Bitconnect X-it For Real?

Bitconnect X-it For Real?


All right ladies and germs    I’m gonna do  one more video tonight     I’ve been getting  a yawning fit I’ve already restarted  this video twice I’ll try to make it  quick but basically I want to give you  guys my personal opinion on bit connect  X okay now here’s the thing obviously  the first thing I’m gonna bring up is  this the state of Texas is trying to  shut down big connect well it’s not just  the state of Texas it’s the SEC and this  is the one time that I you know you I  kind of gotta cheer the suc on because  they’re starting to target these  high-yield  kind of you know what I honestly think  are probably scams to some degree I  think they’re scams I you know you can  have an extremely well thought out  planned out fairly lucrative scam but it  could still be a scam okay I mean these  guys look I think that you know maybe  what bit connect is doing isn’t illegal  maybe it’s not a ponzi I do not know I  actually put 300 bucks into it back in  August thinking it’s probably a ponzi  but whatever I’ll probably never see the  300 bucks again I warned you  sorry I’ll probably never see that 300  bucks again

it took like a thousand  dollars and lately I’ve just been  putting all my money into the bit  connect token and once I get a full one  I’m probably just gonna sell it and then  move the hell on like and if this thing  lasts another couple months or whatever  we’ll see but I put a video back nobody  who’s watched it but I put a video  months ago saying that I didn’t really  see bit connect like potentially laughs  in past December and I think it’s  already starting to shake a little bit  I think it’s knees are getting a little  weak and I think what the press that’s  coming out with Texas this is just one  of many folks I’m telling you I’m sure  of it  these are this is one of many and here’s  what here’s what I think is happening  because of the press people are slowing  down in there they’re joining of bit  connect bit connect X to me I kind of  feel like X means exit I mean I don’t  know I could be wrong I’m not a  financial adviser not that it takes one  to figure this shit out but I just as  soon as I saw big connect X and I  knowing what’s kind of happened he would  be connected in the UK and now in Texas  and I’m sure just gonna be a snowball  effect

I look at big connect X I call it big  connect exit I feel like this is robbing  Peter to pay Paul and I don’t know this  is the buy time I don’t know if this is  a you know last ditch money grab before  they close shop knowing what’s coming I  mean oh they’re I mean okay let’s look  at some of the statistics here I haven’t  even gone through this page yet because  the last time I was here there was  absolutely nothing on it so I’m not  registering or signing up but from what  somebody told I saw somewhere that like  to get into this I see oh it’s like 50  bucks and I’m like wow who does that  like who launches an ICO at 50 bucks a  share somebody that’s trying to get a  serious cash grab going before they exit  okay that’s that’s that’s what I think  look I don’t really need to say any more  like you guys here’s the thing and I  even said something about this in my  patreon tonight because I keep getting  all you guys asking me what do you think  of this ICO what do you think of this  ICO and it’s like I talk I talk some I  you know I give some of my thoughts on  icos and my patreon and and in different  channels and things . . .

and here’s the thing  I’m not buying a bunch of crap i SEOs  just to get myself a position into  something and and I feel like so many of  you guys you guys have some money and so  you’re just trying to find something to  buy not something that’s going to reward  you for buying it okay and what I mean  by that is you know I get the fact that  you want money and you know and I’m  talking about I see owes more and more  and I’m kind of slowly revealing  different things about how I operate how  I go after him and find him and research  them I put some of that stuff in my  udemy course um  I look for and all that and it’s like I  get that some of you guys are are trying  but you know I put out stuff I put out  enough for you a lot of you guys the  profit from I feel I mean that’s just  that’s my opinion maybe you don’t agree  which is fine um and if you feel  adventurous and you want some of the I  cos and I’m only saying this because  some of the ICO is that some of you guys  have been bringing me I’m just like whoa  whoa whoa like what like I can’t tell  you that’s crap don’t buy it because  that’s financial advice what I you know

I had somebody email me and they’re  saying hey I’ve got a thousand dollars  what what should I do with it and I I  wish I should have saved it and read  basically what I told you  or when I told this guy I told him I  said look I want you to go through with  your thousand dollars I didn’t tell him  what to buy I said I want you to go  through and look at the top 100 coins  and then I would like I want you to find  and I hope this isn’t considered  financial advice I don’t know what  hopefully it doesn’t get me in trouble  just trying to help the guy they want to  tell him specifically what to buy I told  him I said I want you to go through the  top 100 coins and then of those coins I  want you to find all the coins that are  under a dollar okay because you’ve got a  small budget and I want you to eat you  know it’s like fine coins under a dollar  take that and take those coins and then  I want you to go in and I want you to  read through everything I want you to go  through them cuz I mean honestly the  number of coins that are under a dollar  right now in the top like hundred or top  50 or whatever it was I told him that he  had a handful he had like ten maybe  fifteen then I said go through and read  everything about those coins and I said  I want you to find when you find a coin  that resonates with you

