Does Profit Trailer & Profit Feeder Work?

Does Profit Trailer & Profit Feeder Work?


You are big show    hopefully my audio sounds a little  better today    hopefully big what’s up  everybody  my man let chief please talk about data  token oh that’s so funny because my  theta token videos uploading as I speak  I don’t work so audio only for me oh you  can’t see me naked Dania volume is down  Luxemburg audio a bit low now just a  little bit higher let’s see that’s  perfect let’s see if I can I turned it  up a little bit tell me if that’s better  nice to see you too sanjeev BBQ deadly  you guys will notice that I’ve got  profit trailer with profit feeder  running right now live so you can see it  it’s not good it needs to be higher so  I’ll turn my gain up how’s that good  timing for you Europe thanks crow oh  cool still down horrible mic people this  is my mic it’s I just talked about this  mic in another video it’s my big  elephant suppository is this crypto crow  or cryptic row dude Steve H that crypto  crowler is not me it’s  scam artist he’s trying to he’s I’ve  done videos on this I can always tell  who doesn’t really watch my videos  because I’ve done two videos on this  impersonator already

don’t give that  bastard any money Steve no change let me  see if I wonder if maybe it was this  dude that’s a huge mic it is a huge mic  it’s huge mic for a big mouth like me  sound man needed audio good and clear so  maybe it’s it’s different for everybody  I’m not sure sound is low sounds good  turn the volume up got it alright in  Bitcoin bool this is not my bot  I do not own it I did not write the code  I did not develop or create profit  trailer or profit feeder  I just promote it and talk about it  because I use it and I love it they are  not sold by the same people either  profit trailer is was developed by a guy  named Elroy who’s a super cool cat very  big on community help the community  involvement everybody helping each other  he’s adamantly against people selling  any settings for profit trailer at all  which I agree and then profit feeder is  a it’s another small community it’s  actually a larger development team it’s  actually like three or four guys and  they’ve alerted me that in another week  they’ve got some big things coming up  that I’ll be able to talk about and  share so I’m actually looking forward to  that so so some people are saying that  the audio is good

some are saying that  it’s great I I don’t know yeah I guess  try turning the volume up I should be  really good like everything that I’m  seeing on my sides telling me that I  should sound really good what’s up  Prince Soho  have you thought about trying yawn bot  no I saw something look I’m already with  profit trailer I know it works so I’m  not even I don’t even need to buy or try  anything else like I already tried three  BOTS and I got kind of burned on one of  them bigs and no I’m on Twitter is Jason  Appleton there are links if you for  everybody that’s not sure just click  show more under my videos and they’re  all my social media links there’s all  kinds of stuff in there audio is  terrible well I don’t know I don’t know  what to tell you well anyway I guess  I’ll listen back to this and see like  how things changed as I  just as the settings with everybody when  I’m done here you’re up ten percent with  profit trailer that’s good so here’s  what I’m gonna do first of all so you  guys see that I have profit trailer  running right here and this is a brand  new install like I did completely fresh  install of everything I got the latest  version of profit trailer and the latest  version of profit feeder and I’m using a  new set of settings and you will see

like I started this an hour maybe even  two hours ago and so far it’s only  bought three pairs and that’s okay  because bitcoin is going up it’s gone up  like a couple hundred bucks already  since I launched this so profit feeder  puts it in kind of a boring market  setting and so that’s that’s okay  I don’t really want to do a lot of buys  when bitcoins on the rise because that’s  how you end up with bags so for those of  you who you’re like hey I just set up  private trailer profit feeder and it’s  not buying that much well that’s  probably why because it’s doing its job  it’s not letting you buy shit that and  and the newest settings that I’m using  are specifically to keep my bags to a  minimum and if that means not making as  many bars I’m ok with that  I want to get in and get out and I don’t  want a bunch of trades just for the sake  of having a whole bunch of shit on my  tax report so when I when I narrow all  this stuff down with taxes so I wouldn’t  I Drive a class buys more profit with  less bags than than not

