Galaxy eSolutions ICO Review & Forums

Galaxy eSolutions ICO Review & Forums


greetings everybody it is the crypto  crow I’ve got another review tonight now  for those of you who don’t fully  understand you know I recently put out a  video explaining kind of my calendar of  events how I was gonna change my channel  to accommodate you know a lot of a lot  of different things but to keep things a  little more scheduled so for those of  you who you know you’re like man you’re  doing two ICO reviews today yeah  Mondays and Fridays are my icy overview  days and you know I plan especially in  the near future once I start feeling  better I’m gonna be throwing some other  really good videos into the mix on those  days as well so I promise you there’s  gonna be a lot of value coming very soon  I’ve just been so sick and you know that  the ico reviews that I am doing right  now including this one tonight are ico  reviews that I already agreed to before  I was really sick so I’m doing the best  that I can to accommodate everybody to  keep my word and so that’s where we’re  at and these are icos that I think just  so everybody knows no matter what  whether my you know those of you who  have been following me for a while know  that I can get I don’t want to say  brutal but I can get very opinionated I  guess could be the right word

regarding  I cos that I review and it doesn’t  matter if I mean paid if I think there’s  a problem I say it okay I think  everybody’s kind of figured that out by  now in other words I don’t run a dog and  pony show right so you know and I and  I’ve spelled that out very very clearly  recently to some I SEOs I say look you  know if you’re wanting to pay for a dog  and pony show you’re just you know  you’re wanting to pay me and I’m gonna  read off some script you know basically  saying that you’re the next best thing  since sliced bread you got the wrong guy  so that being said you know I typically  I go through I go through i ciose with a  fine-tooth comb  typically later on like you know I go  through and I see on I say okay that  looks good like you guys have your stuff  together I think there’s a lot of  promise there maybe there are some holes  maybe there are some gaps that need  filled but in some cases I kind of look  at my reviews as something that that if  an ICO pays attention then they’re gonna  understand better how to fix any gaps or  holes in their offering and and  hopefully patch those before their ICO  is over so I SEOs that come to me late  in the game or late in their IC o—-  process you know

it might not be the  best opportunity like if if there are  anything that’s something most youtubers  that get paid for reviews they just kind  of like they’re all commercials and I’m  not necessarily I’m not personally  interested in watching a commercial and  so that’s one of the reasons why I do my  reviews the way I do them okay so this  is the last IC o—- review for this  Monday or Friday rather sorry and I am  very much looking forward to the weekend  but today tonight I’m gonna be talking  about galaxy II solutions and I’m gonna  tell you straight up I think you know in  reading through this and I just had one  final question answer that made  everything else makes sense and I’m  gonna tell you guys first of all there’s  no kyc for galaxy solutions because  they’re based out of Hong Kong and in  Hong Kong they have no requirements for  kyc as it relates to the US or other  countries so they don’t have to do all  that stuff so I found that pretty  interesting now whitelist contribution  has started claim your GES tokens with  up to 50% bonus I’m gonna tell you right  up front I don’t like such a high bonus  on an ICO because I don’t like seeing I  don’t like seeing heightened out for  them

it  like well this is a great marketing tool  to get people interested and get people  on board and while that’s true it’s not  necessarily good for the long-term  investors because they don’t want to get  bonus coins dumped on their heads okay  so a whole judgment for now but you know  that was the first thing that I saw them  like that’s not really good twenty  percent bonuses are fair 50 percent  bonuses you’re just asking for for a bit  of a semantics when it comes to the ico  time so we’ll see how that turns out  alright so basically what does galaxy  solutions in a nutshell what these guys  have they’re already in business they’ve  already been in business they did forget  what it was exactly  they’re yeah this is the extract okay so  for the most part these guys are already  doing so they reached over two million  dollars in you or two million you to two  million dollars and monthly sales within  nine months of launching okay I’m gonna  tell you straight up what these guys are  doing they want to grow and that’s what  this ICO is all about they basically  want to expand their operation  reached monthly operational breakeven  point in August of 2017

they’ve launched  in December of 2016 and I will say this  dude is the cutest thing ever  I don’t know why but he’s super cute and  Joe Chang I know he was in a video and I  was just like oh I just I don’t know why  this won’t give him a hug  hopefully they don’t get mad at me I  don’t know I don’t know what the like  honor systems like in Hong Kong but I  mean that in the most nice way possible  projected to reach 120 million dollars  in sales in 2018 and I think these guys  probably are so the question is you know  I was reading through a lot of this and  I’m thinking okay cool so I’m gonna buy  your token I’m gonna help you expand  your company  why do I care why do I want to buy your  token what’s the utility of it what  what’s the token good for so this  company basically refurbishes  smartphones and then resells them and  they have their system down so much that  when they refurbish a phone they’re  practically like brand-new  okay and there’s a video that I that you  can watch I forget where I found it  there’s a video and buried in here  somewhere this might be it  but they basically show you like damn  these guys are cleaning this stuff up  and they’re making them look super sharp  almost brand new  and then they resell them and they make  a really good profit off of that

