How I Would Invest $1,000 Right Now For Max Gains

How I Would Invest $1,000 Right Now For Max Gains


Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen   I am the Crypto Crow . . . back for another day I’ve got a lot planned today and for this evening I’ve got quite a few videos planned I’ve got an IC o—- review actually I’ve got couple that I’m working on one of them’s for eye food chain and another one is for pecos something I can’t even remember the name of it now I told the guy said I’ll say something about it my video so that he knew that I was talking to me hopefully this is enough for you to confirm that this is in fact me telling you I’m looking into it but that’s all upstairs and I don’t have any of it frightened in front of me thank you guys for joining me man a lot of you guys are piling in here that’s pretty cool crow for president y’all you know what if I were ever elected president I’d be dead in a week because I’d probably do a lot of good and nobody would like it I don’t think that’s in the cards for someone like me I’m Way too I’m just way too upfront

I don’t think I could it sounds great but as trumps finding out it’s not all glitz and glam crypto buy a bag of credit so we take it over the world uh you know I’m not 100% sold on credits to be honest with you I mean I like it it sounds promising and I know they hit like a big milestone and the transactions per second and all that and it sounds cool but yeah I I haven’t gotten into a lot of it it’s good to have you back crow it’s good to be back look i you know everything that’s happened yesterday was really difficult for me because it was a very emotional thing for me to come back after all that had gone on and you know it’s it’s it’s still scary honestly it’s still scary to be back and doing this it’s like and and I you know if for anybody that is a rape victim out there I mean this in no joking way whatsoever absolutely I mean this in a very serious way and I know that there’s not a real comparison in terms of the depth in the pain that being raped would cause but being hacked in a way has similarities to that because now it’s like you know if somebody gets physically raped it’s like you know you you’re paranoid of everybody you don’t know who to trust you don’t know you know you’re scarred in so many ways

and honestly being hacked it’s very similar as as crazy as it may sound it’s everything that I do I’m paranoid of things that I used to do frequently I no longer do I you know it’s really difficult to explain but it’s it’s really not easy and so it’s it’s it’s it’s a process and you know yesterday you know yesterday was a big deal just coming back seeing the chat kind of doing a lot of the things that I was doing prior to the situation and you know it’s look it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter how many safety precautions you take it doesn’t matter how much time money whatever like I have some more gadgets coming you know what I mean things to help you know there’s a lot of stuff that I’m still doing but you know a lot of these hackers man I mean they’re smart and and it’s like they’re you know young old I mean it doesn’t really matter who they are I mean these guys study this stuff day in and day out and they they look for ways to exploit systems and it’s it’s overall it’s just scary stuff man it really is scary and you you just you you can only do as much as you think will help and and hope that that people either a leave you alone or be your defenses are up high enough that that either

it’s too time-consuming and too frustrating or you know maybe they get into something and they realize oh wow this is different there’s nothing here anymore like you know it’s just I you know I it’s definitely frustrating and it’s it’s unsubscribed after crow your coins acme on Oh after what I don’t even know what that said unsubscribed after crow your coins came on good luck bro okay cool see you bye yeah it’s a traumatic experience I’m still very much affected and you know for something that you know I’m sure that the hacker is probably doing right now you know he’s got other people on his list stur what he’s doing and and you know to him it’s just how many can I get it how many computers how many systems can I get into what can I get out of him and to him it’s just numbers you know just to some of these guys it’s just numbers but to those affected it’s life-changing it’s extremely violating and and and you know some of us it’s it’s our future it’s our life you know it’s our home it’s our you know I have a family with a bunch of kids you know being a target for this stuff knowing that you know

if I’m not careful you know my entire life could be wiped away from somebody in another country it could be a neighbor for all you know it could be a neighbor you know using these tor tor tools and you know scramblers and and what’s there’s so many different terms that I’ve been reading about lately but just to learn more but anyway look guys I feel good my health is is really getting back you know I’ve been on this new testosterone now for a while I’ve been on growth hormone my my mustache has grown back enough so you know look he gave me a big forced vacation and I was able to just focus on a lot of other things and and so yeah I’m Amish – gangster a gangster this isn’t a gangster hat this is my driver’s cap I used to wear this all the time when I was a fight promoter and I just got a few more let’s see he he got I don’t want to say a whole lot I will say that he got a he got a bit of crypto that it is what it is he got a little bit and he you know but you know yeah I don’t know what to say about that he the the the stuff that I really wanted to keep safe wasn’t touched and you know and that was that was that