and I know this  sounds crazy to a lot of you technical  people and you numbers people and this  and that but you know like when I’m  talking to these big investors on the on  this conference call and they’re like  how do you do what you do and I totally  find out I don’t know I can’t really  explain it I go into I see what  everybody else’s picks are I see what  everybody’s talking about I see in these  channels what people are saying but then  I go through and I read myself I read  the white papers I read I go into the  team I go into the business model how is  this coin gonna reward me for owning it  you know does the coin  have a purpose does it have an actual  immediate use is it a platform point is  it a blockchain is it a new blockchain  technology I go through and I read all  this stuff and then I find one that hits  me what what gives what triggers some  kind of an emotional response from me  okay that is my gut that’s my gut  telling me that other people will like  this too  and if i fee if I read something and I’m  presented with the coin and in reading  the story the business model I’m looking  at the team and I’m gonna get a I’m a  sales guy right

so I teach people how to  sell over the phone I teach load  officers I have a course on udemy about  loan officers because I broke I broke  some records when I was a loan officer  in sales and things and then I was the  business development consultant for  mortgage banks for a couple years that  I’ve taken banks you know from opening  their doors to you know top ten in the  country sales volume and I’ve completely  trained sales teams on you know  basically you know getting an idea as  the who people are what their  personality types are just by how they  answer the phone and sometimes even a  photo and if you mix the two if you have  like a CRM you put everybody’s pictures  in there I have a whole training thing  on it so anyway and that that course  does pretty well and it’s helped a lot  of loan officers expand their business  if there’s an energy about people  they’re the same let you know the  feedback that I get from a lot of you  guys how you love my approach you know  you know I I you can tell that I care  about everybody that watches my videos  and I want the best for everybody and  all that that’s a feeling that you get  about people that is an intuition that  is a gut instinct and I get the same  thing when I’m reading about these  currencies

these coins I look into the  team and I’m not just looking into you  know did they work at Google did they  work at a big blockchain company I’m  looking into like what what what do I  feel what I’m looking at these people  and I’m reading their track record and  I’m reading about them and then I’m  going into the white paper and their  business model does it is it well  thought out who’s involved with the  problem it’s just everything I take it  all in and then I get a gut reaction I  get a gut feeling and sometimes it does  I don’t have to  through everything I just get a gut  feeling this is a winner this is gonna  be a winner it’s gonna be a winner  because of X Y Z I know that it’s gonna  resonate with the public I know it’s  gonna do well post ICO because the  roadmap spells out success and I like  where they think they’re gonna go and  where they think they’re gonna be at X  amount of time and I know every one of  these roadmap milestones when they’re  met is gonna be great for press which is  gonna spike the volume of the coin I’m  in and those are the things that I  consider when I’m looking at buying  these

whether it’s an ICO  or whether it’s a post ICO coin I don’t  give a shit if an ICO coin was $2.00 at  ICO dipped on the exchange the second it  hit down to 50 cents it does not mean  I’m not interested because some of these  some of these icos depending on the  bonuses that they offer and you know  just depending on how they handled their  ICO maybe the way they handled their ICO  wasn’t great maybe they charge too much  for the coin so they didn’t get a lot of  buy-in and the people that did they just  decide man they’re gonna get out because  a lot of people pay in Excel they start  seeing stuff dip on the exchange excuse  me  so you know I want and I and I told this  kid I said look when you go through  these coins I want you to tell me which  one gives you a gut reaction which one  calls out to you and I said and then  tell me which one you ended up with and  out of all the coins I think he told me  I’m gonna see if this is I’m pretty sure  he told me Manero so I guess he didn’t  he didn’t he didn’t go with a coin that  was under a dollar but I’m thinking he  told he said it was a Manero

I guess he  wanted to get Manero and you know what  that’s cool I mean if you if you stand  behind here’s the thing you know like  nice and I just I’ve said this in  previous videos it’s passionate profit  the very nature of cryptocurrency is  speculative I and and and the sec is  right about this it’s a speculative  situation and by speculation some of the  big key factors in what drives the value  of a cryptocurrency is perception  perception is reality so if I perceive a  coin to be potentially wildly successful  in the future  well that perception is my reality and  there  a very good chance that if I share that  perception of a coin others will too and  if others do as well they’re going to  purchase that coin they’re gonna hold it  and it’s gonna drive the price up over  time and so that that is if you find  something that really clicks with you  chances are it’s going to click with  other people if you’re buying  cryptocurrency solely from the numbers  in my opinion you’re planning to get  screwed because I think that  cryptocurrency as a whole is a much  different breed of animal than buying  and trading in on the market

