My Wife – Crypto Crow Theme Song – Profit Trailer – Crypto Market

My Wife – Crypto Crow Theme Song – Profit Trailer – Crypto Market


Steve Mick look at you I didn’t know you  were a crypto guy what’s up Mitchell  Curie BTC to 8,000 I doubt it  greetings Sauron from New York  nice hair stuff well hello from Brazil  Pierre Silva what’s up Andy Mills  officially npt cool cool so what’s up  James was what sealed Chuck I’m not  great with some last names Alaska  everybody look at healthier I’m feeling  healthier actually thank you for  noticing making a lot of changes and I  actually went to the gym two days ago  mess of my arms up and everything you  want a laugh if you haven’t seen what I  had done and then how sore I was after  for two straight days so here’s what I  wanted to do oh cool I have I don’t even  have to watch this screen so I’m  actually messing around with some stuff  hoping that it works a little better I’m  using this new software it’s actually  the stream labs OBS so hopefully it you  know when I do future videos I had the  little not a licensed financial advisor  kind of thingy and uh whoever that did  it is so yeah I hate trolls just hi I’m  just getting ready you do

hey just to  let everybody know to like comment until  you what do you think about dental oil I  still have a looked at dem Akeem but  just so everybody knows whether it’s on  my YouTube channels in my communities or  whatever I do not permit trolling  whatsoever if you are a lifeless schmuck  with nothing better to do than troll  other people whether that’s me or  anybody else you’re just gone just so  you know I don’t have time for assholes  or negative energy and I’m not gonna  expose you to everyone else here I’ve  seen a lot of people you know somebody  asks a question and then they get  trolled I just kick them I just kick you  trolls and I hide you guys for my  channel any negativity whatsoever is  strictly  permitted period I don’t need you so  what is trolling look if you’re not  helpful you’re hurtful and that’s pretty  much all there is to it you know so keep  that in mind so here’s the thing so I  actually found these old songs that I  did back when I was in the music  business they were the last three songs  I had produced and I’m not playing them  all don’t worry but I do want to like  I’m gonna play one song and I’m gonna  play one of the old videos it’s for a  different song

but just so you guys see  who these guys are because when thest  launches this song I am officially  making the official crypto crow theme  song okay and when you hear the words to  this song keep in mind this was done  like 10 freaking years ago all right but  when you listen to the words through  this song you’re gonna shit as to how it  relates to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency  today you know it like place to the  whole crow your coins thing and it’s a  trip I just had my wife listen to it and  she loved it so she hasn’t heard any of  those old songs so I’m gonna play the  song and if it sounds like shit for any  reason just tell me and I’ll shut it off  because I’m not sure I have everything  set up properly so I’ll get that a crack  and we’ll see what you guys think of my  new theme song and then from there I’m  gonna answer some questions and and  things like that now I got to figure out  what the hell I’m doing alright so I  come back here I’ll go ahead and play  this little video this is a video  [Music]  I’m gonna play this song and hopefully  it doesn’t sound like shit  yeah his DJ QuakeCon  statue

[Music]  News  [Music]  [Music]  [Applause]  speak so I should bring it  it was  [Music]  [Music]  [Music]  god  [Music]  Oh  [Music]  it was hard  [Music]  before I got to see  [Music]  [Applause]  [Music]  [Music]  [Music]  oh my god you guys are tripping me out  I can’t even that was hilarious I mean  definitely a mix a big mix obviously you  know music is a thing I love these guys  you know I actually I found these guys a  long time ago when I started you know I  started managing bands actually one of  the guys in this channel he uh manages  nightclubs in he’s from Cincinnati Steve  second time I’ve seen you in my channel  man good on you and his actually his  girlfriend actually your wife now I’m  thinking used to be a ring girl for me  when I was a fight promoter so it’s a  small world that Steve guy in there the  gorgeous wife so you guys know you got  to stay away but anyway it’s super nice  super cool and professional but yeah you  know so some of you guys if you’re gay  look look the song is different Brian I  get that these guys were they kind of  compared themselves a lot like the  Pixies and but they were really good and  and none of them were gay

actually not a  single one they did wear women’s skinny  jeans which I found interesting but  they’ve none of them were gay so anyway  I just thought I’d share that with you  because I like the song in the words of  the song like you can find it online  it’s extra blue kind is the group and  you’ll find like their own music videos  that we did one of them here’s the funny  thing about these guys I actually one of  the bit of one of the videos that I got  aired all over the place that goes on  MTV to vh1 like 35 different video  networks all over the country the music  video is for pinch blink stay alive and  I didn’t know it at the time because I  went to like deviantART to try and find  somebody to create a really kind of  artistic video and I this this person  made this fantastic video took forever  and when I finally got it it actually  drew a tear to my eye and I’m not  kidding I thought I found it so powerful  and then I sent it off to the video  promotion companies I was working with  they started it was getting picked up  everywhere the video was made by a 14  year old girl from Santiago

