Crypto Crow Channel Changes – Seele – Charity

Crypto Crow Channel Changes – Seele – Charity


there’s some audio for you what’s up  everybody  so me and what a crazy  what a crazy period just just so much  going on and I’ve been I’ve been busy of  course so busy first thing I’m gonna  make note of is I did close the the baby  crows tear on patreon again because I  forgot so everybody that’s been in there  for the past month we’ve gone through  all the Q&A; we’ve answered so many  questions I’ve gone through so many  different things with everybody in it  and I completely forgot what it means to  reopen the floodgates I don’t have the  time right now  I just cannot go through like not to  sound bad but like nobody scrolls and  reads everybody just jumps in and starts  asking questions and I just don’t have  the time so unfortunately you guys are  gonna miss out because I’m not doing the  thousand dollar tears anymore I just  can’t like I mean I’ve got well over a  thousand people in there right now I  closed the tier at a thousand so that  basically means that you know that there  are like 76 people in that tier that if  anybody leaves it’s gonna basically mean  76 people are gonna have to leave that  tier before it opens back up again

I’m  sorry but I what I am gonna do once I  get everybody once I get all these  people on boarded I’m gonna reopen a new  tier but it’s gonna start at 5,000 I  just and and I want to have all of the  information just readily available so  that there’s one link everybody can go  read it I’m not I again I repeat I am  not gonna have the time to answer the  same question 60 times in an hour I just  cannot do that and I’m gonna I’m just  gonna tell you guys like to be real  honest with you like a lot of things are  gonna be changing about my channel it’s  just so that everybody understands like  I left a job as the vice president of  say  for a national mortgage company to do  everything that I’m doing right now and  so I I have to have a consistent way of  supporting my family I mean there’s just  no if ands or buts about it  I’m not independently wealthy I didn’t  come to the crypto sphere  you know already having made millions of  dollars in doing other things this is  what I do now and you know between  affiliate links you know supporting  program software or other things that I  believe in that I know work and that  help make people money

I’m all about  promoting them and I make money from  them proper trailer obviously being  number one I do  do paid ico and coin reviews it’s very  lucrative for me and it’s something that  I can pretty much count on because I  have I probably get 10 offers a day and  if you haven’t noticed or if you if you  have noticed I don’t do that many like  but I do I have been doing more than not  that’s gonna change the first thing I  want to show you guys basically I’m  restructuring a lot and I’m altima  Talebi cuz this is what I do now  ultimately full-time between this  channel and my fund that’s it like I get  a lot of offers from people hey you want  to partner with me on this and that and  I I have I have my channel I have my  fund  I have moon runner that’s it and outside  of that I have my family folks so while  I’m sure a lot of you have fantastic  ideas that are gonna do really well in  time I just can’t I have always gone  about my channel to try and be as open  and transparent on every level possible  I do not claim to be a super guru I’m  open I openly admit I do not know  everything you know

I do not I do not  claim to be able to make people rich I  make no promises whatsoever about  anything that I do in my channel you  know  if I do a review from the very beginning  I tell you I’m being paid to talk about  this I mean you know everything that I  have done I feel has been very much on  the up and up and in and I you know it’s  important to me it’s important to me to  maintain that however I know that some  people have been getting a little  frustrated with the paid reviews that  I’ve been doing not necessarily because  they’re bad reviews but just because of  the idea of me getting paid to tell you  about something for some of you that  bothers you so here’s what I’m going to  do about it this is my website this  isn’t my background of my computer I  know some people some people just went  apeshit like who the hell has a picture  of himself on his wallpaper and this and  that like look I know I’m gorgeous I’m  super hot but I don’t want to look at  myself all the time either so um I mean  granted that’s that’s a sexy man right  there  but anyway

