days but then it’ll dissipate because we’re in a bear market and people are skittish and you know I just don’t think a lot of that stuff is going to help immediately until we start entering a bull market until like I said in previous videos until Bitcoin hits around $10,000 and stick and and then like I want to see Bitcoin hit like ten five get close to 11 correct stay above 10,000 and that’s when I think we’re gonna start kicking things up and at that point I’m gonna start digging into a lot of the coins and I’m gonna start doing a lot of where are they now videos you know basically all the coins that I’ve invested in you know in the past you know old icos as far back as like November and even before that and then and at that point I’m gonna start going into kind of where are they now what are they doing and and and I’m gonna try and do like anytime I do a paid ICO review I want to go into the end of the history and go over a coin that maybe I have invested in or that I’ve you know I’ve expressed an opinion about being a good buy and kind of go over their roadmap and say okay well this is where we’re at this is what they’ve accomplished this is where the value is today and then moving forward this is where I see things potentially happening but I’m really just kind of waiting for a bull market before I even care like people keep you know talk about tell coin and Tron and all this other stuff look I think everything’s gonna go up soon I do I think everything in the entire market is gonna go up soon how high I don’t know because there’s just it depends on how much money goes into the overall market cap over the next two months you know if everything that these guys are talking about happening in in May with this big convention we could see a significant increase and the overall the total market by then and and just like last year a lot of these guys are saying this is what started the big bull run for 2017 was this convention and there I think that there’s gonna be a lot you know people would give me shit about card ah no anything like card Auto has to have this kind of market cap to be worth this and our market caps only 400 billion dollars how is that gonna happen it’s called fucking institutional money people it’s called the money that hasn’t even thought about hittin the market yet it’s called all these major corporations with trillions of dollars that haven’t done anything in the crypto space and they’re just now starting to take notice that’s what happens that’s why every time somebody comes at me with all this all you’re not basing your things on the current market I’m not because I’m not a stupid ass I know what I’m talking about when I was making these comments about Cardno hitting $100 and 2018 do I think it’s possible I still think it’s possible is it probable that’s a different story but is it possible yes anything is possible given the current market and given the market where I see it potentially being even in six months because there’s so much money that right now all these big institutional players are looking at at the SEC saying as soon as you’ve regulated everything and we feel safe we’re gonna pump trillions of dollars into it and that’s why I think the SEC is really starting they’re trying to figure out okay you know we’ve looked into this we’ve looked into you know we’ve looked into I cos we’ve looked into funds we’ve looked into you know all these different elements and now they’re putting all of their eggs in their basket and they’re planning out you know how they’re going to regulate things effectively without hindering the technology as a whole without hindering what’s the word I’m looking for innovation right I don’t think the SEC wants to hurt the space I don’t think they want to at all I think they’re excited about it and I think that the government’s excited about it I will say however I truly believe that unless they figure out a way to effectively police cryptocurrency hacking I mean if they come out and they say well we could track you know your your coins and you know the IRS we’re working with a company where we can track every coin everywhere on the globe don’t hide money from us so we’ll find it and then you’re gonna take it anyway I feel like look if you can’t hack hacking if you can’t monitor hacking and track hackers you don’t deserve my tax money on crypto if you can’t police it properly you don’t deserve the tax money I’m not saying I’m not paying my taxes on it I’m just saying realistically until you until I can call somebody you know like if I go out and I get robbed I know who to call I call the FBI and call the police I can call somebody that’s what I pay my taxes for a part of my to put my my taxes are for protection and now because of everything that’s happened over the past you know a few weeks yes my perspective has changed quite a bit because there are real dangers at play in the space still fairly unregulated can’t be tracked unless it’s for taxes which I call bullshit on because you can’t tell me you can track cryptocurrency