Live Hangout – Cartel Coin Email – Questions and Fun

Live Hangout – Cartel Coin Email – Questions and Fun


What’s up Everybody   Have a Good Evening . . .   Good Evening I should say  I am the  Crypto Crow   I decided I almost didn’t  even do a video tonight obviously my  green screen stuffs going weird I don’t  know my lighting is off I’ve got like  four lights in here man and everything  is just out of whack I don’t know maybe  it’s a time of day I don’t know we’ll  just have to suck it up I’ll just I’ll  just look a little funky tonight I don’t  know what’s happening  man I got some there’s just so the today  has been such a crazy day people I’m  telling you what today has been  absolutely crazy like I did a deal today  that could make me Millions coming into  the year and I’m just like blown away by  it like all I’m gonna say is that like I  can’t really say anything I can’t say  anything all I’m gonna say is that like  I just like I mean all day like I was  going back and forth I was on conference  calls and I was doing all this stuff and  I just I’m just still I’m still blown  away almost like I was I’m just gonna  take a break tonight but then I’m like  man I cannot go to sleep until I’ve seen  you guys I know I am being a tease but a  lot of people are gonna benefit from  what I did today

and so everybody will find out everybody  will find out down the road but I just I  can’t say anything so one thing that I  can say is that Bitcoin shit so man I  can’t believe it dropped under 9 grand I  don’t even know where it’s gonna go guys  don’t even ask me because I have no clue  [Music]  so oh yeah no it’s not that coin deal  some of you guys are privy to there was  a company that reached out to me  recently basically wanting to tokenize  my youtube channel basically wanting to  you know because they know that I’m  trying to figure out like I’ve done  giveaways that just ended in disaster  like I actually tried to send some coins  was it last night I think it was either  last night or the night before from one  of the I cos and I went through me and I  was like screw it I’m just gonna send  everybody their stuff like the ICO just  seems to be taking forever and I think  it’s almost done and I was just like  alright we’re close enough like can I  send all these coins and then I found  out that every one of those transactions  failed and I don’t know if it’s because  somehow that ICO blocked them from being  traded yet I don’t know what happened  but I couldn’t send anything and then I  noticed another one like people just  kept sending me bad addresses

I don’t  even know what to do like my bank era  tokens they haven’t even been unlocked  yet so they’re still sitting in that  wallet but I can’t even touch them  anyway you know but I do want to  everybody knows I’m trying to figure out  a way how can I give back what can I do  and so in this this this guy he reached  out he was like hey volume volume mate  what’s wrong with my volume let me check  and see I  oh maybe it’s because this isn’t real  close to my face  maybe I’ll just move it a little closer  and hopefully that’ll help so it sucks  what it’s a pain in the ass to be a good  guy well it’s like I so anyway this  company reached out to me like hey what  if we tokenized your channel and like  you you know we would host a big sale  like a token sale and then you know the  money that you generate from your  YouTube channel you can devote a  percentage of that to go basically back  to your fans and at first I was like yes  that is awesome right and I started  thinking that would just be  because then they’d be hands-off for me  I wouldn’t have to worry about it  anymore just you know whatever whatever  we do is what we do and then a  percentage goes out to everybody and we  could designate a proportion of  charities and everything else

and so I  posted it on my telegram channel it’s  like six thousand people in there and  it’s a really good group and I love all  you guys and Dax I got to give a shout  out to Dax because you know I treated  him a little bit today because the guy  every time I go in there he’s like the  first name I see I made him a moderator  as well as pine pines getting there but  you know I’ve got some guys in this in  my community that are just nothing but  helpful and they keep the community  going and they’re there on top of you  know getting rid of spammers and  scammers and everything and they just do  a hell of a job and but anyway I asked  the community what they thought of it  and Dax was like you need to pin this  and so I pinned it and you know it’s  it’s um just everybody who’s saying go  for it go for it go for it and then one  guy made a really good point he was like  you know what a jerk it’s your channel  it’s your business you do what you want  but keep this in mind should you do that  know that you will be under a microscope  and constant scrutiny for everything you  do on your channel and I was just like  whoa you’re so right and you know

I feel  like I kinda am now to an extent but I  feel like you know my ico reviews being  something that I’ve seen some comments  you know like aw you’re such a show  you’re promoting these paid you know  reviews and all this other stuff but  then you know the majority of you guys  are all very supportive because I know  that any of you who have watched more  than three or four of my videos gets it  like you know how I am and so you don’t  you don’t you know me better than I’m  just gonna like shill a bunch of garbage  and tell a book tell everybody to go buy  something that I know is just not gonna  do well so anyway that’s just one of the  things but no that wasn’t the deal  that’s not what we did Dax never sleeps  he’s a droid  you’re right man Dax is a beast he  really is I got to give him a lot of  credit and a lot of respect and and  actually I’ve been chatting with  somebody else because you know a bunch  of people who come to me like why would  you want to get rid of your discord  Channel and I’m like I don’t have the  time to manage it I don’t have the time  to be in their policing all the scammers  and all the everybody trying to  impersonate me running around asking  people for money and this and that and  I’m but I did somebody connected me to  somebody else who’s really good at  discord and I’m still kind of looking

I’m gauging my options but I’m trying to  find like a discord master than those  scripts and BOTS and could really just  transform my discord channel into  something powerful something that I’m  proud to invite people into again  because it’s it’s it’s it’s a great  community of people but I feel like  everybody’s so tired of being spammed  and I just don’t have the time to clean  it up so I’m kind of looking for a  marshal you know but discords kind of a  different turn up the volume again  really I mean it’s all maxed so I don’t  know what’s going on if you can’t maybe  you need to turn your volume up because  from the looks of things everything’s  fine on my end anyway long story short  I’m looking for somebody to kind of help  with that so we’ll see I’m not a hundred  percent convinced that I’m gonna get rid  of discord just yet so man what’s your  telegram how many of you guys click show  more in my description  I’ve got like thirty links in there for  all of you guys check them out man I’ve  got all kinds of stuff in there so  anyway I just realized you guys can’t  even see what I’m doing there yeah  bitcoins at 9 grand so here’s the first  thing that I wanted to show you and I  didn’t really I don’t really have a big  agenda

tonight I just kind of wanted to  come and hang out for those of you that  aren’t sleeping it’s almost 11 o’clock  Eastern my time so I just wanted to say  hi and um so my speakers are crap I can  hear you fine good I have a man crush on  you  well thank you so cartel coin you know  those of you who watched my cartel coin  review knew that I was conflicted a bit  because I you know I wasn’t sure why  these guys would pay me to do the review  because I they had to have known you  know that they they just weren’t quite  ready right and I was suddenly I was  waiting I was waiting for an email of  just sheer just hate right I was I was  so I’ve been I was waiting for their  response so I only copied half of their  email because they didn’t give me  permission to put the whole email but I  figured like the the first the first  part of it I’m sure they’ll be fine with  but I just wanted to share their  response but part of their response okay  mr. crow the horrendous review you gave  us is completely an utterly dot-dot-dot  ha ha ha  joking man that actually got me too my  name is Paul Mack from cartel chain and  just wanted to personally email and say  hello I don’t want to come off like I’m  greasing the wheels but after watching  your review of cartel

