New PT Feeder Settings & Download

New PT Feeder Settings & Download


Ladies and Gentlemen ,  the Crypto Crow is  back    with another installment of how to  do this    Co yeah I’m not gonna you know  go through a whole bunch of updates but  things have definitely been getting  busier and away and then dying down at  the same time a lot of my communication  channels are still blowing up like I  have created the I don’t know the  Jabberwocky tool that like I don’t know  what it is I will say that as of today  apparently I am going to be speaking at  an upcoming blockchain seminar and I’m  not gonna say where yet but apparently  it has been confirmed and I’m waiting  for all the official stuff to come in so  that’s actually pretty interesting and  exciting because apparently it’s a  pretty big blockchain conference so yeah  very very cool so anyway so this video  tonight is gonna be pretty simple first  I wanted to say and in talking to I know  that some of you are still having some  issues in terms of you know having sent  in your Bitcoin and you’re waiting for  your license and you’re trying to find  somebody to get a hold of . . .

and here’s the  thing and just so that you guys all kind  of understand you guys are all from  different time zones from literally all  over the country and due to the fact  that the licensing system wasn’t  automate it wasn’t automated for up  until like yesterday I think or the day  before maybe whenever the last video was  that I was talking about it everything  was being done manually so I need to  start shooting these videos earlier  because it’s like 8 o’clock my time  which is typically not a big deal but  just with everything I’ve been doing go  go go  so anyway so keep that in mind like you  know you try to be a little flexible  before you get too frustrated because I  get it you know you send some money and  look at the bright side your money’s  worth a lot less now than it was when  you sent it  so you know there is a bright side to  just about everything right so but they  did get it and they’re working they’re  still getting everybody taken care of  and last night you know I told them I  told them you look you guys need to at  least set up like a telegram because I  know they don’t have a lot of contact  information on their website

I know that  they’re working on getting their website  redone and you know but they’re very  very active in discord they’re in my  discord helping people they’re in their  own discord channel helping people  they’ve been posting a lot of links to  their discord from mine to draw people  in so they can help them more  effectively and this video tonight I  told them I’m gonna be doing another  video tonight to update my settings and  they said well let us know before you  upload it so we can have all hands on  deck tonight so that’s what’s going on  and they basically I had them set up a  telegram channel or a telegram group  rather so that I’m gonna link it under  this it and so you guys know when you  watch my videos click show description  because they’re all there’s a lot more  stuff in there and I see a lot of  comments like where can I find this  where can I find that just click show  description it’s all there I practically  have a Bible under every one of my  videos of all kinds of links and  resources and all kinds of stuff okay  ways to keep me well I don’t wanna say  anybody’s to communicate with me cuz you  guys already found all those but there’s  a lot of different stuff in there

so  that being said that’s like my favorite  line I think we are going to go into  these I’m just gonna show you how to  update or upgrade your prophet feeder  settings with something that I think is  good I’m not even gonna talk in detail  I’m just gonna give you the settings  you’re welcome to try them and then I’m  gonna show you basically how you start  profit trailer and then profit feeder  and then you let it run a cycle I’m  seeing a lot of people say well hello I  changed my settings but they didn’t  catch on so I stopped it and I redid it  and I kept doing it nothing ever  happened I did the same thing the reason  is because it has to go through a full  cycle before all the files update so  it’s not like profit trailer where you  make a change you save it and you look  at your log and it shows like you know  change is detected and then new  heartbeat it’s not like that it takes a  full cycle I think it might take like a  full minute or so maybe even two before  you’re gonna see all of your pairs files  all of that stuff changing automatically  okay so just you got a yeah just when  you run it just let it go and then check  it in a little while

all right now and I  also want to tell you guys that because  bitcoin is where it’s at right now I  mean it’s low it’s likely going to start  shooting up again soon so even though  I’m giving you these settings they  should do very well but I want you to  keep an eye on your BOTS I want you to  keep an eye on bitcoins price because if  it starts to go up too much I want you  to put the bottom to sell only mode and  just ride it out until bitcoin then it’s  just doing what it’s doing because  otherwise you’re just gonna go through  your budget generate a bunch of bags and  you’re gonna sit there for a week  waiting for your bags to catch up and  sell off okay so it doesn’t matter what  I’m doing whether I have a trigger going  it doesn’t matter what I’m doing I’m  always checking in on my bot multiple  times a day just because you never know  okay all right so here we go let’s get  rid of this um alright so I’m going to  assume that you already have your well  this is my profit trailer all right so  the crow bot is my profit trailer this  is my profit feeder my profit trailer  feeder this is its feeder crow should  say crow feeder right