so for those of you with icos  and you’re wanting me to review your  coin here’s my page all of you are  welcome to read it there’s no secrets  there okay this is my YouTube calendar  from now on this is what you’re gonna be  able to expect on any given day starting  at this started this week but I’m not  doing this today I’m not doing any paid  reviews today but I’m going to enjoy my  weekend and I’m probably gonna post some  random news and things like that but I’m  not counting Saturday and Sunday but  starting Monday I’m probably gonna have  to pay dicey overviews in one video I’m  going to do that twice a week on cording  to this get excuse me this schedule now  moving forward I mean let’s face it  these paid reviews are ultimately how  I’m paying the bills why because when  people pay me to do reviews that is not  capital gains that is income that is  personal income for a service therefore  I don’t have to pay 39 percent tax on  this I can write stuff off and it  just like my income and since I’m  basically replacing my personal income  with these paid reviews I have to  basically keep them steady

I need to be  able to count on them my wife handles  all the bills she needs to know what you  know what we’re doing what I’m doing  what I’m bringing in so forth and so on  okay so I’m letting you guys know now on  Mondays and Fridays I’m going to be  doing paid ico reviews if you do not  like them or you do not want to see them  or you do not want to hear my voice if  you think I’m being paid for it just  ignore the videos the two videos a week  that I put out out of seven days that  should be sufficient I think I feel  that’s fair now on Tuesdays I’m going to  be putting out my favorite ico reviews  these are reviews for icos that are  upcoming I’m going to try to find icos  that are available in the u.s. though  that’s gonna be very very difficult  because it’s very hard to find favorite  I SEOs with a lot of promise that are  not securities or considered securities  and therefore not open to the US I will  do my best but at the very least the  icos that I talked about are I SEOs that  you should mark on your calendar to pick  up on exchanges when they hit them

okay  Wednesdays I’m going to go over  something instructional I’m going to  teach you something new I’m going to go  over new tools new resources something  that’s going to help you in the  cryptocurrency space okay Thursdays Oh  Xander’s home here the the dog going  crazy upstairs yep it’s three o’clock my  stepsons home from school so bear with  me you’ll probably hear a little extra  noise even though this microphone set up  to just capture my voice we’ll see how  that works  Wow because it sounds like crazy hell  upstairs so Thursday’s Thursday’s are  gonna be profit trailer updates I’m  gonna go over any of the latest versions  of profit trailer bug fixes new settings  new techniques and and and things like  that  okay so every week I’m gonna have  something new related to profit trailer  and then Saturdays I’m going to  basically save as kind of a where are  they now segment where I’m basically  gonna go over coins that I’ve talked  about in the past whether they be i ce  o–‘s exchange coins or the like and i’m  going to go over where are they now in  the market how well are they doing are  they hitting their milestones and that’s  it and that’s basically what i’m gonna  do every week from this day forward or  from monday forward

i should say now you  know hopefully this is agreeable  hopefully this is a fair compromise and  it keeps things structured and that’s  really what i need to be able to do i  need to organize my week and and that’s  it you know i mean it’s there’s there’s  between this and moon runner and the  fund i’m a busy busy dude but i have a  family and by organizing my week and  knowing from one day to the next what i  can plan for and then I can start  outlining my weeks and ahead of advant  or up ahead of advance ahead of time  this is gonna help me so if you if you  forget and you’re like Jason screw you  and your paid reviews and you want to  know when they’re coming just go to  Jason Appleton com hit the youtube  calendar and you’ll know what days to  avoid me okay now another one of the  reasons why I do paid reviews to be  quite frank with you is because a they  approached me if I look through them and  they look promising enough to merit meme  and talking about it then it’s worth it  to be paid for whether the final review  ends up good or bad