it’s it’s  just it’s different and and I can’t even  really fully explain how all of all the  ways that it’s different it just is and  as soon as you know I I’ve had my track  record compared to some of these big  fund managers and like man these guys  they’re not making they’re not making  picks you know as well as you are how  the hell are you doing that and I’m just  like I really I don’t know you know  maybe they’re I don’t know what their  way of doing things are if they’re  they’ve got a bunch of number crunchers  and they’re looking at it at a very  technical way then then maybe they are  missing the boat on some of this stuff  so that that is the best advice I could  give some of you guys that are that are  coming into the picture now you know  find coins that get that generates some  kind of emotional response and when I  say emotional I don’t mean you know well  I guess it could be you know like you  just you get a gut feeling that it’s  just gonna do really well the thing of  it is in the in the end game of this  when you find a coin that really  resonates with you or a series of coins  whatever and you really love it and you  stand behind it and you buy into it  knowing I’m holding it I’m crowing this  point I’m gonna crow this coin for a  year

you and everyone else that does the  same thing are gonna do what you’re  gonna tell everybody about it  you’re gonna tell everybody that you  bought it why you bought it and you’re  gonna support your claims you’re gonna  support your feeling because after  you’ve bought it likely especially if  it’s a long-term commitment you know  I’ve compared purchasing I ciose to that  of a marriage right and in a lot of  senses it is if you’re not just swing  trading this stuff and playing the  numbers on a regular basis driving  yourself nuts which I tried it I I don’t  the patience for it you want to talk  about up late I was up late until like  4:30 the the whole during the Bitcoin  cash Bitcoin war and I made some money  doing it I kept my wife awake all night  she wasn’t too pleased so um you know I  cuz I’m laying in bed with my laptop  just going apeshit everytime this is  every time there’s a swaying and I buy  buy sell sell if you look at my coinage  II sheet on that night it’s just wet  blue dots all over the place it was nuts  and it was a wild ride but there’s no  way I could try to ever make a living  that way

so but when you buy something  that you really believe in you’re gonna  tell other people those people are gonna  buy it and they’re gonna tell other  people and that is how a coin raises in  value you know I see Superman and other  guys they talk in their videos about buy  and hold stop selling every time there’s  a dip stop – it’s and it’s smart and  he’s right it’s because when you buy a  point and you hold it long you are going  to be talking about it sharing  information about it you’re likely gonna  dive in deeper learn more about it just  like card on Oh for me card on Oh is my  favorite coin and I know it’s down to 75  cents it’s down from a dollar thirty and  that’s okay  I don’t give a shit I’m holding it long  because I believe in the long term  growth of it could I try and play the  swings sure I could but who has the time  to do that with a portfolio of 50 coins  right and so and some people do and some  people love it and they make really good  money doing that that’s okay but how  long have I been rambling oh this is  only 14 minutes I feel like I’ve been  talking for an hour and a half so this  might be a decent video hopefully

so  yeah guys on that note I’m gonna go  ahead and cut it I just wanted to make a  note note about bit connect even though  I kind of ran off tangent I guess the  whole point of me going into a lot of  this about finding proper coins is there  are there’s much better stuff to spend  your money on then bit connect exit okay  and and I don’t I’m not buying it I  don’t give a shit if I think I can make  $500 a coin in the next thirty days or  60 days 90 days whatever I’m not  supporting this to me it’s like it’s  just like I won’t buy ripple for my own  personal reasons could you potentially  make money with bit connect exit  honestly I don’t even know because I  don’t really know I don’t even  understand the motives behind launching  this to begin with they  already got bit connect is this just so  they can start taking ripple and  litecoin maybe but or is it a cover is  it just like a ploy to suck up as much  last-minute cash before the onion oh the  mysterious owners creators of this whole  thing yeah I just I don’t like it so  enter your own risk

I’m hoping that my crypto crows are  smarter than dumping money into this  that’s my hope my hope is that I’m  helping you guys understand them space  enough to know that you can make more  money long term without having to try  and rely on all these scams these  high-yield operations this you know USI  Tech stuff this bit connect type stuff I  want and and and is it the pot calling  the kettle black maybe but when I put my  300 bucks and the bit connect I knew I’d  probably never see it again  and I likely won’t and if I do cool  that’s fine that was also a while back  and I you know if I do get my money back  at any point I’m gonna consider myself  very lucky I am and if it goes beyond  that and I make additional money all the  better but especially now I don’t see it  happening  but that’s just my own opinion guys  don’t listen to me I’m not a financial  adviser I’m not licensed for any of this  stuff I could very well not have a clue  what the hell I’m talking about  so do your own homework use your own  mind look if you’re watching these  videos

you’re smart people all crypto  crows are smart people and hopefully  with my videos you guys continue to  learn more and understand more about how  things are and you know use what I would  use what I share wisely don’t be crazy  with your money   Crow Your Coins   Thanks  guys .


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