so that’s kind  of where that’s it but I want to show  you guys because a lot of people I does  this actually work yeah this works and  I’m gonna go I haven’t even gone through  these but I’m gonna take TeamViewer off  of here for a second and I’m gonna show  you guys so I’m all the way down at the  bottom I set up on my discord and close  this but on my discord channel which  they’re like six or seven thousand  people in my discord channel now but I  set up a thing for feet or screenshots  cuz I just want to know like who’s you  know who’s doing well what’s not who’s  running into bugs or problems and say  Audio died  son also depends on your headset much  better settings crow less feedback this  end okay I don’t know how and when  should I just go back to my original  settings I just cranked up the volume on  the mic and the game so all right so  I’ll probably even louder so let’s look  at some of this  this guy is trading with point 1 Bitcoin  and he’s made about three hundred  dollars in profit  so far this week so that’s not terrible  he’s doing about 100 bucks roughly 95  $200 a day average off of 1200 bucks

that sounds pretty good  this guy’s trading with point two two  Bitcoin so about 2500 dollars and he’s  not doing so well he’s done about two  hundred and one dollars so far averaging  about 45 a day so I would want to look  at this guy settings and kind of figure  out what he’s doing because that’s  that’s not adding up he should be doing  better than that but at the same time it  does depend on he day after day it’s  different it’s a different market he’s  happy with it he says off to a good  start today it’s only 9:00 a.m. here so  I don’t even know how long he’s been  running it how often he runs it let’s  see this guy’s trading with a hundred  and eighty bucks and he’s averaging two  and a half to 50 a day two dollars at  these dens a day which is still I mean  it’s not terrible for what he started  out with but you know he’s made about  fifteen bucks so far that’s he can be  doing a lot more than that so that  doesn’t wait a minute that’s not right  Oh cuz he’s got he’s got four and his DC  a log so he’s trading okay so I see  what’s happening total current value so  he’s trading with about 1200 bucks  and I guess he’s got he’s got a bunch of  sales got a really big duck

I would I  would need to see this guy settings to  you because I don’t know what this  doesn’t this isn’t making much sense I’m  not sure what he’s doing  slow day yesterday it off to a slow  start I’ll take it  so this guy’s got alright  estimated total current values about  1600 bucks he’s not doing a lot either  13 bucks today so he’s did 35 dollars  yesterday have a hundred alright what’s  this one three and a half hours to go  been a great day so this guy is trading  with a big budget so he’s basically  trading like I do  he’s got 2.2 Bitcoin in here and he’s  made eighteen hundred and fifty-two  dollars today he only did like two  hundred and seventy seven dollars  yesterday but I mean it goes to show it  this works if you said it right I mean  this works if you’re not if you don’t  screw around with things so yeah I mean  I you know that the private trailer  absolutely works and it can make you  money three days on the new settings  let’s see so this guy’s trading with the  2.2 Bitcoin okay so the this guy’s made  eighteen hundred and thirty-two dollars  saying profit last week profit yesterday  was two hundred and sixty seven bucks  profit today fifteen hundred and sixty  four

I think this is the same I’m  guessing this is the same guy no it’s  not alright so yeah I mean people are  making money and here’s the thing you  know with profit trailer the more of a  budget you have to treat with the more  you’re gonna make every day plain and  simple and that’s just because you can  afford more dca  tears you can afford to get yourself out  of you know bad trades quicker by being  able to double down more often so forth  and so on so if you’re only trading with  a few hundred bucks you’re gonna make  profit but it’s gonna take longer for  you to build that up you know if you’re  trading with 50 grand or 20 grand you’re  gonna be what you’re gonna be doing you  know significantly more volume let’s  take a look here see is DC a12 DC a a  lot  people got taken in by the video but  they don’t have 3.5 BTC to work with  like crow and you know that’s true  so the Tillerman that is true but you  can get there that’s the thing you don’t

