Just Hanging Out Q&A – New Exchanges, SyncFab Update, Dropil ICO, and More.

Just Hanging Out Q&A – New Exchanges, SyncFab Update, Dropil ICO, and More.


I did it again oh I’m so glad that you guys are paying attention you switch it back and forth between all this stuff sometimes gets a little confusing I need a director that’s what I need microphone check you know side 1 you know B is mute you know like I don’t know need some help there we go so anyway thanks for joining me tonight guys I appreciate it I’ve been so busy and you know III tell you what it’s like I gotta be honest with you guys I’m like I’ve got so many ICO companies contacting me wanting reviews and it’s like I just it’s like yeah hi with everything going on being sick and like finally feeling better and it’s like I’ve had this list of of icos that I wanted to cover and you know I know it’s like a lot of people they see these paid reviews and they’re like they see the paid review pop-up and they’re like oh he’s such a sellout and it’s like you know whatever man like pay attention that’s all I can tell you pay attention to some of these I read i ce o–‘s and like the ones that i flat out say i am all about just keep an eye on them don’t throw any money out of just keep an eye on them if you doubt what I’m saying in these reviews just sit back and chill and just keep an eye on them and I assure you I will be there to let you know what you missed

I mean that’s really all I can really tell you don’t be fooled by the fact that these are paid reviews if I don’t like something I’m gonna tell you it’s just lately I’ve been getting so many more companies that I like that I don’t have to go in and review companies that I don’t like you know like there’s some I like more than others of course but you know for the most part I just I’m calling it how I see it so you know take it for what it is I’m one of the few youtubers with a following over 15,000 people that actually discloses the fact that I’m getting paid to review half of this shit anyway so you know take it for what it is and honestly I just kind of want to hang out and be like what’s up I mean I’ve got some stuff that I want to talk about but wait are you still not getting audio is there still no audio let me know on the chat if you can hear me clearly I don’t know how long the delay is tonight it’s all good audio works alright cool thank you so you know looking at the market before we get into some other stuff you know it’s really interesting to see what’s happening you know it looks like cordana was starting to go up a bit and you know everything was kinda on its way up market caps back down to 457 I mean it’s just kind of you sound as monstrous as usual so you know I don’t really know what’s going on honestly I just feel like people are kind of just swing trading

I think people are riding it up it gets close to 12 they’re taking profits expecting another dip you’ve got these ta guys who you know they’re there’s so many conflicting kind of scenarios when you look at the TA guys anymore I don’t even really pay much attention lately I’m just kind of letting things play out I’m throwing my coins I’m not trying to play any swings I’m just hanging tight and so first thing I want to talk about cardano’s killing me you know I get people they’re like all Cardinal used to Cardona was gonna have a hundred you know I’m like I want card on Oh to hit 100 I believe it could possibly hit a hundred at some point at the rate things are going right now I think that the the most I feel like the majority of the growth that happens in the market this year is going to happen in the later six months of the year that’s what I think I think everything that’s going on right now it’s just a lot of people touching their feet in the water I think a lot of people are scared because there’s so many newcomers to the crypto sphere that entered the space right before a big crash and they’re all like once bit twice shy they don’t understand it and they haven’t paid attention to the patterns a lot of people were just kind of buying into the hype train and a lot of people I feel got burned and in a lot of this and this big crash when Bitcoin at 20 grand people were so excited and they just watched it all fade away and you know when Bitcoin at 20 grand keep in mind are a lot of people too bought in at 20 grand thinking it was gonna get to 30 40 50 at the rate it was growing there was no stopping it right

and so a lot of these people are like they’re still licking their wounds you know and I feel like it’s just um I don’t know you know I mean back on back in early February I talked about how the market would start coming back and things would start turning around around the 14 15 16th and around there and it’s exactly what happened and and things have gone up quite a bit I mean we were at a low of six thousand dollars when I was talking about that and we’ve almost doubled that since then it’s only been 30 days folks so you know I think things are going in the right direction and if you look at the grand scheme of things we’re looking at a very strong uptrend but well as far as bitcoins concerned anyway a lot of the alts are still kind of taking a poo poo because bitcoins been you know accumulating some volume and so forth so seems like it is delayed live yeah it is delayed YouTube does that I don’t know exactly why I think it’s maybe to help the internet signal but the good thing is is that I’m looking at it and I’ve got 1.6% and dropped frames which all the technical issues that I’ve been having since yesterday really drove me nuts and and and it basically cut my ability to have my interview this morning with Alex machine ski and like I am super pumped I think we’re gonna do that Wednesday

we’re gonna do it Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time instead and he’s they were very cool and you know they could have got real crappy with me but instead they’re like you know what we’d love you did a great job we love everything you know we’re looking forward to the interview and then I got another email today from a marketing representative the guy who I guess the co-founder of LinkedIn is getting ready to launch an ICO of his own and he wants me to interview him as well coming up so I’m actually kind of interested in that and so I’ll keep you guys posted on that and like I said I don’t have any strong agenda I have a few things that I’m gonna discuss with you guys but ultimately I’m just seeing what’s going on in your lives any questions you’ve got I’ll look up some stuff and see what see what we can do tonight I’m really just kind of hanging out and I just feel like it’s been forever today’s gonna be a record I mean between the number of videos that I did today I’m just trying to play catch-up and I really want to get back into the swing of things like as far as profit trailer and all that and speaking of profit trailer I am so I was running you know what let me bring up coin and G because I think that’s gonna help with some of this stuff so as far as profit trailer is concerned you know a lot of people are asking like how are the new settings working and what’s going on

what are you doing what settings are you using and so forth and you know like right now with Bitcoin I’d be using a low BB setting probably for profit trailer but here’s the thing I really am missing my EMA spread that is the strategy that I’m the most comfortable with it’s obviously made me the most money and I’m trying to experiment with different things but I haven’t even looked at my bot in three days so I don’t even really know what it’s done but says so I finally hit my goal of 1 million coins of car vertical am i popping the good champagne December 31st 2018 I don’t own any car vertical to be quite honest with you but I’ve been hearing so much about it but I haven’t bought into it and honestly I haven’t even researched it much but maybe here in a little bit we’ll take a look I mean that’s kind of what I’m gonna do tonight I’m gonna help you guys answer some questions and just take a look at some of this stuff so let me talk about this for a little bit and then maybe we’ll take a look at car vertical and see what it’s all about he froze who froze let’s see getting started with the these sign ups need the profit trailer course you were talking about yeah III yeah I do want to do this profit trailer course but like I said I don’t think I’m gonna do it as a paid udemy course