okay so if you guys google extra blue  kind pinch bleak stay alive you’ll see  the video pop right up and so yeah that  was that I just want to have a little  fun with you guys that’s a horrible  sound like you know you know what you  don’t go download the song sound  somewhere there are three of them that  we actually had produced resurrect you  out of my hands which is another song  that fits the crypto space right now  quite a bit and in ship art of the  disconnect so those are the new three  songs I’m probably gonna put those up on  vest okay stop looking at my messages  dude all right  sounded like a nursery rhyme set to a  90s alternative you guys look I don’t do  like heavy metal or any of that stuff I  like to keep my brain cells intact so  you guys are probably you know this is  gonna be a real long thing I didn’t  really have anything planned for this  other than messing around with this new  software that I’m trying to figure out  and see how everything works for you  guys talk about your new hedge fund  stuff that is that’s that’s that’s  coming I mean I’m getting a lot of Doc’s  a lot of filings from my lawyer

I just  got like a 70 page like agreement it was  a partnership agreement that that is  like I don’t want to say too much  because there’s already such a huge line  right now I don’t want to draw a lot  more people but uh all right MIDI boy  there’s so many comments I can make but  it wouldn’t be appropriate so anyway I  that the fund is probably gonna launch  this week but I’m probably not gonna  make it public public like the website  and everything else going on I’m  probably not going to be telling  everybody about it in a video for a  couple of weeks because I want to get  everybody that’s been waiting  hey crow I’d love your input on coming I  see oh such as medical chain that looked  really really good you know what I’ll be  honest with you guys I saw Superman’s  video on medical chain and he just  nailed it like I could do a review on it  and I you know you know here’s my thing  like I do I find things from other  youtubers as well and then I kind of go  into him myself and figure out whether  or not it’s it’s I think it’s worth  or at something I want to go into but I  I tried not to do review videos on  things that I know some of the other big  youtubers go on to

because I don’t want  to be I don’t want people like oh you’re  just copying everything this guy does  and that guy does and so forth and so on  so but you know there are people who  like me who for whatever reason may not  listen or watch soup oh so you know I  personally like him I think he’s great  and I he’s a wicked smart guy and I I’ve  always supported him I joined his  courses in the past for no other reason  than just because I think he’s great and  it’s just a way to show support so you  know I do like medical chain quite a bit  and I think and I and I watched this  whole review on it and uh yeah I mean my  opinion our medical chain I’m going for  it I think it sounds great and if you  know I’d like to do a review but like I  said I don’t want people thinking I’m  just doing it because Superman is doing  it but sometimes you do find things from  other people and maybe if I did go  through it and I explained things and  maybe my way and in a bit of a different  way focusing on some of the aspects of  that

I see oh that maybe he didn’t touch  on then maybe that would be okay but  there’s plenty there’s plenty I just  uploaded an ICO today for uh oh my gosh  it’s like I’m like art coin a art block  or something I don’t remember the damn  name of it now it’s totally escape of me  but I went through that for a good  couple hours today and I thought that  was fantastic so I did a video on it  let’s see here what else we got going on  yeah medical change just talked about  that ECCE glad to be part of the crypto  croquette thank you John Perry I’m glad  you’re here man yeah it blows great man  I have absolutely key you know what that  guy he’s been the most stand-up like he  and I are so drastically different right  like our approach to things are  different  our mannerisms are different he’s from  the UK  I’m just a big brutish you know American  to probably to him but I absolutely do  love him I mean you know his his groups  are great I mean everything that guy  touches turns the gold I mean he’s  fantastic I cannot I’ve absolutely  nothing to say  bad about him  thoughts on trans potential look as far  as trout’s concern guys

I it has a lot  of potential a part of what I talked  about today a little bit in the video  was that Tron is receiving so much fun  and I don’t know why but every time I  look deeper into the fund it turns out  to be more bullshit so when you guys  think back on electro Neum electroni  immediate rob now electro Neum aetherium  everybody was calling aetherium a scam  this scan that had so much fun all these  big Bitcoin holders were basically  trying to keep aetherium at bay and you  know just spread and far left and right  and I think that’s just a pattern I  think people spread the most fun about  things they fear the most if it’s going  to affect them in a negative way and  look I you know I’m I’m huge on Cardno  but it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna try  and spread a bunch of falsehoods about  something look here’s the thing for me  I’m kind of one of those people I don’t  have something nice to say I typically  don’t say much about it unless it’s  really really pissing me off right or if  there’s something something important  and you know I think Ron’s going to be  fine I mean this hasn’t even really  touched the big bit like a big part of  its roadmap yet and when it does that  thing’s gonna start taking off