that would make  more sense but this is micro feed or  file this is the new file that I’m gonna  give you guys it’s gonna be in the  description you might I will probably  make the the new telegram channel for  profit feeder first oh and let me say  again I do not own the software folks I  can I have no control over the licensing  I have no control over any of that stuff  okay I’m just somebody who uses this  I’ve been testing it make it and it’s  worked very well for me and I’m telling  you guys about it because I’m confident  it’ll make you guys some money but I  don’t own it so if you’re coming to me  directly with like you know licensing  issues or like a wall where do I send my  Bitcoin  or whatever and for those of you who  just do not want to deal with setting  this thing up they offer an installation  service where they will get everything  set up for you on your VPS on your  computer they’ll be either dial it in  through like TeamViewer or remote server  or whatever it is and they will set it  all up for you I think any charge like  point zero zero one Bitcoin for that so  I get a lot of you guys offering to pay  me to do this for you

I’m too busy  they will do it and they’ll probably do  it cheaper  I mean point zero zero one is really  nothing so if you’re gonna buy this and  you don’t know how and I’ll tell you if  you’re gonna buy it now is the time  before Bitcoin spikes especially if  you’re buying Bitcoin now to buy these  now is the time is my guest okay and let  me say I’m not a financial adviser I’m  not licensed for anything I never know  what the hell I’m talking about so don’t  listen to anything I tell you okay  alright so here we go  alright so here’s the crowbar here’s the  file so we’re gonna open these files up  now I am just giving you the apps  settings file okay because this I need  export all this sorry so I’m gonna drag  this all over you know alright so here  are all the files that I’m ultimately  I’m gonna close this let me double check  real quick here oh all right  so this is the app settings file I’m  going to assume that you probably  already have the host settings file  because that contains your license keys  and all that stuff I’m going to assume  that you already have this oh you can’t  even see me on this video hold on there  there I am I didn’t even realize I  wasn’t talking to you this whole time

alright maybe I did you guys a favor so  that’s that’s basically I’m not  including the host settings file because  you you already have that file and you  can just change the one you’ve got if  it’s new if you’re just buying this  tonight for any reason or you’ve already  purchased it you should already have  those settings and if not  you’re gonna have that file anyway so I  don’t need to replace it anyway you look  at it alright what I am what we are what  I did change what you are gonna  overwrite is the app setting file and  now here’s the thing I’ve showed you  guys in the past that big graph of all  the different payers on bit tricks now  this is set up for bid tricks folks and  I now I don’t deal with finance much I  played with it for a little bit but I  did I definitely don’t deal with Polonia  napaloni acts this is pretty universal  as I understand it you really don’t have  to change a whole hell of a lot base  currencies B – yeah your I mean as far  as profit trailer is concerned I don’t  see anything specific you you need to  change in any of this  basically what you your is and this is  oh this is coming over top of profit  trailer right and so it’s gonna be  replacing a lot of stuff so you  shouldn’t really have to change a whole  heck of a lot of anything at all

maybe  in your I don’t want to open this  because it’s got my keys and stuff in it  and this is actually the one I’m using  so I’m gonna run this one when I’m doing  this video I’m just gonna let it run but  it’s you should have to do anything so  anyway what I have done is I’ve taken  that graph and all the coins that I have  looked and found to be pump and dump  coins I’ve already put them all in here  for you and it’s the long one so that’s  it so all these coins are basically  gonna be in a constant cell only mode  you will not will not buy them all right  because I’ve had a bunch of people  asking me about those settings and I  keep forgetting to I was gonna add it as  an upload and this and that well now  they’re gonna be right here in these  settings this is an EMA spread setting  which is the only thing I really prefer  using I tried EMA gain I didn’t like it  I just uncomfortable with EMA spread and  I’m comfortable with um a spread because  and I know that some of you guys are  asking me what what does EMA spread do  it so you know what I’m gonna actually  show you because I said I was gonna do  that on one of the comments and so I’m  gonna try and show you guys right now

