Make Money With Profit Trailer Settings For Any Budget

Make Money With Profit Trailer Settings For Any Budget


Ladies and Gentlemen  . . .   the time has come  and you are about to learn profit  trailer what’s up everybody this is the  crypto crow another faceless video I’m  doing this on my laptop so so here’s  what we’re gonna do we’re going to you  know my discord and my telegram all over  the place I’m getting requests you know  can I make money on this budget how do I  change the settings on this budget I’ve  got three hundred dollars I’ve got a  thousand dollars I’ve got five thousand  dollars what do i do what do i do what  do I do  so I’m gonna go over the settings and  I’m gonna you know kind of explain to  you guys how to you know like if I had  any particular budget how I would go  about setting up this bar okay now I get  asked a lot of times you know crow hey  you know what how often do you change  your settings how often you do this  because I’ve only added a couple sets of  settings to discord so far I’ve added a  really aggressive version or a very  added a very conservative version

so the  idea being I want you all to learn how  to better use the software yourself I  don’t want you all just buying the  software throwing somebody settings in  there and then waiting to make a buck  because you know if you don’t really  learn how to change things at the  appropriate times then then it’s likely  that you’re not going to do very well  long term because the market changes  things change the price of Bitcoin  fluctuates rapidly and so you want to be  able to you want to know what you should  be doing at any given time and and so I  figure let’s do a big video let’s do  something that really blows out like  what what do we what what settings do we  really want to change and look look at  based on the different budgets so that’s  what we’re gonna do all right so the  first thing you’ve done is download  profit trailer obviously so you’ve  already bought it  hopefully for my affiliate link because  that helps me increase my profit trailer  budget and I greatly appreciate it  because I used that to experiment with  to teach you guys better things so and  as a matter of fact I am officially  verified with the bat token

so if you’re  watching my videos using the the brave  browser which is actually pretty slick I  actually get credit for that so that’s  actually pretty cool thank you for the  tip in my discord about telling me I  should do that because I was pretty neat  alright so here we go I’m gonna start  off by saying you know you spent the  Bitcoin on getting profit trailer and  you know you got a few hundred bucks  alright and you’re just kind of clueless  yeah I don’t know alright so I got this  I got the software I got a few hundred  bucks with a Bitcoin in there what do I  do now a few hundred bucks worth of  Bitcoin is actually not that much so I’m  going to I’m going to pull up Chrome  which okay I’ve got Chrome open actually  and I’m using this OBS so it’s a little  confusing sometimes so I’m gonna go in  here to the coin gecko price charts now  this is showing Bitcoin at 18,000 but my  BOTS showing it at 17 650 so it’s only  617 650 I guess on vetrix right now I am  in sell only mode because of the spike  so yeah alright so let’s add three  hundred dollars that is basically point  zero one six six and then a million  other numbers after that

so this is what  this is what you’re looking at you so if  you’ve got this in the bot that’s that’s  what you’re looking at so we’re gonna  base this level three hundred dollar  budget all right now let’s see so we’re  going to go and we’re going to close  this would open up Dreamweaver and we’re  gonna look at these settings here  alright so the first thing is pairs  alright so I’m looking at pairs so I’m  thinking okay so obviously with this  being our budget  all right this all max by cost is not  gonna you know I mean it’s not gonna get  us a super far so what I would do is I  would set that to a point zero zero five  and at the least so at a point zero zero  five hold on a second  now now granted the the lower the Madi  look the lower while I’m a stuttered  full the lower the budget you have the  longer it’s going to take to generate  decent returns okay so this is going to  be a cumulative effect as you slowly  improve your Bitcoin position over time  so the the less the less pairs you’re  able to do the less trade you’re able to  make and the less DC a you’re able to  utilize you know the longer it’s going  to take you

so over time it’s gonna get  easier and easier and your trades will  grow and grow and grow starting from a  small budget but yes it is absolutely  possible so at a point zero one six six  divided by point zero zero five you’re  looking at three point three two all  right so you’re basically only gonna be  able to do about three trades at a time  and that’s with no DC a settings alright  so if I were doing what you’re doing  I would limit this to three so you got  three three trades alright and now  starting out I’ve got all this in here I  don’t really need this because this  isn’t really how that’s more just in  case I want to turn something off and  then I’ve got I’ve got others in here as  well true that goes without saying false  false false stellar Lima true true true  so a lot of these are things that  basically I wanted to get rid of  I just wanted to sell them at the time  and I didn’t want to buy any more of it  and so that’s what these are so if you  look in here you know BTC – vib  underscore sell underscore only  underscore mode equals true that is this  is basically how  you know let’s say if you go in and you  get a you get an obvious pump-and-dump  right