I’m not sure why I’m choppy I think my  Internet’s been a little shit lately  yeah I’m really choppy so this video  might end up getting deleted if you guys  can’t really even see with what I’m  doing but yeah I do trade with a bigger  sum but at the same time I don’t use  much of it because I like having a  comfort blanket I like to have extra in  there so I don’t always trade with my  full budget I might only use 1/3 of it  so I can make 1,500 bucks with 1/3 of my  total budget then right now I just set  everything up with a point I’m it points  hold on I’ll show you you guys can see  alive right here what I’m treating with  0.66 Bitcoin so 7 grand I mean is that a  bigger budget than most sure but you  know it I’ve only made 3 buy so far and  this is the thing – I found that I make  the most buys and the most trades as a  whole what I’m sleeping it can be slow  all afternoon and then the later it gets  in the night the more the bot winds up  the more things start happening and then  I wake up and I pet I did a hundred  trades throughout the middle of the  night so keep that in mind – and you  guys are thinking about like oh  nothing’s happened and nothing’s  happening

that’s ok just let Bitcoin  kind of settle and then you guys will  see a lot more trades  hey Jason collar boy from CPB just  posted his results in your channel ok  that’s cool in a week cancel my upload I  don’t have anything oh that’s right  that’s why my videos choppy I should  have waited let me see where is that  it’s 93% uploaded sorry I’m a tool  that’s why it’s so that’s why my stream  is choppy such a moron do you have the  settings uploaded no not yet because I  want to see how they were  I’m gonna make sure that everything’s  good and kosher before I put them out to  everybody to download been making about  three percent daily compounded and it  adds up exactly it doesn’t matter where  you start you can start with a couple  hundred bucks  some people like oh well the software is  so expensive I’m not gonna have anything  left that’s okay  get the software now while it’s what  bitcoin is cheap because that way when  Bitcoin if it goes back up to fifteen  twenty thousand dollars you’ve already  got the software to be able to start  wheeling and dealing with that you’re  gonna make much more money and that yeah  I like I definitely do not if anybody is  apt and this isn’t me being a sales  person

honestly this is me just kind of be  saying look if you have the means of  getting it and you plan on getting it  get it while bitcoin is where it’s at  because if you know like this is the  26-man that last futures market closes  today and I expect things to start  shooting back up again and then if it  does and you kind of sitting around  waiting and hanging around waiting to  see how things are going  look I’m showing you multiple examples I  mean it’s a private trailer will make  you money on just about any budget I  mean that’s you know I’m not a financial  advisor or anything I’m not licensed or  any trained for any of that I don’t  really know what the hell I’m talking  about folks but from my experience I’ve  never not made money with private  trailer and it doesn’t matter if you’re  trading with a couple hundred bucks a  couple thousand or twenty thousand or  40,000 it’s just a matter of how much  you can make in what period of time  that’s really what it boils down to you  continue to add to your position over  time that’s what profit trailer does  some days are much better than others so  you just have to take it as it comes  isn’t the profit today misleading  considering you could be holding a bag  that has decreased in value

okay so this  that’s how this works so look where am i  where is all right so this year my other  window up here so this year showing your  current balance of Bitcoin so basically  what has not been used by the body arrow  this shows your total current value so  the value of the coins you’re holding  right this is the total pending value  which is basically you know I have these  three trading pairs right now alright so  I’ve got a couple that are negative I’ve  got one that’s in the plus so that might  even sell off you know once it’s done  trailing we’ll see I have no DCA pairs  right now because I just I just started  this brand new set up like an hour and a  half two hours ago  now these that these two continue to  fall then yeah they’ll end up in DCA and  all that fun stuff which is fine so but  these are my pairs the  all right I don’t remember the other guy  said but it all it all works out like  when you you do not lose money just  because the coin goes in DCA you haven’t  lost anything all that means is it’s  gonna take a little longer to find your  profit that’s it

