How To Make Money With Profit Trailer In A Down Market

How To Make Money With Profit Trailer In A Down Market


ladies and gentlemen I am the crypto  crow I know that the disclaimer stuff I  try I figured the disclaimers a good  opportunity to play the song at the  beginning of my videos and I’m debating  on whether I should play the whole song  so that everybody knows exactly like if  you like I’ve seen this a million times  Jason we already got the disclaimer and  you just want to skip ahead or just to  kind of cut it a little bit short  towards the end I love the humming but  you know I know nobody wants to sit here  for for a really long time give me some  feedback on that what would you guys  prefer play the whole song with the  disclaimer or just kind of cut it when  the humming starts some cool stuff that  I want to go over tonight you you guys  have been begging and yelling and  screaming and foaming at the mouth so  I’m gonna get you guys some new etherium  settings on the low BB strategy and I’m  gonna teach you exactly what they mean I  hear somebody opening the door upstairs  to the basement who’s gonna be in a lot  of trouble if they come down those  stairs moving forward  looking at the market we are we’re  looking at about ten thousand four  hundred twenty seven dollars right now  with Bitcoin it keeps trying to hit that  roof and break through resistance but it  just cannot get over that eleven  thousand hump

we need more volume ladies  and gentlemen so we’ll see I mean we  need some good good articles it’s  basically what it boils down to give you  guys another update since they’re right  in front of my face I just I just sent  everything over for happy taks  to take care of my twenty seventeen  crypto currency tax amendment because I  already did my 2017 taxes and then all  the crypto currency tax shit started  blowing up everywhere but I’m like do I  do I had to go back now and like you  know like I didn’t even catch anything  out and I just bought stuff that I’ve  been holding you guys know how I roll so  and I didn’t I didn’t withdraw anything  in 2017 but I’m claiming it I’m gonna  show the government I got it and but I  did work out a deal with with a be taxed  I said look take care of my taxes for  free you know cuz I know I helped them  big like you it helped my channel to get  that interview with Scott lovingood  to help everybody kind of better  understand cryptocurrency in the taxes  and how that all works but it also  helped down a lot too so I know they got  a lot of you guys blowing them up so I  said look hey take care of my taxes and  you know and I’ll talk about the  experience good bad or ugly I’m gonna be  blunt about it but you guys take care of  things and things go well

then we’ll  we’ll get you guys on again and the CEO  actually I’m working directly with the  CEO happy tax so just said everything  that the first thing they had me do for  you guys to know is they had me set up a  paid account on coin tracker and import  all my api’s and all my trade history  into that and then they had a real  simple thing that I like just copy paste  this and it lets it lets you join our  account so that we have access to read  your data and that’s all I had to do so  I’m waiting for any further instructions  but I’ll be sure to let you guys know  how that turns out in the news JPMorgan  is crying like a wuss so many things  that could have filled that in with JP  Morgan sees crypto is competition and  risk to its business an SEC annual  report you think that’s kind of the  whole point where the hell you guys been  I don’t really know what to even say  about that thought it was kind of funny  when I read it  blockchain base streaming platform play  to live successfully broadcasted the  world’s first tournament with crypto  prize pool yep and you know what I still  have all those coins folks and I know  you’re still waiting on them I’m waiting  to I’m waiting for their ICO to finish  which I don’t think has finished yet  because I remember I promised them I  wasn’t gonna send any coins out until  this thing was done