you’re like oh shit another one  got me well then you can just basically  hard set that in your your proper your  pairs is uh just a hard sell only mode  you’re never gonna buy it again until  you change that alright so I mean some  of these puppet dubs I mean from what  I’ve been seeing I feel like a lot of  these coins  even the pump-and-dump skeins of work in  cycles so you know some of them are a  little longer than others but ultimately  everything everything gets pumped and  dumped you know at some point  multiple times so even if you get caught  in a P and D DMV bag that’s okay I mean  it’s likely gonna get rid of itself  later it’s just a question of how much  budget do you have and you know how  difficult is it to get rid of so you  know cuz the smaller the budget if you  if you can only do three trades at a  time if one or two of those is caught in  a pump and dump that you can’t get rid  of it for two weeks well you’re really  screwed okay so in this case what you  might want to do is say all trading  enabled false no you don’t want to do  all trading enabled because you want to  limit to the to the the coins that you  know are not necessarily gonna be pumped  and dumped all right

and so I’m gonna  get rid of that now so you’ve got your  max trading pairs three all enabled  pairs equals all no we’re not gonna do  that we’re gonna say and now this is  where you want to do a little research  honestly but what are some coins that we  know are on the rise that are that are  doing well like coin is one so that’s it  so I can trade in litecoin aetherium  that seems to be a fairly volatile coin  right now just because you only have  three hundred dollars doesn’t mean you  can’t buy into a theorem and then sell  it then flip it at a profit so we’re  gonna go BTC ETH and I’m doing this I’m  picking these coins because  it doesn’t matter if you have bags  long-term it doesn’t matter if you have  a bag that laughs a week or two when it  sells that’s okay I mean you’d be good  you’re gonna make money and if the back  in other words these aren’t pump and  dump coins so it’s okay if you’ve got a  bag whoa all right you’re likely always  gonna end up with a bag of some some  sort for some period of time that’s all  right  your third coin let’s say mmm we’ll  figure look last use let’s find  something here it’s like real early in  the morning for me

so let’s see what  another pretty decent little coin is  here uh you know ripples been doing  really well let’s just do ripple because  it’s cheap so you can even just trade  ripple I mean there’s some fluctuating  going on I mean that’s pretty cool  iota car Donna which you know if you  know me by now if you’re following my  videos I’m all about card Auto I  basically just bought into this at 13  cents I’m about 15,000 of them and it’s  up to 22 cents right now I honestly want  to see this in a hundred dollars and  twenty eighty I’m not kidding hmm I mean  look at ripple ripples 81 cents it’s  been stagnant and like 25 30 cents  forever and then BOOM all this stuff  starts kicking off and crypto bringing  in all these new people and I’m telling  you card ah no as it as it reaches it  you know what let’s just say cardinal  ATA  screw it you need to be trading card on  oh dude gals ta da  all right there you go so there you go  so this is telling the system no I don’t  want to trade any available coin I only  want to trade these available pairs  these are able pairs like coin aetherium  and a da all right

now remember if you  decide hey you know what I got 20 grand  I’m gonna throw in my baht you just wipe  this set this to all change that to true  you’re golden all right now what I just  did just so you understand I don’t  this is but this might be a little bit  of a long video might be shorter than I  expected but I want to make sure  everybody gets it this here is your all  max cops so when your bot makes a buy  it’s gonna buy if there’s point zero  zero five BTC of litecoin available at  the price it’s seeing that matches your  purchase criteria based off of your EMA  spread and your and your indicators it  will buy point zero zero five it’s not  likely gonna buy less than point zero  zero five so that’s what that’s about  all right so you don’t want to yeah I  mean you don’t want this to be too high  now if you just want to swing trade any  particular coin and you want to go  all-in you can increase that to whatever  your max budget is which in this case  was point one zero something right so so  that is the basic that’s the very basic  basic all right now moving further let’s  say you had a bigger budget  well okay you know what let’s just stay  on the $300 for a second all right