but  because of their quality they sell a lot  of them and their business is growing  well they want to grow and expand beyond  where they’re at and so they’re hosting  this I see oh it’s really not an icy oh  oh it’s really not an icy oh it’s a  token sale because they a they are  already in business be the token it’s  going to be used for a lot of different  things but primary but primary out for  you I’m just gonna tell you straight up  like for me as an investor looking into  this I see oh and I’m thinking okay what  what what what purpose does this have  for me okay for the general person who’s  kind of swinging across the crypto crow  channel and sees this review so for  listing services I don’t give a shit  upgraded services such as accreditation  or via verified and or featured  suppliers I don’t give a shit for Galaxy  II solution services such as product  refurbishment and inspection services on  goods quality I don’t give a shit to act  as ship on hold logistics center giving  greater peace of mind on trading than  smart contracts again I don’t care GES  tokens can be used on Galaxy II solution  site for purchases  ding-ding-ding-ding-ding now you’ve hit  me so basically what I’m seeing here is  all this other stuff is gonna help with  volume you know which is gonna help  increase the value of the coin from  where I bought it

but ultimately the way  I see this as a these guys note a 5%  token back reward on purchases will be  issued at the end of each month there  these guys have a market buyback in burn  model where basically here’s here’s what  these guys want to do and I know my  video is really dark right now and I’m  not sure I think it’s because I’m  wearing a white shirt and it’s changed  the entire dynamic of the video in the  lighting it’s made the rest of me really  dark but basically these guys are  hosting a token sale where they want to  gather up as much what capital as  possible to expand their operation  they’re gonna reward everybody with  these tokens that are likely going to go  up and volume alyou due to the increased  growth of the of this guy of these of  their company and then they want to buy  them back and burn them almost like it  never existed so as the value the value  the volume of their business goes up  demand for the coins goes up misdemeanor  for the coins goes up people that invest  it are gonna be able to use those coins  for different services including  purchasing cell phones smart phones so  to me I’m not necessarily looking at  this as a long term hold type situation

I don’t think they are either I think  they’re looking at it and saying look  we’re gonna you know you’re basically  helping us expand our operation of which  we’re already doing very very well but  we have things that we need to get and  we need the capital to do that so they  could either go private private capital  vce stuff like that and be kind of  partially controlled or they could do a  public sale and buy back those tokens at  a profit for the for the initial  investor as well as give them other  opportunities to utilize those tokens in  ways that are gonna save them money or  benefit their own business so I think  this is actually pretty slick I do I  think it’s it’s not sexy but it’s it’s  slick and I think that you know being an  early adopter and this is probably gonna  pay off and you know if anything you  know it could very well become an  opportunity for somebody to invest very  little today and ultimately get  themselves a smartphone in the future  excuse me Wow did the screen goes blurry  is my head  so anyway market buy back and burn model  20% for total of Galaxy II solutions  quarterly profits will be used to buy  back GES issued tokens from the market  and burn at least 50% of them

galaxy  Solutions offers a buy back and burn  value disbursement method which is both  efficient and transparent and which will  not be considered as securities  according to regulators thereby not  subject itself to go over to interfere  it man I’m super tired I’m still not  feeling on Galaxy II solutions will  systematically buy GES tokens on  exchanges and burn them burn means that  purchased tokens will be taken off the  market permanently resulting in a  decreased total number of GES tokens  thereby increasing the value of  remaining GES tokens over time so  basically you know buying in and holding  them you know one way or another these  tokens are probably gonna go up in value  now the way these guys are doing their  IC o—- bonus structure  oh so this I mean granted I still don’t  like such a high bonus but in order to  get a 50% bonus you have to invest 2500  eath okay so I mean that’s cool but  here’s here’s what bonuses like this  mean to me as an investor it means if  you’re rich you can buy into my IC o—-  helped us significantly and then we’re  gonna help you shit all over everybody  else that comes after you with less  money and that’s why I don’t really like  these kind of huge bonuses even if  they’re difficult to get because let’s  face it the people that the people that  buy 2500 etherion worth of these tokens  at a 50% bonus they’re gonna dump those  coins on people

so long term it’s not as  big a deal but if a guy with you know  five aetherium is wanting to turn a  quick profit on an IC o—- they’re  gonna be much less likely to do that  because this big whale came in and  bought up twenty five hundred tokens a  50% discount he’s able to dump his  tokens much quicker at a much larger  profit than the smaller guys you get  what I’m saying there I’d like to see  that changed not that I’m going not that  they’re gonna do that just because I’m  saying they should but I think that  that’s likely going to be a hindrance to  some investors okay figure out a new way  to do this or lower the bonuses across  the board which is probably too late  because this has probably already  started at presale but if that if it  hasn’t I would cut all of this in half I  would just straight-up cut all of this  in half make the maximum bonus 25% I  think the best I think the fact that  these guys are already in business and  they’re smart guys watch their videos  there they have a lot of videos all over  YouTube talking about their business  their business model every one of these  guys is a sharp guy honestly listening  to these guys some of their accents are  a little thicker than others but they’re  all smart and they all know what they’re  doing and they’re already doing really  well in their business