so it looks like we  got a little bit join the tokens sale  with a bonus of with an 8% bonus till  the first of March so yeah I’m gonna be  sending them out I told you guys I think  this is  everybody keeps a little meaning such a  chill he’s a shill she’s selling paid  reviews and this and that it’s like I’m  telling you guys it doesn’t matter if  I’m getting paid everybody’s getting  paid like well most of the people on  YouTube are being paid for their reviews  I’m just the one with enough I’m just  telling you straight up that’s the only  real big difference not saying everybody  not every single person there are people  out there who probably don’t but the  majority do and this I actually thought  was really cool I’m not gonna buy into  it because I don’t have the time but for  those of you who are just hardcore  gamers that just love our PG type stuff  want a private army of your own collect  digital warriors and become an ethereal  warlord oh my gosh like I’m not even a  good dude deep into this but I went to  the website and I was looking like how  to play and all this other stuff but  basically your crea it’s kind of like  that kitties thing that blew up the ERC  20 blockchain  it’s kind of like that but with this you  like you get fighters and you can level  them up and fight other people

and it  sounds cool as hell but I’m not even  gonna look deeper than that deeper than  I already have because I’m not gonna do  it I’m just gonna fight the urge I’m not  gonna do it I’m not gonna say I’m like  gonna have a rogue that’s like high  level by next week I’m not gonna say  that cuz it’s probably not true alright  let me close this let me close this and  this and look at that looks like a big :  [Music]  yeah  the does doesn’t it looks like a large  intestine but that my friends is a  Bollinger Band so here’s the thing for  the longest time I’ve always been using  well a I’ve been using Bitcoin as my  primary market pair but lately I’ve been  playing with aetherium and I’m gonna  tell you why  why is this acting funny all of a sudden  it was beautiful before is it because  hold on hold on  technical difficulties I had this all  figured out before that’s why because it  was underneath all right  so I’m gonna bring this about here and  oh my god this is what I hate about  Windows lately it’s like all the I just  want to turn that any of you guys but  give me a comment tell me how to turn  this shit off where if you move a window  too far it automatically resizes itself  it’s like I’m fully capable of resizing  my own window I don’t need help I’m not  that lazy all it does is mess me up

it’s  like auto text an SMS it drives me  freaking crazy constantly constantly  having to delete and start over words  because the phone wants to try and be  helpful where it is not there my  goodness all right so what you see here  children make that look bigger  okay hopefully that’s sufficient my  goodness  alright so and one of my favorite pairr  my favorite trading strategies is EMA  gain or EMA spread rather I’m sorry and  I’ve showed you guys in other videos  basically what EMA spread does you know  you’re basically watching the EMA  indicators when the one crosses downward  into another it’s you know time to time  to sell well I mean depends on how you  look at it I’ve explained it already but  this is basically see the thing about  EMA spread is it works primarily in a  sideways market and a lot of you guys  have been complaining like I’m not  getting a lot of buys I’m not getting a  lot of buys and a big a big part of the  reason for that is because the markets  been down I mean plain and simple like  EMA spread doesn’t work as well in a  down market  what does however seem to work fairly  well in the down market is the low bebe  now technically any of these strategies  will work it’s a matter of and what kind  of market does each strategy get give  you the biggest bang for your buck and I  think with the market where it is right  now I feel like you’re gonna have better  luck with a low BB strategy

it’s my  opinion and so I’ve set one up you guys  you guys are gonna find the download  link in this video but I want to explain  to you what the settings are and  basically what it means okay so if I  have two piece mail some of these  lessons I think from now on that’s what  I’m gonna do now what you see here is a  giant :  this is actually an x-ray of my colon is  everything I’ve eaten today lots of  fruit and greens  I’m kidding that’s terrible I probably  shouldn’t have said that  I’m feeling a little ornery so this is  the Bollinger Band you got the high  Bollinger Band you got the low Bollinger  Band hence high BB low BB okay  now with my settings here I have  basically set this to a negative 1% you  can see that behind my big noggin that’s  a negative 1% so when you guys download  these settings this is exactly how  they’re gonna be set and based off of  what I’m showing you in this video you  can change these settings to something  you’re more comfortable with if you  don’t like what I’m giving you I prefer  that you actually did that so what this  basically means is down here this here  is basically the zero mark this is the  top mark so this is a high BB this is  low BB now