Bitcoin  keeps going down yeah it does and I  think there are a few reasons for it  your psychic is CRO I wish to meet you  on ahead I don’t think I’m psychic  really uh but thank you you know I I  just as far as Bitcoin going down that  that is let me see if I can pull up  where it is right now I think it’s like  10 grand I was trying to actually I was  trying to bring up coinage II so it’s a  ten thousand three hundred for whatever  reason I cannot get me an I love it I  only have to look at my OBS window now  and I can see everything this is pretty  slick we power  I actually weep okay so in another video  recently I talked about missing an  opportunity on an icy  I really wanted to get into and it was  we power I wanted to get in on that  pretty big so I have to wait until it  hits exchanges tell coin I mean you know  that thing just launched man and it  launched it it already went it already  hit a penny so like that alone gave  everybody like a freaking like a huge  return just from ICO and once that thing  really starts kicking in and their  partnerships and everything continue to  grow tell coins gonna grow quite a bit  icon and you trust both

I think are  gonna be huge  icon it’s already done significant I got  that at 11 cents at ICO and it’s done  really really well and I think it’s  gonna continue to grow you trust the  same thing I’m huge on you trust just  because honestly I’m sick of PayPal I’m  sick of the way PayPal does things and  you know I use them I use them for a lot  you have to kind of you kind of have to  use PayPal but when you trust starts to  get their situation together I’m  definitely gonna be using you trust  quite a bit especially for everything  that has to do with the blockchain  thanks Daniel Park I appreciate that man  I don’t think you guys like I do do a  lot of work I know that lately the  videos have been I either been putting  out as many and they haven’t been as  in-depth but I’m still I’m working on so  many things right now and I promise you  guys I’m gonna get caught up and we’re  gonna break some new ground here real  soon hedge Connect goes to 200 look if  it has to do if it says connect in the  main it can go to hell

I mean I’m tired  of watching all the videos popping up  all over the place of everybody that  lost so much money it’s like I saw the  video this one guy man like I felt  terrible in his first video and then the  second one I’m like oh my god you’re a  moron dude I’m sorry but he loses thirty  thousand dollars of his life savings in  bit Connect now he’s talking about how  bit connects coming back and he put ten  thousand dollars more into some other  like Devore coin or whatever I’m just  thinking what is it going to take for  you guys to learn like any of this  high-yield bullshit you’re just begging  to lose your money and if you do is all  your money I don’t want to see videos  about it I’ll pour me what am I gonna do  it’s just simple invested legitimate  companies with a legitimate technology  with an interest in growing the  technology in the space that in the  future don’t throw your money away on  the others high-yield  you know and buy into all this hype it’s  just it’s nuts  you know what profit trailer profit  trailer is actually I I put it in sell  only mode and I’ve had it actually had  it sitting there for a few days  just because I want to know what the  hell’s going on with Bitcoin

because  here’s the thing about profit trailer if  I if I haven’t running right now even  with the best add-on even with feet or  everything going if it sheets up three  grand in a day I’m left with 50 bags  that I have to sit on for a couple weeks  that sell anyway so and I’ve been so  busy that I just honestly I have not  been running profit trailer for a few  days it’s just been in sell only mode  and because I have people that have  invested in that with me and I went from  basically – to Bitcoin to 2.6 Bitcoin  that’s basically I’m a point six Bitcoin  and profit and that’s really running  profit trailer maybe a day a hardcore  day or two a week for the past month so  you know it the potential for it is  significantly more but you really do  have to keep your eye on things a bit  and I’ve been doing so many profit  trailer videos that a lot of the time  has been spent experimenting for you  guys so if I had just a profit trailer  set it forget it didn’t even look at it  for a couple weeks other than to make  sure that it was still running or there  didn’t you know or updating it or  whatever I know I’d be making a hell of  a lot more money but because of the tax  law

I’ve got two bags left that I’m  getting rid of and then I’m liquidating  so I’m taking all the people that bought  into the bots and I’m sending them all  of them profits all their money and then  I’m starting over with what I have left  and then I’m just gonna set it and  forget it at that point and what I’ve  even thought about doing which is  probably something I ain’t gonna do  especially with this new system I’m  probably going to set the bots up and I  might just leave it on a 24/7 feed for  maybe a full day and and so that all you  guys can see all right here are the  settings I’m using here’s how it works  this is what the bot is doing because I  see so many people that set up the bots  they’re like oh it’s barely made a Buy  and it’s barely made a few buyers you’ve  got a setting wrong something’s not  right because I I can do ease  a hundred trades in a day with my profit  feeder or my profit trailer okay let’s  see here I just heard Amazon wants to  start their own crypto exchange that  would be brilliant I would buy that I  buy that for a dollar say something nice  or nothing at all can we count on you to  share your thoughts when scam coins crop  up yeah I will I mean that’s a different  situation I’m happy yeah but I don’t  here’s the thing I don’t really dive