I think I owe it to everybody that’s been purchasing profit trailer to try and really break things down as best I can and just do it on YouTube I really do it’s like look a lot of you guys you guys support the fact that I do my ico reviews you guys know this is pretty much what I do for a living now and you know I want to continue just kind of sharing the wealth sharing the knowledge and so forth so I’m just gonna give that to you guys it’s just a matter of me getting caught up with things and really trying to structure my time so that I can really start you know breaking this stuff down and kind of a course like way on engine in videos on YouTube so I am gonna get to that I am gonna be doing that I SEOs are where it’s honestly there’s some really good stuff popping off in the ICL market man I mean there really is there’s a lot of really interesting projects and you know there are a lot of projects out there that maybe I don’t want to invest in personally for whatever reason or there are projects that I do want to invest in but maybe a little bit here and there just to show some love and support for that kind of for that sector of the of the market but there’s some really big stuff going on too I mean I was just looking and you know some people were talking about the BCT and that that I co reviewed that I did me and their telegram channel is like double they’re like almost 18,000 people in their telegram channel

so if you think for a second that I was paid to promote some crap and then I was promoting crap there are 18,000 people in that telegram that disagree with you and I’m telling you like when I’m doing these reviews like you can think what you want just because I’m getting paid but I’m telling you you’re crazy if you don’t have to very least do your own research don’t take my word for shit do your own research but don’t assume that just because I’m being paid to talk about something that it’s garbage that udemy course was helpful as a beginner yeah that’s all that first udemy course was man I mean it was just it was just to kind of get everybody acclimated to what crypto is different things that you can do with it what kind of stuffs out there so anyway talking about profit trailer and you’re talking about settings you know if you’re if you’re if you run a Bollinger Band you know indicator and you and you kind of see here what’s happening right like as far as just this is just Bitcoin obviously a low Bollinger Band right around here let’s put this on a 5 minute because that’s typically what what the timing that I like to trade on is like a 5 minute chart we’re going to zoom in here quite a bit so on a 5 minute chart this doesn’t look bad actually right so if if I’m we’re making quick trades a low Bollinger Band settings probably not gonna do so hot now

it would have bought in down here with my current settings we’re getting a big spike it’s a real-time spike right there folks let’s see what happens so but it would have bought down here Wow this went all the way down ok so that was 11 163 so you know my Bollinger Band or my low bebe settings on profit trailer right now would have bought right about here actually what about right about here and then as soon as it would have bought it would have rode this up and it would have trailed it all the way up to here and then it would have probably sold right there so you deduct you would have done pretty well with a low bebe settings with Bitcoin or at least my settings the way they’re set up right now however on the flip side you would have made any other buys since then so it’s kind of slow but you would have made a pretty nice gain on this right so but what now right now I mean look at where we’re at I mean bitcoins getting a spike a pretty hard spike look at this people are buying that hard dip man so I don’t know we’ll see where we end up by the end of the night but it took a pretty big dip oh there it goes so anyway I’m kind of mumbling rambling a little bit sorry all that so you know when I’m when I’m looking at the charts if you want to get an idea as to what settings you should be using in your profit trailer bot right now just look at the market look at the coins look at what they’re doing you know

figure out you know okay well my my what sort of my indicator settings are based off of you know five minute ten minute 12 minutes whatever the chart you know your settings are set for and then look at the charts look at coinage II or look at trading view and get an idea is the low bebe setting like right now that’s stock low bebe etherium setting set that I just gave everybody that’s basically set at a negative one right so you’re not gonna buy anything until it comes all the way down here now if you want to set it and change that number maybe you’re looking at the the number of trade activity that’s going on on this five minute chart and you’re like man you know if I were up here a bit then then maybe my bot would be making more trades and I’d be able to ride these up then just change it you know change that negative one to a twenty and then you know about 20 percent in about 20 percent above that that the zero line twenty percent above that’s where you’re gonna start making your trades instead so that’s I mean that’s it and so and then it’ll trail it up if it starts to go up it’ll trail it up and then it’ll sell on the first step and and that dip is gonna be this is what you’re trailing fact the profit trail or that’s what the trailing is because it’s gonna ride this this trend up and then and it’s gonna continue to ride it and keep going up and keep going up but when it’s dry drops down like the 0.15 or whatever

whatever your trailing factor is set for at that point when the price dips that much that’s when the bot puts in the sell order and you make your profit that’s how this stuff works now on an EMA spread which is my favorite that’s making purchases when these indicators are crossing over each other and it’s it’s it’s basically riding the ups and downs that to me is the most active because it’s the most I feel like it has the most possibility to make buys and sale and and sells and so that’s one of the reasons why I love the EMA spread and then you’ve got the high Bibi which is the complete opposite a low B B so the market tends to to trend up here like you know this one all the way up here then it would be making more buys so you got to kind of look at the market and say alright well you know let’s look at metrics cuz that’s basically what I am using you know like down here the low BB setting that I have like stock that I gave out it wouldn’t be it would be making any buys right now I gave that to you guys as a baseline setting I want you to go in and I want you to learn like hey this is if I want the most buys like I would have gotten some bodies in here

if my bot was set to maybe a you know a 15% low BB is this making sense to you guys sit and chat was the folks cool yeah it’s a slow night tonight more people coming in but yeah so you know hopefully hopefully this is this is gonna help you guys you know when you’re when you here’s the thing profit trailer is not profit trailers just not a set it and forget it kind of thing you don’t I mean when the entire market ends up on an uptrend you you want to make sure you’re either using like a high BB setting or EMA spread even potentially EMA gain I’ve never used the EMA gauged gain strategy yet but I’m probably gonna be experimenting with that so that I can explain a little bit more about that and find out you know if it’s worth using so low BB trailing started setting original trigger cool no but keep going do I know anything about crypto hopper yeah I mean I’ve talked about that now in a few different videos you guys are slacking and I don’t think that’s not watching me anymore I think these I don’t know me and maybe I’m doing too many ICO reviews you guys aren’t digging it so too new for me to fully understand but eventually I will that’s okay man you just got a plug away you gotta keep keep grinding it out read the wiki you know

I’ve read that wiki quite a few times and I still don’t remember every little detail to be quite frank with you but um you know crypto hopper look I have not used crypto hopper I know I was given one dude a hard time recently but because I said his video looked like an infomercial and like you know he was probably a little bothered by that he did kind of a rebuttal video and he gave me like some big eyes and I don’t know it was funny but he wasn’t really malicious he was just kind of like you know crow I’m a fan and you know you kind of hurt me a little bit because you said that you know I said this and I said that I’m like you know what dude you took that ribbing and like you know it’s all good he likes crypto hopper I was under the impression based on the video that he was basically saying you know I’m done with private trailer I’m going up crypto hopper instead and I’m just like whoa whoa whoa whoa like from what I’m seeing what I’m seeing isn’t making enough sense like why would you be making that decision it’s basically what I was trying to say and apparently I had a little wrong you know I just didn’t really quite understand what he was trying to get across but regardless I mean he was cool about it and I was like it’s all good but I you know

