Celsius Network ICO Review Alex Mashinsky CEO

Celsius Network ICO Review Alex Mashinsky CEO


greetings everybody i am your badass amish crypto dude , stick around because i’ve got a review that’s probably going to make your money , and you’re gonna want to pay attention – i’ll be back after this disclaimer – – –

ladies and gentlemen I did decide to  turn Amish over the past 12 hours I’ll  tell you what I’ve had a hell of a past  12 hours I’m not even kidding I I feel  like I’ve had my ass kicked I so first  thing that happened was so I scheduled  this interview with an absolute bulldog  I’m gonna actually pull it up here  because I want you guys to know what  I’ve been doing so okay you’re not gonna  do a seat you hold on all right so this  guy Alex machine ski absolute okay so  here’s all right I don’t even know where  to begin  I’m still so flustered and just all  screwed up all right so I was reached  out to by these guys who they they  basically represent Alex’s new company  it’s a new ICO as you seen in a title  it’s called Celsius network and when I  first got this it I saw the word  blending in it and and I at first I  thought okay I’m not you know I don’t  deal with this stuff right that was my  first impression and because I just  didn’t go through it it’s just these  keywords you know I’m kind of programmed  to kind of push out anything this is  lending in crypto right and they said  look you know alex is interested in  doing an interview with you and you know  would you be interested and I said you  know and they were like you know look  we’ll compensate you for your time and  things like that right

so before I  said anything I went and I looked this  guy up and I’m like I’m like wait a  minute this guy wants to pay me to do an  interview like are you kidding me  and we were talking about doing it  view and all of this other stuff the  long and short of it is is like all  these companies you see here are  companies that this guy was played a  significant role in founding one of  which and not the least of which  obviously is the fact that this guy  holds the patent for voice over IP for  back in 1994 you’re talking about a just  a like a I don’t want to say mastermind  because that sounds in the you know  notorious or so it sounds bad in a way  this guy is a just an absolute tech stud  okay so I’m thinking all right I want to  know what this lending platform is so  I’ve started reading about it long story  short I told him I’m all-in right I’m  all over this so last night so we  scheduled this interview to take place  this morning okay if you haven’t notice  that hasn’t happened well last week I  moved my studio upstairs  unfortunately the desk cop rig that I  had hardwired into my internet  connection in the basement directly into  my router sucks at live wat on Wi-Fi so  last night I’m like trying to get  everything prepared for this and I  started I wanted to shave right I wanted  to kind of clean up so I used the wrong  attachment and I went and I basically  shaved a strip down my mustache

I’m  freaking my wife is laughing she’s like  it’s not that bad just clean the rest of  it up but don’t go all the way she will  not let me shave my facial hair okay  so I’m like I don’t have a choice I’ve  got to get rid of all of this and so I I  basically just got rid of it and and  then I said well I said great so I now I  look Amish which there’s nothing wrong  with that but it’s not necessarily my  style long long long story short I  screwed my whole face up my wife laughed  at me to the point where she couldn’t  mutter a single word for at least 10  solid minutes and then she jokingly  asked if I wanted to sell her furniture  so  that was just the start of it so then I  go out I get a Wi-Fi repeater from  Walley world at like 1:00 in the morning  come home set it up signal everything  won’t let me connect to it I had this  crazy signal now that should help my  desktop do what I needed to do for this  live interview wouldn’t let me connect  then take it another level I get  everything ready I install all this  software I was up till 4:00 a.m. last  night preparing just for this interview  this morning I get all the software much  my stream labs OBS my voice meter banana  all this stuff set up on a laptop that I  could just take downstairs wasn’t gonna  do green screen but I was just gonna do  the interview couldn’t get the audio to  figure work right  couldn’t get Skype OBS won’t capture  Windows version of Skype and they’re at  this point