so  all this other stuff is fine all this  other stuff except DCA you might because  you’re not using it you could set it at  100 right so if any coin gets to  negative 100% it’ll go into the dca so  you’re not really using that and I know  you could turn this off in other ways  that’s fine  so I’ll sell only mode this is set for  false if you need to change that you set  it to true if Bitcoin spikes by six  percent or drops by six percent this  will go into sell only mode now by  changing that to a six alright I had it  set hot because I never wanted it to  shut off but I’ve been learning that I  accumulate more bags when Bitcoin spikes  and it takes me longer to get rid of so  it’s but it’s easier to just have it  shut down and go on to sell all him out  immediately and  if it corrects to like 7% then it should  come back on okay that’s what those two  settings are they’re all consecutive buy  and sell trigger this is basically  saying okay I only want to buy this once  but right now I have set a zero because  I wanted to keep buying so if it’s if  it’s trade worthy I want the bot to keep  buying it so you know it’ll buy a pair  or it’ll buy it  it’ll buy a set of coins it’ll sell them  buy it again Selim’s buy it again sell  them

I don’t want there to be a limit to  that there’s no reason to all pending  order wait time although I don’t I don’t  have any of that I don’t even use that  stuff all right so that’s your pairs now  you’re looking at some of this stuff  sell only true these are coins that are  either pump it up that I found are  really difficult to get rid of like this  PKB I still have a bag sitting on this  I’d like 47% but I’m just writing it out  it’s let’s whatever  so have you got bit Bitcoin gold which I  don’t really see that going anywhere  either but we’ll zoom and then these are  you know trading enabled now I turn  these off I don’t want dogecoin I don’t  want sinks basically what I did not EMC  to on my live BOTS I did turn this back  on because I didn’t know a whole lot of  about a whole lot about it when I turned  it on so and here’s what I’ll do and  this is this is a this is something that  I want to show you guys so basically  what if I go to my BOTS alright I’m  gonna make sure you guys can see this  let’s turn it off Dreamweaver turn on  right alright so this is my bar right  now

so this is what I did yes and I just  wiped this and reset everything the  other day so like this is what it’s  doing so far today 298 bucks I mean I’ve  got a full Bitcoin still sitting in  there it’s not doing anything yet  because I had a bunch of bags last night  and then I manually turned on sell early  melt mode and then this morning I turned  it off but it’s still you can see the  Bitcoin price at nine point four percent  increase so this still  in a cell only mode so it’s still  working on dumping bags for me so what  was I gonna do here I can’t remember now  oh that’s right so let’s say a coin goes  into my DC a bag and I’m like okay I  want to find out what the scoop is with  this with this coin so then I’ll click  here and it’ll open up bit tricks so new  bits I don’t know the whole hell of a  lot about new bits so I look at the  chart and I said oh okay then I go back  down here so this is this was 12 13 so  this is basically when I bought this  shit coin this is all hard pump-and-dump  right so like how long will it be until  it gets pumped again well looking at the  history I have no idea so that’s a 30  minute chart

let’s look at a one-month  oh my gosh so it basically started all  the way up here and it’s just taking a  huge shit so that is a pump and dump  coin that I definitely don’t want in my  system anymore so NBT I’m gonna go into  my actual log here and I’m going to  manually change that so my pairs  properties I’m gonna go in here I’m  going to say BTC NBT I’m just copy this  and bTW alright cell only mode is true  and I’m gonna save that and I’m never  gonna buy that piece of shit coin again  and you know I might sit on it for a  while until it pumps again and then  hopefully the bottle get rid of it  looks like I haven’t bought that much  but I want to make sure I don’t buy any  more if I were smart right now  probably COO actually you know what I  don’t think that is when I bought it I  just bought that today so I just bought  that today so you know what there’s a  chance I’ll get rid of that pretty  quickly all I have to do is just go up a  tiny bit so we’re good on that but  that’s how that’s how I basically go  through and I look at coins that I don’t  want so if and I’ll go through and  sometimes I’ll go into the bit tricks  markets right this is the BTC market and  I’ll just say all

so these are all the  coins that bit tricks picked up that all  the Bitcoin pairs and bit tricks all  right you guys gonna learn today you’re  not familiar with this stuff you can  often you know learn today  so this looks like a total bloodbath  right now just because Bitcoin spikes  anytime Bitcoin seems to spike like six  seven percent everything else takes a  shit so but what you can do is you can  go through here and this is something  that I started doing but I got so busy  I’ve not done it yet someday I’m going  to create a master list but you can go  into all these coins and look and see  whether or not they’re on a downtrend  whether or not you want to trade them at  all right powers not really on a  downtrend power I mean I was up here  came down you know this is a new coin  it’s doing it’s making all kinds of  moves I actually like this coin a lot I  invest in power a power ledger so you  know this is but this is fine this is  volatility right here this is basically  a coin that came out from the IC o—-  took a shit which they always do because  everybody dumps their coins right off  the bat then they buyback in which sends  the ball the price back up and then it  starts to stabilize and it starts to do  its thing