I mean you know he could have gotten into a lot of other things at the time that it doesn’t even look like he attempted to so I think anything that had anything that could have been traced or tracked it doesn’t look like he even touched so he’s he you know he’s a smart dude I mean her girl or whoever it is I mean there weren’t they weren’t stupid about things at all like they they knew what they were doing and they they really just seemed like they wanted to go in take what they could and get the hell out almost like a home burglary right like you know you don’t want to hang out too long because you know something could happen and and you know I will say that you know I do have things where you know if additional attempts are made let’s just say I have some additional help at this point and because I would like to find out who who it is and what’s going on and but I will say this stuff is really difficult to track you know and I mean it is what it is I just want to be left the hell alone but you know you you obviously being on YouTube being a target talking about the stuff I talk about it’s just it’s gonna drive greed man and it’s it’s you know people think they can take advantage of you or scam you or con you or hack you or whatever

unfortunately there are a lot of people in the world willing to sell their soul to do that and to a lot of these guys it’s just a game for them it’s like fun it’s cute it’s you know but for the rest of the world are the victims of these people it’s much more than that so if anything I am I am looking more and more into security a because I want to be able to share some of these things with you I’m not going to ever share everything because there are just things that you need a hacker on your side well fortunately for me I know some hackers I know some very good hackers who do it for a living and I’ve been talking to them recently so the profit trailer peeps are on your side glad you’re back man thanks crypto gnome I appreciate that and yeah it’s it’s definitely it’s definitely tricky stuff man so it was the NSA no was not the NSA it was just I just think it was a random hacker who just wanted to see you know if he could get something out of me you know I honestly that’s all I think it was I don’t think it was a big conspiracy I don’t think you know a bunch of people said it was PayPal no it wasn’t PayPal you know silly stuff

so anyway Superman is the hacker something tells me Superman is not a hacker I’m just going to throw that out there I don’t think supo is a hacker at all I don’t think that’s his bag so what’s up from Kentucky I got robbed at gunpoint last week at work bank teller I jump up every time the door opens now to see who’s coming in now no bueno holy shit like yeah that’s crazy you know somebody I had made a comment to recently about getting my concealed carry license and and getting a gun and and I’m not gonna say whether or not I got one yet or two or three I’m not gonna say any of that but you know somebody sent me a message that did make a lot of sense and he was like you know even if somebody were to break into your house to rob you they are not necessarily anticipating having to use deadly force right like they’re you know they might have a gun to scare you but having a gun that you make counter with would provoke them to shoot you and so you know there are a lot of good points a lot of valid points but you know I’m one of those guys where I like to set traps I like to be prepared and you know

I like I’m a vengeful dude like I have to admit like as compassionate and passionate as I am I’m also very very very vengeful and so for me you know if somebody were to have the gull to break into my house and you know put my kids in any danger you’re gonna die that’s just plain and simple if you come in and invade my home be prepared to die and that’s that’s all there is to it and you know it’s like I love everybody and I care about everybody but when harm is done to me somebody who in my opinion you know look I know some of you guys joke that I’m a big asshole and I am I’m a big I’m just a very blunt sometimes abrasive asshole but I do mean well and everything that I do and say comes from the heart but you know it’s it’s it you know I don’t know I don’t even want to talk about this anymore I mean honestly as I’m learning more things I’m going to I’m gonna share some of these things that I think would help a lot of you guys and I’m gonna present you know different software packages different things that I dig up that I may or may not be using but I think they could help you

