LIVE with Crypto Crow Fund Attorney Adam Tracy, Esq

LIVE with Crypto Crow Fund Attorney Adam Tracy, Esq


oh I was I thinking I was un-muted the  entire time , here we are with another evening  with the crypto crow and my my securities  attorney Adam Tracy thank you very very  much for taking the time out to not only  educate my viewers but myself because  every time we talk you’re always so full  of information and I never have a clue  what the hell you’re talking about so  hopefully this this will give me  something that I can personally refer to  anytime I need to remember something  important so one of the first things  that I wanted to address now I know that  a lot of people in my patreon are gonna  be tuning in to this even I told them  7:30 Eastern unfortunately we you and I  our time zones are different so we tend  to get that confused so we’re a little  late but hopefully that just gave  everybody more time to finish up  whatever the hell they were doing before  we we got on here so we’ll see but we I  have some initial questions to get  started with you and then I’m sure  there’ll be questions from a lot of the  patreon some of the accredited investors  and so ultimately what I want to do is  just kind of enlighten everybody is do  exactly what we’re doing like what what  kind of started this

what our plan is  where we’re at in the process you know  basically early on you know just for all  the viewers everybody pretty much knows  you know I was helping some neighbors  with with the ICO investing and things  of that nature and I started getting  some really big whales  you know contacting me wanting me to  invest for them at which point I thought  you know this is starting to get a  little crazy like there I need to make  sure that I am doing everything in a  compliant in a legal manner and that is  when I looked up Adam and I called him  up and I said hey man this is my  situation starting to get a little  nervous because I think this is becoming  a little bit more serious than just you  know me doing my hobby thing and helping  some friends and family what can I do to  do this on a grander scale and that’s  kind of where we left I basically said  look  I want I want to do what I do I want to  research I cos I want to invest in those  icos  and and that’s it you know and I and and  that’s kind of where we left it so  basically I guess to start off with one  of the biggest questions that I see on a  regular basis that has kept me up nights

okay  is do I need a FINRA license to do what  I’m doing and if not why not and I know  we talked about this earlier but I want  to educate the viewers so that they  understand the difference is in how  funds like this work you know investment  instruments different hedge funds so  forth and so on kind of the differences  and kind of what we’re doing and how  it’s different sure not a problem so the  irony right in all of this is that the  great legal debate with with crypto and  especially the ice videos is what is the  security and what isn’t a security and  obviously if the ico token for instance  is a security then that triggers all the  securities laws that we find ourselves  having to deal with here right because  by virtue of creating a fund we’re  having to go through a securities  offering which is selling a pro rata  interest in the in the in the fund  partnership so you know that’s that’s  kind of where we are that’s why this  isn’t as I guess smooth and easy as a  lot of these IPOs that you advise your  horns on because as money of the ICO is  that I represent people on you don’t  have to go through the accredited  non-accredited process you don’t have to  go through the offering memorandum  process

you don’t have to go through the  process of starting up a limited  partnership but to your point into the  it’s answer your question as it relates  to the need or lack thereof for a FINRA  license is that you don’t need one  simply because you are creating this  private fund right and there’s a myriad  I mean there’s six sixty seventy odd  federal licenses that one could get and  they all knew were two different things  but the primary one is what what would  be known as like you’re serious seven  you’re serious 63 and that is typically  what like a registered financial  like what we would know as a stockbroker  would get okay and that license when you  are associated with a registered firm  allows someone to earn a commission on  the purchase and sale of securities to  another individual right that’s not what  we’re doing here okay what we’re doing  here is having a private offering of  limited partnership interests of  securities for purposes of pooling  founds pooling aetherium and making  investments much like any of the  millions of hedge funds in the world –  so for what you’re doing since you’re  not managing people’s accounts right you  are you are engaging in in sort of a  fund management capacity