I  don’t spend a lot of money in the scam  coins look I have better stuff to put my  time into right so if I if I feel scam I  just stay away from it  but because my viewership is growing yes  I probably will like if some of you guys  say hey you know I think this might be a  scam can you look at it then I will look  at it what I don’t do is I get a lot of  people who maybe they’ve already went  big on a coin and they want me to talk  about it they’re like hey what do you  think of this what do you think of that  it’s like I I talk about the coins that  I’m into and that I like already so and  I don’t have time to look up you know  500 random coins at a time no offense  guys I’ve been watching your vids for a  while thank you is it Bojan motion whore  chick I probably just totally gutted  that name dude I’m sorry bow hard whore  geek I just I’m literally just trying to  figure out how to pronounce that name  how much is private trailer it’s point  zero three Bitcoin so by now while its  cheapest dirt any programmer system that  guarantees a specific return outside the  u.s. t-bills bonds or notes is fake and  schemes exactly where’d you go Giovani  there’s a lot of stuff going on here  yeah any any any program or ico that  guarantees a return is screwing you

even  with people begging to give me anywhere  from a thousand five hundred thousand  dollars they’ve even had somebody want  to invest a million dollars in the fund  already and I’ve had some other  billionaires talking about even bigger  money I will not guarantee anything  because I do not control the crypto  space  nobody does so even if you know and if I  were to sit around like oh well based on  my track record I guarantee you at least  this I would be lying and anybody else  that tries to do that is full of shit  and you need to stay away anybody that’s  trying to get you to invest in them  invest in their business their ICO their  high-yield program their mining program  by the way I get all these questions on  all these mining platforms these cloud  mining programs to me it’s all bullshit  unless I see these mining I would have  seen the mining farm and I want to see  the company logo on every one of them  and I want to all bullshit to me it’s  all bullshit  sorry if they you know what there needs  to be there needs to be a third party  auditing well hey you know what there’s  the SEC but the SEC isn’t really  monitoring like these hash Flair’s and  the god there’s so many of them out  there now

I just feel like they’re  popping up like weeds let’s see here do  you have to buy profit trailer and  feeder together no you do not you do not  have to you can get prep look you can  buy profit trailer by itself and it’ll  make you money period yeah well it’ll  make you money profit feeder makes the  process faster I mean from my experience  profit feeder allows you to burn through  trades more quickly with less bags at  the end of the day that’s basically what  feeder does so it allows you to utilize  bitcoins from up to you ten thousand  four hundred so I’m actually I was  trying to leave my chart up here I might  figure out how to do that but yeah you  do not have to buy them both at the same  time but I think once you’ve bought it  you see the gains that you’re making a  profit trailer alone then you realize  feeder could help you make them faster I  think you’ll probably get feeder as well  alright so some questions on how does  profit feeder actually or have proper  trailer work basically in a nutshell  profit trailer works in a variety of  different ways okay it can I use the EMA  spread strategy which I have explained  already in several videos

I explained it  in my course but ultimately it looks for  the best position it looks for the best  time to buy into a particular point in  exit  coin in a profit that’s it and that’s  really all these coins do but some of  them use like a Bollinger Band kind of  setting where it tries to buy in you  know based off of the highs and lows of  the market EMA spread looks for it uses  the exponential excuse me the  exponential movement indicators geez and  and if they’re just different strategies  I’m actually working on some things now  then I’m gonna make a part of I have an  advanced udemy course that I’m working  on now that’s gonna explain all the  different strategies technical analysis  all the different elements to all of  that and a lot more so I’m working on a  lot of that stuff and I’ll probably take  a couple of those videos and add them to  this at least the ones that I think  pertain to profit trailer yes cloud  mining is bullshit  yo s hello Yost nation I actually have  never bought a Yost but I really did  wish I would have 10% profit for the  past five days

that’s good I mean that’s  good  I you know on a really good day I can  pull 15 and even 20% profit using  private trailer and I will say that my  biggest day ever using profit trailer  was the day I put I added feeder  hey crow huge fan do you have coins up  on the exchange or do you keep them in  your wallet both it depends on what I’m  doing with them like I have I have a  folder that i have triple backed up on  u.s. beach or thumb drives just in case  something were to happen to my laptop  and I I keep them all separate so that  you know if something were to happen  like nobody’s getting them I’m not gonna  go out like treble on James like I don’t  use x2 this wallet you know I know he’s  saying that he got hacked on Exodus I  still don’t buy that but you know I keep  everything away from the constant online  connectivity so I do have some coins on  an exchange but I’m typically the points  that I have on an exchange are the ones  that I buy I’m buying and selling and  profit trailer that’s pretty much it and  and with that I have all that there’s a  security feature I use it so that’s just  all there is to it I don’t really I  don’t like to risk anything