it could take an hour could take a day  and some I’ve had I’ve had bags that  have lasted a week if I get caught up in  a pump and dump where I buy a coin that  ends up dropping like 40% and it’s a DCA  bag and I had like 50 like like I don’t  know a whole bunch of it cuz I dc-8 so  many times those coins typically they go  back up they get pumped again and when  they do this it trail this time you’re  not buying that at the hide you’re  trailing all the way up to the high and  I’ve had coin sell at 40 50 % profit  after all that because keep in mind as  as IDC aid its doubling up doubling up  doubling up at lower and lower tier so  I’m buying more and more and more so  when I actually finally sell them all at  profit you make a bunch of money I mean  but sometimes you can be sitting on  those for a week or two weeks in some  cases which I don’t have any problem  with but you know you only lose what you  sell like if you have two hundred bucks  and you end up getting caught in some  kind of pumping down my nose if you get  caught in some kind of pumping down then  you know all your money is lost  quote-unquote loss

it’s not really lost  you just you just haven’t sold it yet  then it can get frustrating because the  time that you’re holding on to a couple  DCA bags you’re not trading you’re not  making profit but you’ll find that in a  lot of cases when you’re Bob does  finally get rid of that DCA bag your  make it a little bit more profit than  you would have if it were a quick sale  to begin with but it kind of averages  out in a lot of ways so when I when I go  into what I just decide you know what I  don’t like what’s happening in the  market I want to go in to sell only mode  like right now bitcoins at ten thousand  nine hundred and ninety five dollars  okay so it’s gone down 1.9 two percent  if the bar if I’m so if I if I kind of  feel like alright well I expect like  tonight  I don’t know we’ll see what happens over  this weekend but if I expect Bitcoin to  start really shooting up I’ll go into  cell only mode that’s it like the base  table what’s happening in the market and  what’s going on I’ll go into cell only  mode and I’ll ride it out until bitcoins  level it off because otherwise you’ll  end up with some pretty significant bags  like if tonight I go to bed and China  and Asia wakes up

and I’m like oh  america’s futures are over and  everything’s good we could go back in  and get in re-enter our positions and  bitcoin spikes up to 15 grand by the  time I wake up in the morning you are  screwed like there and there’s nothing  you can do about that  so if I’m a little iffy I just go into  cell only mode and I’ll write it out  through the night because the ball the  bulk of my trades have been through the  middle of the night while I’m sleeping  so you know it is what it is but I just  like to try and play it safe and these  new settings are supposed to help me  with that  so we’ll see I mean we’ll see how they  react and then I’ll go into more detail  later in another video about how things  have gone I’ll probably let this ride  over the weekend I mean I’ve got point  six Bitcoin in here and whatever happens  happens I’m just gonna let it go I’m not  even gonna shut it off I’m not gonna go  into cell only mode I’m just let it  gonna let it go over the weekend and  then I’ll follow up with everybody on  what happened and then I’ll make the  settings available to everybody  all right probably not gonna make this  too long

oh I’ve already been on 21  minutes holy cow and there’s 630 you  guys watching that’s crazy  crow can your PT settings be I get asked  that a thousand times yes the you you  can use my been tricked settings on by  Nance you just have to change a couple  things basically go to the wiki because  I’ve explained this so many times now I  will just go to the wiki and it explains  to you how to change your pairs on by  Nance and basically a pair will well  yeah so rather than BTC aetherium  now on bit Rick’s finance does this  that’s what you need to do so if you’re  if you’re manually adding or falling out  trading pairs on by Nance that’s what  they have to look like and that’s it and  then you’re just changing your your main  market or your main exchange to a buy  Nance the only thing about buying ads  that’s walkie to me is the whole integer  trading thing that’s always throwing me  off when I use by Nance I don’t even  understand why the hell they do that but  for me bitch Rick’s has always done very  well so I haven’t really I tried doing  finance with USD t pairs but you know  let’s see