you’re not  actually selling people anything taking  a commission on it you don’t require  that sort of license now the reverse of  that is what we may come up and it’s not  necessarily a FINRA license but it’s a  registered investment advisor license  right and that is a registration that  you have to make through your state and  through the the federal level SEC and  that relates to earning managing  people’s money and then earning some  form of a commission plus like an asset  under management  but again the differentiation is that  here we’re taking we’re we’re we’re  grouping investors together and they’re  you know there’s a commonality of  interest in terms of the investment as  opposed to each investor having their  own account and you going in there and  either acting as a stockbroker where  you’re selling them mutual funds you’re  selling them something and taking  Commission on it or acting as an  investment advisor where you are  offering them managed guidance like so  you think of like the kind of the term  manager to wallet the problem with the  managed Wall at which when we first met  that’s kind of what you know we were we  were kind of exploring

that’s very  difficult to do without having some sort  of investment advisor license because  that managed wallet that wallet is still  property of the client and you’re just  earning a fee or would be earning a fee  for providing like investment guidance  and trade recommendations things like  that nature that’s not what we’re doing  here and they’re one of the reasons why  we’re doing what we’re doing is to avoid  the necessity  of having those licenses of having to  have those licenses because you can tell  you that number one there are basically  no friend rubber okra dealers out there  that I’m aware of that would allow a  registered investment registered  financial adviser one of their  stockbrokers to sell any sort of IC  o—- token or Fiat I’m sorry or just  like a Bitcoin spot Bitcoin not talking  about I know so many of these guys who  are licensed financial advisors and  they’re not allowed to touch any of this  stuff  one of what one buddy of mine was just  approved to own it himself to be able to  actually set up his own wallet and make  a purchase in the Bitcoin he was just  given approval and this is from these  big financial you know advisory  conglomerates you know what I will name  any of them

but yeah it’s it’s crazy so  I love the fact that you’ve explained  that so well now I so one other quick  easy question just just for my own sake  and snot even really about the fund so  on my video right here I have a in green  it’s like very bright green on black and  this is I am NOT a licensed financial  adviser is that a sufficient disclaimer  for what I do in my channel and this is  more to help anybody else out there yeah  I mean it’s sufficient but it’s really  not it’s not needed right I mean you’re  not offering you’re not offering this  service right like you you aren’t acting  in a capacity or seeking to act in a  capacity or soliciting clients like I  would like when I had my side the cr7  you know a million years ago well you’re  not soliciting people for purposes of  acting in that capacity so I mean it’s  more than sufficient in the sense that  you don’t really need to have anything  unless you’re going like you’re towing  that line but you’re not towing that  line so by me going and talking about  different I SEOs and crypto coins and  things that I like or hey I just bought  this pointed a things like that that’s  enough that’s not that’s not anything  that’s going to get anybody on YouTube  in trouble

like I mean I guess because  that’s the big concern everybody on  YouTube has like  if we don’t throw up this disclaimer  that we don’t have a license that  doesn’t exist for us anyway that we  could somehow get into trouble and it  freaks me out I know it freaks a lot of  people out well I mean I mean look I  don’t know out of an abundance of  caution what I keep that there sure what  I put this is you know what I add the  addendum which you know add this to the  list of things I need to do maybe put  something the fact that this is not an  offering not a securities offering you  can put all that right I mean it’s not  it’s not a requirement legally but you  need it doesn’t hurt to include it right  because at the end of the day confusion  is what ultimately leads to to you know  litigation right so it’s like that’s how  you can avoid it but if I can kind of  like guess where you’re going right and  and you know for those for your  followers and you know for people don’t  know me well I’m guessing most of you  don’t you know my background for you  know the 1516 years and practicing has  been in securities

in the last for I’ve  kind of migrated over to to crypto but  I’ve done you know over 50 IPOs and  reverse mergers and all the stuff and so  when you’re and a lot have been in the  micro cap and small cap arena right and  that’s where you see like stock  promotion right that’s where you see  like you know that you sort of the pump  and dump which is sort of an illegal  form of it but that’s where you see like  a lot of hype right because you’ve got  this like myriad of small companies  vying for attention you know as opposed  to like New York Stock Exchange NASDAQ  where you see you know the biggest and  household lane types securities well  there’s rules about how you as a  promoter as a paid promoter as a  compensated promoter that you have to  disclose the fact that you have been  compensated for like promoting the stock  but again you’re not doing that here  right like what you’re basically  offering is you’re you know very  valuable opinion on you know different  IC o—- is that you’ve done the  research on you’ve you know done the due  diligence on you find to be you know of  investment great