I’ve got something that’s gonna be here today that I’m not telling anybody about but it’s a pretty badass stuff and so anyway John Crowe wick except with crypto yeah well prepared to die crypto is a velka what’s a velka I don’t even know what that is yeah look I don’t want to hurt anybody I don’t want anybody to be hurt ever I don’t even bad people I don’t like to see harm come to them you know there are some people that in your mind you think they’re gonna get what’s coming to them you know what I mean and it’s like the one thing I learned is a kid and then I’ll get on topic here there’s almost 600 of you like I’m sure waiting for me to get to the good stuff but you know as a kid I know finding moments in my life where it’s like you you kind of choose the path you want to live the rest of your life right kind of that good or evil and and I think it’s I think you as you live you are presented with opportunities to cut corners and in cutting those corners you have a decision as to what is your soul worth what is your future worth because if you and I’m glad I made the decisions that I’ve made through my life you know

when I was young I was always very compassionate I was also crazy as shit like I will say like I’m not proud of this but there was a period of my life where I was known to be just purely crazy you know to the point where all my friends there was a movie that came out with was a Bateman I don’t the American Psycho or whatever and the dude was just nuts and all my friends used to harass me and joke with me about that being me I don’t think I was ever quite that crazy but I was one of those guys where have you wronged me you felt the the the fact that you wronged me like that was that was it now I’m old and fat and I have a family and so much has changed so I’m not quite like that anymore but you know I do think that when you make decisions that I honestly consider selling your soul for for greed or profit or gain of any kind even even for emotional gain like if you are like a I call them energy vampires you know people who are constantly creating chaos and problems and drama at the expense of others because somehow it fuels them those people all get what’s coming to them and and I think it’s just this universal law of attraction that that really dictates those things

I feel that the opportunities that I’ve been presented with in my life the successes that I’ve found have all come from the fact that honestly I feel like I’ve made solid decisions and I’ve never made a decision that was going to hurt or harm anybody intentionally anyway you know shit happens but that’s that’s it I mean all right um Mike Klein I hope you look at VPN networks I’m gonna tell you something that I’m buying right now I’m not even gonna need that I mean it might even already be here as soon as I’m done just to shoot in some video but I don’t want to say what it is because it’s a pretty badass piece of technology so uh let’s see here I’m your big fan Jason never saw an honest guy like you you talked by heart god bless you mean thank you Gaurav Verma I appreciate that I like to think I am I am very very honest whether people like it or not I tend to be blatantly honest so you never pop the bear I’m not sure what that means but I don’t think I would want to pock a bear either all right um let’s see here crow what happened to you you look sad

I’m not sad right now I’m not sad at all I feel pretty good I’ve got a lot ahead of me tonight I’ve got some ico reviews I’m gonna knock out I’ve got where you go to jail no I didn’t go to jail I guess it’s gonna have to check the yesterday’s video any guys that don’t have a clue what’s happened just check yesterday’s video it’s all in there who hacks that MMA fighter idiots well I’m I highly doubt I highly doubt and dude you’re late to the game about greed monger I’ve been doing refunds forever now anyway please don’t roll as far as like being an MMA fighter man I mean hackers don’t care especially a hacker anywhere else in the country so you know yeah I mean it’s not a physical thing I mean no no hacker I mean hacker could be ten years old and and just be smart as hell and and do what he does and I mean that look I read hacker quarterly honestly I love I’ve always loved the hacker culture to be quite honest with you I was always one of those guys who not necessarily that I wasn’t smart enough to be a hacker but like if I were to ever become a hacker it would have been an ethical hacker the problem is is the technology on that level changes so much

and like I have a guy that I know he was actually what he did actually go to prison for hacking he actually hacked a local college here and I won’t say who but he was actually our tech lead when I worked for Apple and the super smart guy and and like he actually gave me the UNIX source code that he used and you know when I was a kid I was a wannabe hacker like I wasn’t even a script kiddie I wasn’t even that good like I just I don’t know I do I am impressed by it in some ways I’m intrigued by it and I like to learn about things so I I’ve always I’ll pick up a copy of hacker quarterly 2600 and read what’s new and you know look man I mean everybody has their thing I just I just wished that a lot of these hackers just focused on there’s so much money to be made with white hat hacking and yeah I mean it is what it is all right let’s just see here okay Wow all right so here’s the thing guys so when it comes to investing and this is this is what I do with now I’m gonna tell you straight up the number one way to invest $1,000 is I SEOs I mean that’s where you’re gonna get the biggest bang for your buck so if you’re in a country that will enable you to invest in icos