so this morning you know I’ve  got Alex I see Alex sitting there  waiting for me you know talking to me I  can’t hear him I’m having all these  problems I’m I’m losing my mind it’s  like what I seen in that movie you know  where you’ve got somebody reaching out  for somebody else and their hands their  hands are just so close and then  somebody falls into their death well I  fell to my death this morning because I  had to cancel the interview we are going  to I’m basically gonna go buy a hundred  feet of Ethernet wire to run through my  entire house specifically to interview  Alex because I want to interview this  man like this is somebody who is is you  know I admire to this I didn’t know who  he was to be frank but the more I  learned about him I’ve been kind of  addicted to watching videos of this man  like and and and it’s like I’m not  trying to be weird but I’m just  fascinated by what this guy has done  okay so I’m gonna leave it there for now  this brings me to his new company now if  you look at some of this stuff this guy  is generated over a billion dollars  with these companies okay like he is he  has done so much that I at this point  I’m like okay why the hell is he getting  into lending like what does that have  you know like

I didn’t make sense so the  company is Celsius Network building a  p2p decentralized lending and borrowing  platform the long and short of this  whole thing wrapped up in one little  package is you’re gonna be able to  deposit Bitcoin or aetherium into your  wallet into your Celsius wallet and earn  interest on it but not like the the  high-yield crap that you hear about okay  this is basically a knock to the banking  system in the sense that so Alex’s big  thing and this is one at one reason why  I love what this man is doing it’s  because everything he’s doing right now  is to try and bring that next hundred  million new people into the crypto  sphere and then a billion people into  the crypto sphere and he has this whole  psychology this whole just mindset about  how this works and the guy knows what  he’s talking about because he played a  significant role in making sure that the  internet was more usable accessible and  functional for people you know as far as  this view of his VoIP and and the other  things he was associated with so the guy  gets it so he created this and he worked  obviously he’s got a team I mean he’s  got a crack team like I’ll show you the  team but I’m gonna read some of this  stuff

now I’m gonna tell you this review  and it’s and it’s most simplistic terms  you’re ultimately going to be able to  lend the Bitcoin and the etherium to  other people within the platform in earn  interest up to nine percent annually  okay this isn’t a I’m gonna earn a  percent every day and this is no Ponzi  this is no there’s I don’t even want to  say those words associated with this  because I I’m telling you a when I first  saw the pitch I  this is another one of these bogus  things and I and I started I started  doing some digging on this and I  realized I couldn’t be more off ok  crowdsource lending pool your Celsius  wallet will enable you to earn interest  on your crypto holdings when you deposit  your coins you’ll join our decentralized  lending pool and earn daily interest  cash loan against your coins we’re  building a lending platform for the  crypto community to reap the benefits of  the futures market and margin trading  our margin lending without the profits  going to traditional financial  institutions they want the profits to go  to you these guys have a prototype this  here is a video of the prototype I’m not  gonna play the whole thing because all  it does I’m gonna skip through it you  can check it out  it’s on the the Celsius Network channel

okay III  here’s want you guys to check out all of  this all right but I mean skipping  through they’re basically going through  setting up your account on the wallet  transferring aetherium they’re showing  you code snippets showing you that this  is all actually a it’s a it’s an actual  demo not just screenshots of something  that they’ve they’ve put on a phone that  kind of thing and it and it basically  walks you through the whole thing okay  so I’m just kind of clicking through the  the demo all right but they do have a  functional demo it’s all right there and  and that’s basically what what it looks  like okay so they’re showing you all  that now and then here’s screenshots of  course of the of the prototype as well  okay so their stupidity your gain for  the first time ever Wall Street is late  to the party and still has their heads  stuck in the sand and we went and we  want to stick it to the traditional  finance industry who still don’t believe  in decentralization crypto coins or the  promise of the blockchain to level the  playing field for people across the  globe this guide to me is a visionary  and in on a grand scale I see