and so you know in the  absence of you being engaged in having  like this conflict of  that you see all the time right think  about like all that you know penny stock  world see that all the time or people  are out there this is great and social  media is just like it’s the worse for it  because no one’s impartial and  everybody’s anonymous I mean you know  here you’re out there saying this I’m  doing but you’re not picking these  securities because are these icos  because people are saying hey Jason you  know we love what you’re doing you know  here’s X amount of token and what I have  you can you you know give us a good word  you’re offering your own impartial  advice right I mean that’s what people  pay for so when it relates to like what  disclosures you have the legal  disclosures you know for like this sort  of quasi online marketing and social  media marketing really relates to like  conflicts of interest everything else is  really just First Amendment right which  is just your opinion I mean your opinion  can be terrible right I mean that  doesn’t make it any less it’s just your  opinion right at the end of the day and  in the absence of you being paid to do  it you know then there’s there’s no  required disclosure

now what you have up  there I mean does it make sense  absolutely absolutely  yeah I mean because I you know I do paid  reviews as well you know what I mean but  I’m really just kind of going over the  content you know I’m going over their  websites I’m going over you know I’ll go  I’ll talk a little bit about what  position the coin is in compared to  where it was maybe a week ago do I think  that the technology merits a you know a  rise in value over time things like that  but I I don’t necessarily say oh you  know you you need to buy this and you  know I’m giving you financial advice I  tell everybody look I’m not a financial  adviser I don’t know what the hell I’m  talking about do your own research and I  I say that quite often just kind of let  everybody know that this is a this is a  personal opinion based off of what I see  and you know it’s it’s not necessarily  anything that anybody needs to follow  you you use me as a guide maybe to kind  of point you in the right direction of  things but don’t definitely don’t go out  and buy everything I talked about well  and and so you have the differentiation  and this is like to me you know sort of  securities like nerd about it

I mean  these are where in traditional finance  you have  this infrastructure right like and you  have and you’ve had for you know a  hundred plus years you have large  investments very smaller investment  banks that you know offer like resource  reports right I mean you know turn on  CNBC like any gifted a they’ll be a  rundown of like you know upgrades  downgrades by cells whatever  recommendations that you know your  larger dustman’s houses like offer well  that’s not promotion right likely they  get paid to come in there there’s a  there’s a fee there it’s related that  but they’re so offering like an unbiased  sort of opinion right  what paid promotion is sort of like this  one-sided bias like pump of you know  really anything right so you can  differentiate the two right and and so  you know doing a paid review is really  filling that void that you don’t see in  this market where there’s some  knowledgeable third party who’s gonna  come in and offer some unbiased opinion  about what’s going on right

I mean and  that’s and that’s what’s not there you  don’t have independent research right so  in the absence of having that I mean you  have people try it but in the absence of  having that that’s that’s fine that’s  not promotion promotion is like this  thing is going to the moon and I got  paid a bunch of tokens to tell you that  whether I think that or not right and  that’s not more doing here gotcha and  that that makes me feel a lot better  because people who watch my paid reviews  know if you can pay me to talk about it  doesn’t mean I’m gonna speak well it’s  kind of you know I I accept offers to  talk about different I SEOs but if I you  know if I’m digging into it and uh you  know I find stuff that I don’t agree  with or I don’t think is you know  appropriate or you know the team’s kind  of week or whatever the case is I say it  you know and so yeah that’s and I think  that’s part of the reasons why people  enjoy and and I think honestly I think  it’s still a reason why some people who  even though they know my reputation for  calling out I cos that I think are not  probably going to do so well for  whatever reason they still like to try  their luck