my setting should basically  set up a trigger a buy trigger let me  see if I can zoom on this a little bit  more alright so this being the bottom of  the Bollinger Band my setting should  start a buy trigger right around here  okay or if it you know depending on  where it’s at maybe it will come down to  about here  alright so technically speaking if I  already had my strategy set up it would  have bought you know probably around  here  actually it would have bought right  about here because this this would have  activated the the watch then the trail  would have activated and then as soon as  it went back up a little bit that’s this  is about where it probably would have  bought and then it would have wrote it  up with my my selling strategy and when  I rode that wave up here and probably  sold somewhere up here okay and then it  probably wouldn’t have repot yet because  it hasn’t come back down here so that’s  ultimately what this strategy does it  basically plays with the lowest value of  the coin rather than like an EMA spread  where it expects all this stuff to be  you know you’re playing around with kind  of like the middle of the of the value  you’re not you’re not playing with the  highest value which is bhai bebe you’re  not playing with the lowest which would  be low bebe you’re playing with

pretty  much the middle where the where the  where the EMA indicators are kind of  crossing back and forth that’s where  you’re buying with the MA spread so low  bebe is a little bit different because  it really does help you make more  profitable trades in a down market all  right so basically my negative 1 this is  negative 1% so basically negative 1%  below the lowest part of the low bebe is  where it starts a it starts watching for  a buy then this trailing buy that you  see here it’s a point 1 5 so it’s just a  hair above and a hair below where the  bot is looking to make a trade okay so  if it comes down here let me get a  little tool here so let’s say let’s say  this here is the buy mark all right this  is where the bot is looking looking to  make a buy at this point the trailer the  trailing factor goes into effect now  let’s say that the trailing line is a  trailing line let’s say that trailing  line there’s one here and then there’s  another one down here you bastard it  makes me work for everything all right I  know this is off but this is just  to show you guys what I’m talking about  all right so basically what happens is  the bot looks here and and it’s looking  for activity to make that final purchase  decision

so it will keep following the  the price down and then the second it  goes back up point one five above your  your buy mark it makes the purchase so  in other words it’s not just gonna come  here and say okay we’re at one percent  below the low BB we’re gonna buy it no  matter what it’s gonna watch the value  and if it continues to lower it’s going  to follow it all the way down until  there’s an uptick but just a hair of an  uptick and then it’s gonna make its  purchase expecting it to continue rising  back up from there now depending on what  happens that’s when your your sell  strategy goes into effect and or your  your DCA  strategy okay does that make sense I  hope and that’s all there is to it  that’s a low BB and when you when you’re  looking at the grand scheme of things if  you look at you know just I’m just gonna  click around through a lot of these  other coins a lot of these coins if you  go if you look at just about anything a  lot of them are hanging around the low  side of the Bollinger Band which is why  this strategy should work for most  trades right now look at this as his  light coin you know I mean it’s it’s  like everything is kind of hanging out  around down here because the market has  been down for so long and that’s why  your EMA spread the strategy isn’t  working so much now

when you know the  market starts to come back and you know  these bars and everything you know  everything’s hanging around towards the  middle of this Bollinger Band or it’s  working towards an uptrend that’s when  your EMA spread is gonna start really  kicking in at that point that’s when  you’re gonna want to change your  settings and probably go back to an EMA  spread strategy like the ones I’ve been  giving out to date okay guys  I’m seeing all this stuff about crypto  hopper like I don’t know what I’ve seen  crypto hopper I saw crypto hopper before  I found profit trailer not digging it  I’m not paying $600  year for some cloud-based software that  then wants me to buy all kinds of other  strategies and plugins and you know  stuff like that and when I say all kinds  I’m talking about like everything and  it’s all based off a monthly expense  everything with profit trailer you buy  it once and you own it you don’t have to  you get all the free upgrades you don’t  you you run it on your own machine you  know you’re you’re reliant only on  yourself it’s a no brainer for me and  I’m not doing this to try and compete  with there really just isn’t much  competition in my eyes with crypto  hopper you know I found crypto hopper  and I read up on it and I was tried  struggled for a little bit