all over the globe for tax purposes but there’s nothing you can do about hackers bullshit give me a break when you can effectively start going after people that are hacking exchanges for millions of dollars you begin telling me there’s nothing you can do about that bullshit if you can’t track a hacker that steals 75 million dollars from an exchange I know you aren’t gonna be able to track to Bitcoin that I sent to somewhere else and it’s just it’s all it’s all whatever so you know that’s that’s just kind of how I feel about it you know what I mean don’t tell me that you can track all everything that I do for tax purposes but then tell me I’m on my own if something with a hacker happens like I haven’t even bothered calling any officials about that my hack because it’s like I know they’re not gonna do shit what are they gonna do they’re gonna write a report ho-hum throw it in the file and they’re not gonna lift a finger doing anything and so you know it is what it is let’s see crypto crow talks like coalition akov say what preach do I just go on another preaching rant I I guess I did I wasn’t meaning to I just yeah some of the stuff really does frustrate me and I don’t I wouldn’t say don’t pay taxes guys because look if there’s one thing I know about the IRS if you owe a money they’re gonna take it out of your ass if they have to and they have like I look I’ve seen I remember a while back I was watching a video was live because there is this whole thing a while back where hold on we’re you know and I don’t even remember it’s been so long ago and they’re basically they were talking about you know taxes the the income tax law was never actually ratified into law like it’s not even it’s not even a real wall and that it’s only when you file income tax reports that you then become liable and responsible for the data you’ve submitted so there are a lot of people that were just saying about look you know I’m just not gonna file at all because I’m not required to by any law and you can’t prove it you can’t show me that there is anything yada yada yada right I have seen like the obscene the government I’ve seen the IRS you know in like two three day week long standoffs with people who are trying to make a stance against illegal taxation and you know maybe I sound like a coward but you know there is a lot of truth to you know look when you’re especially at my age and you know I have a big family I have a lot of people that need me right and it’s to me it’s look I don’t mind paying taxes well I have a problem with when it comes to taxes are my tax dollars being misused I have a problem with my tax dollars going to fund some bullshit weapons deal for a crony you know that you know well this guy got put in the office and he’s wants to send twenty billion dollars to us you know buddy who they used to blow do blow and and bang hookers in college and and you know so now he’s a weapons salesman so I’m gonna throw him a book that’s the kind of shit that drives me nuts what pisses me off is my mother who is a veteran who has to go to the VA hospital for everything and they are constantly screwing her shit up all the time the benefits that she gets really isn’t much at all and it’s like and I see like what my mother goes through as a veteran with a lot of medical issues and all that stuff and you know while it’s great that there is a VA hospital for veterans I mean sometimes I feel like you’d be better off just leaving shit alone you know we’re just not even bothering and it’s like I don’t have a problem at all paying taxes I just I am sick and tired of seeing my tax dollars being misused for everything but what they should like you know even here locally you know my wife and I were going out this was a weekend or two ago and we’re driving and boom I had a huge pothole right and then a further down the street there were like seven cars pulled over changing tires because for whatever reason it was raining really hard and somehow it made the whole freakin Road a road and it created all these huge potholes so people were jamming their their rims and everything and some of those potholes are still there and I’m thinking you know what I’m a freakin homeowner I pay taxes that shit needs to be fixed immediately there’s no reason why that should go untouched and then there ended up being a cop who thank God parked his car right in front of one of the biggest potholes that protect people from rather than through that I’m hope I’m guessing through the night but it’s stuff like that that I see that that just it’s like you know where is all the tax money going for you know like the cryptocurrency space where is all that money gonna go that’s what I would love to know is it gonna actually help people you know if my money went somewhere where it was you know eliminating homelessness eliminating poverty you know providing jobs for people that need the work if you were going to that instead of like oh the latest and greatest nuclear missile or you know whatever bullshit that these guys want to throw our money