that is okay to me all right so that’s  what I look for folks when I’m when I’m  going into my coins and I’m looking at  all right what’s my bought trading  what’s it doing what bags did it just by  what’s it Hakeem  in the dca log that’s what I look for  and then I want to create a manual trade  list so this is how you create your  manual trade list so let’s say I didn’t  want the bot to treat anything but the  coins that I admit I’d manually put in  there this is how you do it right here  I have settings in the discord right now  with like a like a bunch of coins it  fills up all this space alright because  that’s what but now because it’s not a  complete set of all the coins that I  feel are worth trading it slows my like  I’ve got a big budget and I’ve got a  couple bit Bitcoin in there because I  have people who actually invest in the  bot they want to run it but they don’t  want to buy the block they don’t want to  run a VPS or they don’t know anything  about any of that so then you say hey  crow here’s here’s some money I’m  putting it into your bot the deposit in  my bit tricks account and it’s and I  just keep track of it

and then and  that’s it and so I I manage everything  for them and then they just give me like  you know a percentage basically so  that’s that’s kind of what I’ve been  doing and so I’m trying to get this  master pair but I’ve got a pretty  sizable budget and I did what I did that  initially it sent my number of trades  per day really down and that’s you know  while that’s much safer  I can wait out some bags that’s ok so  that’s why I did I’m not using this  currently I want to make sure I get  every coin in there and then you know  when new ones are added I’ll have them  hmm all right sorry I’m still waking up  my wife drank all the damn coffee and  left me with nothing  she’s like you can go to BP and get  coffee like thanks a lot cuz this is the  first thing I’m gonna do when I wake up  in the winter all right so anyway ran  off so this here is your DCA setting so  let’s say well on a small budget you’re  not you’re not really gonna be using DCA  all right because you just don’t have it  so how does DCA work well in a nutshell  works kind of the same way as the  but in terms of what it’s selling and  when it looks for profit to sell but the  it’s let’s just say we have DCA on  because typically I run DCA

so anything  that hits negative 4% goes into the DCA  and it starts doubling down these are  not my current DCA settings by the way  let me make sure that you’re seeing this  oh you’re not even seeing that I are you  know what I really hate OBS can I just  say that this is such crap  they’re all right sorry about that I  feel like I need just keep this in a  side window so I can see what I’m  clicking – all right so this is DCA and  okay so I can’t you know it’s the same  size so it doesn’t matter all right  okay so let’s if you’re using the DCA  basically what happens is if the coin  you’re buying so based off of the  settings I showed you before whether  it’s negative 4% or negative 100% if  you’re using those settings what’s gonna  happen is when your coin hits negative  4% it’s gonna go to the DCA bag from  there it will buy again when it hits the  first tier so in this case like again  this is not my setting but let’s say if  it goes into DCA at 4% if it hits 6.4  percent it’s gonna buy a whole nother  order of that coin all right and then if  it goes to I don’t know 12%  it’ll buy again and if it goes to 25%  because it’s like a huge pump or  whatever’s going on then it’ll buy again

so this is this will be four orders of  point zero zero five Bitcoin that we’re  buying for one coin but what happens is  as the value of the coin goes down this  is basically averaging down so let’s say  I bought one coin at a dollar right but  then the value of a dropped to 50 cents  and then I buy another coin in 50 Cent’s  well now my average price is basically a  buck 50 instead of a I’m sorry like 75  cents instead of a dollar and that’s in  that so what that does is the the price  of the coin doesn’t have to go up as  much as it did it would have before I  dc-8 so this is a key this is something  that I don’t think anybody really  understands about DC a that that’s new  to this okay people look at the DC a  thing and they think oh my god I’m  losing all this money you’re not losing  any money folks you’re not losing money  until you manually sell that coin if if  I have a four or five tier DC a and I’ve  bought all of that right I not double  down five six times between a negative  four percent a negative 60% valuation  well or value then I’ve averaged down so  much that it’s not it shouldn’t be that  difficult to sell that coin because all  it has to do is go up a little bit and  you know maybe maybe maybe the coin goes  down to negative sixty percent but I’ve  been doubling down the whole time

well  at that point it might only have to go  back up ten percent before it’ll sell at  a profit it’s the average profit of the  entire buy not the average praat the  profit based off of the first purchase  does that make sense I hope that makes  sense  I wanted to do this live I wanted I I’m  really I wanted to get my subscribers up  to a thousand so that I could start  doing some live videos with the chat and  all that  apparently they they want you to be semi  popular before they allow you to do that  from what I was seeing in the settings  anyway I wanted to do this whole thing  large so people can ask questions and  things at the same time but you guys  should know by now on my videos like  just about everything that’s commented  on are questions that are asked I’m  pretty good about following up and  answering those so  all right and then as far as the cell  settings I mean this is pretty much it I  won’t go too much into that because  there’s you’re really not going to need  to change that much other settings  ignore cell only mode it oh and this  here this the minimum by balances

