Cryptocurrency Prices, Profit Trailer and Passion to Profits

Cryptocurrency Prices, Profit Trailer and Passion to Profits


Good Afternoon Everybody  ,  this is Jason  ,  Your Crypto Crow     I wanted to do a video  talking about a few different things  here nothing very specific this isn’t  exactly how to kind of guide but I just  kind of wanted to go over for a lot of  the newcomers to crypto currency kind of  what to expect right you know since I’ve  gotten into crypto I have I’ve done  pretty well and and and continue to do  lots of exciting things and try new  things and my goal with this channel is  to share a lot of those new things with  you guys but you know to give you one  example you know I guess if I’m gonna  theme this video it’s basically passion  a profit okay  you know I’ve always been the kind of  person that when I find something  exciting or new I dive in completely I  do I learn everything there is to learn  I read I watch I study I do everything  possible because I want to know all  elements of it I want to know I want to  understand every facet of what I’m what  I’m diving into and when I first was  exposed to crypto currencies you know

one of the first things I did was I ran  out and I got everything I needed to  build my first mining rig and this is  before I started trading and you know I  said I learned that process and I  started learning how the block chains  work and then you know transaction  confirmations and what is mining and you  know what’s the process and so forth and  the missions the learning about the  different block chains and from there I  just went into you know I’ve read every  forum that I watched every video I you  know understanding the markets the  mindset of the crypto market it’s  definitely different than the stock  market because everything happens much  quicker it’s everything is much more  volatile the swings are bigger you know  things like that and then I found  coinage II and I signed up on multiple  exchanges and started understanding now  how the exchanges work how these changes  are different but you know in a nutshell  you know just one example of basically  what I’ve accomplished just because of  the passion that I’ve had for crypto  currency you know it ultimately turned  900  hours into about five grand and I’d say  maybe 30 days you know

that started with  you know basically the money that I had  mined so I started off mining aetherium  invested that into some i CEOs as it’ll  come in you know fifty bucks at a time  and I would invest that into an IC o—-  and then go up a little bit and then I’d  sell it and then most of it I still  probably sold early because I was still  new and I ended up getting to about 900  bucks and and then the the Bitcoin cash  thing happened so I flipped that 900  bucks and I turned it into like I don’t  know 2 grand or whatever it was  and you know between that and you know I  still have a huge big portfolio I mean I  sold some of my coins to buy gun bought  and you know I thought well I’m gonna  liquidate a few of my coins and I’m  gonna get gun bought and that’s gonna  help me trade if I could you know and I  got bought and a bit connect and I’m up  to like eight hundred and thirty bucks a  bit connect right now and I started with  a three hundred dollar deposit and it’s  just it was another thing and what’s  this high-yield stuff how does this work  can you actually make money well like  will the website close down before I’ve  cashed anything out that kind of thing  is kind of a question and you know  understanding kind of the pyramid you  know

you get a lot of these bigwigs and  I call cryptocurrency the pyramid scheme  and in an essence it kind of is like if  you really break down the very nature of  it but did the the more people that come  into the crypto space the bigger the  pyramid okay because people may whatever  they’re their gateway drug becomes right  you know typically if it if it’s on  claim base and you’re brand new you’re  gonna go to your coin base and buy right  now it’s been like coin because of the  news yesterday the CEO of like coin  going onto the news talking about like  Clinton and it just shut up that’s the  chart we’re looking at here right now  and in what you hear what you’ve got is  you’ve got a huge rise man I mean down  here was 150 bucks that was two days ago  and  just shut up and I’d pay it’s touched on  420 dollars and it’s back down to 350  and you know it’s still like this is an  hour chart so it’s still on a climb but  if you look at like a five minute chart  it’s not I mean it’s already it’s  already come down and it’s kind of  consolidating and I think this is going  to continue to drop from here that’s my  guess

because you know ultimately what’s  happening with litecoin is you’ve got a  lot of this new blood buying in and  you’ve got the old blood dumping it on  them so you you know it’s it’s and  that’s why you see some of this kind of  consolidation going on and it’s like  okay so is it gonna go up or down well  so far seems to be now since yesterday  the pattern and the trend has been the  beak it’s kind of falling a bit so if  you didn’t if you weren’t in the  litecoin before this maybe you missed  the boat I don’t know you can watch in  real time you know you want to go to the  minute chart  you know minute chart it’s actually  looking pretty good so you know we’ll  see how it turns out but the one thing  that I wanted to kind of mention is that  you never really want to chase candles  here you know because by the time  there’s a good chance that by the time  you’re seeing something on a really  solid increase it’s already too late  like if you have a bobbin I mean it’s  you know the volatility of crypto is you  know up today down tomorrow and and it  could start at any second so you didn’t  really want to chase candles and what  I’m ultimately trying to convey in this  is find something you’re passionate  about you know