because of the relationships that they’re building for themselves yeah I I don’t know man I get I get really I get really frustrated like I I am NOT one for war I’m not one for for any of that stuff but there’s just to me we’re all one race we’re all one being like we’re all like I’m not even a get on that just not even gonna get on that all right let’s see crow the IRS are really Stone Age yet relentless very true I agree with that IRS doesn’t give a shit like they’re just they’re just there to get as much money out of you as they possibly can and the thing of it is it’s like you know at least they’re fair to a certain degree like it’s not like they don’t give people the opportunity to you know like I have a great accountant and I like he handles all of our taxes so like we I don’t go to like H&R; Block and do all you know automated shit like we actually do our taxes like it cost us some money every year to do our taxes but you know it’s worth it and everything’s done right it’s tits but you know I don’t know man I just again I don’t mind paying taxes I just like what’s the thing you know like as soon as you’re born and you get your Social Security number you legitimately become like like the United States is actually like one corporation and your social security number is literally like an employee number and when you’re born you have a certain amount of revenue that the corporation that is this country expects to make from you I think it’s supposed to be something like depending on your parents and your your living status or whatever it’s supposed to be anywhere from like four hundred thousand dollars over your lifetime to you know like a million and a half or whatever whatever the expectation of tax revenue is based off of you but technically you are like all these rights that we expect to have that we think we have we actually really don’t it’s all crazy man I used to be a huge tinfoil hat where back in the day I used to read sites like this one above top secret calm I used to live on this website I assume it’s still kicking yeah this is like the biggest conspiracy site ever and you know I used to just live on the forums before here I’ll go to yeah go to the forums their forums are huge 1.3 million posts and the aliens and UFOs I used to live I used to live in aliens and UFOs general conspiracies new world order and secret societies those are the ones I just read all night long and yeah man and there there’s so much crazy stuff in there and some of these guys know their shit some of them are just batshit crazy like Dave you know just great like there’s some really crazy people so you got to be careful actually I got caught watching them got caught up watching videos on flatter today on YouTube I was just bored and I was taking a break I was watching these videos and these guys trying to justify the whole flatter Theory you know I’m just like you guys are silly alright so Wow my dad hasn’t paid taxes in 30 years all right I mean you know whatever works for him I guess so mote it be that’s right brother thoughts on tracing Manero I don’t know a whole look I know that Manero is like a big stealth coin like Verge coin you know there you know there are there are several of these phantom coins but I’m not even gonna lie I have not read into I don’t even know how stealth coins work yet like I’ve been so consumed with other things but I do want to start reading more on stealth coins learning the technology behind that how they work I know Manero as far as I understand it’s done very well over over periods of time but I don’t really know a whole lot about it I don’t know how Manero you know the like what mineiro does over like verge coin or I think isn’t – I think – was another stealth coin I think I’m not 100% sure on those so birth certificates are a promissory note or guarantees on labor in case the national debt is called in we become the new labor force there you go interesting stuff crow when you come visit Chechnya come over let’s talk about crypto while shooting ak-47s when you absolutely positively has to kill every mother in the room a K four to seven except no substitute I don’t own an egg I don’t foresee a need to ever own a neikei you know we were watching The Walking Dead tonight that was really good so all right so yeah I mean look hopefully this is this is at least it gives you guys some stuff to chew on you know I I really wanted to do like a big thing on each of these and I probably will in the future but I just I wanted to talk about some coins and some icy OS that all honestly I just wasn’t being paid by anybody to talk about that I think are worth of you looking into and and and I think these are I think these are worth you guys keeping track of and and you know as they get closer you know I’ll be sure to close some of these I’ll be sure to go over some of that stuff ah let’s see what the hell crypto beetles dude that’s like 50 bucks driving back from NAC 3 found your channel keep up the solid content wow man that’s crazy dude thanks I appreciate that well