I looked at crack ripto hopper before and I just wasn’t impressed like you know I feel like early on when I first started getting into the bot trading stuff it’s like everything looked to be a cash-grab hardcore man like all these monthly subscriptions and you know that every add-on that you want is another monthly subscription I mean before long you can be spending 150 200 bucks a month and like right now you can basically buy a profit trailer for a few hundred bucks I’m pretty sure I haven’t figured figured of exactly what point zero three Bitcoin is right now but I mean it’s not a whole hell of a lot and then you own it for life and I’ve already proven and demonstrated many times over as well as all the comments and everybody else talking about how much money that private trailers made them it’s obvious it makes money is it gonna make you money every day of the year no it’s not it doesn’t work that way you’re gonna have to watch it you’re gonna have to keep your eye on it and you know when the market is like it is now you know and everything takes a dip I mean like right now I’m guessing that because a lot of these altcoins are taking a little bit of a dip including Bitcoin at a certain point I’m sure that some of you guys are probably getting rid of some of the bags you’ve been holding for a little while that’s my guess and that’s just how it is and you know

what really ruins it for a lot of people I think is when you get these lazy newcomers who don’t want to do any research they just want to watch a video they go pick up profit trailer you know they’re running a random setting that somebody said was cool the market changes they don’t make any money and then they’re back on the internet talking about how they blew their money on private trailer and it did do shit for them and that’s the stuff that bothers me and because I know that it can make money now granted can you short crypto with private trailer no you can’t short you know and it and it’s not limited I mean it is limited what link in a sense private trailer is limited because there are some things that you can’t do some strategies and so forth and without feder you’re not being you’re not able to really change your set come on a fly we’re like feeder changes your settings every three minutes you know what I mean and and and it’s based off of what the market trend is but you know when when people see some of my videos they see I’m doing a hundred trades in a day and I have I’ve had days where I did a hundred trades in a single day and I’m gonna go back and I’m gonna start toying with some of my old original settings and and kind of go back to that

I’m gonna stop using the because I feel like in some sense the percentage of my budget settings I miss out on buys because there’s not enough volume to make a buy like there’s not enough for my budget to actually make a purchase where as my old settings I could buy you know 50 bucks worth of a coin or 20 bucks fort worth of a coin if the bot finds it it’s gonna buy it and I was making a lot of trades and it was cumulatively over the course of the day I was making significantly more money than I that I have been with recent settings and that’s one of the reasons why you know a lot of people say hey I what are your new asset including you know I feel pressure to release something but I don’t like releasing new settings until I know they’re gonna make a lot of money I got to admit crow you do look a bit Amish now that you have shaved trust me this was not I don’t know if you guys watched my earlier video this was not on purpose this is not me trying to make a fashion statement folks this is me using the wrong attachment and buzzing myself on my lip and then having to basically shave it all otherwise how to look like some crazy drug dealer or something trying to be cool like you know getting lines all up in my grill and I you know saw it yeah

I know I look Amish I’m getting out of crypto I’m investing in a new furniture making I see Oh actually the Amish people are great meme cuz when I grew up my mom pretty much raised me on flea markets and I grew up in Canton Ohio and close to Canton was a place called Hartville I don’t know if any of you guys are from out in that area but heart bells basically this huge flea market and my mom would go to garage sales on like Saturday mornings wake up at the crack of dawn 6:00 a.m. and you look younger I think it looks good thanks Rob that’s and honest crow you look younger without the soap strainer soup strainer so yeah I probably I would probably look like a bit of a baby face if I shaved right now but for as big as I am I don’t like it and I my face is too fat I’m not chiseled at all anymore I used to look really good but so anyway yeah Hartville man it’s like the hot he’s Amish like they’re oil rigs all over the place I’m pretty sure they were for oil and you know my mom would go to a garage sale and buy something for 60 cents and then she’d go sell it for 60 bucks at the flea market you know that would you know the following weekend or whatever and shave it all off no no no no no no you look like the drummer of a shitty ass 2004 all rock bands man you got me all figured out you got me all figured out so anyway so yeah

I’m gonna be diving deeper into profit trailer and doing some more big videos on this stuff here real soon hopefully you guys like it and it helps you guys make some money I think that now is definitely the time especially because it’s been a little while since I’ve done some significant profit trailer videos and screw the trailer Hodges buy a solid all profit trailer is a black box system and blacks systems always break down or go flat I don’t know what that even means I dig the new beard that’s funny all right so now I’ve had something else but it’s been brought to my attention recently that I’m gonna share with you guys and at first it scared the hell out of me like as a as an avid profit trailer user as somebody who you know originally built my channel from you know profit trailers showing people how to use it how to make money from it and hey Russell so this this was brought to my attention recently and I’m gonna say this technically you could say that they have paid me to talk about it but if you are in my telegram channel you’ll understand the full story okay and I’m gonna explain it to you here I am NOT reviewing this I see oh okay but somebody brought this to me and basically said hey there’s a new crypto bot that runs in a cloud and it allows you to short crypto currencies as well as everything else

what do you think about it and I thought mmm I’ve never heard of it what is it so I went to the site and I started looking at this thing and reduce risk steady returns autonomous it’s basically you know powered by humans an AI stress-free investing Auto strategy correction withdraw any time no fees and no Commission’s investment gains okay purchase drops with crypto our system runs on drop tokens you can purchase them using many supported crypto currencies investor drops choose your risk level then let our intelligent deck system invest your drops for you Auto reinvest or cash out you are always in control of your returns now at first glance it sounds kind of like lending platform right but they have shown videos of this bot in action now I’m gonna see if I can find those I can’t remember where I pulled those up before now here’s the thing where are the wait was that a YouTube maybe they’re on YouTube so I was watching these videos yeah here’s one 4316 subscribers already that’s not too shabby so this is these guys showing the Dex tracker and the recent trades so they’re showing the recent trades that come down here

I at first I was freaking out cuz I’m like oh my god is this like profit trailer on steroids and and I was looking into it more and more and I was reading through everything because I was genuinely very interested but very nervous at the same time like is this some bullshit okay and so I sent them an email and I said hey I wonder if I could even I don’t know if I can pull it up I could probably read it I copied and pasted the email that I sent them in telegram and I’d pasted some of their responses in a nutshell I basically said hey you’re on the crypto crow on YouTube you know I’m an avid profit trailer user and people have been bringing this to my attention asking me what I thought about it and you know I I’m interested in learning more or testing the platform and if I can test it and see that it works and that it’s a legitimate bot I would be happy to promote it but I have no interest in giving you any money to test it with and I basically said look if you want to supply me with some pointage I’m more than happy to test things out and report my findings and I said but no and I put a Dean I said but no if I find your bot and what you’re doing at all shady in any way

I will be the first to be the loudest whistle blower on it right within five minutes they sent me an email back and they basically said look we’re very well aware of who you are thank you for reaching out we’d be we would love to have you try out our system we you know give us an email address set up an account we’re happy to load your account with some tokens they gave me a Bitcoin worth of these these drop tokens okay I can’t do anything with them I can’t test this platform out yet because it hasn’t launched so I don’t know if this is worth the shit or not to be quite frankly and I thought you know when I reached out to them I’m not I didn’t say like hey give me some give me a Bitcoin and tokens and I’ll review you I basically said give me a bit give me some money to play this is what I would be trading with I want to see if it’s worth it I want to use the system and then I’ll report on what I find when I use it so that’s basically where I’m at with this right now I’m gonna try it out when this is all done I’m not even gonna say like anybody should buy into this or try it because honestly I’m skeptical as hell until it’s proven to me that it’s actually the way it works is you basically buy these drop tokens and it invests into that like did this bar but and I and I said hey is this gonna be something that I am gonna control

what am I just putting my money into it and you guys are doing your thing and then I can withdraw any time I want and they and like but am I gonna be able to at the very least see what the activity is and their response to that was basically no like they don’t want people watching everything that’s going on with the bots in fear of losing how did they word it basically what’s what’s the word am i looking for proprietary algorithms they don’t want people to basically crack their system and figure out how to tell they’re doing what they’re doing and and ultimately I guess redo it or start competing with them or whatever which if it’s legit I get that right like nobody would want to I think in the grand scheme of things even if this turns out to be pretty solid which I am I don’t know that it is at all I’m again I’m not endorsing this I am not endorsing droppable okay until I’ve had the opportunity to use it and and I want proof I want proof I’m going to require some sort of back door access to something to see that this is all real okay so I’m sure at some point these drop will guys are gonna watch this and and they’re gonna see me saying this like I’m gonna need more than like a YouTube video showing a bunch of trades I’m gonna need