obviously you’re gonna get the best returns now you know when it comes to the fact that let’s say you that the majority of you are in the United excuse me the United States yeah and onto the show with the majority of you come from the United States and you’re basically blocked from purchasing icos it’s obviously a really difficult thing you can’t you can’t get into him now there are some ways that you can get into him but even those are suspect in some regards there are different pools and things like that but you know it’s it’s a it’s difficult because you don’t know who you can trust you don’t know if the systems they’re using to bring all these funds together or legitimate there’s just a lot of different things that you may or may not know and there are and the thing of it is one of the things that I have seen is people that start pools they get a bunch of people involved and then the people involved are counting on them to have a clue what they’re even talking about or doing like they’ll just say hey we’re we’ve got a pool going for this ico or that I see oh but it doesn’t mean that it’s worth investing in to begin with and so there’s that challenge there so thanks so a thousand bucks ready so I’m basically I’m you know knowing that I cos a good ICO is gonna be the hands-down the best way to invest in anything in crypto right now

I’m going to assume that none of you have the ability to get into any okay so I’m focusing this whole tactic strictly and I and I went over some of this last night okay so for those of you that tuned in last night you got some of this but I wanted to kind of make it its own video but and there’s some other things associated with it as well so here’s the thing so if we’re looking at let’s start with Bitcoin okay and and basically this whole thing is gonna be all about exchange coins all right and they’re gonna be different things to look at different things to consider if you’re investing a thousand dollars now really if you’re investing any sum of money the same rule applies right but we’re gonna focus on a thousand bucks cuz that typically seems to be what most people have to throw around alright so if you want to get the biggest bang for a thousand bucks how would you go about doing that well first of all I’m gonna look at bitcoins price because a lot of the market is really kind of dependent on Bitcoin now Bitcoin to me drives the market cap to quite an extent so if Bitcoin right now bitcoins at 8922 alright and if I if I’m looking at it we all know that the Bitcoin all-time high was about twenty thousand dollars alright

so when when you’re looking at that all-time high and you’re thinking all right well if I were to just put $1,000 into Bitcoin well when it gets back up to you know twenty thousand my money will more almost die little more than double a little bit all right so that’s cool if you were putting in a thousand dollars a Bitcoin right now right you’d be getting about you know 0.1 one or something like that in Bitcoin right now so now the question is I know that if I put a thousand dollars in the Bitcoin right now and it gets back up to 20 grand which is I expect it to do then you know I might let just say I double my money alright now we kind of know that there’s also a chance for Bitcoin to go to 30 grand or even higher all right but what I want to do is I want to see where could my money get the most potential gain all right now I’m gonna look at aetherium so in aetherium 4,000 bucks I I can’t even get to I still can’t even get to full of theory him yet however you know aetherium is all time high was like 1450 I think something along those lines so you know I could put the same money into aetherium and if aetherium gets back to its all-time high

let’s just say well we’ll go somewhere lower let’s say ripple cuz I know a lot of you guys are all on ripples jock like so hard even though I’m big and bullish on IV coin and that’s IB coin with a k for those of you I would I would definitely keep an eye on IV coin Celsius Network dabit um I think debe time recently had exchanged in a hit in an exchange so keep an eye on those because I am bullish on those yes those were paid reviews that I did in the past but I’m legitimately I’m all about them now let’s say ripple for example now ripple right now is at 68 cents okay now I’m gonna pull up a calendar or a calculator that you guys aren’t gonna see but so ripples at 68 cents so if I had a thousand dollars right now and I divide that by 0.6 eight I could buy fourteen hundred and seventy ripple okay now if ripple goes back to its all-time high which is likely gonna be about where it was yeah so its all time high was three dollars and sixty five cents so if I take that fourteen seventy that I just bought those fourteen hundred and seventy ripple that I just bought for $1,000 and I multiply that by three dollars and sixty five cents I’m at five thousand two hundred and ninety-four dollars so there you go like if I were to put a thousand dollars into Bitcoin right now and Bitcoin hits its all-time high I’m barely I’m just over doubling my money if I’m putting it into something like Ripple based off of its all-time high when it went