can I use private trailer if I’m not  experienced and trading yeah you can  that’s kind of why I’d give everybody  free settings and that’s another thing  too if any of you guys are buying  settings from somebody you’re screwing  yourself there’s no reason whatsoever to  buy any settings from anybody and I and  I see these guys in my discord channels  sometimes like hey I know this guy he  just made so much money using this other  guy settings you can email this guy to  buy his settings for 60 bucks it’s all  bullshit I can tell you right now when I  create my settings that I give you guys  for free  I typically create those settings like  with my profit feeder settings  I’ve worked directly with the creators  of feeder to go back and forth making  suggestions on getting the best possible  settings for the version of the software  at the time okay there thank you they’re  not going to give you settings because  they can’t like I don’t think they  legally can give you settings but I can  and so I basically tell them hey you  know if how does this work how does that  work okay if I were to change this well  this better what’ll be the benefits

oh  and we go back and work it out and they  basically helped me create settings that  are gonna work for me that I can give  you and I’m not charging you guys  anything I make plenty of money as an  affiliate I’m not gonna try and nickel  and dime you guys at every little  possible turn for settings so don’t buy  settings from anybody especially when  you can get them from me for free and as  a matter of fact last night I added a  pin to almost every one of my channels  with a big long list of links that you  guys can use whether they’re downloads  joining a feeders support discord the  profit trailer support discord just  everything I basically created a huge  wall of links for everybody  so how long have I been on here I don’t  even know time flies when you having fun  it’s only been 30 minutes that’s cool  all right  there’s only 400 people I don’t really  think a whole hell of a lot of people  care about me tonight but that’s all  right  ciarán labs I don’t know anything about  ciarán labs I haven’t looked at it just  high performance blockchain looks like a  good one big pump signals should be  illegal

it’s inside trading okay  if you guys want to be millionaires  invest 15,000 or more into want change  is that one change is pretty good but  does PT work around any 2-step  verification that might be on an  exchange yeah I mean pretty much it’s  that’s you’re using the API keys and  such all right well thank you Scott  McAfee the chain also looks good look  guys there’s a lot of stuff there are a  lot of coins on the exchange that have a  lot of huge potential right now  especially with the market down so  bitcoins back up to ten five you know  there’s there’s so many coins out there  now that are just it’s a discount  Supercenter it really is and it hasn’t  slowed down and I’m hearing that a lot  of this stuff has been going on because  of like the the the the futures market  expiring and a lot of these futures  expiring and they’re starting over and  so forth and so on and it looks like  they’re probably going to take some  profit because look I know that a lot of  the future stuff started around 14 15  grand so depending on where they put it  with Bitcoin be literally hitting ten  thousand five hundred bucks right now  but it’s gonna start going back up  because I think the demand you know  there’s been a lot of Asian FUD

there’s  been a lot of confusion in the Asian  markets around what they’re going to be  doing with exchanges in South Korea and  so forth and you know it is what it is  but it’s not going to last I don’t think  this this dip this super sale  it’s not it’s not gonna last very long I  don’t think it’s gonna last forever at  all  big futures day is in January 26 you  know there was one Sun there was one  thing that I was actually interested in  about I was curious about was the well  card on oh and Zen cat I don’t know a  lot about Zen Cash but anybody asking me  about card ah no should know better  because that’s the my favorite coin on  the entire market  I’m from Brazil noose up on your channel  thank you for the great job information  are you from some rock band no I’m not  musically in client whatsoever you don’t  want to hear me play shit you don’t  wanna hear me sing you don’t you don’t  want to watch me dance to tell you the  truth because I look like Shrek on a  dance floor now when I was a kid and I  was skinny and I was young and  good-looking you’d find me on the club  and I’d tear it up a little bit and I  was pretty good back then

my wife’s  always trying to get me today at salsa  with her but I’m just too big I’d crush  somebody by accident and then there’d be  police and EMTs involved it just  wouldn’t be a good thing nobody wants to  see that ah let’s see  Electra rhodium I still think there’s a  lot of potential for electro Neum I do I  mean I I don’t sell any of my coins  people I when I buy them I buy them  because I believe in I’m gonna hold on  him and I forget about him like like  Costco and when I bought Costco and I  bought it I forgot and I forgot that I  was even getting dividends from the  exchange and I went back and looked oh  my holy shit I got all kinds of stuff in  here it’s like I there’s so much going  on at any given moment then it’s really  really difficult to keep tabs on a lot  of this stuff now what I will say is my  moon Runner platform it’s getting close  it’s all I’m gonna say is it’s getting  close I actually wonder if I could show  you guys this maybe I will  so my developer sent me a picture yeah  he sent me a screenshot to show me what  everything looks like right now and he  is he’s you know I don’t know if you’ll  be able to see this or not but this is  actually a picture of moon runner right  now

