How I Rate ICOs – IOST Contest – Dv7 Coin – 50Cent Still Broke

How I Rate ICOs – IOST Contest – Dv7 Coin – 50Cent Still Broke


good evening everybody thank you for joining me  I’m gonna try not to get a little crazy I’m  gonna tell you guys I am I’m doing a lot  better except I have some inner ear  thing in my right ear that is what’s  making me sick and I think these lights  in my face and everything I think that’s  why when I come down here to shoot  videos I just start crashing because  it’s like these that something that is  happening with my my equilibrium all  kinds of stuff so I’m on like Allegra  Dee I’m on a some different meds to try  and help drain my ear there’s like  something going on in my inner ear so I  figure if I don’t get super animated and  I don’t get a little crazy I should be  able to make it through everything I  have to do tonight because I’ve got to  pay some damn bills so first thing I  want to tell you guys is for all of you  who love the crow your coins theme song  it’s about to get real because the yes  it is awful for me it’s why I didn’t do  anything last night I’m gonna try and do  two videos tonight this one live and the  next one recorded not uploaded through  the night because I meant to do a bunch  of stuff last night and I just couldn’t  so anyway no it’s not that it’s gonna be  on vest so I talked to the producer of  the song and Reena Hera’s wanting to

she  has a single that she’s wanting to  release and because of the popularity of  the song on this show and how how many  people have made comments about it stuck  in your head and where can you download  it where can you buy it on iTunes all of  this I had a couple people wanting  acapella tracks of it to remix it’s  gonna become a thing so what they’re  doing they’re working now on a  full-length version of  song and an acapella version of the song  and they’re gonna release it in a  three-track EP free free they’re  basically so back I guess back in the  day with Radiohead Radiohead released an  album and rather than sign with a label  and do all that they basically release  the album for free and they just said  just donate what you think it’s worth  and they ended up averaging nine bucks a  CD which was eight dollars more problem  than they would have made otherwise and  so I told them I said I don’t want a  dime of any of it I said but you have to  promise one thing of which they have  agreed if they exceed ten aetherium and  donations from everybody buying this EP  they have to donate ten percent of the  profits of it to a charity in my name  and they have agreed and I think Rina is  actually gonna be shooting a bit of a  video about the song Saturday at which  point I’m hoping to be able to bring  that on and show everybody so I am  extremely pumped

I want to build this  girl’s career I want to at least help so  for all of you guys that were fans of  that song that is very very good news  and I’m really looking forward to it I  want a full-length version of the song I  think it’ll be great  bitcoins up a thousand bucks since I  last did a video and now gifting Bitcoin  is one way a person can avoid paying  crypto taxes so for those of you who  haven’t seen this article yet make sure  you check this out the only crypto tax  loophole the US government is concerned  about getting its taxes from American  citizens who have invested in  cryptocurrencies in a nutshell I think  you can get let’s see if you give a if  you give crypto to a friend or family  member to anyone really ask how much it  is worth  that the gift is worth more than  15-thousand it requires you to file a  gift tax return but you can gift US  citizens can gift eleven point two  million dollars per lifetime and I think  there’s an annual cap on it but for the  the view that are holding small this  could help you quite a bit  50 cent it’s still only worth 50 cent  apparently the big hoopla about him  having like seven million dollars worth  of Bitcoin turned out to be Phooey  so yeah that sucks for him  so there’s one thing I’m going to talk  about they’ve paid me to tell you about  this but the secure scalable blockchain  that actually works the internet of  services

it’s basically a new blockchain  this isn’t even an ICO they’re already  done they basically did everything in  private sales so you can’t really get  the coins outside of this contest that I  am actually doing because I want these  damn coins so the website is IO st dot  IO and I have a link I think it does the  link is down in the description it takes  you directly to this it’s basically a  you know creative slogan for iOS T and  mine was racing securely into the future  of blockchain intelligence if you go  through their website and get an idea as  to what they are and what they do you’ll  kind of understand the slogan I’ve got  46 like so so far I want like 10,000 I’m  not gonna get them but basically you  guys can go to their you guys can either  click the link in my description and  it’ll take you and then you can just  click this and it’ll take you directly  to the contest join our slogan contest  and win io st retweet your idea and  include hashtag io st hashtag iOS token  to win up to a hundred thousand  check the rules below for details top  three get 25,000 to 100,000 and on down  so if you want to win some tokens I mean  I say go for it I like this I co  originally we were talking about me  doing a paid ICO review but they don’t  really need it