give me a second here  alright go to going into the GDG where  are we all right I’m gonna put this up  [Music]  alright so here is here’s my coinage II  now you can do this with trading view as  well which trading view is free you get  a bunch of more bells and whistles and  things Oh bitcoins up this 14 7 35  that’s cool even though it looks like  I’m gonna have to refresh because it’s  not showing me anything this happens  sometimes I’m gonna give you guys a real  simple kind of explanation as to what  what the hell the EMA spread ultimately  is this load here we go alright so 1334  these so basically what this is is these  are two exponential moving average  indicators had a bit of a brain fart so  these two lines here now you can use  Bollinger Band to just kind of swallow  up that whole thing and kind of give you  the highs and lows but you can pretty  much see it but anyway all this is is  it’s just it’s a simple little gun I’m  not gonna get too technical and crazy  with it but ultimately I run a 1334 – I  ran both these indicators the the 13  indicator is this purple one when when  this purple indicator crosses over the  blue one that’s basically showing an  increased volume that’s buying it which  is going to drive the price up

okay when  it crosses down ok now this isn’t  Bitcoin this is ubique but when it when  it crosses down here let’s go to 30  minutes or so on a 30 minute chart it  would and I typically actually when I’m  like swing trading well when I us swing  trading Bitcoin I would use a 15-minute  chart in a 1-minute chart so like right  here when it crosses down that that’s a  basically a time to sell for the most  part  and then it’ll it’ll come down here and  then once when it starts – it’ll come up  but it hasn’t crossed back over right on  a 15-minute chart this hasn’t crossed  back over so I probably still wouldn’t  buy it yet right  and and and that’s a good thing because  you can see in this indicator that it  continued to fall back down even more  significantly so and then it started to  come back up well this is this is the  gamble territory right this is basically  where it’s kind of like do I want to buy  do I want to wait do I want to buy do  what if you wait until this thirteen  indicating line crosses back over the  blue one the 34 that’s a good time to  buy because that means is there’s steady  exponential movement in the up direction  that’s gonna drive the value up okay

so if you’re always selling right at the  when it crosses down and into a  downtrend and you’re always buying when  it crosses into an uptrend that’s where  you make money and that’s ultimately  what the EMA spread strategy does on the  baht okay now and all of the all the  settings for the indicators and the EMA  and all that stuff it’s already gonna be  in these settings for you now what also  happens and that’s the kind of the whole  nature of the profit trailer profit  feeder thing is the trailing factor so  let’s say that that you know my purchase  price or my target price is right here  at this line okay making sure you can  see that let’s say that’s where my  target price is but the price continues  to go up  well my trailing indicator my trailing  factor will follow this all the way up  until it dips and then and then it  creates a sell order to dump it at a  profit okay so that’s basically what  happens you you you’re setting your  minimum profit percentage basically the  the minimum you’re willing you want the  bot to sell a particular coin for and  then it has you set that trailing factor  so that when you’re riding up you the  the the the the tail or the trail is as  big or small as you want it to be based  off of what kind  a risk factor you know

the longer it is  the more it’s gonna follow it and the  more it will dip and and so you don’t  want too much of a dip in that you want  to just sell it right because you want  quick transactions but if you want to  expand the timeframe that you’re holding  the coin thinking well even if it dips a  little bit maybe it’ll continue to rise  but I don’t play those games as soon as  I maxed it out I dumped it I sell it if  it would bought once to it there’s an  opportunity the bot can buy it again and  we’ll start over okay so anyway so  that’s basically what the EMA strategy  is or the EMA spread strategy is and  that’s basically the only one I use for  these BOTS it’s just it’s something that  I know that I’m comfortable with I  understand it better and hopefully now  you do too okay all right so I actually  got further into I got further into the  instruction of the video and completely  forgot to take out the stinking coin in  G window so I did a whole bunch of stuff  and realize you guys couldn’t see any of  it so I stopped it cut half of it and  here we are gonna pick up so anyway so  now here’s what we’re gonna do so we’re  gonna basically upgrade or update change  the settings

okay so when you have the  file ready to go you got everything in  here I did have it on the desktop but I  already did all this I’m gonna do it  again  ultimately you’re gonna take this you’re  gonna come in here into the config  folder you’re gonna drag the contents of  the file that I’m gonna give you guys  you’re just gonna drag it right over in  here you’re gonna replace all the files  in there okay and you’re done and that’s  it now we can we’re gonna go back to the  beginning folder here and we’re gonna  it’s a PT feeder or whatever your  primary directory is if you change the  name of it for whatever reason kind of  like I did with the crobat that’s my  profit feet profit trailer but here  you’re gonna click in this window copy  and paste it okay now I’m going to I’m  going to close this again I’m gonna just  restart it that was my profit trailer  now I’m gonna go in here  I’m gonna double-click I’m gonna start  up my profit trailer so it’s running and  I’m sure I’ll get a normal heartbeat  here in just a second  hopefully you guys can hear me better  I hadn’t heard too many complaints about  the microphone this time or lately so  all right so