I’m gonna  tell you I’ll tell you this I I would  have I would have absolutely accepted  cell tokens for the review but they  can’t which is a big bummer because I  would much rather have these tokens and  so I all right skipping ahead Celsius  community join a strong and Purpose  Driven community dedicated to  permanently changing the banking system  no more Wall Street help us replace wall  to wall street with a lending and credit  system focused on benefiting the  community here’s the thing this guy is  so filthy rich you know I don’t think  that he’s structuring this as a  foundation he’s structuring this as a  means for people like you and me to  especially the long term haulers if  you’re crowing your coins you’re gonna  be able to crow your coins in this  platform and earn interest on it but  legitimate interest in a legitimate  lending platform not a high-yield  platform but something that’s very  legitimate participate in an incentive  system that drives the goals of the  community because we’re not profit  driven Satoshi’s dream carry-outs is  Toshi’s dream of a decentralized  consensus driven financial instrument  now I am gonna be reading a lot of the  stuff on here and I’m gonna be diving  into the white paper here in a little  bit as well meet Alex machine ski

our  CEO is a visionary inventor in a serial  entrepreneur with over 30 patents whose  first company IP owed on the Nasdaq he  has raised over 1 billion dollars with  over 3 billion dollars in successful  exits alex has the original patent on  voice over IP and is now working on mo  IP money over Internet Protocol here’s  your team guys co-founder at ever coin  co founder and president of Syrian labs  founder of iterative capital these guys  are all just sharks now traders going to  trade trade  is gonna get played family offices hedge  funds and other larger players can now  play the crypto market through  traditional financial institutions  making sure my meet was on I ran into a  lot of problems last night I was so  flustered the financial institutions  like the CME and C bots this allows  traders to bet on cryptocurrency prices  with other large financial institutions  with none of the profits going into the  cryptocurrency ecosystem the Celsius  community is dedicated to the promise of  decentralization in the blockchain we  now have the opportunity to turn the  tables and take advantage of the  institutional non-believers who are late  to the party and still want to bet  against us which is exactly what these  people are doing and it drives me today  it drives me mad with celcius you’ll be  able to securely loan the crypto you’ve  been hauling

to future two financial  institutions dumb enough to think it’s a  good idea to short the market and you’ll  be able to earn interest in coins it’s a  win-win for the community we either  minimize volatility or get paid a lot  for it we say go ahead we’ll be happy to  take your money to enrich the community  who see the future so I’m gonna tell you  I’m going to assume that Alex wrote this  because it sounds really cocky and I’m  gonna be straight up watching this guy’s  videos he’s a little cocky but that’s  not a bad thing the guys got giant  cojones okay I mean the guy is just he’s  basically calling out everybody saying  you’re all ignorant you’re all wrong  you’re all missing the boat and I’m  gonna capitalize on it with this  community that I’m establishing and  we’re gonna basically change the way  everybody works in the financial  industry because we’re basically taking  the financial industry to the blockchain  leaving you behind and we’ll let you  basically borrow from us and we’ll let  you kind of you know play catch-up and  let’s just face it the guy who’s the guy  can do whatever the hell he wants so I  I’m I’m all about it as people more  people join this LCS ecosystem the more  everyone benefits e equals mc-squared  aetherium members community credit

oh my  gosh okay  so we’re gonna go through the white  paper a little bit here  deposit coins borrow cash against your  cryptocurrency and earn interest the  Celsius wallet members will be able to  borrow USD against their crypto holdings  in their wallet which will be used as  collateral our goal is to allow anyone  who is in need of cash to easily borrow  from the Celsius platform without having  to sell their crypto holdings alright  alright so the ability to take take  loans and dollars okay against your  cryptocurrency we will be available  immediately after the Celsius tokens are  issued crypto interest in the future  through the Celsius network  cryptocurrency is deposited by members  into their Celsius wallet will be  available on the network for media  borrowing and shorting coins that are  lent from member wallets will begin to  accrue interest in the form of Celsius  tokens allowing members to earn up to  nine percent annual interest per  transaction so one of the questions that  I initially had that I was asking the  team is if I let’s say I invest or I put  ten ten aetherium into my wallet and I  lend it out how does that work is it  locked up am I am I getting the dollar  amount back in a fear IAM later  or is it aetherium for aetherium and  basically the way it works is if I put  ten aetherium into the platform and and  that those aetherium are lended the  interest I earn is paid to me in sell  tokens