it just kind of blows my mind man best way to end the weekend with a fireside chat with the crow well thank you I you know I really do like just kind of coming down here and just hanging out with everybody I just you know I’m trying to I’m telling you I’m trying so hard guess add the crow song artists on vest love the best idea I plan to but I think they got a couple more months to go and you guys who are who still have not you got arena herre man you guys gotta start helping this check out man I’ve only I saw I was looking at her wallet address and she’s still she’s only had like nine contributions like nine donations so you go to Reena Hara calm you click on give me the songs here is her so yeah and I told them I’m like you guys need to add a Bitcoin wallet as well so they did they add Bitcoin wallet so you can contribute an etherium or Bitcoin and you can download all three versions of the crypto crow song and then you can listen to I go slow which honestly is like one of my favorite songs I love this song so much I’m probably gonna play it when I sign off tonight I just I just love this girl I do I think she’s just fantastic I I will be very honest I don’t necessarily like her there’s it like an EDM kind of version of one of her songs oh here that reminds me and so I am cooking um yeah shout out to Rita Hara man she’s she really is she’s just something else and arena Hara and I really do want to play kind of a role in helping to promote her yes holy ethos just hold it that’s my advice I don’t even know who you’re talking to or what you’re trying to say but you’re about to get booted you are a marketing genius thank you I don’t know how I don’t maybe I’ve been told that but I yeah would you bang her crow if I wasn’t married or my wife let me maybe she’s beautiful she is and she’s just she’s just super good look I keep it real right like what do you expect me to say thanks jack thank you thank you so anyway I want you guys really like chip in throw her some coinage man like here’s the thing I am trying to come I want to do some kind of big contest and I’m not exactly sure what kind of contest I want to do I thought about having a contest where I want to see who can create the most popular remix of these acapella song I was thinking about potentially having a contest to see who could create the most viral crypto crow crow your coins song video so like give me some feedback like I don’t know I don’t know if it would be worth doing but like if I threw out like maybe two aetherium like if you remix the acapella version of the song and they’re like a really sweet EDM or a dubstep or like whatever your flavor is and you know you throw it up on soundcloud and it gets a bunch of listens and people are digging it and then maybe you know over a thirty day period you know we have we have music video or viral video submissions and then song remix submissions and then maybe like I don’t know like the the top song or the top remix and the top video each win my two aetherium I don’t know I’m like just throwing ideas out there I don’t even know if that’s enough to motivate people but I want to do something obviously a that further promotes the channel right I mean I really want to get to 100,000 subscribers I just you know I want my little silver plaque and you know I really really really want to figure out I want to get like a real either a radio show I want to I want to do a TV show maybe I’m even thinking about potentially producing my own TV show and then getting an agent to syndicate it and sell it to like other networks but that really takes the money and I don’t have the kind of studio here to do something like that but like a look if I were to rent time at like a local news studio like on an off day and then shoot five episodes and one day just kind of by the studio for the day with the staff and the crew shoot five videos and then sell those off or I don’t know they’re different things that there are different ideas deep forest I loved deep forest I still do dig deep I loved it for a deep forest back back of the day yeah let’s do it I’m interested I’m interested in like when you guys post comments on this video like those of you who watch the whole thing through post your comments I’d love ideas like some fun contests I’m all about creativity I’m all about I’m all about like I want to help promote rina I want to draw attention to her and her songs and Matthew the writer producer ever you know the freaking guy behind all of this mr. Matt his his name is so long Matthew Hillebrand Gonzales super stud man super stud and he’s done an amazing job I mean he’s been erode and produced and all of this all these songs including my song and Reena is just an amazing talented that sings them so yeah I mean just post your ideas hey I would love more solid ideas on the kind of content you guys would most be interested in do you you know all the feedback you can give me in this video I’d really appreciate it because I really want to learn how to structure my channel so that everybody kind of