I require payment  upfront and because I’m gonna say what I  feel and I’m gonna say what I think and  I’m not your budgets not gonna change  that and I make that disclaimer in this  right here and this is basically when  somebody emails me now saying hey we  want to cooperate with you what’s your  what do you charge I linked them to this  page it breaks it all down this cryptic  row always disclosed paid reviews to his  audience absolutely yes  does CC only accept payment in advance  yes because I’m not gonna if you if you  have a shitty ICO that at first glance  looks great and then you know  I’m going through it in deeper detail  and I’m finding I don’t know about this  I’m going to talk about it I’m not gonna  cover up the fact that I think you might  be a little shady or your team might be  a little lacking or whatever the case  may be people know by now watching my  paid reviews or otherwise that I’m going  to be very honest I’m not gonna let  anybody pay me to feed you shit at least  not intentionally which brings me to one  other thing it’s it’s sometimes it’s  very very very difficult to know when an  ICO is a scam or is a fraud of some kind  and I am going to bring up some of these  things with seal Seeley whatever just do  it a Google search for seal seal e se  ele you can find a variety of different  things related to seal not being so  up-and-up

I encourage you to do that  there’s a lot of different things going  on with Seeley and I I’m just basically  letting you guys know that I am  absolutely passing on this now I have I  have mentioned it before along with four  other icos strictly for no other reason  that they are new blockchain  technologies preparing to come out or  have already completed their ICO status  I think it’s it’s good to learn about  what some of these new companies are  doing and even in my paid reviews I feel  that it’s good to watch them if for no  other reason than strictly education  because some of these some of these  coins that I’m going to be talking about  are going to be worth investing in not  all of them not every ICO that I talked  about on my paid reviews is going to be  worth investing in I’m gonna tell you  straight up but I’m gonna present a lot  of the pros cons the good bad and ugly  so that you can make a very educated  decision without having to do all the  digging yourself and that’s ultimately  the way I look at my paid reviews okay  but be careful because you just never  know it doesn’t necessarily mean that  you know just because an ICO as you know  they’ve already achieved X number of  dollars in sales  and everybody seems to love it and like  it and so forth

that doesn’t necessarily  mean it’s legitimate and that’s a big  part of why the teams are very important  and that’s a big reason why a lot of the  other youtubers who review I SEOs go  into the team so deeply because they  want to make sure that the team members  are notable have already had some  accomplishments on the blockchain space  and are reputable and so those are some  of the things that you really have to  look into now I’ve seen some people  talking about me now saying that I  promoted bit Kinect  this is a video from November 9th ok  this is November 9th and since then I  have also talked against bit Kinect all  right but in this video of November 9th  bit Kinect closing in December this was  one of my very first videos that nobody  watched ok and I’m gonna start it right  here hopefully you’ll be able to hear  what I’m saying if not just go back to  the very beginning of my videos and you  will see this  [Music]  and there you have it  that was my promotion a bit connect so  for anybody that thinks that I was  trying to promote it at the very  beginning like even before I did this  video I wasn’t a hundred percent sure  [Music]

but I I had enough of a feeling about it  being not right that you know I knew  putting my money in that I probably  probably was never gonna see it again  okay so hopefully that settled another  thing too is you know I’ve been getting  a lot of people telling me you know cuz  I have been kind of predicting the  market coming back around between the  14th 15th and 16th and those of you  who’ve been watching my videos  consistently over the past several weeks  III asked today and my telegram channel  like this is it do any of you guys  remember which videos I was talking to  you know making my predictions for the  market to start coming back on the 14 15  16 and everybody was like we’ve been  saying that for the past few weeks so  but I didn’t have the time to go back  and find examples of that will the  market go back down will it dip again  it’s likely it’s likely we’re you know I  know that a lot of the ta guys are  predicting a big dip in March but  honestly a lot of these same ta guys  were predicting a big dip down to 6,000  this week or soon so you know it is what  it is folks I you know I do the best  that I can to try and educate everybody