so if I lent an aetherium I’m  getting ten aetherium back the interest  that is generated is paid to me in sell  tokens okay so basic because my question  was and my concern is if I lend ten  etherion today and it’s worth 850 bucks  do I then get back 850 bucks worth of  aetherium or am I getting the actual  aetherium that I you know put in and no  it  it’s if I put in 10 I get back 10 so if  I loan 10 today at $850 and it’s worth  $1,500 at the end of the loan then I’m  retaining my etherium value plus the  interest over the course of the loan  okay  [Music]  introducing the Celsius token now in  reading through this white paper is  really not difficult like there’s a lot  of information in here but it doesn’t  read like a gobbly gook technical manual  I like the way that they kind of broke  this stuff down so that really any of us  can understand it so it’s it’s being  developed on the ERC 20 block chain the  Celsius token at the moment of the token  generation event will have utilities  including the ability to become a member  in the Celsius platforming community the  ability to deposit your crypto  currencies into the Celsius wallet the  ability to apply for dollar loans with  crypto currencies as collateral and the  ability to pay interest on these loans  at a discount

okay so ultimately  everybody’s going to be able to you know  borrow and lend to each other and get  cash and basically get fiat currency and  then the commune the cryptocurrency that  you’re borrowing against is held as  collateral in the future the sell token  will have additional utilities including  allowing members to lend crypto  currencies in order to gain interest  achieving seniority in the platform  which will impact the interest rate  gained get interest rewards on crypto  currencies lended so this to me is going  to be big in a lot of ways in one sense  if you’re a long-term holder you know  obviously if you buy aetherium or  Bitcoin and you you plan to hold it for  at least a year right  whether that’s for capital gains or  whatever your reason or you just hold  long-term because that’s what your  investment is you know maybe the easiest  thing for you to invest in was Bitcoin  or aetherium because you picked some up  on claim base  well now you’re actually going to be  able to generate interest on it in a  very legitimate way with I mean this  isn’t you know I want to make sure that  this is clear this is not a high-yield  platform this isn’t a lending platform  like bit connect I don’t even want to  say the name but it’s nothing like that

okay I want to make sure that’s clear  I basically had to learn that myself  by reading through all of this and  understanding the technology watching  you know several of Alex’s videos and  understanding what he’s creating  sometimes you just need cash members may  be holding crypto but now they want to  buy a car or pay down expensive credit  card debt  unfortunately most car dealerships or  banks still don’t want cryptocurrency we  believe crypto assets hold real value  and it should be easy for crypto holders  to leverage this value to borrow cash  and I totally agree  crypto collateral equals cash in hand  wallets without interest nobody wins  anyone with cryptocurrency sitting in  cold storage or on some exchange or  wallet is earning exactly zero interest  we believe there should be a way for  crypto holders to Hottel coins while  still leveraging their crypto assets and  helping other crypto holders nine  percent interest  the 99 percent not the 1 percent I mean  reading through this white paper is  actually I don’t want to say fun it’s a  white paper but it’s very interesting  and kind of exciting in a way because if  you guys any of you watching this that  follow my videos religiously I know some  of you’re like oh man all you do RI co2  reviews

I know I haven’t doing a lot of  them lately but honestly the only  difference between these reviews and non  paid reviews is that these guys are  presenting themselves to me and I’m  looking them up and I’m kind of gauging  if I have an interest in even talking  about them whereas you know I could go  through and I could talk about you know  the big I SEOs that everybody else are  talking about good bad or ugly but for  me I you know especially I’m gonna tell  you guys straight up all right  all like all BS aside all sales all  whatever it is that you think I might do  okay I think that a lot of you guys  watch my reviews whether they’re paid or  not because you know I’m straight up  this ICO is my favorite so far this year  hands-down this is this is by far one  that I see just I talk a lot in my  videos about 2018 being the year where  the primary foundation for the  blockchain is gonna happen where the key  the key stones right in in in the the  great wall that is the blockchain are  gonna be laid out this platform to me is  one of those primary foundational stones  like this is this is this is going to  change a lot and I think it’s going to  take some time I think it’s going to  take education people who are new to the  space or they’re they’re you know I  think a lot of a lot of people who are  just holding aetherium or holding  Bitcoin because they heard about it they  don’t know anything about crypto