because I  bought I actually ended up buying gun  bot  after seeing crypto hopper I was  debating on the tube man what do I want  to get this looks good it’s cheaper per  month or I can shell out what was at the  time like eight hundred dollars or  whatever I spent on on that and I ended  up getting gun bot I ran it for a couple  days ended up with a buttload of bags  and then I found profit trailer and then  profit trailer sold all my bags off in  like two days so that’s one of the big  reasons why I fell in love with profit  trailer because it was something that I  was at the time able to set up pretty  easily just reading and just kind of  learning how things worked and that’s it  I mean like you know if just because you  buy the bot and it’s not making a  million trades in a day it’s not the bot  it’s not the bot I’m telling you it’s  probably just the fact that you’re too  damn lazy to look up how to make it work  I mean look guys I hate to be aggressive  but you know some of the stuff I see is  just downright lazy when I bought profit  trailer look guys if I’m gonna spend two  300 400 500 depending on the price of  Bitcoin maybe some people probably spent  800 bucks to get profit trailer I’m  gonna learn everything I can to make  sure that I’m getting the most out of it  based off of where the market is I don’t  expect the bot to automatically change  itself

look I’m gonna tell you guys  straight up feeder feeder in my eyes  it’s really really good  if you simply want less bags there’s  nothing you can do in the market crashes  okay feeder or otherwise you’re gonna  end up with some bags but I know that  when I ran profit trailer without feeder  I could easily end up with 40 bags I’m  running in feeder right now with low  bebe settings I think I’ve got four bags  and none of them are negative  more than negative ten percent right now  that’s what feeder does it’s not getting  me as many trades but you know feeder to  be real honest with you real honest like  I hate to say this but based off of the  way it’s kind of set up right now and  the settings that I have a feeder is a  lot more difficult to configure and  understand in my opinion I mean a lot  there are a lot of similarities and it  just overrides everything with profit  trailer but you know for someone like me  if I’m gonna trade with a full Bitcoin  or two Bitcoin I don’t mind the bags I  get I make more money when I go into  bags and I’m running three four five  tier DCA’s so for somebody like me I  don’t really want to use feeder because  I like bags for those of you who have  limited budgets feeders gonna protect  you from a lot of that that’s really  what a big part of the point of feeder  is it’s to limit the limits the number  of purchases you’re gonna make the  number of trades you’re gonna make

because it doesn’t really allow you to  get into what could be potentially bad  trades so it protects you in that sense  so if you have a limited budget I think  Peters feeders a good protection add-on  now I’ve also seen a lot of things about  this PT magic I’m not using that I I’d  like I am very weary of something free  that that from what I understand is  taken from like what other people have  done and I just I don’t know I don’t  especially in the crypto space I just  don’t trust like what’s the motive of  putting all that work into a free plugin  what is the developer getting that’s  what I want to know and I posted in  comments before I’d be happy to  interview them  I’ll give you exposure on the channel  come on to my channel let’s talk about  your PT magic I want to know you I want  to know your motives I want to know more  about it before I’m even gonna set it up  on anything now a lot of people have  said  doesn’t even use your api’s which is  fine but I also haven’t taken apart the  code because I’m not a programmer and I  don’t really know what all the hell it’s  possible of plain and simple if a web  browser can mine Manero  just because I went to a web site  anything’s possible folks that’s all I’m  saying so and I’m not trying to fight