I mean they they’re you  know they’ll they’ll probably end up  paying me to talk about the coin in the  future  in detail kind of a good a big coin  review and what I’m just telling you now  like if they do I’m all over it  I mean I’ll tell you right now I like  this coin and what they’re doing so it  would behoove you to go to their website  and do some reading and find out what  you think and definitely want to check  out this contest you know I’m probably  not gonna win but might be a chance to  score some some good tokens earlier this  afternoon Superman put out a video  cryptocurrency comeback and as you’ll  notice I put a comment down here hey  Michael I was sincere in my interest in  interviewing you and I think it’s  something both our followers will  appreciate I don’t know how to get ahold  of you directly so you can email me  delete this comment once you’ve read it  there was one like this was the first  comment on this video now  I genuinely like Superman and I  genuinely want to interview him I feel  that some of the soup ohrid so to speak  has stemmed from really soup oh man just  being his crypto self I guess I guess  you could say like what what I’m what  I’m trying to say is like I think you  know in other videos I’ve said in the  past on how I kind of feel

like I get a  vibe about people and you know like when  I’m looking through icos and I just I  have this whole kind of thing that I  kind of get an idea as to who people are  and I could be wrong  I could be wrong but I just have this  thing about soup oh that I truly believe  he wants to do good for everybody I mean  of course he wants to profit of course  he wants to make money but I want to let  people know and I want to learn I want  to learn more about the man that is  Superman I want to I want to explore his  life a little bit you know I’m so  verbose and open about my history and a  lot of you appreciate that and I think  you know personally I’d like to  interview a lot of youtubers I would  like to interview a lot of people and  and really kind of get an inside look as  to who they are what they’re about what  makes them tick what their motives are  their ambition their goals their  failures everything I want to learn who  they are nothing malicious nothing I’m  not gonna set anybody up I’m not I’m not  about that shit that’s just not my style  but I do have a genuine interest in  letting people know a little bit more  about who Superman is and and you know  how he got started and how he came up so  open invitation if he are you happen to  be watching this

I genuinely would like  to get you on and I’m thinking now this  is my guess and hopefully that I’m not  mistaken here but as this comment said  delete this comment once you’ve read it  I know he’s seen it because he’s seen  all these other comments okay  that came after it this was the very  first comment as you can see this was  seven hours ago a part of me thinks that  he is waiting to see how many people  like this and respond to it and and then  maybe he’ll consider it that’s my guess  it’s probably what I would do so if you  would like to see an interview between  Superman and myself or me interviewing  Superman let us know hit that like  button and hit the reply button let us  know your comments I would definitely  appreciate it okay now this this here  this is a this is a paid thing okay this  is the this guy paid me to talk about  this coin and I’m gonna be real honest  it’s blowing my mind because there’s not  a whole hell of a lot to review yet this  isn’t an IC o—-  this is just so ok so I’m gonna be very  blunt about this some people call coins  like this shit coins  I call them fun coins okay these are  coins that to me are meant to be  played with

these are coins that you can  get in super dirt cheap buy a bunch of  them and when things happen in the  market it’s it’s you can you can make  some money right because you can buy  like 50 million of these coins in like  the smallest increase in value and  you’ve made a small fortune  so these dv7 is the next high ROI  investment you have been looking for we  aim to build a safe reliable proof of  state platform with great returns in an  active involved community dv7 coin is a  primarily POS focused high APR coin  bringing back the high APR POS system  you all know and love but done right dv7  coin uses the ever popular script  algorithm now there really isn’t a whole  hell of a lot on this website to review  outside of the basic numbers here yeah  I’m getting so dizzy big thing about  this coin right now is there are 50  billion of these suckers now they’re  trading currently at point zero zero  eight cents okay so they’re not even a  penny apiece now what what happens is is  when you download this wallet where the  wallets okay so it’s Apple Linux and  Windows you download these wallets or  one of these wallets and then you  basically just hold your coins on that  wallet and they multiply  it’s basically what it boils down to and  the way this is structured is at twenty  thousand and one to forty three thousand

from what I understand you get a ten  thousand percent return on investment  you know if you start here you know you  start with just a few I mean you can get  you can get two thousand of these coins  for like next to nothing but you get a  hundred percent stake and it goes up to  a thousand percent five thousand up to  ten so ten thousands your maximum stake  and when you’re making this much once  you’ve gotten  pass the 43,000 coins in your wallet  then it drops back down the 500 and down  to 250 and so forth so the system isn’t  so bad and the coin doesn’t seem bad  there just isn’t anything to it  this is here’s the thing I know that  this guy is planning on pumping a bunch  of money into building and marketing  this coin he paid me well just to talk  about this right now he wanted to wait  until it got on crypto Pia this is  happening very soon folks I will say  that I know that this is happening soon  you can get it on stocks exchange in  crypto bridge right now which is fine  but yeah I mean I’m probably gonna be  talking about this again in the future  once it hits crypto Pia and look this is  a fun kwaini probably make some quick  cash off of over the next couple months  that’s my guess just based off of what I  know that the guy that the developer of  this is trying to do with it it’s a  little long term hold