because you know the way I  handle my reviews gets abused and so  they’re there by they’re there  they’re more interested in buying the  exposure than just me saying yes buy  this today cuz it’s like you know you  get enough people that are doing that  nobody gives a shit anymore anyway you  know so it’s it’s yeah so that’s that  and it’s and it’s like contrary I mean  it’s such contrarian thinking half the  time right like you know any time you  see it and like people come in and like  we’ll pan something it like 10 you know  I mean there’s this whole worldview of  like just because the guy said no I’m  gonna go jump in and do it cuz somebody  else said yeah so I mean you’re just you  you know the cryptocurrencies it’s just  it’s imperfect right like you know  they’re not like compared to traditional  financial markets they’re like obviously  in their infancy the liquidity is  actually strikingly low right compared  to like you know shares of Google right  but that’s why the returns are  strikingly high at times because of that  right because of this imperfect  information and because of like this  lack of like formal infrastructure so  you know people like you fill that that  void right in the absence of their being  you know one until like traditional  finance comes in and sort of  accommodates that right

so you know I  mean that’s that’s just the nature of  the beast that’s the market we’re in so  so I’m looking at some of the questions  one of the big questions so can you  explain to people kind of the  differences between you know the fund as  it relates to accredited investors and  then those who are not what what did we  say to kind of explain the differences  and you know what’s to be expected right  okay so let’s let’s start out by saying  you know for purposes of what we’re  talking about here none of this can be  construed as to be an offering of  securities right let’s let’s just have a  general informational chat on how this  works just in a sort of high-level  general framework of securities  regulation so you know if if the term if  you’re familiar with the term  crowdfunding or the JOBS Act right which  was it’s a relatively  vintage that amended what has always  been known as Regulation D in Regulation  D of the Securities Act governs private  sales of securities right so like you  know for instance the sale of  partnership interest and in the font and  there’s different subsets different  rules 506 504 etc and the traditional  relatively new crowdfunding exemption is  rule 506 okay

and what was unique about  the change when they made that was that  rule 506 C said that you could raise an  unlimited amount of money in a private  offering and you could generally solicit  right meaning you could like solicit  online you could use sort of opens open  marketing right to do that which you  couldn’t have done before but if you  wanted to use that exemption where you  could raise you know unlimited amounts  of money you had to cater only to and  accept only accredited investors right  and so there’s different you know subset  of what an accredited investor is right  million dollar net worth $200,000 net  income any sort of entity institution  retirement account things like that are  you know deemed to be individuals like  that or corporations or LLC’s  partnerships what-have-you are deemed to  be accredited right and while you can  solicit and undoubtedly like in a 506  and crowdfunding type scenarios while  you could solicit you know in a broad  manner right you could not sell and  still cannot sell to a non accredited  investor so that’s the limitation right

so when you know as like we’ve spoken  about when you’re out there marketing  the master fund you may see that  non-accredited individuals like will  respond right or like you know see the  marketing and like inquire but for that  master fund for rule 506 you wouldn’t be  able to accept they’re in  now for that master fund you have an  unlimited amount of capital that you can  raise right and being like a hedge fund  you know typically you tend to keep the  offering if you will open right and  there’s some different limitations about  about you know when hedge funds get big  enough that you have to have to register  but that’s you know kind of far down the  road so we won’t go down that rabbit  hole with it but the reality is you know  in the manner in which you market this  master fund you’re in doubtedly going to  be contacted or you know with your  following as I know you have you know  garner responses from individuals we may  not meet the requirements of accredited  investors right so you with me thus far  on that yeah I just mute myself when you  talk so you don’t have got everybody so  so the reality is the 506 of the master  fund is solely limited to accredited  investors

now rule 504 of Regulation D  provides for some except exemptions and  a different offering structure so a  limitation of like five million and an  exception for up to 35 unaccredited  investors but unlike with the master  fund rule 506 that solicitation can be  open solicitation right there has to be  sort of some direct private  communication there can’t be kind of  this you know offering online and things  like that  so as you know we’ve discussed and how  you know how we sort of structure this  and then go forward basis is that you  know especially with the website that  site and that the content of that site  is really directed only towards  accredited investors right in to the  extent that different individuals who  are following you and you know want to  be part of you know be the baby fund the  non-accredited fund  you can sort of take that offline talk  to you and like do the onboarding  process in that manner because again the  open solicitation right like that sort  of broad marketing right that that you  are already employing and that you know  everybody else doing final six can do  can’t apply to any other exemption other  than at 5:06 so it’s only going to apply  to accredited investors so well as it  relates to you know the baby fund or the  baby funds as it go you know

