Forty Seven Bank Update – Profit Trailer Super Sale – WTF Is Happening?

Forty Seven Bank Update – Profit Trailer Super Sale – WTF Is Happening?


What’s up everybody    exactly what the  hell is happening     Kenan I’m not gonna  say it’s a good time to buy just yet  [Music]  so first thing I want to say is uh  actually I got an email from 47 bank  after my review video last night I mean  they seem to dig it they they you know I  think they got the jokes and everything  they didn’t they weren’t upset about it  they appreciated my honesty and he said  that the the one thing that they had an  issue with was that I said that it was a  security and not available in the US and  and I said well I said how is it how is  this not a security he said well we  passed the Howie test and we’re not a  security we’re if we’re available to  purchase in the US and I said how how is  that possible because the the coin if a  percentage of the revenue is being  distributed amongst coin holders that’s  a dividend basically which makes your  coin of security and he said no what we  do is is the percentage of revenue goes  into another token that is a utility  token only used for basically prize  Redemption which is what what I went  into before basically as the part of the  token holder benefits and I said oh so  that was my bad okay

I hit you know  lucky Louie just said that but that was  my fault so basically what they’re  talking about is this store so this is  that now this makes more sense because  they’re basically saying look when you  hold the token a percentage of 20% of  the revenues gonna be distributed and  you’re gonna receive these I think yeah  the FS BL tokens which can be redeemed  for prizes like iPads laptops things  like that so the longer you hold them  and you save them based off of how well  the the bank does and so forth and so on  you’re gonna get these so in essence  it’s kind of like you know reward points  when you use like a bank’s debit card  and you sign up and you enroll and then  they give you points based off of all  the purchases you make and then you can  redeem them for all kinds of random shit  so I wanted to make sure that I updated  everybody on that and kind of clarified  things a little bit so yeah so basically  47 Bank is us a friendly and it  one of the very few icos still think the  price is really high and everything that  I said in my previous video holds still  but and I can tell I mean looking at the  movement there there really hasn’t been  a lot of movement yet maybe a little bit  since yesterday and over the course of  60 days maybe they get pretty far I  don’t know

but I’m still keeping an eye  on things and I know a lot of you guys  have this on your radar so just keep  keep watch and see what they do look if  they release a prototype and they  actually start showing off some cool  stuff that they’ve completed then you  know maybe it’ll be worth this I mean  because of the low number of coins that  these guys are gonna be putting out  we’ll see but I’m glad that everybody  appreciated you know the honesty in my  review video I mean look and let that be  a lesson to everybody if you want to pay  me to do an ICO review no I’m not like  my integrity is not for sale I’m gonna  tell you in the public exactly what I  think I have no filter so you know and  and honestly I think I mean the exposure  that 47 Bank is getting by me just  talking openly and honestly about their  ICO helps them I mean there’s no doubt  there are a lot of you guys that this is  on your radar I like what they’re doing  but you know there are some issues so  that being said you know I I know one  person immediately posted a comment to  my review video 47 Bank basically saying  like you’re losing your luster you know  you’re like not I don’t he didn’t say I  was selling out but just like makes it  difficult to believe somebody when  you’re being paid for the review

and I  just said did you even watch the video  and he’s like no so that and and then he  watched the video and he came back and  he’s like while I was totally wrong  sorry  you know like great review so yeah don’t  judge don’t judge things based off of  what you think and don’t ever assume  when it comes to me because I’ll I mean  you’re probably wrong if you assume  anything about me without knowing all  the details this is quaint aji folks and  you’re gonna see a big red arrow here  that is where I just sold all my Bitcoin  because  [Music]  I’m gonna be honest man I don’t see this  I don’t see this going back up as soon  as I thought I thought you know once we  start getting into February things would  start to look up and I’ve said in  previous videos that I didn’t see the  Bitcoin or the market turning around  until you know mid February which could  still be the case but then I was  actually going over I was actually going  over some historical charts and you know  kind of what were the patterns in those  charts you know a year ago today two  years ago today and it looked like you  know January you’d have a dip you know