I  think I can get rid of this one this is  the same thing but that just means that  no matter how much no matter how many  coins you have or how many tears you  have your bot will never spend more than  up to 0.25 of your budget so basically  if I have point five zero Bitcoin in my  total budget dca settings will only  spend half of that and it won’t buy  anymore once it once your max budget  reaches this point okay and then ignore  cell only mode I have this set to false  because even though even if my bots in  cell only mode but did I’m trying to DC  a some some twenty coins and I want to  double down and I want to average down I  still want that to be effective I still  want that to happen and the thing of it  is I’m pretty sure if Bitcoin is worth  more and the coin is going down I’m  gonna be able to buy more of that coin  cheaper and so when the price comes back  and stabilizes it should it should help  me get rid of that bad quicker alrighty  indicator settings I only use EMA spread  even when I turned $900 into a couple  grand when I was swing trading Bitcoin  cash during the big like attempt to take  out Bitcoin I use DMA spread and this is  exactly what I use to dictate what I was  doing and I would bounce between a 1  minute to a 15 minute indicator and this  is set on a five-minute indicator  . . .

because you want that you hit it out and  out you want to be fast and so these are  the settings 13 and 34 for those  indicators and that it’s been treating  me well folks so this isn’t going to  change no matter what budget you’ve got  your DCA settings will change based on  the budget because if you’ve got a huge  budget you might want to set up six tier  by so you had me copy this throw it down  here change the 3 to a 4 4 to 5 5 to 6  increase the negative percentage value  that’s gonna dictate where you want to  buy and your set so the bigger your  budget the more you’re probably gonna  want to double down just gonna help you  get out a badge faster all right I don’t  know how long we are so far wow this has  been 30 minutes already okay we take it  quick does all all right so that’s it so  I mean honestly I think this should  explain pretty much everything in a  nutshell here so you’re gonna take your  max budget divide that max budget by the  all max cost that’s gonna basically give  you the number of trading pairs that you  should comfortably be able to trade at  any given time without dca settings  right now

let’s say I’ve got point 1  Bitcoin well then I would divide that  point 1 Bitcoin by 2 then divide that by  the number of I’m sorry divide that by  my minimum by berra Jesus okay I’m  looking at that I’m confusing myself  there’s just too many zeros and numbers  in the same place if I appoint one  Bitcoin then I’ll divide that by the  point or divide that by 2 all right and  then divide them what’s left by point  zero zero five the point zero zero five  so half of that will be the number of  pairs on trading and then the money left  over will be what is assigned to DCA  if I wanted to use it okay so now keep  in mind DCA can suck up a budget fast  like you you could you could I mean my  settings if I so I was typically  in training at get back here my settings  I typically trade like point zero eight  at a time and I was running like fifty  pairs so you know obviously and cell  only mode you’re not gonna see any of  that but but yeah that’s that’s pretty  much what I’ve been doing and it’s you  make a lot more money per trade but it’s  also a lot easier to get caught up in in  the bags because you and I’m doing like  high volume

now one other tip that I’ll  give you guys is originally I used to  run profit trailer on my laptop then I  tried running it on my mining rig  running it on my laptop my laptop would  get so hot that I just said okay that  can’t be good and then I put it on my  mining rig because it’s cooled to hell I  mean it’s it’s a six GPU mining rig and  I did it kept pretty cool and so that  was fine but it also kind of bogged down  and slowed down my internet so between  my mining and the bots running at the  same time it slowed down my internet we  don’t have fibre where I live yet which  is a real pain I set up a VPS and my  number of trades just flew like I I mean  I’ll have a hundred hundred fifty even  sometimes two hundred in a single day  this has on in 72 that’s just been since  I reset everything because I downloaded  the newest version of profit trailer and  and and installed that like yesterday  either yesterday or late the previous  night so and the price of bitcoins been  excuse me all over the place it’s  already up 10 percent such a pain in the  butt I was really hoping that the  futures market was going to help change  things a bit