I have to say I’m  a fan you are literally the best I co  reviewer in this space by a long stretch  I am gonna get a little bit of emotional  because this shit does mean a lot by a  long stretch and I am very impressed man  before cartel I have I have and always  will be a blockchain and decentralized  ambassador I believe in this movement  and appreciate anyone who contributes in  a positive progressive way you actually  put in the work and obviously care about  your content I’ve watched countless  reviews by other influencers and the  majority are terrible and in my opinion  very irresponsible for even discussing a  project publicly where funding is  involved they either read off the  website verbatim or have little insider  knowledge on the mechanics of the  blockchain applications or the actual  business model you really gave it some  thought  deliver  insight and a whole bunch of honesty  which was really refreshing you nailed  it a lot with your review of cartel  chain man you were wrong about one thing  though we’re not mad or pissed we really  will  we were really appreciative to have an  outsider’s perspective spoken truthfully  instead of a bunch of friend oriented  great work amazing followed by Pat’s on  the back the truth is that we have been  discussing some of the very things you  pointed out and all I can say is that  that was just one of the most powerful  email responses I ever received about  one of my reviews especially

and there  was a lot more to it but he basically  went through pretty much all of the  points that I made and explained how  they were things that they were thinking  they weren’t ready yet and not because  the concept not because of the lack of  developers not because of any of that  but just because and I’ve been here I  totally know where these guys are coming  from you know I’ve talked in the past  about my’s EMPA project by Universal  Walla which I redirected that website to  micro forums for now but I thought my  idea was so groundbreaking and so like  the people will love this that I didn’t  think that I all I thought I thought  honestly when people get wind that  there’s a development team that that’s  been brought together to to create this  universal peer-to-peer wallet project  you know basically giving you the  ability to like if I let’s say in here  okay so for those of you that don’t even  know what the hell my Zampa project was  the idea was pretty simple nobody got it  nobody seemed to understand what I was  trying to do I’m gonna have to fix my  video camera here in a minute but  basically the idea was if you have let’s  say you here hold on I’m gonna try and  fix this real quick cuz this is really  bugging me I’m looking like a half ghost  dude  and uh I was trying to mess with it a  little bit earlier but here that’s a  little better all right

okay so  basically the simple universal wallet  the whole idea was let’s say I have like  ten etherium okay I deposit it into my  wallet and I turn it on is being usable  by other people and then let’s say  somebody else has litecoin all right and  it’s all being contributed into this  wallet pool and now maybe I find a new  pair of sneakers online and they accept  cryptocurrency but maybe they only  accept litecoin but I only have  aetherium so what what happen is is that  I would actually initiate a transaction  to purchase those shoes from the website  using white coin but instead of but I  only have aetherium  so what it would do is the system would  go down and would find all of the  available like coin in the in the pool  and it would actually complete the  transaction using another users like  coin while I’m replenishing the same  value in etherium from my won’t wallet  okay that was my idea somebody can steal  that now they think it’s worthy enough  but I tried to I got a development team  like all these people together and I  literally had like this epiphany like  breakdown at like 4 a.m. and I came up  with this whole concept and there’s a  lot more to it

I had it all broke down I  stopped the white paper and everything  that I wrote I could not sleep until I  wrote the white paper I wrote the whole  white paper myself like in one night and  it wasn’t very big  it wasn’t like 50 pages or anything  mind-blowing but yeah no need to  transfer no need no need for exchange  like it was it was all just it’s just a  universal wallet pool comprised of like  the top 100 crypto currencies or even  the top 50 for that matter whatever but  anybody could basically use any  cryptocurrency on the market for any  purpose and you know I thought it was  brilliant personally I really did and I  honestly thought that once I put you  know I built the website myself I got  the white paper I went it and I found a  development team that has like  blockchain experience and and we’re  still friends today and and you know  we’re actually working on projects  together and you know I just thought  that word of mouth would take this thing  to the moon  and give me the funds necessary to  really establish everything that I was  lacking at the time a marketing budget  being able to expand the team bringing  on some some you know big-name advisors  and I was basically trying to pull the  cart before the horse and I feel that  that’s kind of where cartel coin is

they’re like look we’ve got this great  idea and we really wanted to get this  going and they thought that based off  you know they have all their friends all  their family all everybody that they  know basically cheering them on telling  them go go go and they you know they  they get it and and so just the fact  that they sent me such a  well-thought-out email just to me earned  an abundance more respect and as a  matter of fact I like shared this in my  telegram channel and because of the way  they handled the review and because they  were so receptive of my review a lot of  people in the CRO your coins they’re the  the crypto CRO Channel are now very much  interested in the project because just  because of the sheer integrity of these  guys you know basically taking my review  and running with it which is exactly  what I was hoping would happen so you  can rest assured I’m definitely gonna be  keeping my eye on these guys and their  progress moving forward and hopefully  they get everything together and and  they’re ready to come back and just  start you know cleaning the house so  we’ll see but you know Paul if you’re  watching this I do appreciate that email  more than I could tell you because yes  paid reviews are not I care very deeply  about my content here I care very deeply  about my reputation and crypto space and

and yeah you know like my entire life  it’s I’ve had my intelligence and my  integrity those are the only thing two  things I really had well outside of my  extremely dominant physical presence but  yeah you know it was just it was a very  powerful email and you know I’ve I have  very little you know growing up coming  from nothing having nothing my whole  life you know they always say you know  you’re a man  it’s only as good as his word and in  things like that and I believe that you  know and I’ve realized and I’ve learned  early on years and years ago even when I  was in the music business one of the  shadiest craziest businesses out there  that just me being me just brutally  honest hard-working willing to dive in  and you know get into the guts of  anything and then sort through it with  with with integrity and passion opened  up so many doors to me in the music  business that I was able to pull stuff  off for bands I worked with that nobody  else would have been able to and I can  tell you that straight up and it allowed  me to build really solid relationships  in an arena that let’s face it money  talks and prestige and everything else  and I didn’t have any of that so you  know yeah that that was that was really  cool so I’m gonna close that out so