you’d have some big red candles and then  it would go up a little bit in February  and then it would tank again hard in  March and I saw that pattern more  consistently and I’m just thinking you  know I’ve been watching a lot of  technical analysis you will regret your  decision look I still had the money  there an you know if it if it happens to  drop back down cool and if it doesn’t  that’s okay  I mean alright you know we’ll see what  happens but I mean could it drop down to  seven grand I don’t know and if it does  I’ll buy back in and I’ll just improve  my position but I’m not overly sweating  it you know but I just there’s too many  there’s too much stuff going on like I  see it’s bouncing back and I saw this  and some ta charts basically like it’s  gonna hit here and it’ll probably bounce  back up a little bit and that’s cool and  look if it does if it starts to bounce  back up that’s fine I mean I took I took  I cashed out for now if I miss you know  a few grand and profit which is very  possible originally what I did was I  just basically cashed out enough Bitcoin  to pay off my Cadillac and then and I  went back and it dropped another like  three four hundred bucks and I’m like  damn like what is going on and you know  what if it comes back up to ten grand  today

great but I’m not gonna freak out  about it  because I I see this kind of I see this  potentially going back down quite a bit  you know if it doesn’t I hope not but as  of right now I mean you know where it’s  at this is a great opportunity to buy  private trailer I know that those that  don’t have it I mean you know you maybe  even wait and see what happens but I  don’t know I don’t know if let’s see  what you guys are talking about in here  I don’t know  Stevens a weirdo are you still hot on  Kalon stamp and district o X yeah look  look I’m gonna go back up to the  beginning here and some of your your  comments and questions cuz I like  reading all this stuff and I don’t want  to skip over all of it there’s just so  much as a huge wall all right so where’s  the bottom honestly I’ve been reading  some stuff that you know it’s talking  about if it if Bitcoin and I don’t  remember all the details now but if  Bitcoin so I was seeing a lot of  resistance talk about $9,400 being a big  resistance line and if it were to cross  that resistance line then it could go  all the way down like seven grand well  across that resistance line and it looks  like there’s a bit of a fight

but you  know they’re looking at this I mean  there’s a fight going on between the  buyers and the sellers and it’s I don’t  know who’s gonna win but I figure look  worst-case scenario you know I I just  cast out you know like a total I think  like 45 grand which you know to me it  does suck because I’ve been looking  forward to that getting to you know 60  70 grand this year but it’s not that I’m  cashing out for good I didn’t would put  it in my bank account I just I’m just  kind of basically placing a bet that I  think it could go down to like eight  grand maybe even hit seven over the next  you know couple days maybe but we’ll see  I might be wrong and if I’m wrong and  then I’ll lose like five or six grand  because I’ll buy back in and and  whatever  but I guess we’ll just find out that’s  kind of how I feel about it I’ve been  watching this and in the pattern every  day now for a week and it does not seem  to be slowing down if anything it’s it’s  just I mean maybe it may be the  downtrend is slowing down a tiny little  bit but yeah it’s a blue light special  yeah this does suck cover the current  situation before 40 so when homeless  we’re free fallin buy buy and hold hey  Jason super saver sale bottom you look  worried

it’s not it’s not necessarily  that I’m worried I’m just confused I’m  gonna be real honest I’m really confused  by what’s going on because the whole  thing with tether  and and all of that going down and then  you’ve got all of the the fun and  negativity with bit connect now it looks  like the government’s looking the seas  bit connects assets you know and which  is fine but I don’t even know how  they’re gonna police that or do that  when they don’t even have a clue who the  hell it is that owns it or runs it or  anything nobody’s gonna turn over  anything like I saw some court orders to  make all the bitkha net branches and I’m  assuming the guy who was the referral  the referral leader for the people  filing like these lawsuits they’re  trying to name him and like make him  like seize his assets look I mean as far  as that’s concerned no that guy didn’t  make anybody buy in the bit connect he  didn’t make anybody do anything and he  certainly didn’t tell everybody how much  they should put it I mean maybe he did  like if I I saw one video League with  the crypto Nick or he was like you know  if I were you my opinion I would put ten  thousand dollars in right now and reap  the rewards and all this other stuff and  I saw a lot of videos of that but you  know at the same time he’s not like  there’s no written agreement you know  what I mean