because here’s the thing this is baseline like these are my baseline expectations now this could change okay and that’s where technical analysis comes in that’s we’re studying the news comes in that’s where other factors come into play but you know based solely off of where coins have already been prior to the big market crash for this year you know if I were to put a thousand dollars into something ripple I don’t even like Ripple everybody knows I don’t like Ripple you know taking all emotion and idealism out of it you know if I’m if I’ve got a thousand bucks well I could turn that thousand probably into five grand and ripple only has to reach its all-time high so that’s this is that’s basically what I do let’s look at another one let’s go down a bit let’s go into some of these others so Tron I’m not gonna look at I mean whatever happens with Tron we’ll see but I’m not I’m not super bullish on Tron I bought some I think it’ll go up but you know is it gonna go up to the you know to the moon or anything it might but I don’t know cute I’m cute I’m pretty good icon icons are really good one I got that of ICO it’s probably close already – let’s see oh I’m Way off all right so let’s just say it’s all time high was twelve twelve fifty

even though I whatever reason I’m thinking it was a little higher than that so all right so twelve it was like around 1250 all right so let’s say I’m gonna take my thousand bucks 1000 1000 I’m going to divide that by three dollars and 59 cents so that’s two hundred and seventy eight dollars or two hundred and seventy eight icon right now and that’s that’s after it’s already shot up almost 45 percent the last 24 hours all right so if I go and I multiply that times 1250 that’s three thousand four hundred eighty one dollars so ripple might be a smarter bet than icon right now that’s solely based off of what’s happened that’s not to say that icon can’t get to fifteen twenty twenty-five dollars a coin okay this this whole how I would invest $1,000 is is primarily using their previous all-time high is a baseline what could I expect minimum should the coin hit its all-time high again okay from there that’s when you look into the other factors like let’s say you know cardano’s 21 cents I know one point it hit a dollar thirty right so let’s look at card ah no which is one of my favorite coins and and still is so if I take a thousand dollars I divide that point to one which it was at a low of like 12 cents already this

though over the past it’s like seven eight days so that would give me four thousand seven hundred and sixty one card on oh okay so if I multiply that lets say by one dollar thirty cents now I’m at six thousand one hundred and ninety dollars so card on Oh technically would be a much better buy right now than Ripple because if I put a thousand dollars in the card ah no right now and that gets back to a dollar thirty which was its all-time high on me I’ll have six thousand one hundred ninety dollars worth of card oh no okay so basic math lessons well you know the math is basic but it’s not something that a lot of people think about that’s the thing it’s not well you know people comparing well you know I heard I hear a lot about Bitcoin I can just buy Bitcoin yeah you could but the question is could you make more taking that thousand dollars and putting it into something else and it’s it’s basically a simple calculation you’re right but it’s the thought process behind it that a lot of people you know don’t don’t look into alright this isn’t a golf hat this is a drivers cap what about card on oh and a hundred dollars anything’s possible that’s all there is to it anything’s possible it depends on you know what’s the adoption of card on oh when they’re proof of steak comes out I think that I think it’s very likely it’s probably gonna hit

it’s uh it’s gonna hit its all-time high supposed to be sometime this month I haven’t even looked into it let me see well I guess I didn’t even have to do that let’s take a look how long we’ve been on here 30 minutes the Daedalus wallet or Boris that’s what I’m looking for proof of stake mining with Aurra Boris oh all right I’m actually looking for the road map I’m gonna come down and I’m gonna see where they are in exchange enhancements I mean they’re they’re really starting to closing in on a lot of this stuff the update open aura Boris delegation they’re about 75% of the way through so we’ll see what happens I was expecting or Boris to launch this month and it doesn’t look like that’s gonna be happening but even still if the launch is next month it’s still gonna be huge so I assume everybody understands this concept yeah I mean is it likely that cardano’s gonna hit $100 this year no it’s probably not very likely at this point but you know will it well let’s see five bucks even I think it’s absolutely probable at this point I think it’s probable for it to hit five I think you got much higher than that