a dumb question if you get to  exchange license do you need to fund  bother separately or does the bot do  that and split it up by funding one I  have no idea what the hell some guy just  said I I’m going to I’m gonna try and  decipher this if you have two licenses  on bit Rick’s and you have one purchase  license a profit trailer you can use  profit trailer on both of those  exchanges like the same exchange with  two different accounts you can use  private trailer on both of them but each  one has to be individually funded you  can’t use one profit trailer instance to  divide your total budget between two  exchanges hopefully that makes sense  cool so the tiller man says do research  I’m on Finance and it works well I have  a historical trade percentage of 8% so  that’s okay bro the feeder changed the  all trading enabled the false right and  that’s okay because the reason it does  that I’ll go ahead and show you I’ll  show you why the trading pair does that  it’s like with anything else in the in  the BOD false only means unless so all  trading enabled is false unless its  trading is a pairs trading is enabled  down here see how it says BTC first  trading enabled true

that means that the  bot is trading that pair and that’s what  feeder does feeder creates a separate  pair I mean you see how long this file  is every pair that is on the exchange  has its own instance its own set of  individualized settings based off of how  the coin is performing against what like  what bitcoin is doing that is what  feeder does is it tries to buy in at the  perfect time prepare it doesn’t just say  it’s it’s very complicated to be honest  to you but yes it says false but if all  these trading pairs are also true and so  the bot does trade these pairs but  that’s how the bot better controls the  situation that’s all that is word let’s  see I want to do me one more one or two  more how long before you release the new  settings probably the end of the weekend  I’m going to let this run for until the  end of the weekend because I want a good  solid understanding of how well it’s  going to do for  buddy before I have everybody using it  do you know why the bots would throw  things into the pending log the pending  log as I understand it is basically a  hard sale like a hard sell so it’s it’s  it’s not like like the bot has said okay  well we bought this coin here we want to  sell it here and it’s not like that’s it

like it’s not trailing anything it’s not  it just says we’re gonna buy here we’re  gonna sell here at next profit and so it  goes into a pending log because that  means that those funds are literally  tied up and being held to see if anybody  buys it all right all right so we’re so  there you have it I mean I just wanted  to kind of give you guys some idea as to  what’s happening what I’m doing I’m  trying all new everything right now and  I’m doing this seriously just for you so  I will update all you guys because  honestly if people are gonna buy this I  really hope that anybody that sees this  picks this up over this weekend just  because I do see Bitcoin going up in  price I could be wrong okay now I want  to make sure that that’s clear to I’m  not trying to induce FOMO I just based  off of everything happening  I see Bitcoin going up in price it’s  just my opinion what I think is gonna  happen and if it does I want to make  sure that everybody is able to get the  bot so that when it does go up you guys  are able to make more money with it

that’s really all I’m trying to do here  and you know if you don’t understand the  bar you’re not into the bar cool don’t  use it don’t buy it don’t waste any  money on it but I just kind of wanted to  show everybody look you can make some  money with it and a profit trailer or  Hodel I don’t use the word hold on I CRO  my coins bowl where you think you are so  you have to use your own headphones  futures contracts and today exactly and  that’s one of the big reasons why I  think  thank you Frank you brought to man but  that’s one of the reasons why I think  that bitcoins gonna start going up as it  normally used to before all this futures  bullshit and I’ll be glad it’s over  all right all right well I’m gonna cut  it here guys I got a bunch of other  stuff that I want to do typically I do  these videos at night when everybody’s  walking down but I know that some of the  kids are gonna be getting home from  school and the upstairs it’s gonna sound  like a circus so I wish you all well I  thank you all for everything      I love you  all very much      glad you are here and   I  will keep you updated on how this  performs over the weekend all right

Thank you guys so much      Crow Your Coins .

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