it’s  gonna be reaching those people and  saying look now you can hold these coins  and earn interest on it while expanding  on an entire financial foundation a  platform that is ultimately in my  opinion is gonna change the way we look  at cryptocurrency as a whole and and I  just wanted to make that very very clear  paid or not I am absolutely all about  this and and I and I definitely think  this is gonna be pretty big so I’m gonna  go over some of the numbers okay because  we’re getting into some of the roadmap  and stuff and and I’m gonna touch base  on some more of these things because  they’re pretty important okay so here  let’s look at the numbers here turn that  on  turn that off and we’re gonna bring it  up here make sure everything’s good  check check check  alright so the type it’s a platform they  get one point and it you can invest as a  u.s. accredited investor non-accredited  investors are not going to be able to  invest in the ICO within the United  States which sucks I know the technology  absolutely hands-down yes the team it’s  a no-brainer Advisors so everything is  in the brainer the prototype yes they  have a prototype the total supply they  don’t get a point for because they’re  they have 650 million of them  which due to the nature of the platform  I get it  but it is what it is I like to see I  like to see total supplies under 500  million

I forgot to change this one  I see Oh tokens I actually hold on let’s  pull this up real quick because I had  this mixed up from something else I  actually think it was oh it was under  okay so tokens for the sales 325 million  I’m not gonna be able to give them a  point for that because I don’t like to  see when so many coins are being held  back for any reason like I get that they  need it for the system because they’re  paying out interest so I get it and I  understand it but until I’ve changed the  metric to have variables to it and I’m  just gonna have to say I can’t give them  a point on that ICO price 20 20 cents at  the pre ICO which all those are  completed I think that was the max the  max bonus I think was 20 cents and the  public ICO it’s 30 cents a coin it’s a  little high for me but it’s under 60  cents and I think it’s still gonna do  pretty well given  you’re looking at like a max market cap  of 50 million they’re not they’re not  trying to go at they’re not trying to  get a huge sum of cash up front right  like I think that the platform I you  know they just want to get this thing  going  Celsius Network the highest bonus was  40% which is over my 35 percent so if  you’re looking at this strictly from the  numbers the pulse is solid the trust is  solid if you’re looking at this solely  from the numbers you look one two three  four five six seven eight nine actually  looking at a nine with 10 being a flying  crow okay  now sometimes I will have

I will have I  in you know my point system is more or  less a guide and you know in this case  I’m gonna say that that my own  calculations have to be off like because  given the nature of the platform I just  I see this as absolutely being  groundbreaking in a lot of ways  now I actually worked on a review last  night where they got a solid 12 and I  haven’t published it yet but they got a  solid 12 I’m gonna be putting that out  soon but I I am going to I’m going to  assume that there’s no way I would make  as much of a return on my investment  with that high scoring IC o—- as I as  I likely will with this one scoring  three points less okay that’s just an  absolute that’s just it’s just how I see  it  all right now  okay so while the you know and that’s  hard cab so they could get they could  get via the the additional point that  makes them a flying crow if for some  what was some reason they only end up at  their soft cap of fifteen million  because they are going to be getting  they’re gonna basically be burning the  whatever is left over okay so a lot of  this stuff could potentially change  depending on the overall outcome of the  ICO so we’ll just call it you know a  teetering flying crow because there’s  still some there’s still some  opportunity for things to change a bit