there’s no there’s no  nothing so it’s kind of like this you’ve  got some Jabberjaw teenager on the  internet telling everybody how he’s  making a lot of money and a lot of  people jumped into that I you know  hey that’s the thing I guess it’s just  it’s just everything going on like all  of the regulations the futures market  it’s like when I look at all these  patterns over the last four years they  didn’t have everything else going on a  they didn’t have a theory I’m nipping at  Bitcoin didn’t have a theory I’m nipping  at its heels as a superior coin not to  mention all the other alt coins that  have been coming into the market with  that are much faster better quick you  know more more adaptability scalability  all of us other stuff but at the same  time everybody’s kind of already  understood that Bitcoin bitcoin isn’t  necessarily a coin that you trade with  or not know like let me get that wrong  you don’t buy stuff with you know  Bitcoin is that hedge against all else  because when it’s on an uptrend it grows  faster than any other coin on the OLT  market and everybody knows that so  they’re gonna hedge their bets

let’s say  I’m sitting around and I’m day trading  or swing trading for the for the day the  afternoon of the week and I decide I  want to exit my positions well I’m gonna  exit those positions into Bitcoin and  let them sit overnight because it’s  typically the safest place to put them  right now because of all of the fun and  the regulations and all of the just  everything going on everybody being  afraid of tether now you have bit ryx  who’s come out and said that we’re gonna  start USD trading you know which is huge  because they’re ultimately wanting to  take all of the business away from the  bid finex who from as I understand it  came out with tether to begin with  they’re likely not gonna be able to  prove that it’s back to buying anything  so I don’t really see how they could  have done that unless they have you know  securities and agreements and things in  place to back it I don’t know I haven’t  seen any recent updates on that but you  know I am a little worried I’m a little  concerned I’m not as concerned about all  the altcoins I’m not as concerned about  the ico market I’m not concerned about  any of that if anything I feel that  what’s happening right now is gonna be  pushing us as buyers and investors into  the ico market ending into some of these  other markets into a better buying  position

because I think ultimately we  have the opportunity I mean because  if Tyrion is still it’s a grand still  and that’s the thing like if Tyrion was  it like when when Bitcoin was at like  ten thousand five hundred dollars  aetherium wasn’t like twelve hundred  bitcoins lost a few grand while if  theorems only lost a few hundred if you  look at the charts here it’s very  similar but the trading volume look at  the trading volume of these two  I mean if Theory M is written really  starting to close in on the total like  the market cap of Bitcoin I’m I’m I’m if  I were to put money back into the market  right now my guess would be that  aetherium is a bit of a safer play I  call me crazy and I’m not I’m not  psychic I’m not you know I’m not telling  everybody that this is what’s happening  but it would not shock me if here soon a  theory ‘m bumps Bitcoin out of the  number one position and if that happens  you heard it here first I don’t hear  anybody saying that really but I think  it’s I think it’s possible and I I’m  looking at this this activity going on  here and I’m just like man what what’s  everybody gonna do if Bitcoin drops back  down

I mean shit before like right  before Bitcoin started skyrocketing to  $20,000 it was at eighty eighty five  hundred dollars so if it gets down to  around eighty five hundred eight to  eighty five hundred at that point I’m  gonna keep an eye on and I’m gonna say I  might buy back in because that might be  the perfect opportunity and I could be  wrong and and the market starts coming  back to normal but if that happens  aetherium is gonna shoot up with it most  likely because the theorem has  established a mind of its own  before any time Bitcoin would spike  aetherium would go down because people  would be selling their etherion to buy  in the Bitcoin that’s and they were kind  of going back and forth now it’s obvious  people are holding and trading aetherium  now and they don’t really give a shit  what’s going on with Bitcoin so to me  that’s saying the Bitcoin is kind of  losing its primary position in the  market is the big the big Johnson right  so  but I mean it’s it’s really hard to tell  exactly what’s gonna happen until until  Asia and until we really see all this  Asian stuff going on in India and all  these other countries they just need to  figure out what the hell they’re doing  and then I think it’ll be and that’s the  thing too

it’s like when you look at  when I see people charting and technical  analysis they’re basing the market off  of the current market cap and the  activity based on the current market cap  if people are just taking profits well  all these totally screws a lot of these  buy and sell orders then this kind of  back-and-forth battle because the the  market cap isn’t there anymore I mean we  were at an 800 billion dollar market cap  850 or something and now we’re at half  of that we’ve literally lost it’s it’s  crazy it is crazy I have yet to see  anything quite like this now in this  space I’m used to seeing you know webs  and flows constantly big highs big lows  and it’s just constant so I never really  thought much about it and even with  what’s been happening recently I haven’t  thought much about it but I’m honestly  I’m just not convinced that Bitcoin may  not touch on it might touch a grand I  don’t know might hit 8500 but but I  don’t know all right let’s see what else  is going on here  [Music]  thanks Muhammad what’s up from Holland  how far is this gonna drop for real  though I honestly don’t know down 30k in  three days here’s what I will tell you  like I didn’t sell I didn’t sell my  Bitcoin to be done with it