knows what to expect with from one playlist to the next and you know I figured maybe on Sunday nights like I’m doing tonight just you know after a week full of videos I’ll take a break on Saturday come back Sunday night and just kind of hang out shoot the shit and just kind of talk about whatever is clever and so yeah let’s see what’s up with that okay I’m bored with Reena yeah yeah yeah all right card on Oh prediction higher than it is today [Music] Jason you’d look sick with a good mullet ah you’re a funny guy funny guy how about a one-on-one with a CEO before pre I co I am doing an interview on Monday with an i with a CEO excuse him while I’m doing an interview live interview Monday it’s gonna be so I think yeah tomorrow I think we’re looking at 5 p.m. Eastern Time so tomorrow 5 p.m. Eastern Time I’m gonna be doing a live interview with a CEO so make sure you guys check that out cuz I think you guys will be you’ll be interested let’s go back to the tikka inside info cryptic row can he be trusted I don’t know I don’t know if he can be trusted I really don’t I don’t know a whole hell of a lot about this guy anytime I see stuff like this where guys are selling you know newsletter type memberships and things does it mean that the information that they’re selling is bad no it doesn’t mean it’s bad it could very well be very worthwhile which is one of the reasons why some of these guys make such a big name for themselves because and it’s one of the reasons why they’re able to sell some of their newsletters for so much money because they’re typically pretty accurate and the guys that can afford it are willing to fork it over to get some of this inside info however if a newsletter was known to really truly have inside information that was being sold to investors that were at that point investing based off of that inside information the government would have shut that shit down a long time ago so it’s all rumor right some inside information is sold as rumor like this is probably bullshit but I heard from a guy who knows a guy you know what I mean so I don’t know you know apparently he was really accurate but again tonight I wasn’t a hundred percent prepared for everything that I wanted to do but I did I did I’m gonna go through this the reddit article that I had found that I that was posted in my community that is what I really should have sent down here I don’t even remember I don’t even remember what the name of it was to even google it to pull it up real quick so okay that’s funny just found the picture of my one-year-old daughter wearing a onesie that says crows before Bros and I immediately thought of you that’s really funny one chain ico hit the exchange with 10x profit what are your thoughts good for one chain I don’t own any of that I know that it was crazy hyped but I didn’t get into a cryptic row what do you think a bit Kinect bit Kinect is a solid Buy just kidding I keep getting I don’t know what it is with some of the trolls that keep saying that I’m like that I used to promote bit Kinect I didn’t promote bit Kinect I told people I bought big Kinect and Ikes and I expected it to be upon seeing that I was probably gonna lose my money and I said that in pretty much any time I ever referenced bit Kinect and the videos are still there so you can watch them but for whatever reason I it’s like people who try to troll me they try to put words in my mouth and I don’t know if it’s because they’re just idiots that never actually watched a video all the way through or they’re just literally trying to put words in my mouth that make me look bad I don’t get it like there was somebody trolling me on Twitter like and it’s one of the big reasons why I don’t even bother with Twitter much because I feel like Twitter is such a cesspool of shit it’s like I don’t know what it just it attracts a certain element that I just don’t really have much interest in getting really deeply involved with I got to be honest because it’s just it’s so easy to like be this armchair asshole like this you know this anonymous you know I’m just gonna take shots at this person at that person and I’m just gonna spew negativity and garbage and that kind of stuff just irritates me you know this is why the next Bull Run can start the 14th of May that’s the name oh wait oh yes okay beautiful look at you todd todd the man let’s just copy and paste this and see if we can pull this up it’ll be a treat for those who haven’t logged out yet drum roll yes this is the article so here I’ll leave this here so there’s a lot of chatter about the holy grail of the next bull run now this was submitted nine days ago okay rented by our editor for about four months so a lot of people are discussing and speculating when and if it will start we have found a very plausible date that can bring a lot of positive sentiment and so and so money to the market from the 14th of May till the 16th of May coin desk is hosting the consensus event over 4,500 attendees and the attendees are not the retail investors but big companies like accountancy