I don’t know I  definitely I wouldn’t consider this a  long term hold and I mean it could be  because I bought fun coins before that I  still have that I just got like ember  coin you know you just you can get a  hundred thousand of them for pennies  like for next to nothing and it’s kind  of like one of those things where if  they go up great and if they don’t oh  well it’s like you don’t really lose a  whole hell of a lot so for those of you  who are new to a lot of this stuff and  you’re you know what is proof of stake  and how does that work  maybe give this a shot you know I don’t  really think it’s reinventing any wheels  and and or anything but it trades so  cheap and it works and I know that he’s  gonna be pumping some money in the  marketing here soon so I might actually  get some myself believe it or not which  I mean I guess technically it would be  like he’s giving him to me but yeah I I  mean I already he already paid me I  don’t have to buy any of this so but I  think I’m probably going to just because  I think it’ll be fun so  it’s going crazy  oh I don’t know maybe maybe he hid it I  don’t know I don’t know how that creep I  don’t know how that works  oh no it’s loading a little slow I mean  it’s still there yeah I guess none of  you guys have found it maybe he hid it

I  don’t know I guess but he has an email  me either and maybe he’s not interested  and if he’s not interested that’s okay  it’s deleted I mean that’s fine you know  maybe he’ll change his mind sometime  maybe he just hasn’t gotten around to  let me know what he wants to do all  right  so moving forward I am going to be  showing you guys how I am going to be  reviewing icos and moving forward okay  and this is something that I feel that  you guys could very easily do yourselves  but I came up with a system let me get  rid of some of this where am i all right  it’s a beautiful man sitting there all  right so I’m gonna try and get through  this a little quick because I need a  break  I really do think it’s these lights my  wife even thinks it’s because I’ve been  staring at my computer  no I’ve gone I’m trying to chew gum to  open up my ear to get it to drain or  whatever the hell’s going on with it  I sometimes depending on how I turn my  head I can feel like the pressure in my  ear so like this is so unrelated and  silly but when I sleep I sleep on my  left side and I have my earbud in my ear  and I watch like you know movies or  shows or whatever at night when I’m  falling asleep  and then I get this big sinus infection  and I feel like a lot of that’s cleared  up when my breathing is good now

everything else I got my first  testosterone shot last night I’m on like  a daily growth hormone shot I mean I’ve  got all this stuff it’s like my body  wants to just run jump fight you know  whatever all kinds of fun stuff but I’ve  got something in my ear man and it’s  like it depending on how I turn  sometimes like some of you guys if you  can wiggle your ears and you hear that  mm-hmm and you’re in your head well  sometimes depending on how I turn my  head I can hear that in my right ear  like and it sounds like like like white  noise or something it’s crazy  I’m not going deaf I can hear fine but  it’s like there’s fluid in there  something like that and I think it’s  really try seeing I had somebody else  tell me that today acupuncture and  tomorrow I’m going to a oh my god a  chiropractor so spider eggs in your ear  that might be gonna call me spider-man I  won’t be crypto crow anymore I’ll just  be a spider-man all right so I promise  like I’m all right I’m getting all this  stuff taken care of and I went and got a  leg ready today one of you guys who  watches my show if you’re here he’s  trying to put me on a NASCAR he’s trying  to put the crypto crow on a NASCAR hood  but he’s at he’s apparently a pharmacist  and you know he was telling me what I  should get and he told me you know just  try Alegre D and and it was a boning or  something like that which is like an  anti dizzy medicine