I sold my Bitcoin because I think it  could go lower and I’m gonna buy back in  when I think it’s kind of leveled off  and it has a chance to start going back  up so you know I basically sold it at 80  I think it was like yeah I guess it was  about eighty eight hundred so you know  if it goes back to if it if it hits  eighty five hundred by tonight or or in  the morning you know I’m just gonna be  keeping an eye on it a very close eye on  it and if it hits somewhere down there  I’m gonna buy back in and I’m just  trying to increase my position that’s  all I’m doing I know that Bitcoin is  going to go back up it’s just the  question of how low will it go before  that happens so if you’re in it for the  wall I’m basically just I’m gambling a  little bit folks that’s kind of all I’m  doing and I I’ve won I’ve won sometimes  like when I gambled Bitcoin against  Bitcoin cash during all of that I made a  nice chunk of money doing that and I  don’t have any kind of real charting or  anything going on in here I was just  trying to kind of show you where it what  I did but yeah I’m not done with Bitcoin  by any means and I don’t think anybody  is I just think people are looking at  what’s happening and you know I’ve been  talking I’ve been hearing about like a  head and shoulders forming and all this  other shit

I know some I know some  intermediate technical analysis I am by  no means like I watch other people who  are much better than me  which is a lot of people to be quite  frank when it comes to charting and  technical analysis and being able to  look at a chart and go like oh this is a  head and shoulders position on a  downward triangle and we’re gonna I  don’t know what the fuck they’re talking  about half the time but it sounds great  and if they know it turns to the end and  uh you know it’s  when it comes to technical analysis on  the wizard I’m gonna be real frank with  you and I’m actually learning more about  technical analysis so that I can present  some of these primary elements of TA in  my next course so and I want to make  sure I know what the hell I’m talking  about my understanding things fully I’m  not gonna put anything in my courses  that is not a hundred percent accurate  so I have been spending a lot of time  lately really learning a lot of the  finer details learning what a lot of the  you know the different positions are the  you know all of that stuff so you know  like finding a bull market in a bear  market and you know like some of them  were more you know they’re not basic so  much but the intermediate kind of level  stuff

and and and as I grow and as I  continue to learn and educate myself on  a lot of these things basically I’m  gonna add it to my courses so that  everyone else can learn I’ll just  probably explain things in a way that is  that’s easier for all of you guys to  pick up because I I’m sure a lot of you  guys probably learned similar ways that  I do  it’s like neo and gasps and you can use  the gas to get stuff oh you’re talking  about the ICL why I must be way behind  but yeah that’s that sounds about right  so crow what happened to you’re an  analyst BTC price point support well  that’s the thing it said that ninety  four hundred dollars was the big  resistance line and if it breaks that  then it was gonna continue to go down  which is exactly what had happened it  broke that resistance line and it’s  continued to go down that’s why I’m like  man I don’t know if this is gonna stop  because I’ve been seeing like if it  breaks that resistance line it continues  to go down it could hit like eight grand  seventy five hundred and then I read  some stuff today and I was watching I  was looking at somebody who their chart  looked like a crazy freakin road map and  and he like explained every line and  everything that was going on in the  chart he’s basically saying look of it  if it breaks this resistance we could go  all the way back down to like where we  were in Novi

so that’s why I’m like look if that  happens I’m gonna go ahead and just take  what I have and profit or take yeah I  mean cuz my Bitcoin is pretty much the  majority of its profit from you no  matter what price it is so I’m just kind  of like well I’ll just take it and pay  off my car get rid of another monthly  bill and whatever happens happens like I  you know and if I can buy back in at a  lower rate I feel like I’m just  repeating myself a lot now  you should take a look at okay did they  listen to you about the high price  yeah 47 bank I mean I I don’t never say  I don’t necessarily know if they’re  gonna listen to me I’m not an advisor  for them or anything I was literally  just asked to give them an honest review  and tell the public about it hoping to  perk more eyes and ears that’s it and  they they gave me no shit whatsoever  about my review they you know they  actually really seemed to like it like I  said the only problem that they seemed  to have was the fact that I said that it  was a security and that it was not  available in the US when in fact it is  not a security and it is purchasable  from US by US citizens

