Cardano – Crypto Market Cap

Cardano – Crypto Market Cap


What’s Going on Everybody    this is the  Crypto Crow    wanted to do a quick very  quick video today we’re gonna make a  special point I’m actually making this  video for somebody on stock twits  recently making a comment about my  comment about car Donna potentially  hitting anywhere from I don’t know 25 to  a hundred dollars by the end of 2018 and  their comment was how do you expect this  to be possible they would have there’s  not enough market cap so I wanted to  make a quick point here this is the  cryptocurrency market capitalization  over the last year okay  now what you’re gonna see here is back  on November 1st of 2018 the total crypto  of course I got a dog it’s gonna go nuts  now that I’m shooting a quick video the  total market cap on November 1st of 2017  was a hundred eighty four billion  dollars today it’s six hundred and three  billion dollars that’s a month and one  month the market cap has gone up by over  four hundred billion dollars what do you  think is gonna happen by the end of 2018

what a lot of people I don’t think  really understand about cryptocurrency  that this there is such a huge  exponentially growing amount of money  going into the cryptocurrency market  people are buying into Bitcoin because  they don’t want to miss the ride up and  then once it starts to level off or debt  people sell and they put that money back  into altcoins that raises the value of  these alt coins and then it goes back  into Bitcoin and back and forth and back  and forth as they continue to build the  volume for each other as new money comes  in and what happens with new money that  goes into crypto when they don’t know  what they’re buying they go in and they  buy all kinds of stuff they read about  this they heard about that they don’t  really know where they’re putting their  money they just expected to grow  somewhere somehow and so that is how  this market cap continues to grow and  for those people who’ve recently bought  into card on oh when I told you to get  into it at 13 cents

now it’s less than a  week later it said already 50 cents  you’re making money on it once you you  know I’m holding mine long term  throughout 2018 because honestly if it  were to somehow get to $100 a coin in  2018 that’s 1.2 million dollars off of a  15,000 unit  and I’m obviously you know I’m going  long and I’m expecting that outcome what  do you think is gonna happen after this  Christmas holiday there were a hundred  thousand new Bitcoin wallets opened up  over the last Thanksgiving dinner  weekend what do you think is gonna  happen now of all the booming insurgents  of cash going into the market bumping up  the value of Bitcoin and all these other  altcoins  it’s going to grow even bigger 2018 is  gonna be the year where cryptocurrency  is truly legitimized on multiple levels  and the coins like Cardno  and all of these other crypto currencies  for that matter are going to continue to  rise up even I’m honestly even shit  coins that I think are sitting there  doing very little maybe small growth are  likely to grow over 2018 to some degree

So that note I just wanted to make it  quick the house is getting ready to go  crazy so I’m gonna stop it here but I’ll  be back soon with some bigger updates  and some tutorial guides some what to do  a profit trailer and more    Thanks Crypto Crows . . .  talk to you soon –

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