let  me hit chat up a little bit here and see  what oh there is something else that I  wanted to show everybody so this is a  website that a lot of you guys in the  United States are probably gonna want to  start taking some interest in and  hopefully I didn’t I’ll probably add  this to the keywords so people know that  I’m even talking about this but this is  Republic it’s Republic dot co so in a  second here I’m gonna go into this I’m  going to show you guys this site but I’m  gonna hit chat a little bit and see  what’s going on in here  your sincerity comes through well that’s  good because good bad or ugly I’m very  sincere and just about everything I say  being a decent human puts you miles  ahead of a lot of people I gotta say it  hasn’t been easy but I agree with you  no worries crow I would get paid if I  could for this shit but also give  honestly that’s why you were followed  thumbs up bro well thank you Brian  yes Big Ups to all the ladies I must  have missed something talk about in cash  crow they’re just tossed scares me  no ranting tonight and go I don’t really  have anything to rant about freaking out  crow with the BC BTC drop there’s  nothing to freak out about folks I mean  look the only thing that does give me  some pause is that I don’t remember what  it’s called now cuz it’s late and I’m  half a zombie

but the you know the guy  that’s got like a billion and a half  dollars more Bitcoin that he wants to  sell i I mean there should definitely be  something stopping this guy from dumping  everything he’s got and you know all the  Bitcoin he’s got and dumping it just  basically keeping a glass ceiling on the  Bitcoin price so I don’t know I don’t  even I didn’t even really dive too deep  into the whole story but apparently  something got hacked and he knows a  bunch of people a lot of money so he’s  dumping his Bitcoin to pay everybody  back which noble effort but it really  doesn’t matter if he dried the price of  Bitcoin into the shitter so we’ll see  you thanks the ghost it’s good seeing  you too min but I mean in a nutshell I’m  not too concerned overall with with  Bitcoin or the market but I would be I  would be very upset if one dude holding  that much Bitcoin had the ability to  keep the entire market at its knees  you know if the SEC wants to regulate  something regulate how much you can dump  into the market in a given year how  about that for starters because that’s  just ridiculous right there so you know  deals like that should be made outside  of exchanges yo  so I’m sure it wouldn’t be that  difficult to find you know enough people  willing to buy that Bitcoin why don’t  you just hold on to that shit for you  know six months and then make some deals  where you’re able to sell it off you  know

maybe take a grand less than the  value at the time and sell that shit in  bulk all outside of exchanges how about  doing that  so anyway republic crypto this is  basically a site that will as I  understand it and abled those of you in  the US that are not accredited to be  able to invest in an IC o—- startups  like a lot of these are smaller  companies so you know but it’s just an  option for some of you you know you can  become an investor so those four  investors startups raising now and you  can you can invest in all kinds of  different businesses but they’re they’re  getting into the crypto space now as  well for investors wit net and props  raise funds token dpi so yeah there’s  another one let me see that  open  [Music]  I talked to some guys today as I said  this is it  keep your eye on this earlier this  afternoon I had a call with these guys  and I’m not gonna go too deep into it  yet but I am working on this isn’t even  a paid anything this isn’t about being  paid I want to get involved okay and  they these guys told me a bunch of stuff  that I don’t I don’t even think I can  repeat but this could be big like that’s  a lot and I think I saw somebody pop up  in a notification today that might be  doing a review on it I have to look and  see if they were or if it was this or it  was something with a similar name

I’m  not sure but this is definitely gonna be  big like I I’m telling you guys now  these guys have been passively building  a social following online and they  haven’t even really done a little hell  of a lot of any kind of marketing they  told me today flat out like they’re I’m  pretty sure I talked to the one of the  higher-ups today I don’t think it was  the CEO but it was a couple guys that  were pretty high up in this and I am  gonna be doing a live interview with  them in the near future so I’m not gonna  get too deep into this right now but I  will just tell you to go to open future  dot IO and start doing some reading  because what these guys bring to so one  of the things that we talked about and  I’ll do I’ll tell you this so basically  what these guys are creating is a  platform that’s going to enable pretty  much websites applications games you  name it anything and anybody anytime to  use their scaffolding there their  framework there their system to accept  crypto currencies and but it’s bigger  than that and I actually saw he gave me  a straight link and basically I was yeah  I can’t I don’t even know what I can say  but he gave me a link for something that  I know it’s not public yet and he was  like this works right now and I was like  are you kidding me

I was just like holy  shit like  um yeah like but basically there’s a way  so I was telling them how I had spoken  with the people at oh the gob one okay  I like the Goblin he’s a sharp cat I  like him I haven’t even been to his  channel in quite a while to be honest  with you but I liked it and I thought I  saw something so the Goblin I think is  doing a review so check it out I mean  I’m not gonna be doing a review right  now but I will be soon I’m gonna be I  plan on doing a lot more than a review  to be quite frank with you but anyway I  was talking to these guys about how I  had talked with like st. Jude’s  Children’s Hospital and the Shriners  burn Hospital and how I wanted to help  them be able to accept cryptocurrency as  donations and so I’m still waiting on  st. Jude’s I’m still waiting on them to  call me back and let me know what what  they can do but Shriners did call me  said that I need to they need to connect  me to their national headquarters  because any decisions like that aren’t  done at a local level they’re done on  the national level and then rolled out  to everybody and I’m like well even  better if I can help every single  location in the country except crypto as  donations that’d be huge and I would be  plugging them constantly  well this open platform would enable  them to do exactly that in a very easy  way and so and the thing of it is is if  they can if this platform can do that  for them it can do it for everybody

and  you know and I was telling these guys  that open I was like you know it’s funny  because I keep telling everybody the  2018 is truly the year of laying the  foundation for the cryptocurrency sphere  moving forward and I said I definitely  see this platform as a keystone like  this is gonna be one of those major  building blocks that I truly believe is  going to help launch a lot of other  stuff and so keep your eyes peeled for  this because I am definitely I’m gonna  be I’m gonna be getting in there  ah that’s the type of surface service  that’s the type of service open platform  may offer yes ultimately they’re  basically they’re gonna be a platform  that’s gonna enable developers to who  cardano’s at 20 cents getting ready to  buy a hundred k coins this price freakin  amazing yeah  yes yes yes I might actually have to  pick up some more tonight too  I’ve been waiting because I’m just like  how low can it go like what’s up how low  can you go how low can you go low can  you go how low can you go  gob who the gob one the gob one I think  he uses a little troll too as a thing  did you just say 17 no way no way it’s  20 cents Cardinal is 20 cents man and I  thought I was a stud for talking about  this at 36 cents right before it shot up  to a buck 30 Bitcoin may hit 6k made a  video about it who made a video about  Bitcoin getting a 6k  [Music]

how low can you go got here late but  made it love love love  cool Josie Dee the Josie dear Jose ad  just got my private trailer up and  running and boy is my middle finger  tired no I’m just kidding thanks for  your efforts in helping set up really  appreciate a good deal chase glad you  got that going every chart looks like a  slide at the park down crow I have a  serious question can I ask you I’m  assuming you can pitch but whether or  not I will read it and the answer is  another story but you can give it a shot  BTC is 8.8 now and dropping well wow it  sure is sure everything is  tell you what if I was an exchange and I  had the means of blocking that dude out  of dumping all his Bitcoin on the  exchanges I would totally be doing that  right now oh and to think I almost sold  when it was at the like it was like the  RSI was at 70 it was like twelve  thousand dollars and I thought mmm  something tells me I should be selling  right here and waiting for that next  step but I didn’t I’m just holding I’m  just holding no mr. days I don’t think I  ever will  [Music]  Crowe is the time to load on the alts  then I honestly don’t know I really  don’t know I don’t know how much lower  the stuffs gonna get it might get six  grand