I need to see that this is legit all right because if I can’t control it if I can’t control my deposits I can’t control what’s happening I’m not controlling the settings I’m not controlling anything I’m just basically throwing my money into a cloud and just looking at gains without having a clue how those gains are made that’s what bit connect did now mind you I’m not calling this bit connect I truly so here’s the thing oh okay you guys need to fix your website I’ll tell you that where is the team like I was looking at a have T know of your team and everything like these guys aren’t hiding from anybody here they are I mean they’ve got a full team it’s like this is starting to look like a review but I’m just basically showing you guys like these guys have legitimate people that are involved they’re not hiding this isn’t like a big Ponzi deploy or anything like that I don’t believe that’s the case what I what I don’t know is like how legitimate the bot is and how profitable it is and the overall how the entire system is going to work so I’ll let you guys know you know once I know so hopefully that was a little helpful pyramid scheme yeah I don’t know I don’t I’m not gonna call it a pyramid scheme I’m not calling it any of that but I don’t know what it is so we’re gonna leave that there all right

let’s see whether comments on that crawling in my skin all right are the otoki ins on the exchange yet no I don’t think so I feel good comeback hit of the end of summer have been following two weeks thanks for educating me would love to learn a bit more on predictions with charts buying PT tomorrow what are air drops cool have fun with profit trailer as far as like teaching like predictions I don’t really I’m probably the last guy to teach anybody technical analysis right now I’m still learning myself I’m a student as much as I am a teacher every day I’m learning something new and I try to share the new things that I learned that I find valuable and you know but I I’m not even gonna attempt to try and teach anybody how to predict what’s going on in the market not using charts anyway but as far as air drops air drops are basically things that hackers used to scam people I’m kidding well it’s partially true air drops are basically when you know like if it’s an icy Oh air drop or you know if one coins trying to get publicity they’ll say anybody that has coins and let’s say neo for example let’s say anybody with a neo wallet that’s active we’re gonna airdrop our new token and we’ll give you you know five of our tokens for one every one neo that you already own that kind of thing

but I will tell you right now any air drops that require your private key is a scam that wants to wipe your wallet out all right never ever ever ever ever under any circumstances whatsoever give your private key to anybody [Music] hey Jason why is it that when I buy B & B manually it shows up in the DCA log but i buy TRX manually it shows up in the dust log I don’t know that’s weird I don’t know it might have something to do with how much you’re buying I don’t know let’s see Oh car vertical that’s right let me take a look here oh here’s one thing so I’m gonna make this little rant PayPal files patent for expedited virtual currency transaction system the system will reportedly allow for instantaneous transactions between buyers and sellers overall it looks like PayPal wants to get in the cryptocurrency business why do I have a problem with that because PayPal seized my account this afternoon with thirty thousand dollars in it because they suspect that I’m related to cryptocurrency which they can consider a high risk industry well I shouldn’t say they seized it I’m sorry they limited my account and they basically decided that it was up to them to hold my money for 180 days for really no reason at all

so PayPal you can suck it okay and the fact that you’re basically you can profit off of and you have plans to profit off of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology however it gives you somehow a right to limit people’s accounts and ultimately hold their funds back from them because it may have something to do with cryptocurrency that’s a load of shit and I can’t wait for you trust to kick your ass you know and when they do release my funds they better release my funds with interest and I’m gonna be making a big stink out of this I’ll talk about PayPal everyday until we get this resolved because the fact that they can just kind of run through because basically what they’re saying they gave me a list of like five different things that could be the reason why we wanted to part ways that’s what their email said to me first they canceled my prepaid debit card for no reason at all and one email then in the following email they basically said due to changes in your account in your potential business model we’ve decided it’s time for us to part ways reasons for this are one of them was like you you owe cryptocurrency I SEOs are whatever basically saying you can’t use a paypal for an icy land like well I’ve never used PayPal for an ICO so scratch that then the other one was basically saying that due to my historical deposit history that the recent deposits that

I mean look I made a lot of money off of udemy and I make I make money right from different services and such some of which have paid me through PayPal apparently you’re not allowed to make you’re not your your you have to stay broke on PayPal or not use it it’s basically what they want so if you have a big deposit come in a couple times in a couple months they’re just gonna keep it I I don’t know why just because I guess they can because there’s such a big greedy shit company that they look at it like look we can do whatever we want to you and what are you gonna do about it we don’t really have to give you any responses call our tech support call our help support well they’re just gonna tell you well will escalate this in an email and somebody will get back to you sometime and you know it’s just it’s the most ridiculous I’m furious I’m furious at PayPal right now I think it’s I think it should be fraudulent that they can just basically seize money for any period of time with really no explanation I don’t give a shit that you give me a list of five potential issues the only issue that qualified the only issue that pertained to me directly was the fact that I had a I had a couple big deposits big deal what if I sold a fucking car like

it’s not your business so you know I don’t know who these jokers are and their review board but they should all be fired because you’re you know when you’re ultimately by seizing that money and and stopping me from accessing it you’re ultimately harming my livelihood and that’s something that obviously I take very seriously so you know if you’re going to basically seize my money if you do not return it because that’s right now you have taken my money and until you’ve returned it you’re a thief and into it and if you don’t if you keep it for a hundred and eighty days and you don’t return it at interest you’re still a thief and that’s it I don’t care I mean I I’m I cannot wait until the blockchain I like you trusts and other companies that are looking to compete with PayPal I can’t wait I hope they wiped the floor with PayPal and look at I know what PayPal’s doing I get it basically back when President Obama was president there are people on his staff that created something called what was it called the choke point operation choke point something law something to that effect and you know basically they they’re saying that anybody that is processing so basically any banks that are processing what could be considered you know immoral distasteful anything probably like adult you know anything adult related

crypto or not crypto gambling related basically any of the world’s vices that are processed in any financial transactions though we can’t create a law restricting you from processing these transactions we’re gonna tell you that ultimately we’re gonna start auditing you a lot more right and so everybody basically started you know freaking out and basically saying well we don’t want all the hassle so we’re just gonna start limiting things well I don’t even think operation choke points a thing anymore I think it’s been canceled based off what I’ve been told however companies like PayPal are still using this as a I don’t know a review system I don’t know I’m so appalled that they’re basically just taking my money I mean 30 grand is a lot of money to just keep for no reason like literally no reason at all and it’s like I filed my taxes every year and I file all my PayPal like I’d print out I do everything legal like everything I do is by the frickin book there’s no excuse for PayPal taken and season my money that’s all there is to it oh yeah it’s companies like this that do things like this that just make me love the crypto sphere it just makes me love what yeah don’t worry it’s over for PayPal I sure hope so I sure hope so