so yeah I mean  that’s it I mean otherwise they were  pretty cool and I think they got what  they knew they were gonna get because I  I mean I I told them in the emails like  this is a big problem like your price is  an issue and I think that you know that  they knew I was going to talk about that  they probably didn’t know that I was  gonna tease him a bit about like some of  the team members I think I probably did  like they said absolutely nothing they  didn’t they weren’t like shitty at all  about me teasing them about the team or  any of that and keep in mind what I do a  lot of this stuff I’ve already gone  through a lot of this like I’ve already  gone through the team and scouted them  out and like done different stuff when I  do these interviews if I did all that my  videos would be 2-3 hours long so I just  kind of come back and I just kind of  skim through some of these things make  some jokes but I’ve already gone through  a lot of it have you updated your PT  feeder settings no I haven’t I  I literally set up proper trailer with  the profit feeder like I said I was  going to a week ago and  I’m just letting it run I’m not even  looking at it I don’t I don’t even give  a shit

I think I have point for Bitcoin  in there right now so I took a lot of it  out I got everybody that was in the bot  with me I gave them all their profits I  cleared that out so it’s just my Bitcoin  I haven’t added anything else to it and  I’m just letting it run and when the  market comes back basically I want to  see what did I make and that’s kind of  what I’m doing and I know that everybody  wants the new settings but there’s no  point in giving you the settings until I  know for sure that they’re worth having  so and and it’s not that I’m letting it  I’m not leaving everybody hanging or  anything like that the settings that  everybody already has our grant  aggressive and pretty solid but it  doesn’t matter what settings you have  right now you’re gonna end up with bags  just that’s just the way it like you’re  gonna have bags and to be honest with  the with Bitcoin drop in the way it is  so are all the alts though so it’s like  the alts have to drop less quickly than  Bitcoin is so that they kind of meet in  the middle and make a sale that’s how  you’re gonna get rid of your bags so you  know and I think that’s looking more and  more possible but shit even cardano’s 2  down to 43 cents man it’s only it’s 10  cents higher right now than it was when  I first talked about it before it spiked  up to a buck 30

this is the super super  super duper sale right now if you want  to look at it that way and if you know  if you’re holding aetherium you’re not  gonna be hurt nearly as bad I mean if  you’re buying all these alts with the  etherion pairs you’re still getting a  crazy steel because bit aetherium is is  spa it’s just crazy  I mean aetherium is kind of a aetherium  it’s just it’s amazing right now  Wow I have almost 800 people on here  right now more than I think I’ve ever  had ever so that’s pretty cool hopefully  I can give you guys some some some stuff  worth having some knowledge so I’m gonna  go through some more questions yeah  thanks for info keep your integrity even  when there is no more BTC me and my  integrity is not going anywhere  Thank You CC Rai I’m glad you like my  videos birds now can we still buy  private trailer with litecoin I honestly  don’t know  I assume if you could before you still  can  Thomas from Michigan what’s up man need  to be holding some bitcoins the trailer  has BTC to use well I might like the  stuff I use on my bod is separate like  when I like these trades these are all  on my G tax exchange this isn’t my bit  tricks let’s see here crow your coins  and you sell you pussy

oh I’m crime  still crowing I’m just increasing I’m  gonna try and increase my position  that’s all I’m doing and I don’t I don’t  really consider Bitcoin like yes I crow  my coins I my portfolio has about 60  something coins in it like my alt coin  portfolio is worth like 130 grand right  now and that’s just from like random  shit you know from all the different  positions but my portfolio should be  worth about $300,000 and I’m not kidding  so and I’m not selling shit I’m holding  I’m crowing trust me  but with Bitcoin man I’ve done this a  couple times in the past and I typically  improve my position a bit so  [Music]  imagine Bitcoin went to 1,000 I mean if  it does and I’ll buy like 40 of them  [Music]  thanks Ronald Clark you’re awesome to me  oh man everybody’s coming at me what is  this American me i it’s like oh god I  sold some Bitcoin I’m trying to improve  my position and I’m not crowd with my  coins everybody’s kind of smacking me  around a little bit  oh it’s like walking out of my cell all  you guys all you like stab me 50 times  and throw me over the rail