so it’s it’s not live on on the web  yet but it’s long on his systems and I’m  pretty pumped about it because it looks  good and he’s really getting it it will  real real close to exactly what I’ve  laid out in my mock-ups but ultimately  like for those of you don’t know what  moon runner is it’s ultimately gonna  allow you to manage multiple portfolios  and it’s going to be helping me a lot  managing my fund as well so I’m looking  forward to getting it done I’m looking  forward to getting it done Nikki  dear me crow do you believe do you  believe to continue to buy Bitcoin like  all the Bitcoin lovers state or go all  toward a theory my coin so my point is  out for me I probably never buy like  coin I feel like the only real allure to  like coin is that it’s supposed to be  really fast and right now it’s cheap  when it comes to buying Bitcoin it  Bitcoin compared to aetherium I mean  let’s face it guys bitcoin is old-school

so I you know I’m not I’m not trying to  be a fun  I want Bitcoin I mean I want Bitcoin to  be worth 50 grand you know who does it  will it get there it might but if I am  going to put money into a coin right now  I’m putting money into icos and coins  that I’m gonna see a thousand percent  gains I’m not gonna see a thousand  percent gains if I buy a Bitcoin right  now it’s not gonna happen I it’s easier  for me to put ten thousand five hundred  dollars into an IC o—- that I know I’m  gonna get a five or six extra turn on  within three months and and then take  those profits and maybe you know put  some of the percentage of my profits  into Bitcoin and continue to grow my  position that way I look at Bitcoin as a  bank I look at it as it’s the most  valuable cryptocurrency on the market  it’s you know everybody’s trying to mess  with it right now but everybody has been  for a year you know what I mean and so I  look at it as kind of a safety hedge  like I if I’m gonna transfer money or if  I’m gonna do anything where I just want  to store my cash for whatever reason I’d  very likely put it in the Bitcoin even  if it’s just temporary so but if I if I  if I had ten thousand five hundred  dollars right now when I buy Bitcoin or  aetherium

I’d probably buy a theorem  aetherium and that’s that’s that’s the  truth and if I didn’t buy a theory I  might buy a card Oh No  so in other words if I’m buying it for  function I’m buying aetherium because  it’s quicker it’s cheaper you know all  that stuff if I’m buying it – hold on  buying card ah no there you go  Oh Jeremy saunter I didn’t even what’s  up man I didn’t recognize your name for  a minute I was just looking at the  question let’s see I figure I’ll stop  this at 40 minutes so we’ll give this  about three more minutes I’ll ramble on  here for you guys so the questions on  the left are not updating the same as  the questions on the right that I’m  seeing so I CRO as well but I like the  coins you can stake and get a  distribution from me okay yeah you’re  right and so crypto bool you’re  absolutely right I love neo neo is great  for building generating gas so and I see  me oh I see 2018 gonna be it’s gonna be  pretty big for neo as well and a lot of  it it’s gonna be because people buy and  hold neo I mean that’s just all there is  to it I mean a proof of state coin if a  proof of state coin with a lot of  functionality and an opportunity is  going to do well on neo is obviously one  of them

it’s easier you must be late  it’s not fun right on ICO bitcoin is the  reserve currency yeah it’s kind of how I  look at it Giovani it’s a reserve  currency essentially the mattress like  the US dollar is two normal fiat one  chain I really like I don’t own any of  it right now but I do like one chain uh  who you would buy tell coin I guess  you’re right I would I did I got a lot  of it did it to do  you an MMA fan well I was in mixed  martial arts for six years so yeah I’m a  fan I used to have my own TV show and  all kinds of stuff with MMA did live  national and broadcast of shows I worked  with UFC fighters and all kinds of  betoken iceo have you seen a good  concept you know what I like betoken I  actually so here’s the truth about  betoken betoken offered to buy it to pay  me to do a review and and I thought you  know what I’ll do a review but because  betoken wasn’t on my original list that  I sent my patreon my my patrons I didn’t  do it because I didn’t feel like it’s  fair to just add one you know what I  mean like as I gave all my I get I  picked five guys in my patreon account  or my patron group and I said here’s a  list of 35 I cos that I want to review  then I’m willing to review them for a  fee

here’s the fee I give you pay 25% if  you line something up and the the first  one really was was a B token but betoken  wasn’t on that original list because I  was already talking to them and I I  forgot like oh well now they want to do  something and I just kind of let that  die but I do like B token I think it’s  gonna be good there’s another one  actually called winding tree winding  tree I see oh you guys should look that  up because I think winding tree is gonna  be pretty pretty pretty big let me ask  you guys a question so here’s something  I was actually talking to so one of my  one of my investors is a blockchain  developer and he’s a super super cool  dude he’s out of the Ukraine I I want to  create a Crow coin like I truly truly  want to create a crypto crow coin but  I’m just gonna call it The Crow coin I  don’t know exactly what I want to do  with it though I know like I wanted to  have a purpose  I’m not really interested in doing like  a crow coin kind of i co big token sale  push any of that but I do want to come  up with  kind of crow coin