however I you know  yeah it’s that forty percent bonus man  that’s what stinks  zero to five million dollars which in  the grand scheme of things it’s not a  significant amount at which plane they  end up here I mean like I said they’re  just they’re on that fine line me and  they’re on that fine line how are we  gonna use the money loan reserves okay a  big chunk of that is gonna be for loan  reserves basically you know paying out  interest on loans operations and  management research and development  legal and regulatory general and an  administrative sales and marketing  lenders insurance pool took an  allocation presale crowd sale Treasury  team partners advisers I would love to  be some kind of advisor on this but I  know that this guy doesn’t need me for  anything look guys I mean overall you  know this is this is just absolutely  groundbreaking to me I think it’s just  gonna be I think it’s gonna be huge like  how long is it gonna take  how much is mass adoption going to play  a role in the success of this coin  obviously if there’s anybody out there  that knows how to reach the masses I  think it’s gonna be Alex in this team so  you know because let’s face it the more  widely and not  because of any scheme or tier structure  anything like that

but you know the more  people that are earning cell tokens as  interest and that that are holding these  tokens the more the value is going to go  up now the the interest that you earn  every day so you know let’s say I’m  lending 10 aetherium into this into this  and I have a direct lender this is a  peer-to-peer platform remember this it’s  decentralized peer-to-peer so but if I  if I happen to land 10 aetherium maybe  it’s the multiple lenders or whatever  the the cell tokens that I earn each day  are gonna be it’s going to change every  day based off of the current market  conditions so it’s not a well if you’ll  antenna theory am you’re gonna earn you  know you know two thousand cell tokens  every day like clockwork that’s not how  this works everything is gonna be  dependent on the current market  conditions the value of the etherium at  the time and and you know all that stuff  so all that’s gonna be playing into a  very well a pretty complex calculation  but I’m trying to see here let’s kind of  go on over the team the core team I mean  there’s a lot of people involved in this  here’s all the advisers they’re all  pretty solid everybody’s solid in this  thing I would advise you guys to check  this out and do your do your own  research

I mean look at this don’t don’t make an  investment because I love this okay I I  do love this though and it’s not let me  put it to you like this if they came  back to me and said hey Jason you know  we’ll take back what we paid you for the  review and we’ll give you sell tokens I  would accept it you know 100% I  absolutely would  and you know I just I just god I do I  want to get into this  just just read the white paper I mean  I’m just gonna leave it at that read the  white paper and let me know in the  comments what you think of this I try to  bring you guys I cos that are that I  think are going to do well now there are  some I SEOs that I bring to you that I  think are just fun are just worth  supporting maybe or are just overall  interesting this is one that I truly  believe is letting some serious  foundation for the future of the  blockchain and I want to be as involved  in this as I possibly can  I really really do I believe in Alex  wholeheartedly and I believe that this  guy I could be wrong about this but oh  there’s the page that I do want you guys  to see cuz I want you to watch this  guy’s videos what the media hold on yes  go to this page well you’ve got all the  press and all that stuff I don’t really  care about any of the press I never pay  attention in the press

I can buy  articles about my YouTube channel on a  lot of these websites so I don’t really  pay attention to any of that but what I  do pay attention to is their mindset  like I want to I am so looking forward  to interviewing Alex and really  discussing the finer details his his  drive you know learning more about this  man as a CEO of this new ICO and I mean  I’ve seen pictures with this guy with  all kinds of politician I mean this  guy’s a power power power hitter like  he’s not just some he’s not he’s not  some average Joe you know what I mean  he’s not some some pipe dream guy I mean  this guy has done it and I am I’m just I  would I suggest you guys go and watch  watch every one of these videos really a  lot of these are if you have a dream and  you want to really build something you  have a really good chance of building  them the benefit for investors why why  investors are interested in I cos 17  years ago I invested with kleiner  perkins anyone here knows client Perkins  all right used to be number one fund in  the valley not anymore but used to be  the most famous company 17 years ago I  put money with them in the project it  was very exciting then we put more money  in the B around and see around we did  the F round just like three years ago  and finally we had an exit after 17  years