as is they  sort of go through you know we’ll have  to connect sort of you know I don’t say  offline isn’t it but you know outside of  the ambit of that that general framework  that we’ve created for the master fun  because that marketing isn’t meant for  or dedicated to non-accredited investors  because it can’t be gotcha  III I’m I’m even starting to understand  a little bit more now about you know  it’s funny listening to you on the phone  talking about all this stuff and  watching you talk about it it’s  definitely a lot easier to understand  what you’re saying  when I’m seeing you I don’t know why but  so you know so I get it I mean basically  you know in the for the just due to the  way the regulations work my my what I’m  doing is I’m ultimately marketing to  accredited investors but the the  non-accredited investors are taking  interest they want to be involved as  well but in order for them to be  involved it’s it’s a separate fund it’s  a different fund not associated with  accredited investors and there’s a cap  on the number of people that can be  associated with each of those funds is  that basically what it boils down to  yeah there’s three differences one being  the the amount of the size of those  funds would be limited to essentially  five million okay

now ultimately  pragmatically does that you know make a  difference for what you’re doing  arguably maybe not but there’s a limit  there’s an exception for up to thirty  five non-accredited investors and of  course the general solicitation you know  the general solicitation  rules do not apply so we can’t use those  right but you know again and we sort of  talked to spoke earlier today about how  we can modify the website a little bit  to make it a little more clear and at  the same time a little more I don’t to  say compliant but more straightforward  from a client client’s perspective on  how you know we can we can still connect  with not potentially non-accredited  right because you know ultimately you  may not know until you really like look  at it non-accredited investors for you  know these alternative smaller funds  that that you know we’re going about  creating so the just just a so that I  better understand as well so the people  that have come on board and they  basically expressed interest obviously  we haven’t taken on any of the the baby  crows or anything like that yet and so I  guess the is the so with me having  talked about this fund and people  finding out about it from YouTube and  other things that I’ve done you know

what if what if some of these people  came because I talked about being able  to help non-accredited investors I mean  because I that probably has happened up  to this point where I basically  basically said look you know I can have  very few in each fund but I can I can  ultimately help unaccredited people in  the ICL market but what do I do about  that like if that an issue having not  actually brought any of these people on  board yet provided there are certain  precautions and compliance issues that  we address or did I already just screw  up know what you did well one you  definitely didn’t screw up because you  haven’t launched the the smaller funds  right so I mean nothing’s codified and  it sounds like that to you know what’s  what’s important and sort of the grand  scheme of things and I could I could you  know talk for an hour about the  marketing rules and how that works for  non-accredited investors and you know I  know we’ve spoken about it in length and  we could probably speak about to another  couple hours I won’t bore your audience  but you know the part of that is having  a rule  right you know your ability to reach out  to potentially non-accredited investors  for you know

like let’s say a fun you  know a 500 500 for fun that has the  ability to accept not on a credit  investors part of that’s having like a  relationship right a pre-existing  relationship and with many of you know  your followers many as i understand at  least many of the people that you know  may have interest and may not be  accredited right you know may already  have a relate business relationship with  you through the patreon account and and  things of that nature so you know the  the solicitation right and you know you  know we can kind of refine this but how  you connect with those individual people  and you know what that looks like is  really the key right that’s really the  key to do this in a compliant compliant  manner right because again like we we  have to sort of create you know what’s  called a Chinese wall between the master  fund which is only for accredited  investors and you know any fund that  would provide an exception for some  amount of non-accredited investors okay  so that’s that’s really you know that’s  really didn’t access of it right and you  know with the documentation and the  disclosures and you know sort of the due  diligence that we would do on anybody  right

whether it’s a credit or not  accredited I think you know that that  sets the bar right and you go from you  go from there you know as it relates to  how do you reach out to them well most  cases you have a relationship with them  right you know if they’re your  subscribers if they’re you know known to  you if they’re you know friends family  what what have you you know your active  reaching out to them is you know a de  facto sort of compliant type  solicitation as opposed to broadly like  you know I’m gonna just shoot an email  to you know fifty thousand people that I  found like that in a non-accredited  sense is not kosher you know having some  sort of like cognizance of who you’re  dealing with right not just shooting  anything out of space and trying to  catch something that  yeah I mean to be honest that the pretty  much everybody  for the most part that is involved in my  kind of crypto crow sphere have come to  me from all walks of life all over the  world and all of my facebook telegrams  cell phone text messages emails like you  name it people have just swarmed to me  like I’m just the 7-foot magnet of  man-meat and everybody’s just you know