I mean Icahn hit went from eleven cents it at I see Oda like twelve thirteen dollars in no time flat so it’s not unlikely that Cardno could see twenty thirty bucks at least you know over the term of this bull run and in the bull market especially if they start meeting you know more of their metrics and and their roadmap so yeah I mean that’s basically it like that’s that’s what I look at if I’m gonna invest like if I have a thousand box or if I’ve got a couple grand there are other things to consider though okay for me especially now I’m like really weary of having multiple wallets and and all that stuff so you know I’m much more likely to buy coins that I can store on one specific wallet and keep locked up offline then I am something that I need to keep running somewhere at this point but that’s that’s my own that’s my own thing fusion is just over I co-project I actually I got some fusion let’s see for wearing that hat this man deserves some like smash up the likes that’s funny I like my hat I didn’t feel like fixing my hair I need my dude to come over and get me cleaned up hyper block I don’t know anything about Daniel alright so that is that’s pretty much

I mean was was this helpful like did this all make sense to you guys you know like can you do you guys feel like you can take a thousand bucks and effectively you know calculate what what it’s likely to be the best buy and the best investment right now and now you can take this and my suggestion would be you know honestly to diversify a bit you know maybe you break that thousand dollars into four different investments and just kind of hedge your bets a little but I think honestly with where the market is right now and where I see it going to be here over the next 60 days even probably anything that you invest into in the top 25 is gonna go pretty well for you XRP is a terrible choice I love that Joe I love that I don’t like Ripple like I don’t like ripple at all which wallet do you recommend for all my coins it deployment depends it depends on what coins you have and what block change they’re compatible with and what wallets are available waiting for ethos to launch but I’m not even jumping on ethos as soon as it launches because I want to make sure that it runs solid and you know I want to make sure there’s no there are no security issues with ethos or anything and I want to check it out I want to make sure it’s got all the security features that I’m looking for at this point

so yeah all right 35 minute video I’m gonna cut this here because I got more videos coming folks so I hate to see 700 people there but I I got some more work to do and I don’t want to I don’t want these videos to be super super long if I can try to keep them under a half hour moving forward I’d like to and I kind of rambled a little bit but this was just kind of a quick lesson your head sucks mate but I still love you you know what guys I can’t believe you’re mean to my hat look at that that’s just that that’s just a nice act I don’t know what it is what it is I love my hat I’m gonna have to wear it like all day every day now in every video a doe will hit $20 in three to five years I think Ava’s gonna hit 20 bucks this year but we’ll see we’ll see what happens no more hats alright guys so I’m going to sign out I’ll play a little song in the outro and I’ve got honestly I might have like three more videos I’m I don’t know if I should just knock out like three videos today and then schedule them to publish self-publish or or what but very dapper thank you Anna you should make an exclusive cro hardware wallet so we can really crowed your coins yeah and somebody else was talking yesterday a lot about uh yawns a radio station or whatever

he’s like he reached out to me and I’m like I don’t know there’s I don’t know how to reach out to you like I clicked his name and went to his channel there’s nothing there at all so I’m like if the dude’s legit I mean he can contact me and cuz I would honestly I’d love to have a TV show I’d love to have a radio show so you know I think I think there are things that in order for me to do really well on radio like I’d love to have a serious XM station or something like that and you know I love Howard Stern man Baba Booey and all that stuff I love it and you know III would love to have a radio show a talk show do interviews and things as it relates to the crypto space but I think there are things that I do that would be very unprofessional that I would have to work out I’d have to get rid of all the lumps and the you know the things that I do with my mouth and things so I have to train myself to get out of those habits if I were to ever do real radio so okay folks I’d appreciate everything I’m gonna get back to work I’m probably I don’t think I’m gonna do these other videos live

I think I’m gonna record them and then upload them because I have like five big videos that I want to do well for now for videos that I wanted to do to kind of build on this and move into other avenues and then a couple of reviews so I’m gonna get this stuff out and I appreciate ya I love you guys very much very very very much and I will be back soon and crow your hat and your coins all right here we go I’m gonna exit with the with a song

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