I mean they’re basically talking about keeping my money for six months and then they’ll give me options for withdrawing it are you kidding me you need to give me options to withdraw my own money that I’m keeping like deep breaths yeah all right so anyway PayPal hope the I hope you get the shit kicked out of you by you trust and everybody else and your your your sector I really do so a couple things I want to I want to ask you guys about there are two icos that have reached out to me recently both of which are some sort their exchanges of some kind right so this one’s local coin swap and this one’s xn iam alright now I have not accepted anything from either these guys I don’t I haven’t agreed to anything I haven’t agreed to do anything but I figured I would bring this to you because I am I’m very interested in finding out what what you guys think about it like what what do you guys think I should do so basically both of these I SEOs have reached out to me recently wanting me to be like an ambassador like a regional ambassador for them driving users helping I SEOs get set up and established on these exchanges now

this exchange extending them it they’re everything that they do is on like messenger apps telegram things like that where you’re actually gonna be able to go in and let’s see I know there were some video I’m just gonna try and show some simple examples here how to create a buy order so I’m not gonna I’m not gonna keep the volume up on this or anything but I just want to show you but basically you’re it’s a telegram bot like one of the ways that this exchange works is on telegram as kind of a bot and you dial into the bot and you do all of your trading right there in telegram now I think it’s pretty slick but it’s so new to me and it’s such a different thing and it’s such a different way of doing things that I gotta be admit I gotta admit like I’m a little kind of like I’m not sure I’m just not sure it’s like is this something that you guys would take an interest in is this something that you find valuable is this something that you feel is safe and secure like I don’t know yet if I really want to be a part of it and I gotta be honest with you like in it but this runs this is gonna run on like everything I’m pretty sure like all the bunch of different messenger platforms now this one local coin swap the only exchange which distributes a hundred percent of profits back to its users time to presale all that

I mean these are both active but it’s like I don’t I don’t understand the local coin swap thing like this is another exchange type platform you’ve got a marketplace and it sounds almost like it’s a peer-to-peer kind of exchange like I haven’t read too deeply into either of these I find them both very different they’re not your typical kind of exchange platforms and so I figured I would let you guys kind of tell me like you know if you don’t mind I want you guys to help me a little bit look these up go to their websites check them out give me your thoughts in the comments in this video when it publishes when we’re not live because none of this chat sticks obviously but I’m definitely interested in in finding out what you guys think about them alright so that is that I’ll leave that for now I’m so pissed about PayPal I can’t believe how bad they’re I can’t believe they’re pulling this stuff on me so anyway alright car vertical [Music] okay one etherium equals 240,000 car vertical soft cab 3,000 teeth they’re out of estonia car verticals a blockchain based vehicle history registry we collect large quantity of information from a lot of different trusted sources organize it in the form of records and store it in the blockchain we then feed this information into our data analysis stack which by using machine learning and advanced mathematical models calculates the real value most of our elements will be open sourced in our system

will be moving to full decentralisation to prover preserve transparency we will incentivize and empower users to easily collect and get rewarded for the data they own they are content creators that’s interesting I mean you know interesting I mean at first glance I I don’t know I’ll have to go into the numbers a bit more tokens for sale 4.2 billion all right it seems like people are digging it great team and vision best of luck guys you know as far as I don’t know I mean at first glance and this is typically what I do like one of the ico approaches me like hey will you talk about us will you review us I just kind of dig around a little bit the first glance I get kind of an impression like if they were if they emailed me and they’re like hey could we pay it would you you know would you be interested in a review I would like glanced at it I would look and I’m like look alright at this point right now I do like alright here’s my fee because I like what I see enough that I’ll take an interest and if you agree to my terms I’ll look deeper into it and I’ll review it from here but I don’t know I don’t know a whole whole hell of a lot about it I’ve never been a car guy

I know that there’s like car facts and stuff so yeah VIN is miles behind car vertical suppose been all over this that’s cool I bought credits today a thousand X I’m gonna be rich car vertical is never gonna be a massive gainer but I could see it being worth 1 to 10 bucks I mean that’s a that’s a big gain when you’re talking about you know how many coins there are I mean that’s huge so then chain is slop world government PayPal 50k costs a couple hundred bucks I mean look you know when you’re talking about so oh my gosh so while it is super super cheap isn’t it you know okay like I’ll probably where’s this training at on COO coin I mean I’d probably pick some up I mean look I’ve been hearing about it forever and let’s face it you know when when the buzz is that big like the volume is super low though 131 thousand dollars in 2004 our volume it’s not very high folks it’s up almost 5% but you know I don’t know I mean I would put like Italy I don’t know I might get like 500 bucks worth just to mess with it sit on it for a year see what happens why not like I’m gonna look into a deeper before I do so if I do buy some once I’ve done some reading I probably will probably be tomorrow before I’ve really dove into it but you know yeah you know

what I want to do I want to look at sink fab and see where they’re at right now well they’re doing real well their sink fab hooking sale ends in nine days okay 5% Wow Wow sink fabs done 15,000 aetherium hard caps 33 they’ve got nine days left in the token sale MMG token seals live revolution revolutionising hardware manufacturing a block chain I mean I don’t know if you guys remember where they were when I was first talking about him but it looks like they’re making some pretty solid ground in doing pretty well benefits the hardware innovators I like since Inc fab I think it’s gonna do real well I’m like yeah that’s pretty cool I mean they’re doing it man let’s see what what’s going on in Chad what’s going on in Chad so well man we’ve been about we’ve been on here about an hour just throw 200 at it I mean I might you know why not that’s the thing when you’ve got a really good idea and you’ve got like in the coins are that cheap like I mean it’s worth throwing a few hundred bucks at it I mean in my opinion cuz you know it’s like why not I mean you can spend a couple hundred bucks on a night out you know what I mean I don’t have a problem throwing a couple hundred bucks in something even if I even at first glance like that just kind of check it out a little bit like you know on one website those kind of prices I mean all somebody has to do is have a rosy fart and the freaking things gonna go up

even if it goes up double where it’s at when you’re talking about that number of coins you know you can make some money ten dollar car vertical will make millionaires what’s the chatting there’s it’s so low now yeah it is it is very very low Jason out of all of the I SEOs that you have looked at what do you think could 1000x and 2018 man I’ll tell you right now it’s like I’m not look I’ll tell you this the icos that had the biggest potential 4000 X gains our new blockchains in my opinion and those are primarily what I look at I look for new block chains I like credits I talked about credits a while ago in in and some others I didn’t like the exchange it was on or I’d already own some like I found the the exchange personally just like a little I don’t know awkward and I just I didn’t feel comfortable using it for whatever reason so I haven’t bought any credits I want them I want some but yeah I mean I don’t is it gonna be a thousand X I don’t know if it is I’m probably not gonna see any of it because until it’s exchanges I’m proud like other exchanges I’m probably not going to be picking any up it’s really hard to say what what what’s gonna hit a thousand X six time you know what that’s such a big number but I feel like any solid any nucleus vision