if you if you find a  cryptocurrency that you’re absolutely  passionate about you absolutely love it  for whatever reason maybe it’s because  of the market that it reaches maybe it’s  because of the the technology it uses or  it’s a new technology that’s getting  ready to launch you know whatever the  case may be you find something that  you’re passionate about you really can’t  go wrong because likely if you’re  passionate about it others will be too  and whether that’s others tomorrow  others a week from now others a month  from now a year whatever it takes if you  invest in something you’re passionate  about today don’t that passion will  dealed profit and that’s ultimately the  lesson of this video  in the profit you know everything that I  have done excuse me so far in crypto has  been just due to my overall passion  about cryptocurrency as a whole what it  means the revolution the revolutionary  you know this is the revolution of  disruption you know I love this whole  concept and you know I can’t stress  enough how how what I would highly  suggest you learn how cryptocurrency  works

you learn more about it I gotta  get off of this because I’m just  watching that go up and go back down  it’s enough to drive me crazy but you  know you know moon runner this is this  is my this is my platform I have in  development right now I’m not really  trying to promote this but like this  this whole project has stemmed from my  passion for what I do in cryptocurrency  and the necessity for a tool a platform  that does what moonrunners going to do  and you know my friend Nick is actually  the developer on this he’s a big  enterprise development guy who’s agreed  to help out with this project because he  really wants to get more in the  blockchain development and he wants to  help grow this thing you know outwardly  from the base platform that we’re  building which is ultimately this into  you know our own internal custom wallet  system you know the whole nine so yeah  and this you can’t really see it but I’m  going to show you guys this is my  financial guy and this is the mindset  and I hate to pick on you but this is  the mindset of these financial guys so I  told my I family found $3,400 an old  401k

I couldn’t withdraw it so I  basically told my financial guy what  what can we do our one into Bitcoin I  wanted to put this money into Bitcoin I  don’t really care how and he found this  fun the gbtc fund which is which is  directly tied to Bitcoin and we bought  in at like 950 bucks a share I think  and then it went up and then started to  go down I told him to sell it went all  the way it went back down to like 850 so  we bought back in at 850 put the  remaining profit into like Apple or  something and he’s always trying to know  if you can see it he’s always trying to  get me to sell so apparently right now  it’s at 2245 dollars I told him to  continue holding I tell him every  several days  just hold it it’s gonna keep going on  just hold it just hold it and he’s you  know he always gives me these updates  gbtc is over 2000 to share I think we  should sell at least a part of it I say  hold that’s all I say hold now he’s  saying 2002 45 question no hold and what  does it hold he doesn’t understand a lot  of these financial guys do not  understand cryptocurrency prices they  don’t understand how the market works

they don’t understand the long-term  growth a potential for a lot of these  coins and what it actually means and so  on you know I’m sure when it comes to  stocks when it comes to the regular  stock market I’m sure he knows a hell of  a lot more than I ever will but when it  comes to crypto because I study this and  I have a very solid understanding as to  what crypto means we are just now like  we’re barely we’re still just tapping  into the mainstream market with  cryptocurrency people I mean this is  ridiculous this is just the start you  know you buy your leg pointed buy your  Bitcoin but it’s not too late as the  point and the more people that enter the  crypto space that don’t know what  they’re doing they’re gonna be more and  more guys like me who we just studied  this stuff all day all night you know  we’re constantly researching new  currency new new everything and we  managed we into managing portfolios for  you know friends family even clients in  some cases and and that’s basically what  moonrunners all about is helping  facilitate that and providing the tools  necessary you know

so you with the  calendar which is really huge I mean a  lot of the stuff it’s gonna calculate  all the profits of your portfolio your  growth all that stuff and it’s it’s  going to be very very helpful so anyway  I want to  take a look at the let me see your oh  there we go  I want to take a look at the market you  know I mean bitcoins at seventeen  thousand four hundred ninety eight  dollars I mean it’s gonna continue to go  up all of this stuff bit theories at 612  and it’s it just dipped a bit but it’s  going to go back up like coins down to  328 I’m guessing it might settle  somewhere around 300 bucks but we’ll see  all this stuff is green and another  thing too that I wanted to point out I  can’t show you because I’m not on this  computer but all of a lot of those bags  that my profit trailer bought are the  crypto crowbar picked up when the coin  spike they’ve been starting to sell off  I haven’t went ahead and reactivated it  I have an excel only null mode it’s sold  like half the bags I had and it’s you  know it’s back to generating money you  could see that let me see here so here’s  my here’s my bot and I can close this  down

so anyway here this is the bottom  this is so the latest one sold at 2%  that’s the point nine nine point six  almost two percent there  here’s one for three points I mean you  know this is all profit where was a yeah  this was a four-tier bot or a four-tier  bag with – that’s old I mean a lot of  these drop down quite a bit and they’re  selling off now which is really really  good so I went ahead and reactivated it  this was a 3-2 your bag so those of you  who are still freaking out about having  bags you just gotta give it time you  can’t freak out they’ll sell and I still  have more bags and those will sell – I  mean these are all trades from just the  past day not even the past day really  since last night  so that was all December 12th and then  we’re going into the 11th this is before  I had turned everything back on so yeah  I mean you know guys it’s it’s  overall you know you see this stuff with  a bit connect and you see these  high-yield programs like you know the  USD or us well you know what the hell it  was  I mean there’s so many of these like  high-yield investment programs look I  put a little tiny bit of money into one  of them just to see what happened it’s  kind of an experiment but learn  everything you need to make better  decisions about technology about  cryptocurrency yourself