I don’t know people have been  talking about a hitting six grand for  like a month now and it almost feels  like here’s the thing you want to know  one of the things the technical analysis  is good for it’s good for inspiring  people to take action at the same damn  time  based off of the signs and the symbols  and the you know what’s happening so you  know it’s like oh and inverted head and  shoulders Oh a head and shoulders oh  it’s a cup and handle and it’s all this  shit right and so Pete you’ve got  thousands of people all over the world  basically seeing the same things right  in their charts and so they’re all  taking similar action so if I see a cup  and handle and I sit and I think wow a  cup and handled that means it’s gonna  this is gonna happen I better buy in and  increase my position and it’s like a  self-fulfilling prophecy but it’s almost  like groupthink brought forth by history  if that makes sense and that’s kind of  how I look at technical analysis that’s  why a lot any any tech TA guy that it’s  worth his shit it’s gonna tell you  flat-out like it doesn’t really mean  much like it means it technical analysis  is really good for predicting the  actions of others based off of the  technical analysis but it doesn’t just  it doesn’t  it doesn’t account for like major news  articles there are Bigfoot articles or  whatever good or bad it doesn’t account  for that sort of stuff so yeah

I mean  that’s that’s that’s kind of how I look  at it I mean there’s really no way of  knowing for sure what’s gonna happen I  just see a lot of people getting scared  buying and selling you know it’s I mean  it’s a definitely a total downtrend I’m  just trying to ignore it I’m just like I  don’t even want to sweat it I’ve already  watched my Bitcoin drop by like 60 grand  and I’m just kinda like well alright you  know it’s gonna go back up at some point  in just a matter of how long hmm  the TAS today were everywhere yeah I  don’t doubt that I mean I really don’t  know why my green screen is acting up so  bad I think maybe my head is blocking it  it’s blocking some of the light I don’t  know  and that didn’t help at all maybe it’s  just too  [Music]  okay all I got left is my twig and  berries  you think they’ll drop any further I  don’t know girl is the time to find a  cardboard box on a bridge to let it live  out the rest of my days I don’t think so  do you know an Ivy coin will hit  exchanges I do not I do not and ya co if  you had 10k what would you invest in  right now that’s a loaded question let’s  just say that it if I told you I’d  probably violate an NDA all I’m gonna  say is pay real close attention to some  of my recent reviews paid or not people  paid or not doesn’t mean shit I’m  telling you now pay close attention  don’t hate me but I was hoping for this  is it smart to store on us cold wallet  due to risk of exchanges being shut down  maybe

I store everything on the cold  wallet and I have them backed up on  thumb drives and then I keep those and  then locked up and like I don’t mess  around when it comes to the crypto  security I even have a laptop that I use  for transactions that has never browsed  the internet like I don’t do anything  with it other than send and rescind  transactions that’s all the laptop does  it’s all I do with it and it’s not  plugged in it’s not connected to  anything until I’m ready to use it  so yeah cold wallets are great bit  degree is down to four cents I’m gonna  have to buy some because I have faith in  it yeah that’s one cent below I see Oh  price pretty sure what do you think  about electroni ‘m I like electroni ‘m  and I like it a lot more when they get  their dag on Apple Apple Minor working  crow legend nos or just random thumb  drives actually I got me a gorilla thumb  drive  I actually got four different thumb  drives and a portable hard drive like a  small one terabytes real small it’s like  this big it’s a 2 terabyte hard drive  and so just because I’m like you know  you just never know so I’ve got  everything backed up in multiple  locations just in case Oh  PayPal released my money today yay so I  started that transfer they’ve released  my money today and I didn’t even have to  threaten them with the CRO army

cuz I  was gonna say look you guys give me my  money or I’m gonna basically ask my  audience to just email the compliance  Department a thousand times a day asking  when my funds are gonna be released that  would have been hell but I was like I  was close I was close to try and pull a  favor from some of you guys but but they  sent it they released everything so  they’re good  I honestly think I’m done I’m done like  I’ll use PayPal for you know like if I’m  on Steam and I buy a game or something  but I think I’m done using PayPal for  anything substantial I mean you know  which sucks for them because you know  they just screwed up a really good thing  for themselves not that they care if  they’re so big they don’t give a shit  what they do but it was just absolutely  uncalled for and they need they need a  different protocol for handling stuff  like that  so it is what it is but they released my  funds and that’s all that matters so  good on them for that the things we’re  about to get ugly my lawyer was for like  you just let me know whatever you want  me to do just let me know and I’ll take  care of it  I was like man they don’t give him a  money soon we might have to sue him and  I’m like I really don’t want to invest  any time or money into doing that but  I’m not sitting around for six months or  more I’ve heard

I’ve had people message  me like me and they held my money for  six months and then they turn around and  held it for another six months and you  know I don’t know if that story is true  but I wasn’t about to find out I can  tell you that they had no reason to keep  my money and you know when I talked to  him look I not to say not to say that I  agree with how they went about that  I mean basically sending me an email  saying we think you could be up to  something so we’re gonna hold your money  for six months and we’re closing your  account and by the way we closed your  debit account and closed everything and  we’re parting ways like oh and this is  non refutable non alike basically  there’s nothing you can say or do about  it you know what I mean  and it was just like whoa you just held  on to 30 grand of my money ah there’s a  lot I can say about it and there’s a lot  I plan to do about it  but anyway I’m gonna quit bitching they  opened it up they sent me my money but  you know I had a I had a big I’m glad  they did it when they did it because I  had a big deposit coming from udemy it  was basically the first and last major  month you know I you know I do okay with  my course the feedback that I get off my  udemy course is ridiculous everybody  seems to really love it

but I had one  really really amazing month in sales and  now it’s like a fraction of that so it  is what it is block port  I bought some credits are the money  makers of 20th they might be the money  makers but the question is gonna be is  it going to be for themselves or for the  investors no I don’t know anything about  United Travis all the connections you  are getting through this experience is  invaluable you know what you don’t even  know the half  let me just tell you now Oh fortnight do  i play for tonight I don’t remember if I  don’t know if I played that or not oh  yeah that’s the free to play game my  daughter’s told me to download that and  play it crow when does a black crow your  coin sure come out maybe with the crow  in the back of your videos I already  have them I already have two different  crow your coins shirts if you go to  Jason Appleton comm hold on let me see  I’ll show you what’s uh what the Marches  I don’t even know what I’ve sold  honestly I think the last time I checked  it was I think there’s like I don’t know  twenty or thirty shirts maybe so I’ve  got that stuff I got leggins  up in here yo some wagons my wife  actually wants a pair of these I keep me  I’ve got my own stamps I got crow your  coin stamps yo got all kinds of March so  this is the shirt that you guys have  seen anywhere because I have one of  these