what in the piece just kidding but I  know you can’t see me but but you know  it’s it’s so I feel better knowing that  you know really all I original I just  started with this kind of channel  talking about what I do and in my coins  I like and and it started very Hobby ish  but just there are so many people who  have come to me and said can you help me  can you what can you do for me like I  don’t know even how to set up a wallet  and that’s where the whole like wallet  management kind of came into play  because it’s not financial advice it’s I  did emails to this day people trying to  word things properly so that I’ll answer  them because which I still don’t you  know I I if I have a thousand dollars  and I’m gonna buy card on Oh or going to  your fund what should I do this is what  happened today and I’m like I’m sorry  you have to go with your heart on that I  can’t tell you what to do it’s like a  personal you know decision for yourself  and they email me badly how can i word  this in a speculative manner so that’s  your answer and I’m like I just I can’t  you know what I mean so I feel that  giving giving what I have known up to  this point even prior to you know  starting to work with you and talk to  you about planning all of this you know

I I’m hoping that you know my big thing  is I in you you know obviously by now  especially with all my emails everybody  I just I like when it just so everybody  knows I went ape shit last night like I  was up super late just you know it was  one of those moments where you know  there are so many people relying on me  to to help them to do something for them  and you know it’s like when you’ve got  all these laws and regulations and all  of this gobbly gook that I’ll  ever understand fully and it’s it’s it’s  a really difficult thing to kind of  juggle the expectation and the  excitement and all of the questions and  everything else going on on this side of  the fence and and juggling that with all  my own concerns and securities of you  know self-doubt ignorance of the laws  and making sure you know you get where  I’m going and so yeah that’s that’s  that’s you know the fact that I I you  know in talking to you I know that you  know what you’re talking about and  that’s a big reason why we’re doing this  tonight to help educate everybody else  and so that everybody else kind of  understands

like you always say like  everybody’s an expert like everybody and  I agree like everybody’s an expert and  everybody has their own idea as to what  they think is Lobby or what they think  is right you know just so you guys know  and because I’ve seen a lot of this yes  Adam is the crypto CRO master fund  lawyer like he is the the gentleman  who’s been helping me put this whole  thing together teaching me you know what  all this stuff means you know and and  and really helping me through it and  ultimately he is you know he is helping  you guys by helping me help you guys so  you know and he also has a channel on  YouTube that he puts a lot of  information on and so you know make sure  you guys check that out so what I’m  gonna do now is I’m gonna go over here  to the chat we’ve been on here for a  little while and I don’t want to keep  you all night I know how busy you are  I figure out get a few good questions  for you and then well I know one thing  everybody’s asking me is when are the  baby crows launching like when can they  expect to start seeing activity for for  being able to work with them well the  the infrastructure and the offering  memorandums in place

so I think you know  given what we’ve kind of discussed here  on you know in an offline between us how  we start approaching that means the  extent that you I know you already have  quickly how we start you know the  process of onboarding I think we can you  know you’re you’re ready to go right I  just I think we probably need 15  to just talk about the mechanics and the  methodology of it right and you know  again I think it’s just getting that  squared away which I know you know we  sort of bounce back and forth sound like  exactly what the Sun who descended on  all that but I think you’re ready to go  yep you’re right you know you’re  comfortable I’m I’m comfortable with it  so okay great  that’s like you just made everybody’s  night so because I know that 500 of the  people on here tuned in to find out when  are they gonna be able to do anything so  one other question how what are the  differences because I get asked this a  lot what are the differences between um  excuse me American investors and those  outside of the United States yeah so and  and I think that’s that’s sort of the  next stage when you’re dealing with an  investor who’s outside of the United  States Regulation D doesn’t necessarily  apply right