firms such as KPMG Ernst & Young PwC banks such as ABN AMRO Citibank Scotia Bank huge companies such as IBM Microsoft Siemens and Procter & Gamble and huge investors such as CME Ventures you probably think that will drive the price to new heights this event is all about blockchain and so crypto currencies the consensus event gives startups the opportunity to meet with big players in the world big players that can turn the sentiment all green so you come down here the consensus event is a huge influencer to the market last year’s event resulted in twenty six percent gain for the total market cap and triggered the June bull run in 2016 the market gained the market gain with a small 2.7 percent the biggest difference in 2016 the market was very small only eight billion US dollars and there were only fifteen hundred attendees in 2017 there were two thousand attendees plus 33% and the market was more accessible for everyone in 2018 s event will have 4,500 attendees plus a hundred and twenty-five percent in a very accessible market with a lot of people knowing about blockchain and crypto currencies as we combine all these informations a total market gain of over 50 percent is plausible this event can trigger the next bull run for crypto currencies I won’t read the entire thing but this looks good to me I mean it’s interesting to say the least and it’s you are still not convinced go to coin market cap charts and look for the 28th of November 2017 it was the date that the biggest bull run in history of cryptocurrency started so what you probably think it was the date the Consensus event was hosted where hundreds of investors were part of the investor outlook so there you go I mean look anything’s possible and if this starts the new big bull run that’s great I’m hoping that things start to really go up sooner than May 14th but if we have to wait that long then that’s what we’ve got to do thank you so much Todd for bringing that back to my attention so that I can look it up Jason what’s up bro I’ve done working for the next couple of weeks and I’m excited to actually catch you live now man cool that’s good good good gives you some good good crow cruise for the meet-and-greet you know you know I do want to do a meet and greet I do I would like to have a big meet-and-greet at some point in the future so I’m thinking you know and but the thing that is is I’d like to do it during like when the weather is nice so well I’ll probably will plan some kind of meet-and-greet at some point in the near future so uh thank you some of you guys names man so alright guys so this has been about an hour it’s not a real long video I don’t really know what else to go into cuz I it’s just Sunday night can you list your total portfolio and percentages I could but sure not happening right now let’s see come down to the MIAA best weather down here a world crypto crow tour that’s funny nobody would pay money to see me talk I don’t think I would be there entertaining I would have to be able to to be quite honest with you I am sir I am more um I would be a better sales coach kind of slash motivational speaker maybe I mean I have in the past I’ve done sales consulting in in public speaking for sales groups like I’ve I’ve coached and taught you know sales floors for Inca tire companies and and things like that so I don’t know I can see something in the future but I definitely I don’t like to travel I don’t travel well at all I’m just too damn big I’m like John Madden like maybe if I had a big tour bus he doesn’t fly that’s right I don’t I CRO my coins but I don’t fly with the crows so to speak what’s your biggest holding um I don’t know I wouldn’t say if I if I did I gotta be careful what I even talk about I’m already a target for stuff all I’m gonna say is a lot of my holdings are sitting in a bank literally io io s token doubled the last two days cool you should continue with the live stream otherwise I’m gonna have to find another stream to comment on Oh what’s your secret to selling new business I’m not sure I understand Kevin I’m not sure I understand I know I know Don the the the profit trailer a lot of those settings files they pulled a lot of them down I’m gonna bring them back but I’m gonna do it in a different way so I’m gonna post them like I was telling everybody for the for the newcomers I will be posting them on my discussion forums so yeah I’ll be posting them in here soon so maybe I’ll post them when they get to 2,000 members no I’m just kidding I’ll post those soon new business as in selling a product prospecting b2b sales okay so well I got to find what your original question was now what is your secret to new business sales Oh honestly what’s the secret to new business sales confidence and trust in integrity you know one of the big things that I would coach salespeople on you know a lot of people especially like in cold calling in in in in you know like cold calling phone sales things like that a big part of somebody like you where do I even begin like I’ll try not to get too deep into this but