and I actually got my step son one  and then this is the logo for some of  the other stuff this is actually a  sticker so there’s all kinds of stuff in  here it’s just one of those like you  know kind of on demand print kind of  jobbies the mug is cool  got the kids shirt got a dartboard that  looks really confusing so yeah gonna  keep CRO your coins keychain even got a  tie if you want a really ugly tie  there’s there’s a Krueger coins tie you  wanna you want your kids to you want to  train them young on crow your coins  there you go you got a little swaddler  baby suit your head is so big yes it is  huge Jack thank you for noticing hats I  don’t think the hats looked good so I  think I took them off oh wait that’s  just page one two three hold on maybe  there’s some that I’d missed there’s so  much crazy stuff in here I don’t know  even remember half of it oh that’s I  didn’t even know what that was that’s an  award I think it’s one of those big like  hexagonal class things I’m not even a  hundred percent sure there’s a hat but  there’s a little they’re kind of these  hats looked kind of shitty to be honest  I wasn’t by one they just looked cheap  and I wouldn’t I wouldn’t spend your  money on the hats the shirts are good  the shirts and all this other stuffs  pretty good the hats look kind of crappy  I might even just take those off of  there because I don’t want anybody look  like by one and then really all this is  a shitty hat I don’t want this oh my god  hoods so big you know I’ve heard that  since I was a kid

hey crow you mentioned it’s a problem  for US government having more than  10,000 overseas what’s that about  that is about the fact that if you look  like you’re laundering money into a  foreign country through foreign  exchanges the government’s gonna come  snatch your ass up that’s what that is  so like if you let’s say you go to a  bank and you try to deposit $10,000 in  cash into a bank account right they want  to know like what’s up with this did you  just sell a big kilo or did you like how  did you come up with 10 grand in cash  are you like the most popular stripper  in your neighborhood so they want you to  basically fill out like anti money  laundering  paperwork basically just like sourcing  the revenue sourcing the income sourcing  that kind of money and the bank files  paperwork’s like if you go to a bank you  go anywhere they’re filing paperwork  basically showing the government hey we  got this creeper in here with 10 grand  cash and we don’t know where it came  from so you better so in order to do  that in order for the bank to take that  money they make you file that paperwork  as well well the same thing goes with  like if you watch my interview with  Scott lovingood  on my channel the crypto tax guy

he will  tell you about he will tell you about  that and I forget I think he named the  form you need to file but yeah if you’re  gonna send over $10,000 overseas excuse  me into an overseas exchange  file that form because if the government  tracks it and finds it before you tell  them about it you are screwed so don’t  don’t ever chance that stuff pine once  you yo check Twitter  I don’t even oh god what’s pine doing  now hold on  you probably created another meme of  like me doing some stupid hold on I only  have sixty three hundred people on  Twitter what’s up with that  I thought you loved me  following followers likes I don’t even  really use Twitter that much to be quite  honest with you like it Otto publishes  all my videos as I as I put them out  there but tweets and replies  [Music]  what Jason Appleton this explains the  dip Charles has been using massive sums  of the card ah no budget at Burger King  [Laughter]  great I’m starting to feel like I have  my own on location reporters and we go  to Twitter with an update on Charles  Hopkinson Burger King fetish that’s  pretty good yeah Twitter’s not really my  thing either  I just I’m on there because people seem  to love it I don’t even like I’m sure I  probably have a whole bunch of messages

I do I don’t even I had I spent an  afternoon where I went and replied to a  bunch of people but I don’t even I don’t  even do Twitter that much I do like my  telegram but I don’t do private messages  there and just so everybody knows like I  do have I’ve got somebody trying so hard  to be me and I know they’ve ripped off  some people already on telegram on  discord they’re they’re they’re  messaging ICO companies like hey I’ll  review you for like whatever and they’ll  throw it they’re just trying to get  money out of people thanks for  explaining the 10k this would include PT  by nan spot yeah I mean anything  overseas I don’t as buying it’s overseas  I don’t even know where buy Nance is  located to be quite honest with you hey  Jase it’s like I use bit tricks  primarily so  hey Jason check out the cash app to get  BTC and not clean base man I’m waiting  for ethos I’m waiting for the ethos  wallet because that’s that’s that’s  what’s up that’s what I’m waiting for  I bought ethos at 2 bucks which I got in  late and it was still technically early  hey I wonder what ethos is right now  actually  I wouldn’t mind getting some mouth are  you  Wow electro diems five cents now man I  tell you what the crypto market really  is absolutely crazy man it’s still 324

I  bought that at $2 and like it started  really cranking but did it get to ten  cuz I feel like he’s got the ten at one  point yeah I did I got to eleven bones  that was in January where the hell did I  buy it at two bucks maybe it was before  all that I mean I got it with jet at two  dollars even a piece so yeah I don’t  even know where that was but block port  has ethos competition yeah that’s  alright because I’m both of them Oh  ain’t nothing wrong with owning both  teams at the Super Bowl  what about costs are you still bullish  on that yeah I do like cost I mean I  like I mean any opportunity to get into  an exchange at the ground floor could be  a really good thing overtime so a good  time to beat by ethos now yeah I would  say so get it before the market starts  really recovering and they launched  their wallet it’s my suggestion I’m not  a financial advisor as it says I’m not  telling you guys what to do  but yeah considering it was I mean you  figure if they if the market comes back  which it will don’t worry I’m sure it  will very confident it will but the  market comes back and then they launch  their wallet it’s at three bucks now  it’s been at an all-time high of almost  $11 you got a 3x gain if it just goes  back to its highest point I mean see  here’s the thing in this

and I and I go  into this philosophy a lot you know for  me it’s not necessarily like I look at  this and I’ll say okay well I can make a  3x gain from here if I want to buy  followed by this coin at three dollars  and twenty four cents I could get a 3x  gain my question is is how quickly can I  get that game and is my money better  spent in an IC o—-  or a cheaper coin that I can buy more of  that’s about to hit you know like there  all sorts of equations but what a coins  cheap enough I mean even if it’s got a  little hype it doesn’t even have to be a  huge project but if the coins cheap  enough I’ll throw like a grand and just  hold them like you know just see what  happens  [Music]  finances Asia I didn’t even know that to  be quite honest with you Crowe I can’t  get my Fiat in Queen based fast  nobody can Fanta max two cents yeah I  mean everything’s in the crapper so I’m  not – I don’t even really look at my  black folio right now or a coin stats I  use coin stats now um ever heard of Pun  DX yes why is that ringing a bell with  me I just did something with them  recently I think  [Music]  any store can buy sell and accept  cryptocurrency  I think that I buy some of this I  for whatever reason I’m thinking I just  bought a bunch of this let me go back  cuz I don’t even remember hold on