we got a DC a heartbeat  everything’s good the btg that my bought  bought like a week and a half ago when  it spiked and I had that’s the one bag  I’ve got gotten rid of cuz it just does  not seem to go up so anyway  is what it is alright so now excuse me  folks  so right click go into the command  prompt we’re gonna open that up and in  here we’re gonna type CD space right  click paste okay  which is basically you’re pasting this  here and here alright now when you’re in  there hit return it’s gonna take you  into the feeder thing now what I did I  actually set up this for myself as we’re  constant just to know cuz I I really  don’t have the greatest memory and not  like I was like when I did it as a kid  so this tells me exactly what I need to  type in so I’m just looking at the name  of that file dotnet space PT feeder dot  d ll return ball goes well that should  run looks good so far okay there we go  zero out of 198 pairs queried now what’s  gonna happen here I can go ahead and  close this and what’s gonna happen here  is the bot is going to this is running  over top of profit trailer

okay this is  ultimately what you should be seeing  something like that probably without the  Bitcoin Gold Line so what’s gonna happen  is this is gonna go through all of the  pairs it’s going to assign every pair  different settings okay based off of  where the Bitcoin market is based off  where the pears market is and then it’s  gonna figure out the best configuration  for each pair and then once it’s done  with  that it’ll run and then it’ll change  your pair settings in profit trailer  okay that’s how this thing works and  it’s constantly recalculating everything  so if I go into my profit trailer  settings and I come into the pair’s  this is what I’m looking at so what’s  gonna happen once profit feeder is  completed its whole thing of a jig  whatever it’s doing it’ll fit sit 90 out  of nine to one hundred ninety eight so  once it’s done that this whole file will  change and all of the payer settings in  that file will change and every three  minutes thereafter profit feeder will  change so here’s the thing guys when you  guys you know if you’ve if you have  feeder already give these new settings a  try because I’ve had different people  say so I’ve had people go in because of  their budget this is all based off of a  percentage of your budget okay

you  really shouldn’t have to change too much  about it or too much with it if you  start messing with the minimum by  maximum by all that stuff and you start  mess with those settings you’re gonna  start getting errors that you know  cannot buy X token can’t because your  I’ve seen a couple of these situations  where people that don’t understand the  settings so they really haven’t gone  into the wiki much they don’t understand  what they’re doing or just kind of  change and random things don’t do that  just let the bot run if there’s a if  there’s if the bot is doing something or  if it’s buying too much of something or  something like that and you don’t like  that then ask for help then it’s a lot  easier to ask for help that way than to  change a bunch of random things you  don’t understand start getting errors  and then start asking for help because  then we have to everybody has to pour  through your log files pour through  everything send a bunch of screenshots  of what’s going on and spend thirty  minutes trying to figure out what you  did rather than what’s wrong with the  actual bot itself and that’s what’s  important

okay so let the thing run figure out  what you like and don’t like about  what’s happening and then if you have  questions from there go to the telegram  channel go to discord so forth and so on  and you’ll get much easier help okay so  now this thing is listening on on the  port application is started let me see  right now this is in E it’s in a boring  setting so I’m gonna go and I’m gonna  see if it’s updated this yet in just a  second alright so it has not updated yet  so it’s gonna finish its first cycle so  this is what I was talking about earlier  when a lot of people they changed  settings in feeder they hit save on this  on the settings file or the applications  file or whatever and then they expect  everything to just change instantly it  doesn’t it takes a full cycle I thought  it did it takes a full cycle and then it  will update all of the settings okay we  won’t wait for the whole thing I know  what’s coming I know it’s gonna happen  if you’re doing this right along with me  it’s gonna do the same thing for you  wait for the full cycle to complete  you’ll notice that the pairs file  changes and then you’re off to the races  you’re running and then from there you  just monitor everything