like you know if you’re doing phone sales the biggest thing is never ever ever read a script I don’t give a shit what somebody tells you if you’re reading a script here’s the thing it was with script reading any any tool can read a script and get sales and that’s kind of the idea right but the top sales people are gonna be the ones that memorize the script make it their own and speak naturally in a very confident and exciting way if you’re not if you’re reading a script chances are you’re not really relying anything exciting you’re monotone you’re just going to running through the gambit waiting to be hung up on over and over and over and over again until you talk to some poor lonely sap who’d rather listen to you ramble on you know with a sales script then hang up on you and so then you think you’ve got an end and then you’re gonna have a 30-minute conversation with somebody that’s lonely and they’re not even really trying to buy anything from you they just want somebody to talk to right so the best way to reach the most people oftentimes it’s you your personality the conversation that’s gonna sell what you’re selling it’s not the product itself and so the more you know the more confident you are and what you’re selling and the way the way you can deliver that I guess you could call it shared interest that’s what’s really gonna make a big difference in overall sales when you’re talking about face-to-face sales all that’s all relationships I mean face to face sale as selling is it’s truly all about relationships it’s about value as well but a lot of that value comes from like even when I was training loan officers I would always tell loan officers don’t ever call real estate agents you’re trying to get referral business from don’t ever call them just as a loan officer call them as an authority on something else make yourself sought-after give agents and this goes for any business you’re in give people another reason to want to take your call next time other than what you’re selling and that’s what’s gonna help you further your relationship and build more of them over time always be an authority alright the dog I’m not sure what then all right folks so I will call it an evening if you guys legitimately legitimately collectively have a series of icos that you have a genuine interest in learning more about look I was just offered to Bitcoin to talk about an ICO and I and I am NOT doing it oh my gosh it’s so hard to turn that away but it’s an adult it’s an adult oriented ICO and I mean they’re there they’re there they’re trying to throw money at me and I’m just like man as much as I’d love to like I’m not against it personally but for the channel you should do it bro no I I just I don’t know for some reason I feel like it wouldn’t be right like III just I don’t feel like it would be right I just yeah I don’t know believe me I’ve been struggling with it cuz I’m like man that’s a lot of money to say no to but I just I don’t think it’s I don’t think it’s gonna be right it’s not really right for the channel it’s not really what the channel is about and while I well while I understand the technology and what they’re trying to accomplish I just feel like you know yeah like even even the cussing and things like that is you know sometimes I get carried away I get really frustrated or I get really passionate about what’s going on and you know yeah you guys are about 50/50 on do it no don’t do it do it don’t do it you should do it but at the same time on I’m stream chat just tell us you’re being paid for it know at the dawn Guardian it’s not about it’s not about being paid like everybody that follows me consistently from video to video everybody knows like it doesn’t matter if I’m being paid or not I don’t gonna tell everybody something’s great if there are holes in it you know I get paid for honest opinions I don’t get paid to shell shit so if somebody comes to me and say hey we’re gonna pay you to do a review but you it has to be positive I just won’t do it because I won’t like I’m not for sale right like my integrity isn’t for sale exposure on my channel is for sale but if you want that exposure it comes with a certain responsibility and that responsibility is accepting my opinion for what it is right and but there are just some things like I won’t talk about high-yield programs I won’t talk about cloud mining anything I won’t talk about anything adult related I won’t talk about anything that I consider shady casinos I was offered a big chunk of money from a casino they offered me a hundred and thirty thousand dollars or the crypto to do a review on them and I did not do it I’m not exaggerating and I’m not kidding it’s it’s tough man it really is tough but I feel like it’s just one of those things that it is what it is like on my channel I think that my channel has a purpose and and you know I feel like if I were to review things that I’ve been saying talking kind of against for a long time then I would be like selling out pretty hard so and it’s not it’s not really what I want to do all