so okay I think I covered  pretty much everything but that’s that’s  in a nutshell how you gonna setup profit  trailer using just about any budget you  know and you’re gonna say well how do I  know when I want to use dca settings  well you’re gonna know that based off of  your budget and like I just said  dividing you know do you want to  because if you don’t use DCA you’ll  likely sit on losing pairs fur leg  longer so you know decent you want to  use DCA and it’s look it’s okay when you  are using the bot and you get DCA and I  don’t care how deep they go some of  these are really bad like Bitcoin gold  51 look Bitcoin gold is gonna pump some  day it’s gonna pump at some point I’m  gonna make a nice profit off of it I can  even sell this right now at the negative  51% and it’s not gonna hurt me too much  but I don’t like sell especially when  I’m using other people’s money as well  as mine I don’t like selling it a loss  we’ll wait it out it’s not the end of  the world  this PKB on the other hand well this was  negative like 60 something percent at  one point

so it’s been going up it’s  true trailing I mean the bots watching  it so you know look I mean these are not  losses I remember when I when I first  saw profit trailer on Bitcoin talked for  him and I thought and I and I saw this  page and I thought well what what’s the  scam artists doing like what he because  I went to the demo bot and I saw all  this negative and then he you know he  had like a bunch of positives in his  sales log I’m clicking this window in an  unguent  okay I want to go into it so if I go  into my sales log it’s like okay the  sales log looks really good but it like  what’s happening with all those losses  and I thought those were actual losses  no they’re not losses because they  haven’t been sold that’s just the  current value of the coin after the  purchase of it which is fine here’s some  9 percent 3 percent I mean this thing  really does average out very well I mean  that this average this average is some  significant profit let’s just say that  so anyway look guys I mean if you’re  watching this video because you’ve been  looking into a bot and you want  something look I’ve usually  I’ve used gun box

I absolutely used gun  bot build up a bunch of bags brought him  over to profit trailer and private  trailer got rid of him all in a day so I  mean and I’m not saying gun bought is a  bad bar people have been making money  with gun buy for a long time but but  private trailer is something you’re  watching this video learning how to  configure profit trailer likely because  you either already bought it or you want  to buy it because just by looking at  this you can tell it’s significantly  easier to use than gun bar and the thing  is the the developers a private trailer  I think it’s just what guy Elroy super  cold dude he’s not he’s not nickel and  diming everybody for any little feature  like I’ve got this running on my  telegram so people there is a bubbler  that I’m trying to figure it out because  people are adding it to telegram but  they’re not seeing the trade so I got to  fix that but you know I’m pretty sure  with gun bout you can do the same thing  but you have to buy an additional add-on  like everything you do it’s such a money  grab

the cost of gun bots especially now  the private trailers out is insulting I  mean to know that you can get a bot like  profit trailer so cheap I’m like pissed  because I bought gun by like three days  before I found profit trailer and I’m  like honestly really pissed and I don’t  care like you know it is what it is and  I’m not saying gun box not bad I just  feel like you need to be a freaking  engineer to really learn how to use it  properly because it’s just not intuitive  on like any level it’s just not and I  know they I bought the latest version  with the user and the buna user  interface and all that and it’s still  it’s still not I mean it is what it is I  am absolutely in love of profit trailer  and I’m in love with the community and  so hopefully this video helps you it’s  kind of long 37 minutes typically I try  to keep my videos around 20 minutes but  I’m hoping that this covers everything  you need to know and may  you a lot of money I want to make you a  lot of money I want all my crypto crows  but you know what I just made like  $50,000 last year because the crypto  crow taught me how to do all kinds of  awesome stuff

that’s honestly the goal  all right I will sign off now and let  the questions in the comments begin and  everybody hey hit that subscribe button  help me get over a thousand people I  haven’t checked in since last night I  could be closed I was at like 850 maybe  I think last night because I really want  to start doing some live broadcast I’m  actually thinking about building out a  studio in my basement with green screen  and the whole nine I have a lot of  equipment I just haven’t set it up I  figure you know people are gonna really  be taken to my channel and it seems like  everybody’s really digging the videos  I’m putting out I might start taking  this a little more seriously and I’d  like to maybe start doing some  interviews and things like that so if  you support what I’m doing  smash the likes and subscribe and link  and all that fun stuff and help me help  you by growing this community  thank you crypto crows and I’ll be back  soon with another addition of something  I’ll figure it out and get there    Thanks .

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