I don’t think the  boning or the anti dizzy medicine really  worked very well but I’ve only taken one  of each this afternoon earlier this  afternoon I don’t know how many you have  to take so anyway enough of that  rambling I mean typically my ramblings  fun but I’m so dry and dead tonight that  I know I can’t be all that interesting  so I just want to try and feed you us an  useful info  all right so here’s the one of the first  things you know I talked about type what  type of ICO is it blockchain gets two  points in my book because block chains  typically do significantly better  platforms app snaps that sort of thing  they get one point the technology is  that new technology is it a new  blockchain is it a new idea is the  technology needed does it solve  something if it does it gets a point if  it doesn’t if it’s just a carbon copy of  something else or something that’s  already been done or it’s just not very  interesting it gets zero points the team  you know  are there any when I say team and all  stores as all-stars everybody agrees  with this what has the team accomplished  what has the CEO accomplished today is  it a rockstar CEO that’s already found  extreme success and other things or is  it just all brand-new team right like  they haven’t they have nobody has  anything particularly special to their  name but they’re all this is like their  first big effort right

if the team has  saw an all-star or multiple all-stars  you know they get a point if they don’t  they don’t get a point advisors the same  thing but with advisors with a  blockchain technology I want to see  blockchain related advisors you know I  have a review that I might try to do  tonight they’ve got everything great  except their advisors their advisors are  all financial people not a single one of  them looked to be blockchain related so  they didn’t get a point  a prototype do you have a prototype if  you do you get another point if you  don’t no point total supply I want to  see a total supply under 500 million  plain and simple the number of tokens  that you issue at IC o—-  I want them to be over 60 percent of  your total supply or you don’t get a  point the price I don’t like looking at  IC o—- tokens over 60 cents if you’re  over 60 cents you don’t get a point the  market cap I’d like to see under a  hundred million  ha what’s up crip don’t know I liked  your new video today brother on profit  trailer I haven’t gotten around to the  new profit trailer stuff yet but I I  know you’re carrying that torch so  anybody wants to get some details on the  new profit trailer update you can pop  over crypto crypto gnomes channel and  check it out and I’ll be doing a video  on that stuff soon but I just haven’t  been able to get around to it yet

so so  market cap I want to see under 100  million dollars the highest bonus now  you guys might think I’m a little  conservative with this but I obviously  have my reasons but I want to see  bonuses at no point in the ico over 35%  and that’s then I’m talking private  presale bonuses too if private presale  bonuses are over or over 35% you don’t  get a point because I don’t want I’m not  going to I’m not gonna give you a point  if I think you’re I SEOs gonna end up  dumping on people at the exchange the  pulse this is ultimately the the overall  community size and the outlook on the  community like if I go to an I cos  telegram channel and they’ve got 10,000  15,000 people in there they’ve got a big  good community that cares about what  they’re doing that’s what I want to see  if I go to on I SEOs telegram they’ve  got like 400 people in there you’re not  gonna get about a point for that and  then finally it’s trust I want to just  what is my overall you know that you  guys know I’m a big emotional plus a cat  you know what I mean I want to know how  do I feel like when I’m reading your  BIOS when I’m reading these I see oh the  team members BIOS

when I’m looking in  when I’m when I’m looking everybody up  what’s my overall feeling or is there  are there little hiccups little issues  that I see that are just kind of  superficial and not a big deal or  there’s some glaring issues that that I  think need to be addressed or that make  me that lead me to believe that a maybe  the project is too big for them maybe  the project won’t be completed whatever  those things are what is my overall  trust factor  so you know when I combine all of this  you have a 13-point total possible in  anything ten or more is a buy in my book  and that is basically how I’m going to  be reviewing icos from this day forward  and so you know I have an ICO that I’m  gonna review using my new system and  I’ll tell you right now I think they’re  solid and and I’m pretty excited about  it and I have a bunch of I SEOs coming  up that I think are pretty cool man to  be real honest with you what did I just  do it’s like Lowe’s okay so anyway love  the videos in info you were an  inspiration mega D minor Thank You Man I  appreciate it  I really can’t wait to get back to  normal I mean I I just it’s it’s yeah I  just cannot wait to get back to normal  you know

I’m gonna tell you guys  straight up like with everything going  on it’s absolutely blowing my mind like  my wife and I have actually I think  tomorrow she’s cutting the check to  basically put a deposit down on building  or I’m basically a lot that we’re gonna  be building our forever home it’s gonna  take like ten months to build and man  thank you guys  Jason thistle used that list and look at  cart vertical he’d you just showed a fun  coin that was the same price as car  vertical okay I look what I’m gonna try  and do and this is this is when I feel  better like right now every video I do  is a struggle okay  but basically what I want to try and do  is I’m gonna do a paid ico review with a  popular ICO review because I know that  there are a lot of I SEOs out there that  you guys like and that you’re buying  into and you kind of want some  validation for whatever reason and so  I’m gonna try and start mixing that  I even thought of doing a video series  called what was I gonna call it oh they  paid me do ya they paid me do like they  are they paid me do it that’s it they  paid me do it  and said like they made me do it I’m  just I’m silly but yeah yeah the house  it’s great because I’m gonna have a  whole Simon have a studio in the house  like my own office with the closed door  and my wife found the guy