anyone here wants to wait 17 years  for an exit I don’t see maybe I think  there’s a guy in the back there that  actually raised their head so the beauty  of the ICO is that after three months  it’s trading on an exchange and you can  actually if you if you want to make a  quick buck you bought it hopefully on  the discount and you’re selling it and  you can flip it and take your money and  move to the next project you know  basically just Wow just what this was I  just clicked array in the menu I just  wanted you to guys hear this guy a  little bit this video here is I suggest  you listen to this he really goes into a  lot of the details about the platform  his motivation for launching this thing  what he believes is gonna happen I play  it all now I don’t know how long this  videos been on maybe I’ll play a little  bit of it if you haven’t seen enough  animals around here I brought few more  of my own animals period calling  anywhere in the world was costing two  three sometimes even four dollars a  minute anyone here used to spend three  or four dollars a minute now it’s free  alright how did that happen do you think  the phone companies or the government  really allowed that to happen no a new  technology came to be called the  Internet

and then a bunch of developers  a bunch of enterpreneurs showed up and  said how what are we gonna do with it  right I was one of those guys in 1994  for me it was obvious that voice is  gonna be free on the internet and I  started writing the protocols and  algorithms to build that I built the  first gateway I went to 8080 and I  showed them the gateway they can take  voice over Internet and they were like  oh this looks amazing technology but you  can only  with us you can only put it in our  network right because we are a world  monopoly so if you’re gonna try to go  and do it all by yourself and create  your network we’re not gonna let you do  that we’re gonna crush you so just like  this sounds familiar with this sounds  like JP Morgan trying to put the  blockchain in their system and telling  all of us no you can’t use it so thank  you so I can tell you my first node was  deployed in Korea my first second node  was deployed in Japan and today there  are hundreds of thousands of VoIP nodes  that all of us use anyone here made a  phone call today there’s a hundred  percent certainty that you made a VoIP  call 100% the entire world over history  the internet didn’t even put a scratch  on JP Morgan you understand

so  cryptocurrencies is the only thing and  that’s why Jamie Dimon is so afraid of  it why is he afraid of it why is it  pooh-poohing this how this is bad  oh you gotta think he’s going to the  government asking for it to be outlawed  why cuz he actually understand that this  is a real threat so I try to put all  this in a really simple equation for you  because you know who here was math major  in college or in oh we have like to open  it which was mentioned invented the  voice of RP technology a billion people  use it every day and I made it my  mission to bring the next hundred  million people into crypto that’s what  I’m focused on I wake up every morning  that’s the only thing I’m thinking about  why because like I said on stage before  we running out of speculators we’re  running out of libertarians and we  definitely ran out of anarchists right  you know those guys are not gonna come  and save us so the next hundred million  people are going to be people that need  credit now these are some of the  projects that I invested in I’m gonna  advise it to some of them serine lab  which is the last one just raised 157  million dollars and as I said look I  just wanted to give you guys kind of a  taste of  who this guy is

I really want you to pay  attention to this you know look this is  an IC o—- review but I do believe that  that what that what all this means that  the the fact that Alex given his  experience in his history and what he’s  accomplished so far I truly believe that  this is going to be a huge boon not just  to the IC o—-  not just to other cell token but to  cryptocurrency as a whole  watch this guy’s videos watch his  lectures and then and then decide for  yourself if this is something that you  think you’re gonna be a part of I I  definitely I’m definitely all about this  I I give it two thumbs up I’m all for it  again this isn’t financial advice on any  stretch I am going to be doing  everything I can to accommodate Alex on  a live interview we’re looking at doing  this Wednesday which gives me two full  days to get my act together with my new  environment up here and I am going to be  doing that so even if I have to move  everything back downstairs just for this  interview then that’s what I’m gonna  have to do okay  so thank you for joining me I hope this  was an educational video for you I hope  you learned something and I hope you’re  as excited as I am about the direction  that we’re heading as far as  cryptocurrency is concerned in  blockchain technology because I’m  absolutely all about it

I’m actually  probably gonna try and take a nap  because I’ve slept for hours and I’ve  been just going absolutely frantic the  entire morning so hopefully this helps  you and excuse me until next time crow  your coins I’ll let you exit with the  crow your coin song and where are ya  there you go crow you coins folks I’ll  see you soon

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