right so I don’t know how that drop platform is I haven’t even I haven’t looked into it the I did have some of those drop ins but I think that was the one crypto that that hacker got away with was that because I didn’t I thought it was all locked up I didn’t even know that you can take him or transfer him out I had no idea that you could do that and I didn’t have it so I didn’t have that very secure your real following is here because of your integrity III I think so too honestly never mind give it to charity you know it’s like okay let’s say while I think that like okay to Bitcoin like all right so I I take the two Bitcoin I talk about their ICO but I take that Bitcoin and give it to charity that’s a possibility but at the same time it’s really not about like is me talking about something that to me doesn’t really belong either a in the space or beyond my channel is this talking about that in exchange for for for money regardless of what I do with it is that does it justify it and it’s it’s like you know yeah I don’t know I don’t know all right reach your 50,000 eighty-eight go yet no I haven’t I really haven’t integrity she ramble a little but hey exactly I do ramble a little but hey so face it or ICO huge hype have you checked it I actually did look into that at one point but I think I got sidetracked and I didn’t look into it much deeper so if you’re if you don’t want your kids watching it don’t do it that is perfect and that you know what that I think that’s where a lot of the stuff stems from it’s like if because I know my daughter’s my daughter’s watching my channel and so it’s it’s exactly I that that couldn’t be said it better and I ultimately I do want to make my channel more kid-friendly because not because I think I have a big child following you know what I mean but I know that my kids watch my channel and and their friends watch my channel sometimes and it’s like oh you know what my daughters would be proud of their dad I don’t want them like why is my dad talking about this and what’s that all about because if I’m talking about it on my channel it’s like telling my kids it’s okay go to this website go explore this ICO and it’s just it’s not worth any amount of money so it’s not a true CRO livestream without tears oh that’s funny slow but steady is key to success crypto CRO stay clean and humble brother thank you I plan on it I do my kid watches your channel oh that’s cute thank you Lisa yeah I know that a lot I think a lot of more kids I’ve been finding out recently that a lot of whole families watching my channel together it’s like a thing and it’s the warmest sweetest thing and sometimes when I get on a tangent and I start cussing a little and then I’m like oh shoot like I forget that sometimes so you know I I do apologize that that does happen ter coin generate coins through your tears I feel you man father of two teens yeah like it’s it’s tough it’s tough being a dad especially the little girls man because oh number one rule number one goal of dads keep his daughter off the pole crow please tell dawn he is a dummy on the live stream Don apparently you are a dummy I don’t know why but can we get a yawn yeah there it is and that was real – you caught me at the perfect moment all right folks I’m gonna sign off and not waste any more of your time but I’m going to chill out the rest of my Sunday I’m gonna do a little gaming and trying to get some rest because tomorrow I’ve got a live CEO interview coming up that I will share with all of you and so for now where it is where it is let me see here I am actually not gonna play Oh and that’s another thing – I might actually set up an email specifically so that up-and-coming bands that want some exposure just for fun send me some of their music their links I’ll check it out as I have time and I would like to try I’d like to try and help some up-and-coming talent that I really really like so and then maybe I’ll play them as different outros to my shows because I you know I don’t know I just think that’ll be fun so I might make that a thing soon so I’m gonna play I go slow as I sign off for the evening hope you guys don’t mind and until next time folks Hope you’ve had a Good Evening     Crow Your Coins .

  • Lance Emerson1

    April 1, 2018

    I listened through the whole video and heard you say you love deep forest which I thought was pretty funny considering it was a theme song for every camping trip I ever went on. Epic music and most of my friends looked at me like wtf. At the end of the trips though they were all singing along. lol. Anyways I appreciate the content! Love listening to your thoughts on the crypto space and hearing your story. I have produced my own music for over 14 years and unfortunately never got to making a living with it. Although I did get into business for myself as a professional photographer I miss making music! Looking forward to hearing more about your success in this business and if you’re ever in San Diego shoot me a message!


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