I don’t even remember why I bought it  but I’m pretty sure 85 cents exchanged  it’s on my xbox I think did I buy some  of this off a B box I think I did I  think I bought Pontiacs  recently I don’t remember how much I  bought or why but I’m pretty sure I  bought some you talked about them in  your video okay well cool  are there any porn adult xxx coins you  find a good buy ah you know what I was  just talking to some people today if I  reviewed porn or can see no casinos on  my channel I’d already have a Ferrari  and I’m not kidding some of you assholes  sometimes want to call me a sellout for  reviewing icos and getting paid for it  if I was a sellout believe me I’d  already have like a Ferrari or a lamb  but or whatever cuz these guys are  willing to pay top dollar for exposure  on my channel I turn them all away so to  answer your question there is a coin  that uh that I that I turned down not  because I don’t think they’re gonna be  good but I just didn’t want to like do a  whole segment on them but I think dragon  it’s probably gonna be a really big one  I will I will bring them up but not as a  really and I’m not trying to endorse  them or anything  but I think is this one at home yeah

this is it I’m only showing it because  you guys asked me our token sale I don’t  even know if they’re token sales over or  what but these guys were willing to pay  me big to do what I’m doing right now  and I told her to turn them down  actually I’d you know they were paying  me for a full-blown review which I’m not  gonna do I’m not gonna tell you overall  but so our public sale our public crowd  sale is live and ends in six days so  there you go over three hundred and  twenty million dollars raised so far oh  yeah you know it’s it’s probably gonna  be pretty big I mean it is pretty big  guys are making money hand over fist  and you know and they told me that this  isn’t actually a kiss like a gaming coin  it doesn’t really have to do with  gambling it’s basically just they’re  trying to establish a universal currency  for all casinos and so it’s like look  more power to them I mean you know you  can check them out watch their videos  and all that but they’re not paying me  for this I told them that I wouldn’t  promote this stuff on my channel so but  you know asking you shouldn’t you shall  receive I guess so yeah like this is the  this is one of all of the ones that I’ve  seen recently like I’ve had fortune Jack  come to me offer me a shit-ton like a  fortune Jack really came hard and I  still said no I’ve had a couple other  like new casinos

I’ve had a couple games  I mean they’ve all got Bank rolls man  let me just tell you they’ve got money  I’ve had like two adult focused  companies reach out to me again with  money I mean I could pretty much name my  price with a lot of these groups but I  just it’s not my thing and it’s not  because I have any personal problems  against it  I just feel like you know if it has to  do with the vice of any kind it’s  probably not something I want to really  promote so in Dragon coin it’s not a  casino or anything it’s different it’s  they’re trying to create some  infrastructure and they’re trying to do  some cool stuff but they’re gone now I’m  not even gonna talk about him anymore so  hopefully that was helpful and put the  point you pointed you in the right  direction all right how long have I been  on me and I’ve been on an hour already  oh man all right bitch except dated the  TOS they ban people using bonds with  their API beware guys I mmm really I’ll  have to look into that I’ll have to look  into that because I was told that it  wasn’t the case so I will look into that  and update everybody crow can we meet  you one day bro maybe we can do a  community meetup like twice a year I  think that would be a great idea to meet  everyone in the community I’ve thought  about that I’ve thought about that

I  just don’t honestly I’m not gonna lie to  you I don’t really feel important enough  to set up a big ol meetup I don’t really  think anybody would show maybe like 5 of  us sharing a 6-pack which would be cool  too but yeah I don’t know we’ll see love  that you are honorable thanks Jason well  thank you Anna there’s like there’s like  a girl talking I’m trying to make your  picture bigger but it doesn’t work in  chess I’m just always curious do two  meet up would be awesome  I would bring you a pinecones shirt  that’s funny I’ll brew the beer yeah  that’s BS crow you are that important I  don’t know like I appreciate it but I  just I’m just a normal dude I’m just a  normal dude that reads a lot it’s pretty  much it and that’s the truth really  because I can’t read fiction I can get a  chapter into a fiction book like I’ve  been reading one book that it’s actually  really good  it’s fun it’s a trilogy it’s about an  assassin I can’t even remember the name  of it now oh I can’t even remember the  damn name of the characters in it it’s  been so while it’s probably been like a  few months but stop we’d all be there  that’d be crazy I wouldn’t even know  what to do if I set up a big meet up  like honestly like what do I do get like  carnival rides and I wouldn’t even know  like what the hell to do is something  like that

fun fair no no it’s not red sparrow what  is the name of its ders –all there’s a  demon now it’s gonna drive me crazy I’m  half tempted to run upstairs and get the  book but hey Jason local coin swap would  like you to do a review I know you are  busy I can show you screenshot I know  local coin slob has been wanting to work  with me for a while them in another big  exchange and I’m here’s the thing with  here’s the thing with exchanges I don’t  know how those things work legally  I’ve been I’ve actually had a couple  exchanges offer me a lot of stuff to  become partners and like regional  ambassadors and and different things and  it’s not that I’m not interested but I’m  not jumping into bed with anybody it to  that capacity without real Drizzt no  it’s not Drizzt it’s ders Oh ders ders  elbe lint or ders oh there’s Oh ders Oh  blunt hold on damn it  there’s a blintz  this is it here we go so I’m gonna the  perfect shadow no that’s not the book  but Brent weeks is the is the writer so  hold on I’m gonna find this is it angel  trilogy  what the hell is this  there’s a plant  I’m gonna have to like read into this  Ezra the mad he’s off yeah he  apprenticed a guild rat named Azoth  that’s who the book is that’s who I’m  reading about now but this book like

I’m  still in the first of three because it  takes me years to read fiction my wife  read like my wife can read us a book  this thick in a week like it and it  blows my frickin mind a second I start  reading fiction I get tired but I can  read nonfiction like it’s nothing man I  can burn through like I’ve got how-to  books on everything anything I ever want  to learn or know I just go get like  three or four books on it and I suck  them down like candy and and then from  there I go onto the web and but this  book was really good you know I’ve only  completed I think maybe two books maybe  three  so Zork Chronicles hold on I’m gonna see  if this is sorc this is gonna be a blast  from the past man if this is the right  name  [Music]  yes–that’s oh my god oh my god I  remember begging my mom to buy me this  book and like a Kmart or something  because I was playing the text adventure  and this book was super cool and I had  to have it I was reading the back of it  I’m like oh my gosh it’ll help me in the  game oh my god I almost want to buy this  and read it again just because it would  take me back and then there was there  was a series of books that I read that I  loved called  and I’m just talking and hanging I mean