so you know go  through this ISA Lucian’s white paper  extract it’s just a two pager it tells  you a lot of what you would really need  to know now there’s one thing okay so  one etherium is gonna be 10,000 GES  tokens that’s pretty fair the maximum  supply starting off is gonna be 300  million with unsold tokens burned so I  mean if you get in on this and it  doesn’t happen to sell out maybe only  gets halfway the rest of those tokens  are gonna get burned then you got 150  million in maximum supply which really  is gonna help the value of the coins you  do have marked market buyback so 20% of  their quarterly profit use done  quarterly buyback with 50% of those  burned that’s a pretty cool recycling  system to get the I mean I like the way  that these guys are smart  I like the way they’re doing this token  value protection she has to buy back in  stages as long as market price falls  below listed price token usage all this  stuff I mean look I think this is a look  these guys have these guys started their  business is this a get-rich-quick I see  oh absolutely not  is it something with a lot with with  some lags that I think is gonna do  pretty well over over time

yeah I don’t  like the 50% bonus I’d like to see that  change but ultimately I think this is  gonna be a pretty safe bet for investors  I don’t think I don’t think you’re gonna  go thousand percent return on this  investment but I could be wrong but I  doubt it I think this is gonna be  something that you’ll be able to make a  quick profit you might be able to get a  phone cheap out of be participating in  the ico now wait a few months see what  happens and then you’ll probably be able  to get a you know a new smartphone and  for like pennies on the dollar it’s my  guess it’ll be a refurbished phone but  you know these guys are obviously  building a reputation for being able to  do pretty good work so that’s my review  guys I mean I think it’s pretty safe I  think it’s I think the way these guys  have it set up is I mean it seems pretty  fair so that’s that and look from here  on you know I’ve got I’m gonna have the  weekend to recover I’m on a new  antibiotic that my wife is promising me  is gonna help me feel better within 24  to 36 hours I took the first pill this  afternoon taking the other one tonight  I’m hoping to wake up and be rid of this  vertigo situation that I’ve got dragging  me down and just making me a bump on a  log and I promise you guys some killer  freakin content over this next week

I  promise I’m gonna spend a lot of time  I’m gonna teach you guys some cool shit  and we’re gonna have some fun oh I will  tell you also I launched a new  discussion forum the crypto Pro  [Music]  this is the new crypto crow discussion  forum it’s kind of cut off on the screen  here but basically what this is is I  want to get rid of discord  I’ve got like 10,000 people on discord  and I’m so tired of all of the scam  artists and the the scammers and all  that stuff I posted this I posted links  to this to my discord my patreon in my  [Music]  telegram and people are checking it out  and looking at it register get involved  on here because this is how I’m gonna  start sharing stuff here soon  basically when I if I do an ICO review  and I and I happen to accept ICO tokens  or I just feel like giving I’m going to  be going through here and I’m gonna be  looking at the different the people with  the most activity the most points what  they’re doing I’m gonna be adding some  features and functions to these forums  as well and you know the the best people  in the community I told everybody when  you come to the forums  it’s the crypto croud calm when you come  to the forums add your wallets I had  your wallet addresses to your signature  and that is gonna be the cleanest nicest  way

so that what I feel like hey you  know what you started a forum that was  huge and it got a whole bunch of  attention then go ahead and I’ll I’ll  reward you and that’s it and I want  really positive members of the community  no trolling at all you’ll be in stab and  that’s it  and you know I want I just think this is  I loved discussion forums I mean I’ve  been on discussion forums for decades  and I like telegram for some things as  well but I think in the grand scheme of  things I really want to build these  forums up where because it’s easier for  me to be a lot more involved in these I  don’t really follow my discord in my  discord Channel I swear I have like over  I’ve liked  10,000 people in there and it’s kind of  like the Wild West it’s hard to it’s  hard for me and other people to moderate  because there’s so many different  channels and there’s so much stuff going  on that ultimately I’m probably going to  close my discord at some point soon and  I want my discussion forums to take over  for discord so if you’re on discord  migrate yourself over these forums  because there’s gonna be a lot more  going on here very soon

and once I’ve  had enough of this court and these  forums have grown to the point where I  think the people that want to have  migrated and I’m just gonna pull the  plug on discord my telegram channel is  likely not going anywhere but this Court  is for sure there’s just too many people  logging in they’re acting like they’re  me  I’m tired of basically posting pictures  of myself and in my ID numbers to show  people like look that I’m the only real  one anybody else I’m just it’s just  tired I’m tired all the scammers and  shady people so you know and I’m always  gonna be working on these forums making  them better adding new cool things and  stuff like that so join me on the forums  and yeah let’s have some fun there and  on that note crow your coins everybody I  will be back very soon with some good  stuff and until then well I already said  it didn’t I crow your coins thank you so  much for being here see you soon

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