yes I do  still like Kwan stand and district o X  everything that I liked before I still  like now it’s just it’s almost like  we’re getting a clean slate and we’re  getting an opportunity to buy back in a  lot of this stuff please make a video  about using eath for profit trailer I am  actually highly considering doing that I  may I may actually set up in aetherium  instance for profit trailer and start  using that so I’m if I do it’ll probably  be maybe next week aetherium has been  pretty stable hold on I don’t know what  just happened my chat just shot to the  bottom I saw somebody talking about a  Cadillac hold on  [Music]  and some idiots on here  [Music]  Devore is a joke I agree anybody putting  money in any of these high-yield lending  platforms right now knowing everything  that’s going on with bit Connect is  absolutely crazy and just begging to  lose everything they own  Oh  yeah if you’re gonna buy private trailer  now it’s probably a pretty good time neo  is gonna be great  like me look you guys are asking about a  lot of these individual coins and  they’re all your scamming oh you know  you’re like RiRi anyway goodbye ad ad GB  in the oh yeah I mean a lot of this  stuff is gonna be solid

like there’s no  question about it it’s just gonna take  some time for everything to come back I  mean that’s that’s pretty much all there  is to it I didn’t sell out you guys are  silly  yeah a lot of haters like Nessa silly  what does crowing mean basically the  whole crow your coins mantra is is  basically when you buy into a position  and you hold it for a year or more to  evade the high capital gains tax when  you cash out or we can you exit the  visit position because if you hold it  for a year or more you can lower your  capital gains so as low as 10% and there  are some things that you can do to get  around paying any taxes at all on it I  love YouTube Banaras hello it’s time for  icos  yeah I think it’s a good time for icos  all right  I’ve been getting a lot of sleep  actually I’ve been doing really well  with that my name is gene everything has  been going really good really good all  right so yeah that’s pretty much it  let’s take let’s do a little quick  refresh – 9 – 4 – I mean aetherium  hasn’t budged  you know ripples now under $1 cardano’s  of 44 cents I mean we’ll see what  happens I mean neo was at a buck 60 just  a few days ago I think you know so  everything is taken a dump right now

Litecoin is at a dollar 44 it’s it’s  it’s a great opportunity to get  basically the coins that you really know  and love add more and just hold on to  them I mean that’s pretty much it in a  nutshell you know  [Music]  you guys are retarded everyone needs to  buy buy buy Walton coin I don’t know a  lot about Walton coin to be honest with  you um profit trailer buy or wait you  know I’m not sure honestly I’m not sure  I don’t want to tell everybody to go buy  profit trailer right now and then you  know Bitcoin drops down to 8 grand a  night I’m not saying that’s gonna happen  obviously you know getting Bitcoin right  now is it’s cheap you know or getting  profit trailer right now I mean it’s  really cheap so will it be cheaper  tomorrow I honestly have no idea if you  had a thousand dollars doing vessels you  buy profit trailer or buy eath and do  some day trading that’s a really good  question if I had a thousand dollars to  invest what I buy aetherium and start  day trading honestly I don’t know how I  can answer that question right now at  the market where it is I have been  playing the switch it’s actually pretty  cool

I just got the new Zelda for it I  basically play it in the bathroom  [Music]  um no not all patreon levels are sold  out right now just can we try to eat  instead of BTC yeah you can use a theory  in pairs instead of Bitcoin with profit  trailer in your crowd I mean guys when  you post stupid stuff that are just like  childish and I just you got to go  [Music]  alright so I’ll go ahead and cut it  where there’s you know 35 minutes just  kind of hanging out there’s a lot of  silly people today I’m not sure what’s  going on but um yeah guys I mean that I  just kind of wanted to touch base on  what’s going on and kind of give you  guys a heads up as to what my thoughts  are you know we’ll see what happens I  mean you know since I got out it really  hasn’t done a whole heck of a lot and  you know just keep an eye on it and you  know make your own decisions on what  what you think is the best course of  action you know like I said if it  continues to drop tonight if it gets  down to you know eight thousand now I’m  gonna be watching a lot more TA and and  seeing what’s what other people are  thinking about the market

I’m going to  be buying back in and I’m gonna but I  just I want to try and improve my  position that’s pretty much all there is  to it so on that note thank you guys  Crow Your Coins    and yes I’m still  crowing my coins don’t get me shit about  trying to improve my Bitcoin position  but on that note

I will see you guys soon .

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