so I’m interested in  any ideas you guys have I even thought  of just like you know having a coin  here’s an address  you know if somebody wants some crow  coins just for the hell of it you know  to show some love you know tips or  whatever then you could basically tip  this address aetherium and you get crow  coins back and just just kind of do that  like long term until they’re all gone  and then you know once there’s enough  volume out there that are justify  getting it on an exchange then I would  start adding it to some exchanges and  see if we could grow something over time  because I know you know yeah I mean if I  found a developer wanting to help create  a crow coin have some ideas you want to  work with me on something let me know  I’m open to ideas I just want a  everything to be a hundred percent legit  no bullshit  and I don’t want it to be I don’t know I  don’t want it to be shady or like money  grabbing in any way I just wanted to be  fun you know with with some  opportunities for growth that’s my big  thing I’d love to have some utility and  I’d love to have I’d love to use a crow  coin somehow to kind of service and help  people as it relates to icos

so I I  don’t know what that is yet though but  I’m open ideas if anybody is interested  in working with me on that crypto crow  do you recommend to put it all in the  BTC and neo on exchange and go to sleep  and next morning we’ll go little up um  no I like I don’t I don’t really do that  like I had I basically put I basically  put like a percentage of what I make  like any profits or anything that I’ve  got going on and I keep it at Bitcoin  that’s pretty much it like I don’t I  don’t use Bitcoin kro connect no I don’t  think so Pat but that’s funny  him on patreon waiting for fun to open  new idea and II Oh any idea gotcha  when that will happen not sure if you  said earlier I just signed it next week  Pat next week is what we’re looking at  you know hey I’ll tell you guys  something you know what since we’re  hanging out live and I’m all  over 40 minutes screw it I would have  let you guys in on some ideas that I  have so it may be Dana White will we’ll  do something with this so what one  project you know and in a lot of you  guys aren’t gonna give a shit about this  so I’m probably gonna get a drop off  here but that’s fine  I wanna I would like to see the MMA  industry tokenized

I would honestly like  to see here’s one of the biggest  problems in MMA today is there are so  many fighters who are dirt frickin poor  I know guys who find the UFC several  times I have friends who’ve been in the  UFC I have fighters that I used to  manage who fought in the UFC one of my  fighters that I got signed a Strikeforce  he would make nine ten thousand dollars  in sponsorships UFC by Strikeforce  bucks so he basically becomes a UFC  fighter by default fights a couple times  in the UFC and then UFC basically cuts  off sponsorship basically saying you  have to wear what we give you kind of  thing and this was before the Reebok  deal too so they were already in the  process of kind of basically shutting  out any sponsors you had to have your  sponsors approved and then sponsors had  to pay like huge like $100,000 feet of  the UFC just to then be able to sponsor  fighters on a roster it’s ridiculous  it’s a cash grab that makes me sick  right which is probably which is one of  the reasons I don’t see this ever  happening but I would love to see a  tokenized system so that every MMA  fighter not just UFC and every MMA  fighter can sign a deal and create their  own tokenized trading card kind of thing

so if a fighter gets signed to a major  deal or maybe there’s a local fighter  that you have a lot of promise like I  took local fighters within the region  and I would build them up I would bring  it I would fly in UFC veterans from  Vegas and like all over the place  guys that you see on an Ultimate Fighter  and stuff like that you guys should see  my like my journey for browning videos  that guy was nutso I’m known Judy his  brother for a long time some of you guys  watch alternate fighter know how crazy  is that’s not an act the dude’s nuts  right but anyway but when a fighter is  on his way up he’s got his own  cryptocurrency token that’s used and  traded for different things maybe the  coins used to buy  merchandise right maybe the guys got  t-shirts hats things like that that he’s  able to sell and so you can buy these  products using his Co his or her coin  obviously can’t lead the ladies out man  and the ladies are fantastic I’m not one  of my favorites is uh oh my god  she um I just saw her on UFC unleashed  tonight again Rose rose I love that girl  she’s like hood as shit but gorgeous

she’s like just a but but just a badass  like I do I’m like a huge fan and so you  know have somebody like that well all  these fighters whether the UFC  Strikeforce anywhere they are Bellator  you name it and there’s like it’s like a  universal tokenization system that’s  ultimately used to help these fighters  pay bills and have a retirement plan and  and that I think would be huge  you know another thing I’d like to see  I’d like to see the mortgage industry  tokenized where you know everybody it’s  like everybody that buys into an ICO  for this mortgage company is ultimately  but it they are the secondary market so  you know you have this tokenize we’ll  call it CRO crypto CRO mortgage company  right and somebody comes to me they want  a home loan so I’m loaning them money  out of the reserves from the token sale  so let’s say we have two hundred million  dollars which really isn’t that much  money okay to be wrong on us but you  have two hundred million dollars in ICO  in and then basically every coin owner  is paid dividends on the number of loans  outstanding generating interest and  amortizes amortization is huge money  folks