and so here’s one big other change that  I’m going to be making to my channel  here you have st. Jude’s Children’s  Research Hospital here we have Shriners  burned Hospital of Cincinnati I have  just put in calls to both of them  because  this is st. jude’s donate now page you  have credit card PayPal check what you  don’t have are ways to donate through  crypto currencies I want to change that  so I am I put in calls to both of these  groups today because moving forward and  some of you guys aren’t gonna like this  some of you guys might originally I  thought I want to do a bunch of wallets  and give give give crypto currencies to  all of you and try and do what I can to  help kind of support your efforts in  gaining ground in the crypto space I’m  not going to do that I am going to give  to these two charities and that’s it the  way I see it these kids need these  resources more than you do even though I  understand so many of you are not in a  really big financial position you’re not  in a really solid financial position and  and I know that you know a lot of these  crypto currencies could potentially help  you

however I would much rather donate  the funds to groups that I trust to  touch more lives than to just touch a  handful myself I hope you respect and  appreciate that decision now I am  probably going to do one wallet giveaway  to one person per month likely on  Sundays the fact of the matter is folks  I cannot afford all the time it takes to  send money to individual wallets all the  time I just can’t I can’t  it’s a pain in the butt it takes a lot  of time you’ve got gas you have to keep  increasing your gas you have to wait so  long in between you know after like two  or three transfers  you have to wait until it comes because  just a it’s like a spam prevention thing  on the blockchain there’s all this all  these reasons why it’s just a huge pain  in the butt without a smart contract it  does it all automatically which I don’t  have  and I thought originally well I’ll let  everybody vote honestly I don’t care  what your vote is I believe in these two  charities and those are the ones that I  want to support and dammit it’s my  channel and that’s how I’m gonna do you  know

I’ve just kind of come to the  realization that you know overseeing  what’s happened with Superman and seeing  so many people just change and just  start attacking him going from we love  you we love you too we hate you I hate  you burn in hell and just that mentality  I realized that it’s like it’s all such  a dark place to me somehow like the  mentality of so many people on the  Internet  it’s puzzling it’s disheartening  it’s uninspiring and it’s simply not  welcoming at all and I feel like I am  doing what I’m doing to try and help as  many people as I can  including myself I am here to make money  people I am here to support my family I  am here to get insanely rich if that’s  possible  I am NOT here to profit off of the backs  of others I am NOT here to drive my  traffic at the expense of others I am  NOT here to push people in any wrong  direction I am NOT here to force anyone  to do anything that you don’t want to do  but I I’m not gonna get involved in any  of the politics anymore and I’m going to  start running my channel like a business

because in the grand scheme of things  that’s exactly what this channel is it  is a business if it generates revenue it  is a business I don’t care what other  term you have to call it I don’t care  how you refer to it but my youtube  channel like every other YouTube channel  on YouTube for the most part is a  business now that being said and I  this video is probably a lot more  serious than a lot of you were expecting  but I was up really late last night  contemplating how I wanted to change  things how I wanted to move forward I  feel that you know between with all of  the content and with all the work that  I’m gonna be putting into a very  structured delivery of valuable content  educational content instructional  content reviews and the like you should  be able to take even the smallest  investment and I’m not talking about my  fund either I’m talking about on your  own you should be able to take the  lessons that I teach you as well as  other youtubers including Superman  including including everybody I mean  everybody that does a lot of work in  researching these things and I’m not  just talking about researching news and  I’m not just talking about researching  any bad things that you can find on  people

I’m talking about people actually  invested into the market and really  trying to better the market as a whole  to improve your position in  cryptocurrency that’s what I’m talking  about learn little bits from all of us  there is plenty of room for everybody to  prosper in the cryptocurrency space  there is plenty of reason for everyone  to get along and work together in  support of each other and our collective  viewership there is really no reason for  the politics the nonsense the bullying  the bullshit it’s time for everybody to  get a grip and start focusing on what’s  important and what’s important is that  we are all doing well collectively  together and then sharing that wealth  with those that need it and that is why  I’ve made the decisions I’m making about  my channel moving forward if you do not  like that  unsubscribe I am sorry to see you leave  but I understand for those of you that  do support it thank you  until then crow your coins and I will  see you very soon

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