I’m really not I’m not trying to fight I  know what the hell works I’ve been using  a private trailer since what November  and you know I know what works I’ve had  days where I’ve made so much money it  blew my mind and I’ve done videos about  some of those days you know it’s just in  a down market like this you have to  change your settings let’s go with low  bebe  let’s make some money and when the  market starts to really come back we’ll  go back to em a spread and then we’ll  continue from there and then maybe if  the market really gets super hot will  change to a high bebe and see what we  can make there but I’m telling you guys  if you if you bought the bot and you’re  not making a lot of money with the  trades of course you’re not because you  know a am a surprise look I know I’ve  been slacking I’ve been sick I’ve got a  lot going on and I haven’t been paying  as much attention to profit trailer  lately but I’m that’s gonna change I’m  gonna start doing a lot more  experimenting it’s it’s like I love  profit trailer personally I love profit  trailer I love the community I love  Elroy I love and I love the feet I love  profit feeder as well and I support  profit feeder because I know that a big  part of what profit feeder does is it’s  gonna protect a lot of newcomers who you  know we all know just are not going to  do the homework and learning the best  ways of setting things up and yeah

if  you’re looking at all of this these  trading settings enabled false these are  all the pears they are already preloaded  in my settings these are all the pears  for like known pump and dumps and  basically coins that for whatever reason  I felt like weren’t worth trading or  they typically ended up in really big  bags and things like that  so on that note that’s my low bebe  hopefully that helps you guys I’m gonna  call it a night  still scheduling out the rest of the  week and super super busy but hopefully  this is helpful and you’ll find the  settings again for all of you guys so I  see this all the time – people just will  not click show more and then  scription where you find all the links  for all the stuff I do so look here  wait yeah right there look that way okay  yeah this is stupid so yeah that way  it’s completely no wonder I look like  that’s an ogre cuz it completely changes  my face now I understand it’s that like  a mirror effect but anyway yeah look  down below hich hits show more and  you’ll find a link actually I’ll  probably put the link to this setting  it’s just the pair it’s the the pair’s  properties it’s all I’m gonna upload I’m  not doing feeder I’m not doing anything  else just the pair’s properties it’s all  set it’s based off percentage so you  know the max you’re gonna spend is  basically 3 percent of your bankroll you  know

this this should help you you can  change the pair’s you can lower them if  you don’t have a lot of money if you  don’t have a big budget you can lower  your pairs down the 5 or or however many  of you’re comfortable trading and VCA  you should already know by now I mean  and all that stuff is pretty much set up  if you’ve downloaded my settings in the  past all your dca should still be ready  to go so and for those of you that I  know are going to ask this here is your  market alright so if you see this says  ETH this is aetherium this is an  aetherium pair so when you download this  file this is going to be 4 theorem and i  know there’s gonna be some of you we  were just gonna ignore all of this  you’ve probably already closed the video  you went and downloaded the settings  you’re gonna run I’m gonna be back in  here but like these don’t work because  you didn’t finish the video where I’m  telling you that these are for aetherium  now if you want to change these two-bit  Bitcoin all you do is you come up here  edit where is it  where the hell is the replace all fold  all search no it’s in here somewhere  where you little bastard replace all  right so find what ETH replace with BTC  replace all now that just replaced all  these pairs all the way down the line

any reference of aetherium it’s changed  a bit coin that’s it’s all you got to do  guys super simple stuff so hopefully  this helps you if you download these  settings and you find that they’re  making you a lot of trades do me a favor  and post a comment  come back tomorrow like if you set this  up tonight run it through the night  tell me tomorrow morning how much money  you made starting using what budget  could you do me that favor because you  know what I don’t like the talk of some  of these other BOTS  I know profit trailer is hands down the  best bots on the market I mean it’s my  opinion of course but for somebody like  me who’s busy and I don’t have hours and  hours to configure every little detail  profit trailers treated me very very  well and I don’t mean there’s an  affiliate either I saw some douche like  talking about me on one of his videos  today you know just you know calling me  a shill for profit trailer and a  Sandman’s like look I’ve completely  demonstrated everything private trailer  makes money and the story you can call  me what you want but you know so be that  as it may I’ve got more Schilling to  plan so I’m gonna have to hop off here  and go rest up so hopefully this helps  you guys post in the comments let me  know how you do and in the meantime or  until next time Crowe your coins have a  good evening

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