I don’t know how many of you  understand mortgage amortization but  it’s so front loaded and ridiculous  that this is the profits crazy and so  you know if you take $200 two hundred  million dollars then you amortize that  and like roughly let’s say a four four  and a half percent act interest average  it’s crazy money  crazy profit so and it’s something that  nobody is doing that yet all right so  crow coin makes you  right so why doesn’t anybody talk about  DSD CN I don’t know a DC n is Connor  says no to mm a coin well Connor can  suck it he’s already made his money he  doesn’t give a shit about what other  people are doing and I love Connor don’t  get me wrong but just because he’s a  great fighter and he’s like a great  showman doesn’t mean he’s bright  there’s your idea for the purpose of the  CRO coin upcoming UFC fighters dude call  the MMA idea leg kick coin yeah well  somebody needs to leg kick Dana White  and get his ass off of his Dana White’s  like really frustrating cuz he really  doesn’t need to be such a hard-ass and  and now you know it’s a totally  different company and it’s just there’s  so much drama around what’s going on

there eighty-eight price prediction  honestly I’d like to see a DA get to at  least a few bucks in the first quarter  here I don’t know if it’s gonna happen I  doubt it will I think I think here’s  here I’m gonna leave you guys with this  and this is basically the last thing I’m  gonna say but maybe it’ll take me a  minute to have to get through it when  when you look at cryptocurrency let’s  say you buy a cryptocurrency right out  of IC o—-  the first quarter that you have that  coin at minimum there’s not a lot of  activity it’s a little bit up a little  bit down a little bit up a little bit  down and then out of nowhere boom it  goes up like 75% or more and it’s just  when a coin is ready to go it runs and  that’s it and prior to that it’s like  quartz damn horn stamp is a perfect  example of how I of what I see happening  soon it’s a little up a little down a  little up little down but when that  thing goes it’s going to take off like  like a rocket to the moon it’s exactly  why we call it that and so you know car  Donna has cargo no hasn’t even hit its  stride yet like a lot of these coins  really haven’t hit their stride

and  they’re in one last point that I want  everybody that’s still tuned in  listening to think about you know when  you look at the width of with the  blockchain space as a whole okay I want  you guys to picture maybe a  garden right a garden for survival which  that’s a little crazy but when I look at  the blockchain I look at a garden for  survival what do you need to survive you  need potatoes maybe Tomatoes you need  some basil you need basically all of the  different ingredients to make one  fantastic salad that you’re gonna live  on once all those ingredients are  already growing in your garden what do  you do then from there it’s a matter of  well how can I make these ingredients  better and I think that right now we’re  still filling our garden with things  that we need that’s basically where we  are in the blockchain space today we’re  still tokenizing new industries new  technologies we’re expanding on current  technologies tokenizing them and making  them better more connected I mean  there’s this I’m telling you guys the  future of blockchain technical he talks  about the chip

I mean it’s gonna be a  matter of time until you’re gonna go buy  something you’re gonna wave your fists  in the air you know it’s gonna pull  money out of the blockchain everything’s  gonna be automatic and you know it’s  everything is going to be controlled by  the blockchain at some point I guarantee  it there’s no question about it right  now people are looking at bar chain  technology is this gimmicky thing and  they don’t understand they’re looking at  it as a Ponzi scheme they’re looking at  it as like all these different things  but they’re missing the greater picture  the greater picture is the tokenization  of just about everything we do and and  it’s the technology behind the  cryptocurrency  that has created this Ponzi like scheme  because of the the overall public  adoption of the technology everybody is  saying we want this we encourage this  bring us more teach us more and so  that’s what’s happening right now we’re  in a growth stage and I think 2018 is  going to be the true laying of the  foundation for the blockchain as a whole  and it’s gonna be a race to see who can  come up with the best most the the  fastest technology

the most adaptive  technologies and those are going to be  the creams that rise to the top and you  know keep that in mind as you’re looking  at making your investments maybe you  know maybe there’s one really good real  estate company that’s on the blockchain  that that has the potential to grow on  an international level these are the  technologies that you really want to buy  into technologies that have an  international means of existing and  means of growth okay so on that note I’m  gonna leave you guys to it for the  evening I really enjoy like the chat and  I love all the support I really  appreciate it  hopefully this video the way I’ve been  doing it’s a little bit more fun and I’m  gonna be experimenting with it more and  more and hopefully the songs weren’t  weren’t too terrible here I’m gonna play  that song again for you as I sign out  and you guys can either you guys can  either sign out or enjoy the song here  you go crow your coins           all right guys thank you for joining me  crow your coins and I’ll see you again  real soon the wife says hi see ya

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