so that’s pretty  much it in a nutshell how long is this  oh well this this half of it was seven  minutes so we’re probably at my typical  20 minutes hopefully this video is  helpful you know like I said I mean if  you guys if you don’t have profit  trailer profit feeder yet I definitely I  love it I know that there are a lot of  people making money there are people  that are putting you know they’re  starting off with three four five  hundred dollars in the system and you  know they’re making a couple hundred  bucks or they’re making a hundred bucks  in their first night look the software  works and I completely understand some  of the frustration you guys have had you  know purchasing it before the licensing  system was automated it’s all automated  now these guys genuinely care about like  this j-rod guy I’m not even 100% sure I  think he’s the owner creator of the  whole thing now he’s a crazy bastard  okay cuz I’ve been like in a good way  like he’s he’s one of these like ballsy  balls out like go for broke kind of  trader types just based off of the  things that I’ve been seeing and in  discord I mean the guy’s fun I mean he’s  cool :  you know

he’s a cool guy who he’s just  trying to deal with everybody right but  you know look these guys care about  making you guys money and let’s just be  honest they don’t make anything unless  you do because if you guys start making  money out there in crypto land well  their sales just disappear so they want  to help you I assure you they want to  help you there you just have to imagine  like three or four guys dealing with a  thousand to fifteen hundred people with  different requests all at the same time  and the thing of it is and this is what  I’m learning just from my perspective  like all of the hundreds and hundreds of  messages or emails I get a day it’s  never just one folks so if somebody  asked me a question like I had a guy  that was B I was so tired and I was kind  of a smartass this guy was like hey I  love your videos could I ask you a  question and I said well you already did  that’s all I had time for  but because I’m so used to everybody  asking me a question and if I answer cuz  I try to go through hundreds of these  things every day and answer every  question I can but then it leads to a  second and a third and a fourth

and  every single one of them starts with “hey  man I know you’re really busy” but so  just you guys have to understand that  everybody’s doing everything that they  can you will get sorted now is not the  best time to be running a bot anyway  unless you’ve got a solid trigger setup  because I do believe bitcoins gonna  start going back up well it already did  start going back up today it already did  so it’s gotten up like five hundred  bucks this afternoon so it is what it is  folks but you know these everybody cares  about you know everybody making money  with this with this feeder so post your  comments I do appreciate everything you  guys are doing I didn’t want to like  burden you guys with a bunch of updates  there’s you know I gave you the  blockchain conference update that’s a  pretty cool thing you know the people  that have been you know approaching me  lately have just been absolutely blowing  my mind I mean just on a completely  different level I did take profit this  morning I sold 2.8 Bitcoin just because  this is the week that I want to be  debt-free  outside of the house so honestly it’s  gonna pay off  everything like all like the cars

I have  a car then I owe money on then I can’t  sell cuz I like it runs but I know  there’s something wrong with it and I  didn’t want to sell it unless somebody  knows like hey there’s something wrong  with it  nobody’s gonna buy it with something  wrong with it for more or as much as I  ohso it’s just been sitting in my  driveway well now I can pay it off and  just get rid of it to somebody on the  cheap you know what I mean it’s like  just all the burdens everything is it’s  basically going away and I’m like you  know what we’re just gonna sell the  Bitcoin I think I sold it at fourteen  thousand two hundred bucks no and you  know next week it’s probably gonna go  back up to fifteen sixteen maybe even  seventeen thousand but it’s okay as long  as we’re all working hard we’re gonna  keep it flowing and keep it going so  remember guys crow your coins and I’m  out for now I will tell you I’ve got  some I’ve got a series of videos coming  up that you guys are going to freaking  love so all you guys complaining about  all myself hype and self-promotion and  everything else going on

hopefully  tonight’s videos very helpful to you  guys but the videos that I’ve got  planned moving forward here gonna be  pretty special I think you’re gonna get  a real kick out of them but I’m actually  trying to structure these videos not  just kind of wing it and I think since  I’ve been yammering  I think the settings have changed cuz I  can see all the craziness going on yes  so when I reloaded yeah see you can see  it’s already changed stuff so there you  go folks you just got to give it some  time be patient with it let it do its  thing and you’re gonna be good to go  crow your coins have a fantastic night  make some money and I want to know how  much money you make with these settings  tomorrow night okay  post them in the comments of this video     I love all you guys I really do thank  you so much    talk to you soon  .

  • jonathan collins1

    April 17, 2018

    Hey Crow,
    Man, you are the man! I really appreciate all your stuff.
    I’m working on optimizing my Feeder settings. That being said, I can’t find your settings for Feeder. Could you tell me where to find them?
    Thanks sir.

    • David Steinberger2

      April 18, 2018

      Big thanks to you Jason, appreciate your honest opinions, some of the best in the whole cryptospace. Trying to find your PT feeder settings as alluded to in the video for its set-up. I did purchase Feeder through your link, thanks again dude!


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