it’s called regulation ass  and so the accredited non-accredited  standard in the marketing will sort of  go by the wayside right they’re not  they’re not really applicable to people  outside the US in Canada so Canada’s  included on it right you know so that  it’s really a similar process and I  think the documentation is a little bit  different which I’ve said I put together  but we just probably need to like square  it away now the the next you know I  think the next phase right when this  sort of you know when the master funder  has which reaches critical mass is the  establishment of what’s known as like a  feeder fund right and overwhelmingly you  know most significant hedge funds you  know in the United States will have an  offshore feeder fund and a feeder fund  is just simply you know I I don’t call  it like a dummy fund but it’s a fun  that’s  domicile they’re created in a place like  the Cayman Islands where you know which  is a huge hub for hedge funds or you  know some similar locale  that has low tax or no tax and the the  investment objective of that fund is to  do one thing and that’s invest in the  domestic fund so gives people the option  whether they’re in the United States or  outside the United States to invest in  an offshore jurisdiction and to the  extent that they are you know not from  the United States

there is some there  can be some value in it because there’s  different tax treaties which I won’t get  into it because I would say consult your  tax advisor but you know I think in the  grand plan  right the grand scheme of things that’s  sort of where we we go with with that  but for the time being right  you know anybody from outside the United  States is is really on par with with any  of the accredited investors because the  delineation between accredited  non-accredited doesn’t doesn’t really  exist so you know they’re I think again  I think we’ve got all that documentation  together I think just another quick  clarification between you and I and you  can reach out to those individuals okay  fantastic I think I think for the most  part we covered all the most important  things Wow we’ve been at this for 38  minutes I really do appreciate you doing  this  tonight you know it’s it’s it’s Monday  what seeing my my dogs have a savage  fight of course I don’t hear any of that  so that’s a I’m not running some dog I’m  just you know I run pit bull fights on  the side so you know it it fits in the  gaps oh man okay well I know that a lot  of people you know

a lot of it looks  like a lot of people have a lot of tax  related questions but I know you’re  gonna have to defer to a tax expert you  know guys he’s a securities lawyer he’s  not he’s not somebody that can advise  you on the taxes so I’m not even gonna  waste his time by asking him that stuff  you want to ask somebody go back and  look at the video where I in  you know Scott Livengood about crypto  taxes and whatnot and I am gonna be  having him back on so just so everybody  knows you guys get your questions ready  for him once I get back from Arizona I’m  actually gonna be starting with them on  handling my crypto taxes and I’m gonna  be reporting back as to how well that  went so save your tax questions for them  I think we covered pretty much  everything man I think at this point  I’ve got I’ve got one more video that  I’m gonna be doing tonight I’m gonna  call it a night and I’m gonna get rested  up and I basically I will say this I  think well as soon as I get back from  Arizona which will be next Monday I will  assume to start getting busy with  reaching out to everybody and start some  of the onboarding process

I know  everybody wants it to be now I know I’m  sorry but I am leaving very very late  tomorrow evening to fly out to Arizona  which is where I’ll be for four days so  you know I’m speaking at that the  blockchain conference out there and you  know my wife and I are just making it a  little mini vacation so we’re gonna be  out there and have some fun so when I  come back I will be knocking your doors  down at them so that we can get this  thing going  yeah and listen in the meantime because  I can see the questions kind of rolling  through over here I you know it if I can  make myself available you know to do  kind of an AMA type thing either read a  telegram what have you you know where I  can answer questions I’m happy to do it  you know feel free to work with me in  schedule time and we’ll you know we can  work it all out saying I can see kind of  a lot of the questions rolling through  and they’re pretty you know a lot of  them are pretty short simple answers but  I’m happy to spend you know an hour to  answering them so just let me know all  right man I really appreciate it

I’ll  definitely take you up on that as soon  as we get this thing going and have a  very very good evening for everybody  else thank you for joining me tonight  Adam Tracy the Bitcoin lawyer helping  with the crypto crow fund make sure you  guys subscribe to his channel and start  watching some of his stuff look he  teaches a lot of stuff that I you know I  could see you guys ask and he teaches a  lot of different things on his channel  it’s not a big hoop  watch Channel and he’s not like me he’s  not gonna cry or anything okay but  you’re probably gonna learn something so  yo judge so thank you guys for viewing  and I will see you guys soon and until  next time crow your coins

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