he’s actually  gonna build a fake bookshelf entry to my  office she knows it’s been like a  childhood dream to have like it’s  private secret secret spy entrance and I  don’t give a shit that I’m 40 I still  think that stuff’s cool apparently he  can do it pretty easily so yeah guys  like the you know I’m not gonna lie to  you like these paid ICO reviews are  gonna give me a retirement nest egg I’m  not I’m not gonna lie so you know and  but I’m again I’m never gonna like steer  you guys in a bad direction if I think  Nico shit I’m either gonna just pull the  plug or I’ll just tell you guys flat out  like this isn’t passing the grade and I  have this this whole this whole list for  a reason because it’s it’s like look you  either make the cutter you don’t and  this is these are all the things that I  look for when I’m going through an ICO  the only difference is is that when I  when I I just haven’t been breaking it  down for everybody and I see that as  being a pretty common practice and I  feel like having this and doing it this  way will help me keep things a little  more streamlined and focused rather than  you know rambling on crazy tangents  which I know some of you guys love but I  feel like a lot of what I’ve been doing  has been out of necessity lately because  I it’s like I have to kind of limit like  this video is 30 minutes and typically I  can ramble on for an hour solid and not  bad and I so so yeah

guys I’m like I’m  super pumped about everything that’s  going on  I am gonna go see a chiropractor  tomorrow because I for whatever reason I  was told a chiropractor can help you  with inner ear issues and so yeah look  you know I’m gonna tell each and every  one of you guys something wholeheartedly  to me cryptocurrency is truly our time I  believe that I’ve never fit in anywhere  in my entire life I’ve always been the  outsider I’ve always been the loner I’m  not a man’s man I’m not a I’m not the  guy to sit around the water cooler  talking about chicks asses and things  like that I’m not the guy who I’m  definitely not a follower and you know I  feel like when I see the people who are  doing well in cryptocurrency and and and  its share in this vision the the lack of  fear and the disruption of our future I  feel like it’s a lot of us loners I feel  like it’s a lot of us Outsiders that are  taking to this and and using it to rise  up and I’m telling you guys right now  you have an opportunity right now just  like me people in November in November I  maxed out credit cards to basically  build a $3500 mining rig I don’t even  want to tell you how much I’ve been  making and it’s it’s some people say oh  you’re such a braggart

it’s really not  bragging to me it’s still disbelief like  it’s funny it’s it’s surreal you know I  say things and I and I I’ve been I’ve  been trying to like tone down on things  because it does seem like some people  think I’m bragging I don’t feel like I’m  bragging at all I just can’t even  believe that it’s happening and you know  I my wife  I had to put up with me talking about  blockchain this Bitcoin that the  technology trying to explain to her what  our futures gonna be trying to explain  to her why every waking hour every day  every night was worth it  and I told her I said you know what when  the dot-coms happened I missed out when  the internet started I missed out you  know but just when that with the dot-com  bubble and everybody was getting an easy  million dollars for all their ideas I  missed out and I told her I said you  know blockchain blockchain technologies  gonna take over the world and this is  the ground floor and I’m not gonna miss  out I don’t give a shit if I have to  spend 23 of every 24 hours with an hour  sleeping in between I’m gonna learn  everything I’m gonna understand  everything and I’m going to accomplish  as much as I hear ‘only possibly can and  I’m doing what I can

but I am definitely  trying to make it a point to take as  many people along the road with me as I  can and you know there are other  youtubers out there that I believe are  doing the same thing you know and it’s  like none of us are perfect like we’re  not one of us are perfect and none of us  have all the answers haha my wife is at  that stage now she’s like shut up  yeah and she’ll say that and and and  then she’ll start to learn once she  realizes it’s not going away she’ll  start being quiet about it but when  you’ve paid off three cars and I mean  basically when you’ve paid off like  $40,000 in bills and one fell swoop  overnight because of a sum of Bitcoin  you decided to cash out that’s when she  becomes your cheerleader so you know ya  get in where you fit in keep doing your  thing like that’s the thing I don’t fit  in with anybody I’m freakin eight feet  tall you know so I’m always a spectacle  you know I’m so brutally honest that  people can consider me a bit of an  asshole when I don’t I don’t mean to be  I just don’t know any other way to be  and and I speak my mind so if I don’t  like  can I tell you get away from me oh I  shouldn’t say that I’m trying not to  cuss his on my channel anymore some  people made some pretty valid points