I know this is probably boring let’s see  but there’s still once you get in here I  don’t know maybe you care but build the  Galactic here oh yeah I read these books  these were freaking great like I love  these really this dude was just a crazy  horny hero  I think I’d recently bought this one  again because yeah he has fangs and  stuff oh my gosh watch seeing this stuff  again after like 30 years I mean it’s  it’s nuts man this is I’m in like  nostalgia heaven right now  um ever think about selling supplements  no I’ve got a bunch of friends that I  have a friend of mine who like as a  scientist who creates his own  supplements what the hell is going on  with the market I don’t even know yeah  life is building there was another one  that was riding a bicycle through space  and time is that oh my god hold up  riding  well maybe that wasn’t it but there was  another book that I finished actually oh  and I read Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol I  finished that one that was a really good  one somebody kept asking me over and  over why why white why all astronauts  are freemasons and it’s probably because  they know how to keep a secret for Biff  so if the dude thing kept asking me that  over and over is in is in chat  that’s probably why so I’m gonna I don’t  know hold up I’m gonna keep that open  cuz it just looks like a fun background

I might even make that my thumbnail yeah  I’ll make that my thumbnail maybe later  I grew up on berenstain bears that was  me I love you bro Dhalsim possum you’re  the one that was asking me about why all  Freemasons are why all astronauts are  freemasons  I hate secret societies oh come on it’s  not it’s funny my great-grandfather was  a 33rd degree Mason actually and I don’t  know it’s not a big deal especially  anymore I don’t think I mean there’s so  many different groups and societies and  offshoots and you know all of that  [Music]  yeah challenge don’t even look at your  portfolios until Monday and actually I  would just not even look for a week just  let it go don’t even worry about it just  hold so one thing I can tell you just  hold don’t even don’t sell don’t try to  play the swings cuz you kid that’s the  thing man I’ve learned it could start  shooting the moon in any minute  like literally it could I’m a freemason  it’s just us helping out in the  community mostly yeah it’s a bunch of  old people and fish fries and fifty-year  pins you know all kidding aside like it  really does it depends on the lodge you  go to and whatever but a lot of  old-timers man a lot of old-timers they  put there they put a lot of work in and  just ask one the beat one is the whole  thing but man you better have a good  memory that’s all I’m gonna tell you bit  degree took a dump lately

I pick a coin  that has not taken a dump like they’re  all down all right let’s see  do you know beyond the 33rd degree  I don’t know beyond but I suspect there  are more degrees beyond 33 I would  suspect there are 360 but that would be  that would just make sense to me but I I  don’t know that there are anymore like  why would there only be 33 33 degrees  like I would think it would come full  circle right but I don’t know maybe the  answers are in the symbols and things of  old writings I actually have a book from  an old senator it was it was actually  purchased for me as a gift from a  senator’s estate and it’s a really old  free masonic book my wife got her hands  on it and she still makes fun of me some  like give me that book I supposed to be  reading that and she’s like har-har and  any time we’re out in public and  somebody walks up to me and like shakes  my hand and so she’s like do you secret  handshake and she’s always teasing me  about it I actually had the square and  compass tattoo – hold on I’ll show you  [Music]  can you see that  so yeah for those of you to think I’m  full of it all right  and all right so I’ve been on here an  hour in six minutes  Shh  no you know do you do you who’s at the  top of the pyramid don’t know that ass  yes another brother I knew I liked you  I’m blind dem legs that is one thing I  got I got some legs man  my legs are powerful my legs are big  [Music]

. ‘ Jason if you like alternative music you  should listen to 33 god damn you hate us  hate us that much to count the minutes  no it’s not about that I just feel like  you know I’m not really offering  anything of value right now I’m just  kind of hanging out and I’m like how  long do you know how long do people just  want like I don’t really have I didn’t  have an agenda tonight really I wanted  to share the email a cartel coin and  here I’ll maybe I’ll find some fun I’ll  look up some old stuff  I’ll let you guys watch my old video of  I know so I know a bunch of you guys  have seen this before I haven’t seen  this in a while hold on  [Music]  fight fans because the MMA Big Show is  coming to Indianapolis Indiana for the  first time ever Saturday July 9  seven-foot-tall a mini Big Show  president will fight six foot six  heavyweight hurt that sissy psycho  miller and a battle of giant rumble in  the wind that will be an all-ages cage  fighting event at the width of hotel  starting at 7:00 p.m. tickets are on  sale now at MMA big I know the music and  then a big show nobody does it better I  figured it would you would want it to be  muted because otherwise it might echo  here’s my little leg kick video Ivan’s  battle of giants I was even training  that day that we shot this I just showed  up  this was my gym this is a gym that I had  at least eight ball 19,000 square feet

I  do little pro-am shows on there people  that want to be fighting like you see no  events  sloppy ogre I do that far  watching these old videos if you watch  it you see my leg Bend you can see my  leg Bend like that’s how was his face  broke his leg one douche in Anderson  Silva Kent he broke his broke his leg is  just like flipped around the other side  it’s that’s what happens man you get too  much power and you get you just get that  thing going luckily I’ve got some  big-ass bones yeah I did I had a  fauxhawk for years my wife made me get  rid of it  [Music]  I figure out show some of this for those  bees I haven’t seen it there’s like  nobody there because I had the fight  like way out of town in another state  like watching this old stuff man oh he  hit his knee ooh that have been so nasty  you see my fat rolls I didn’t even have  jelly doughnuts or anything right dude  this is I wondered if some of you guys  hadn’t seen this before yeah I was all  serious I had tunnel vision so bad  wasn’t even funny like all I saw all I  had no technique whatsoever in this  whole thing I like none you were the big  show yeah how was I just mauled those  dude like there was no technique I had  tunnel vision so bad I wasn’t even  thinking clearly it’s like all just it’s  like everything’s when it was all like  slow motion and you just

I just saw his  little head  we clenched up he was really strong but  God I was so fat  so big pudgy bastard  funny thing is man is not I’m like way  better than this  even now I haven’t trained him forever  but what wait I was too I think I was  only 280 at the time and Kurt was  actually only 253 I think he gave up  basically 30 pounds to fight me and the  Commission allowed it because he was  like seven and four and this was my  first fight so they’re like well he’s  gonna give up thirty pounds but he’s got  a you know a record you know you’re just  a noob so yeah well you know if he’s  willing to sign off on it so he gave up  thirty pounds and then yeah that’s all  she wrote he was so cool I mean Kurt  really isn’t I mean he’s a good fighter  but it’s funny cuz the dude that that  trained him came to my gym and asked  like like he had never been to my gym  ever and he like asked to roll jiu-jitsu  was like hey you want to roll you know  he was he was scouting me out he was  trying to figure out how good I was on  the ground well I ended up submitting  him and he was just like oh shit dude  you’re like you’re so good on the ground  you’re gonna murder Kurt man and I’m  like well I’m a stand-up fighter anyways  it doesn’t really matter