I see a lot about that I haven’t done a lot of digging on nucleus vision yet infrastructure projects are solid here’s the one thing and this is one of the reasons why I’m actually really excited about my interview coming up with Alex machine ski not to keep bringing up his ICO I’m not trying to like you know milk a cow or anything I mean they’re not paying me every time I talk about it I just really did what this guy’s doing but he has in some of his videos that I was telling everybody to watch earlier he talks about how I almost wish I had it ready to pull up and show you guys but I wasn’t planning on talking about it he has this video where he talks about how like in all other forms of innovation it’s typically not like in our situation like the Bitcoin the etherium these initial foundational building blocks it’s not them that do the best or the most in terms of money and value and Worth and all this other stuff but it’s it’s a it’s the tears that come after it’s the it’s the the businesses and the innovation that comes using this new clean a vision and expanding on that to reach the masses this is kind of in a nutshell what I got out of his whole philosophy and his way of explaining things and so you know realistically what what is going to what are gonna be the big gainer is it’s like yeah foundational platforms things like that they’re solid but

I still like according to Alex he believes you know that that we haven’t even seen yet those big major gaining ICO platforms those that technology or that idea or that concept that literally reaches millions or even a billion people and that’s what I’m interested in seeing and that’s honestly what I’m looking for like I I you know I I’m telling you guys right now like I don’t care if you guys are into the whole Celsius Network ICO check out the review and then watch this guy’s videos listen to this guy talk I’m telling you I saw some comments after out of that after that review and he was and a bunch of people like man I just spent last two hours watching this guy’s video and I feel like my IQ just shot up be like it’s it’s interesting stuff and if you want to get an idea as to what some of these big high-dollar powerful visionaries are talking about I’m like and I mean I’m really looking forward to the interview make sure you guys tune in to that hey crow just got here wondering if you could take a look at Konya coin sometime and let us know your thoughts I’m not affiliated with it just ran across it the other night and kind of liked it all right well I’ll look at it real quick and then I’m probably gonna cut this said how it is kanya kanya coin 57 cents

oh man must have been some big bonuses at ico because it looked like he got dumped on everybody’s heads oh wow this was right at the market crash so everybody took a huge hit there so okay interesting so it was almost five bucks at one point when I was was pretty much five bucks at one quaint COO coin son costs exchange 271 thousand dollars last 24 hours so three hundred and seventeen thousand and total trade volume so what can you tell me about can you coin the world’s best blockchain powered markets marketplace of services I don’t know I’ll take a look it’s just a two hundred active sixty-two thousand Facebook page followers interesting twelve thousand Twitter got a bunch of high marks from a lot of the website so that’s cool a global p2p marketplace of services powered by blog chain candy gives you the freedom to hire local experts and skilled professionals okay I’ve seen other stuff like this I think I actually reviewed one that was very similar so that’s interesting so goddess highs almost five dollars a coin just those payments uh you know at first glance it doesn’t look bad I don’t know who’s on the team or who’s doing anything but I mean it’s already on the

oh Jesus all right there they are lots of people involved in this CEO of endorse okay yeah all right well Gladius okay Gladius look pretty strong yeah I don’t know I it doesn’t look bad obviously I mean it looks legitimate if anything but I don’t know I’d have to do a little bit more digging which you know what and keep in mind when I’m going through and I see I mean I actually read the white papers and I actually go through and see how long this is it’s probably 50 pages 39 close enough so yeah but I actually read through these and and I really dive in deep me and that’s why I like when I’m but I’m even when I’m doing like the ico reviews and stuff I’ve got a few lined up that takes up a lot of time because I like to really go through everything understand what’s happening what are they doing and what what kind of changes are they I just I like to take it all in and and then I sum everything up with some points and that’s it so down TX any good I thought bounty X was pretty cool I wanted to invest in bonding ax but at the time I couldn’t otherwise I don’t some

Jason hello from New York City how do you see Cardno going from here on did you check up on why the struggle to move up honestly I did try to do some looking around I mean it’s same old shit like you know Charles is just running around from city to city talking to different conferences into different groups of people but nothing I didn’t find anything significant I know there was some big meeting and and all that but I haven’t really found a whole hell of a lot I don’t know what’s going on with card on oh yeah I mean that’s it look I did do some looking like I think I did some yesterday and I was looking the other night and there just isn’t a whole lot happening that’s probably why I did I went I looked at their roadmap and they have been making some advancements let’s see they have been making some advancements in their roadmap where are you here we go I mean I’m waiting for new let’s see what’s new card oh no Shelley update video okay so I haven’t watched that but I need to show a decentralize but I want so we’re about 75% into the progress of where Boris when this hits when this gets closer to you know ninety percent and we start getting closer to seeing an actual or Boris launched I think that’s when we’re gonna start seeing some significant increase in Cardno but how long is that going to take that’s the question

it’s because I see this really starting to take an upward spike when you can start stake in it and increasing your position so it’s just a matter of how long is that gonna take like I honestly I am looking at this as an opportunity here very soon where I am probably I might even do it tomorrow but I’m probably going to probably double my car down to my car Donna position look is it gonna hit $100 in 2018 probably not it’s a pipe dream honestly but you know I’m one of those people where I’m like look if I really believe in something it’s like if you put it out there it’s like you know you shoot for the for the stars and if you land on the moon cool that’s how I look at stuff some people take me way too literally but at the same time you never know you never know what’s gonna happen throughout 2018 how much new money is gonna come into the market you know how much institutional money is gonna enter the market in 2018 and where is that money gonna go anything is possible like it is still literally anybody’s game in crypto space right now so to say that it can’t get to $100 in 2018 it’s probably not very possible okay let’s face it but you never know so that that’s that’s that’s how I feel about guard Donna right now I still love it

I still love the coin I’m still all about it I’m still extremely bullish on it there just isn’t a whole hell of a lot going on these guys are developing stuff and you know I think they’re taking their time but it’s gonna happen Cardno is a it’s a long-term hold guys like that’s all there’s – I didn’t buy it expect them to make money I mean shit I bought it at like 30 cents told the world about it I went up to us behind dollar 30 so like could I have taken profit I could have taken profits at that point but you guys know our role I just hold it I’m not bothered by the fact that it came back down to 29 cents it’s gonna go back up I’m very confident in that and and that’s the thing guys it’s like will be out in quarter – yeah if we’re Boris comes out in quarter – you’re gonna see some huge gains in Cardno and honestly by quarter – bitcoin is probably gonna be 14 15 grand – that’s my guess but um hundred dollars next year maybe maybe maybe no I don’t know anything about that Kies I do you have that video on blockchain Bitcoin said it would scare you a bit oh I I know it here’s the thing about that these guys offered to pay me and I’m like alright well what are you why why do you well first of all why do you want to pay me and what do you want to pay me like why do you want to pay me to put out this video and the more I thought about it you like how credits is doing I don’t even know what credits is doing