crypto crow can you increase this inside  the forums I can’t post this without the  maximum number of images I have no idea  what you’re trying to post Eric so ok  you look a lot better today yeah I am  feel like fit I’m feeling better all  across the board just not in my head not  in my ear it’s the only problem I still  have left to nip in the bud you can  invest in the US with VPN right or wrong  not so much anymore with with a lot of  icy OS and that and I still get this  question a lot can you if an ICO says  that you can’t buy in the US or China  can you use a VPN and would you get in  trouble the way it’s been explained to  me is it’s not illegal to buy ICO tokens  even if they don’t want you to because  so many because of the regulations on  icy OS now with the u.s. most I cos  don’t want to chance it like they just  don’t want to risk anything and it  doesn’t matter if they’re a utility coin  or a utility token or a security coin or  whatever they just basically blanket  ignore all the United States and they’d  be it’s to cover their own tails if you  have the means of getting your hands on  those coins it’s typically not illegal  for you to do so provided you are well  the way it’s been explained to me is  that that it’s fine but I wouldn’t do  anything too drastic you know what I  mean

like you don’t want to commit I  forget what it’s called now my memory  hasn’t been so good the past couple days  but B the whole ass we love you crow  thank you love you too  crypto ace cryptic row the the PT feeder  guide with images oh you have a Eric are  you the one that wrote the guide on the  crypto crow forums about setting up  profit trailer  all right so all right I’m gonna call  this where can you buy the fun coin dv7  no you can get it right now you can get  it on  I just bought some coins on this  exchange stocks dot exchange so you can  buy it here oh wait you can’t see it let  me open this back up you know so you can  buy it here on stock Stock Exchange  there’s the URL or just click the link  on their website or or crypto bridge but  I’ve never used crypto bridge so I don’t  really know anything about that my voice  just cracked like I just started puberty  have you by chance taking a look at  Definity I think it looks promising that  I have not here’s the thing I get so  many people asking me about coins like  random coins and I get it you know you  probably bottle a bunch of them and you  just want validation but I talk about a  lot of the claims that I you know like  even some of these just so you guys know  like some of the paid reviews I do are  because I go after them

I’m like hey I  really want to talk about your coin what  do I have to do now dv7 contacted me but  I’m just saying that some of these coins  that I talked about just because they’re  paid reviews doesn’t mean I’m not  totally all about it you know it was one  well thank you Eric when I appreciate  that you didn’t put your your aetherium  every once in a blue moon I’m gonna go  through the forums and just throw coins  at people so okay  hey brother check your anxiety my  anxiety really has been fine I will say  there’s one other thing coming up where  I was just invited to be like this ultra  VIP at a blockchain conference and a  very very fun part of the country but  it’s not until like October  and I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to  say much about it but you heard it here  first I think I’m gonna do it and I’m  gonna I’m gonna read this books or and  I’m gonna do everything to make sure  that my wife and I go to this thing and  so when that starts happening start  driving all right Stacy so yeah I’m  gonna fly there I’m gonna do I’m gonna  conquer this shit look I’m telling you I  am a fighter and I know it scares the  hell out of me to fly but I am gonna  conquer it

I have flown before so it’s  not you know the first time can you see  if you can change the new settings you  made to be cbt see so the new settings  that I’d linked and I post them on the  crypto chrome forums they’re an ethereal  pair or they’re etherion pair settings  all you have to do is hit replace all or  like edit replace all type in ETH  replace that with BTC and and replace  all and it’ll and that should be fine  should be all you have to do guys feels  like the first I’ve flown twice never  again yeah it gets worse every time  alright guys so I am going to attempt to  get this ICO review done but I’m not  gonna do it in this video because it’s  40 minutes long and I’m just gonna try  and do it I’m not gonna do it live I’m  just gonna try and knock it out and  upload it and hope everybody likes it it  is a good one I will tell you that is a  good one so if you’re up late and it cuz  it’s probably gonna take a while to  upload once it’s done but it’s a good  one and I think there’s only like 20  actually I think it might be like 18  hours left in there first stage so you  get the best bonus outside of the  pre-sale right now so I’m gonna try  that’s one of the reasons on which I get  this up tonight thank you guys so much  in the meantime crow your coins thank  you for joining me

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