I like to stand  more than I like to roll and um so and I  knew that when that happened that Kirk  was gonna keep the fight standing he  wasn’t gonna try and take me down which  is typically what everybody wants to do  because I’m so big they all want alarge  in my knees and shit but I knew that  because I submitted the guy that taught  him like he wasn’t gonna take me down he  wasn’t gonna try any of that shit so I  just focused on my stand-up and hitting  him in the face worked out well and he  was so short he had to lift my elbow  because he couldn’t hold my hand  oh boy and you’ll see bond you didn’t  see here now they’ll probably flashback  over but this was actually like early on  when my wife and I first started dating  we weren’t even married here but you see  it down there this is my fight night all  right  anyway that’s boring now alright so 1:15  how tall are you I’m 7 feet tall you  know what I’m probably gonna do I’m  gonna go and just chill out for the  night in place immortal Warcraft because  it’s the easiest mindless game that I  can play for like a half hour 45 minutes  get some stuff done and log out okay hey  you think eat those while we’ll be out  before March 31st you’re fast for your  size that’s funny

I felt slow crow can’t fight I don’t  think I’m that good personally but if I  hit you you’re going to sleep that’s the  only thing like I don’t really need a  lot of technique if I connect you’re  going night-night I can do I can  guarantee that I’m gonna be late for  work now lol worth it it’s like it’s  like 12 o’clock at night regarding no I  don’t have any news on bank error right  now I have no news and the tokens are  still locked up I just tried I logged in  and checked him out recently to see what  was up with that Wow is the greatest  game ever made seriously honestly I  think Ultima Online is probably the  greatest MMO ever made but  I wish I wish they would I don’t know  why they don’t they would be they’re so  stupid for if they just recreated ultima  online but you just like the graphics  engine of like diablo 3 oh my god it  would be the most ridiculous MMO ever  ever  but whatever Jason do you have any pets  life wants to know I don’t have any pets  but my wife that made me get a dog in  two damn cats what’s like Ultima Online  – hold up hold up wait a minute  Oh legends of Arya have you heard of it  yeah but it’s it’s so kind of just  boring like there’s just not a whole lot  I have it I was playing it there’s just  not a whole hell of a lot going on with  it right now it’s super super super slow  like I tried playing for like three or  four nights

I just felt like I wasn’t  getting anywhere like nothing was  happening I wasn’t making any real  progress in anything I mean the idea is  cool but they got a lot of work to do as  far as I’m concerned in terms of their  like the content like it’s there’s just  nothing that makes me want to log in and  do anything I literally spent like three  nights killing the same damn shit and  not feeling like I was getting anywhere  so I was like whatever  first class crypto crow lol how much to  orders your wife well I’m seven foot my  wife is five foot she’s in my pocket  right now sleep in richard garriott of  Ultima fame is developing a game I know  shroud of the avatar I tried playing it  it’s a shit show in my opinion I just  can’t I was excited about it but trying  to play it I’m like whatever do you  think arbitrage is a good move  I don’t do arbitrage to tell you the  truth it’s not no I mean it can be but  it’s so difficult to find a deal worth  doing  there goes Amazon’s book pump I don’t  even know how can i how can i back coin  projects for coins intend doing that by  building communities in media I don’t  understand that question crypto space  how do i SEOs react when there is such a  crash like this will you get a better  deal buying in with the etherium right  now

yeah honestly because I just you  know when I see oh it depends on how the  ICO is structured if it’s a blind ICO  like well deposit the money and then you  know at the time we exit or the time we  conclude the sale will basically base  how many coins you get off of the price  at that time but a lot of ICO is they  just say alright well we’re gonna be  like 4,000 coins for one aetherium and  then they’ll run the tokens sale for 30  oh excuse me they’ll run the tokens sale  for like 30 days and whatever the coin  is worth is what it’s worth you know  what I mean if you’re able to the  etherium drops and price and it goes  down like 600 bucks then you’re gonna  get a bunch of coins like dirt cheap so  but ya ever play League of Legends yeah  I did I like the little bolts guy the  little nuts and bolts guy that built the  turrets and stuff but I don’t I don’t  get big into those MOBAs  what’s up with card ah no well right now  it’s a cryptocurrency that’s what’s up  with car Donna how do you get in ICS  given that you’re American any advice  well I am accredited at this point so I  can pretty much invest where I want you  trust are we offend guess I am I am a  fan of you trust I’m hoping they kick  the hell out of and I know sinc fab to  sync fab is about to I was big on seeing  fab I thought they were really cool I  have not invested in the sync fab but

I’m thinking it might be one of those  that I’m like oh I really should have  [Music]  seen  let’s happen there’s a blockchain site  there we go if it opens I’m just curious  how much time so there’s six days left  5% bonus available now so there’s that  and then what was the other one somebody  just mentioned crypto crow is going to  moon double and triple wealth robot  spider crawler scraper or automated  means interface not provided by us to  access of services or extract data hmm  oh that’s right you trust let’s see what  they’re up to  [Music]  the payments platform of the future I  like you trois cuz I’m hoping it kicks  the shit out of PayPal so we’ll see  what’s a cool there dogs outside start  November 2nd so yeah we’ll see what  happens I like you trust I think it’s  just gonna take time it’s gonna take  time for them to really establish a  foothold in PayPal’s market no I have  not bought any credits I don’t think I’m  going to I’m gonna wait  I know PayPal is looking into crypto  they they just filed a patent for some  technology but but but I don’t know like  I’ve such a bad taste in my mouth for  PayPal right now they basically you know  for those of you that weren’t in here  they basically uh they gave me my money  they unlocked my account everything

so I  was a bum pulling my money out but it’s  you know the fact that they did what  they did on the idea that oh I’m  involved in cryptocurrency like I’m some  kind of drug dealer or something but yet  they’re patenting their own technology  and even the compliance people that I  talked to they had no idea that PayPal  is doing anything in crypto so just  trying to warn me about it and I’m like  are you kidding me you know who I am  full all right have a good night  dogs say hi oh yeah also wife says hi  too well thank you bet bet Oh Jay freak  all right guys it’s uh it’s 11:00 it’s  been an hour and a half I don’t know if  I’m going to be on tomorrow or not it’s  Friday my wife and I might go out and do  something I’m not a hundred percent sure  yet which is one of the reasons why I  didn’t want to come on and say hi  hopefully we had some fun I think we had  a little fun I like doing my little  hangouts with all you guys  so you know what I’m gonna be really  cool is if the chat were bigger and I  could see everybody’s real faces and  stuff

that would be awesome maybe that’s a new  text somebody needs to come out with on  the blockchain oh I will tell you I  watch this movie tonight actually while  my wife slept through it called circle  or the circle with Tom Hanks and it’s  funny because watching the movie I’m  like all this is totally like ten years  from now and it’s gonna be a blockchain  technology I won’t give the movie away  it wasn’t super great but it’s probably  worth watching to get an idea as to  something that somebody’s probably gonna  do so alright folks so I love you all  thank you so much for all your support  and I will see you guys soon and I’ll my  next video will probably have an agenda  to it so we’ll see thanks guys have a  good night

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