I’ll take a look though ooh man see when I was gonna meet when I was attempting to buy that it wasn’t like 50 Cent’s now it’s like 76 damn I mean that’s nice but I mean wow 6.8 million dollars in trade volume I mean that’s significant but I see a lot of pump going on I mean I don’t know I you know we’ll see what happens but something tells me this will probably I’m guessing this might come down at some point and it maybe I’ll snag some I want to see it on a different exchange though I don’t like that I had ax exchange and I don’t know anything about tide ax either so I don’t know when it gets to it with that kind of money man they should be on a real exchange not that I had X isn’t a real exchange it’s just it was very just awkward for me I just didn’t feel comfortable using it I don’t know what the hell I was saying yeah I don’t remember what the hell I was saying I just saw a big orange box pop up and I thought I would address it supo has been pumping well if Superman’s pumping it then yeah anything’s possible I mean this thing credits will dump soon don’t worry lol yeah i you know I don’t know I expected to I mean it’s obvious I mean this is this this is a pretty steady pump but this is a big pump nonetheless I think Wow so this started around 24 cents

I mean it’s pretty solid greetings from Miami Florida did you tech check out STD you know first marketplace and cryptocurrency is coming up this month on exchanges now I’ve not looked at that tight X is better than IX is it well that’s cool I might look into that I didn’t even bother looking at it supe me and talked about it today and a jump 26 cents Wow dude’s got some power man he still needs to do this interview with me maybe maybe once he sees my interview with Alex and I think I got I think I told you guys that the like the co-founder of LinkedIn he’s working on a project and he wants me to interview him as well I really want to do a lot more interviews like if I could do you know this is a good question for you guys and then I’m gonna cut it out and I’m gonna go I’m gonna eat some more mine to tell look at this stuff I am cleaning this jar but would you guys be are you guys more interested in ico reviews or interviews with i co-ceos what would you find more interesting or more helpful to you interviews reviews or both like if I’m going to review an Icee oh I should probably do an interview with the CEO as well um one or the other all you guys really want me to work don’t you interviews interviews both both both reviews interviews 50/50

both both both both both oh boy oh man you guys are killing me anything man just fucking rant I got my ran out for the day man I got my ran out I really hope that that whole PayPal thing works out because they really had no business taking my money Eve online videos all that would be fun I would love to play Eve but I and I actually logged in I logged in last night just to see who was online and I but I just didn’t have time I don’t have time to play that game is so involved so it looks like you know the majority of you want both reviews and interviews so I will I will try I will try to make both happen personally I would like to be able to interview CEOs before I review the high C hoes I mean to just you know look I’ve been high on this Alex Majin ski machine ski all day like because the I was just I was up late last night reading about him watching videos about it all and I was super pumped about interviewing this guy this morning and I and I am I’m kind of like on this guy’s jock a bit but hey like but if this ICO is crap I would have said it like I would have flat-out but like look this guy’s great but I think he’s wasting his time like I don’t know but I think everything he’s doing right now is pretty exciting and I’m definitely looking forward to to interviewing him so we’ll see how’s your hormone therapy going

Jason I mean I’m here it’s it’s 11:30 I’ve been on here for an hour and 10 minutes and I feel good like I’ve got maybe like 7% left but I man-crush yeah Alex must chin ski we need to figure out how to get into this one yeah like I am gonna be interviewing him well I told his people today so many of mine doggles yeah i heard by natela yeah mmm here’s here’s product placement they haven’t paid me a dime but I love that I’m actually so the last time my wife got one of these jars my kids ate the entire thing in a weekend I was so pissed so I took this and smuggled it into my bed in the blank the bedroom and like when my wife’s sleeping I like that’s why if you can’t see it but it’s only is all that’s left in this thing is as far as I could reach with my middle finger but anyway reviews only interview someone who wants to start an icy Oh actually I just had somebody email me wanting me to potentially be an advisor for them because they’re working on this whole big ico thing and they’re not even very far and they just want some help so I don’t know we’ll see hey Jason any opinions on a CT is a platform it looks great I don’t know anything about that one reviews after you interview yeah that’s what I want to do

I want to review the CEOs and then interview the I SEOs that’s that’s what I’d like to do so yes I have a problem it’s called a spoon big CRO use it yeah I’ll tell you this stuff I would rather eat this stuff that a chocolate bar and I’m not even kidding I used to be like a Hershey’s nut I don’t even care about it anymore I love my Nutella no judgement Nutella it’s effing fantastic it really really is good stuff in like I you all you look like crackers anything that I can scoop it with I’m good like I don’t care what it is I do love it we need to get crow a 100 K sub plaque that would be cool I feel like you know I got to be honest I feel like because I haven’t been talking about the profit trailer as much and I have been doing more ico reviews and I don’t like today like I’ve never had this few people in challeng I appreciate every one of you guys it’s here but I don’t know if it’s like just a I don’t know I don’t know what’s happening it’s like the whole market it’s kind of glad today like everything is just shit today and and it’s like I don’t know hey what is your thought on electro Neum it’s going to hit COO coin soon and go crazy can you please check it out by the it has a team III invested an electro Neum I bought electro Neum and ICO for a penny

I like it I think it’s actually really cool and they’re supposed to be launching their mining thing so it’s still at seven cents I mean this hasn’t budged in a while so this has been hanging at seven cents for the most part I mean for a month early which is actually a good sign I mean to me because if you look you know trading volume has been 2.7 million like this suckers traded AB all over the place trading back and forth but you know right at the market crash with everything else it was I think it was like 18 cents or something hold on 19 it was higher than that it was like 23 I can’t get to it it won’t let me so but I like electro neum I like it as a marketing thing more than anything but I like it as a gateway to crypto for kids and not you like I think I reviewed didn’t they I either reviewed electro neum or it was like why I bought electroni I can’t remember maybe not but I know I’ve talked about it mobile miner started today did it really only in have my phone down here my phone I’m gonna have to check is a mobile miner hold on oh boy Oh coming soon on the App Store Apple sucks man can’t get anything on Apple like you can but it takes forever Android gets everything first it just sucks because I don’t like the OS I love my Apple products I really really do man

well my daughter is they have Android I think or maybe I think they actually all got new iPhones for Christmas from their mom I don’t know what about Syrian labs token was it pumped and dumped today I don’t know I don’t know but I’m happy to take a look it’s six cents doesn’t look like it I mean I mean it was doing pretty well for a minute though it’s crazy how the entire market just took a huge jump like everything all at the same time just went to hell in a handbasket interview Charles Hoskins you know I would like to and I put it out there I even emailed his team and I’m like I’d love to interview Charles but I don’t know your take on bit degree I love bit degree I love you Demi like I think bit degree needs to really start expanding and kind of getting things moving right along but I feel like long term I really like bit degree it’s kind of tell coin 0:03 cents interesting what was it wow that’s true yeah about one penny that was back in January and uh you know tell coin trade volumes low tell coin I haven’t looked at their I need to remind myself at their roadmap and what’s going on with them but again I’m not like everything that I buy I hold like I do not I still have all my tell coin I still have everything