making a passion  make it a project you know or go to  somebody like me or somebody else that  you know that does feel this way and  really puts the time in to educate  themselves on all facets of the market  and and help let them help you you know  it’s not a regulated space right now I  expected to be at some point in the  future how they’re gonna regulate you  know you know because it’s it’s you know  I always say I’m not giving you  financial advice I don’t give anybody  financial advice because I’m not a  licensed financial person you know I  just do what I do as a hobby and I let  the results speak for themselves and you  know if somebody wants me to help manage  their wallets for them I’ll help manage  their wallets because it can be very  confusing that’s it so that means that I  don’t have anything specific outside of  that I just kind of wanted to discuss  you know if you if you have a way you  know

whether it’s from like the profit  trailer bought you want to throw a  couple hundred bucks in there make tiny  trades and kind of build your capital  over a long period of time at the  compounding interest of it all you can  create ultimately and create your own  that connect using a profit trailer I  mean it’s ultimately what I did my  returns are significantly better on  profit trailer than they’ll ever be on  they connect you know an X or another  thing to I was kind of going over the  numbers Bitcoin cash oh that’s not big  whereas it excuse me excuse me sorry  about that  I hate it when people do that stuff on  videos been anyway bit connect it’s at  three hundred and ninety three dollars  right now okay  now I’ve been in it since August so in  August I put three hundred dollars  into that right that’s John it was about  August 8 I think I put about $300 so  it’s about 80 to 88 so if I would have  just so let me figure this up here and  this is basically I’m gonna I’m actually  going out test-tube it connects validity  here but so let’s say I put three  hundred dollars into the connect back  then it was eighty two dollars each okay

so 80 to 88 and 380 to eight so that’s  three point six coins three point six  one nine and so I’m making you know you  know random percentage four percent or  to a day maybe off of that and I’ve been  compounding it right building that  compound interest so right now I’m stood  about eight hundred thirty dollars okay  now that’s off of what that’s that’s  what I have sitting and there’s about  eight hundred thirty bucks now if I were  to take this and multiply it by today’s  car price three nine three point nine  seven I would have if I had I just  bought the bit connect token at the time  I invested into this high-yield  high-yield plan I would be at 14:26 okay  first of all those are the numbers right  there it’s a bit very simple so you know  everybody freaking out a little bit  connected Ponzi picked this yes you know  what you take that 14:26 you pay your  downline you know they’re covering the  down line for everybody bringing more  people in yeah I mean there’s kind of a  ponds the element to it but that’s not  what sustains that connect it’s the fact  that they control their own currency

they control the price of their own  currency and they have it attached to  there’s no direct correlation or no  direct connection to Bitcoin so I like  it automatically  I think they push it up like they can  control what you have to pay for bit  connect so they I mean ultimately by  giving me my 1% on that $300 or whatever  the hell they are they make so – let’s  just say 830 that they paid me they’ve  made 596 dollars off of that $300 that I  invested that’s after paying me okay so  if you’re freaking out about like a bit  connect is the scam the connect is this  now I really don’t think it is I mean  it’s not necessarily a scam but it’s  they can control their currency man and  they you buy in for this and if it if  this doubles of this 393 doubles the you  know nine hundred eight hundred nine  nine hundred dollars then they’re just  paying you one percent to basically  borrow that money you’re happy they’re  happy and they’re not going anywhere now  if the compound interest of this really  starts to take off and it gets to the  point where I’m bringing in you know  thirty forty dollars a day and interest  because of the compounding factors well  . . .

now that’s a different story but you  know starting on you know how many  people last that long that’s the thing  they probably count on people cashing  out and not building that much volume so  okie dokie buddy I think we need to sell  soon though  maybe so anyway yeah I mean I wouldn’t  freak out too much about that connect  everybody I mean if you have money into  it I think it’s fine I’m not putting any  more into it but you know that’s  entirely up to you so that’s it I just  wanted to put something out there for  today I am I would like your ideas maybe  on the comments of this video I would  like your ideas on specific things that  maybe you want to learn about profit  trailer about I CEOs give me some ideas  on things you’d really like me to dive  into and kind of present to you in  future videos how-to guides if you see  an idea that somebody else has posted  and you liked it hit the reply you know  hit the links on this video and I’ll  start making it a point

I’d like to put  it put together a schedule of videos  that everybody would like to see  a my subscribers that they’re really  interested in having my perspective on  or whatever the case let me know in this  video and and I will follow up and do  that     alright thanks    I’ll talk to you  guys soon  .


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