look I can make money playing the swings I could be selling a profit at all these I could be doing all that stuff but I I’m just I don’t know what it is I just feel more comfortable just holding everything you know and it’s funny because I was actually talking to my lawyer and you know we’re talking about all the different stuff that I’m doing and we were talking about things that you know people say and do on YouTube and he was like he was he gave me an example he was like he’s like what he goes if you because technically pump and dumps are illegal okay so if somebody is pumping and dumping a security even if it’s a cryptocurrency it’s still considered a security if it’s considered as security you’re pumping and dumping it that is illegal like the SEC will come down on you and technically speaking he you know we were talking about I’m like well I don’t do pumps and dumps like I you know I talked about by a coin and then I’ll tell everybody why I bought it you know what I mean but I don’t like I don’t like by a coin tell everybody about it and then sell it off at a profit I don’t play that shit I hold everything everybody knows it that’s what the whole crow your coins mantra is all about and he goes

okay I get that that’s fair but he goes what if he goes have you ever bought a coin talked about it on your channel the value went up and and did you even sell maybe a hundred coins a profit and I’m like honestly no I have it like that’s not what I do at all I hold everything a I’m too lazy but you know I talk about coins because I you know if I think something’s really cool I want to tell people about it that’s it you know the only thing that I do now that I didn’t necessarily do early on was you know people are willing to pay me to talk about their icos now as opposed to me just you know talking about random stuff and typically before I did the ICL reviews I would typically really talk more about exchange coins which apparently I might need to start doing more up because it seems like some of you guys like that more so maybe if I can come up with a happy meeting because I bought like five coins recently I don’t even talked about yet so I plan on doing that soon I did buy some silica I bought some block port I bought what else I bought a few different things I can’t remember I bought some Nano I did buy some fusion I bought what was I I bought one that I just found that I was like it’s kind of weird but I just picked some up so yeah

bit degree is really good thirty million users what about Co vesting Co vesting is doing really well I already know that is I own sub Co vesting lots of hype about theta I reviewed theta I talked about theta I think when I bought it so yeah I’m all about theta I have been for a while if you’re new to this channel like go through my old videos I talked about a lot of these coins when I buy them campus coin I don’t know anything about but if it has to do with college and it’s a legit team it’ll probably do well if you remember Facebook was started on a college campus and basically grew organically excited about ethos wallet yes I am hey Jase what do you think about narrative I see I don’t know anything about narrative they switch their ICO to neo from aetherium thoughts put to charity I don’t know what that means exactly crow have you taken any profit from the various I SEOs and all coins you acquired any thoughts on when you would I honestly have it I really haven’t III just because the way I see it some of it is sentimental to be quite honest with you mean you guys know what a big lush I am some that are not lash but some of it is sentimental like

I can sell pretty much any I seek I co point I’ve ever bought at profit right now even when everything’s taken dumps like I can still sell a profit why like I don’t expect anything I’ve invested in to disappear and if I lose one for whatever reason it turns out to be I don’t know like I don’t know anything can happen in crypto space right but yes some of it like I’ve bought I’ve even bought crappy I SEOs way before I knew crap about what I was doing or looking for anything else and they’re 300% profit why selim you know like I just yeah I just like holding it I mean especially you know long-term you know there are a lot of coins that I bought early on with really long road maps and to me there’s just no reason for me to sell them off I’m gonna I’m probably gonna hold them on beyond 2018 like if if some of the court like there are some coins like exchange coins to me or a different story like if I buy something I edit at an exchange then there’s a chance I might flip those at profit but even still I’m not gonna do it until I’ve held in a year that’s just that’s just my own that’s the whole crow you crow your coins thing is all about so yeah I mean I basically plan to hold everything for at least a year like here’s the thing I get I get very like like with all the laws and and you know

like when I first started this channel there was there were there was no real regulation whatsoever there was no nothing it was just craziness and I’m I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the taxation system with crypto the the the regulations the you know how funds operate and how securities are figured out and what is it secure what like all this stuff I’m trying to learn as much as the of this stuff as I can just because I you know I just love what did you gain the most from oh that’s a good question I don’t really know I haven’t even checked and my phone’s not even down here to know to be honest with you I’ve done pretty well on a lot of them I would say probably one of the best off the top of my head I think one of the biggest icos that I bought into that stands out for me was icon cuz I think I got icon at 11 cents what it is right now I haven’t even looked in a while it’s at three dollars and 53 cents that and dragon chain but dragon chain now it’s like it took a huge hit and I don’t really know why I think maybe the height just I’m gonna lost the type well I mean it’s in a buck 60 I think we got it at like a dollar 25 or something like that but I would say those two coins are probably the biggest gainers so far I could be crazily mistaken on that but I would have to double check to be sure

Brian q I don’t really know a lot about in cash honestly bunch of people have been bringing that up lately though Oh nucleus vision okay yeah I haven’t done a lot of digging into nucleus vision here’s the thing like if I see a lot of other youtubers talking about a particular coin for whatever reason it’s like I I try to keep up on what other people are saying and talk about doing because I don’t here’s the thing if I then turn around and start talking about the same stuff then people are like oh you’re copying this person in that person like Superman I love Superman’s videos and I like watching him just because to me he’s entertaining and I think he’s very educational I think he’s very informative but I don’t like talking about the same stuff he does because everybody a knows that I enjoy watching Superman’s videos and I do learn and I I learned about new I SEOs from him all the time but I don’t see the sense in oh well Superman talked about this I learned about it from Superman so now I’m gonna go do my own video about it you know because I just I don’t know for whatever reason that to me just sounds cheap you know what I mean like to me that sounds cheaper than me doing a paid ico review like to me it’s like

Superman does a really good job of icos and so if he’s already talking about it I feel like well why reinvent the wheel so dragon stain change still looks really good I think so too I mean I look everything I’ve ever bought into I feel looks really good I mean there’s you know I see a lot of potential so I thought you use profit trailer doesn’t that buy and sell every day oh yeah you got me you got me I’m not crowing my coins I guess come on man there’s a difference all right guys I’ve been on here an hour and a half I hope you guys have had some fun I hope it’s been cool I definitely enjoyed hanging out with you guys hey crowd love your channel do you have a current PT feeder for eath I did not see it on the latest download Vincent check out my Dragon stain that’s terrible Vincent check out my video on crypto taxes my interview with Scott loving good that’s gonna teach you a lot of stuff about crypto taxes I think we go into some of the LLC stuff and all that crow shave your head and keep your goatee all right well I’ll think about that

maybe I’ll show up tomorrow this can be I’ll be completely like shaven entirely so have a good night and I would play the theme song but it’s a real it slips pretty late it’s midnight now at my house and the kids are sleeping and the wife has probably passed out as well so thank you guys for everything I will see you tomorrow I know I’ve got a review to plan tomorrow I’ve got another five minutes of crypto plan for tomorrow and we’ll see what else maybe I’ll hang out again tomorrow night so thank you guys for joining me I appreciate each and every one of you and I am sorry that I have not been doing more quote unquote valuable free stuff recently but I promise I’m working on it and I’m probably gonna be focusing on profit trailer this week so I’ll see you then thank you guys for your coins love all of it

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