Back From The Hack – How To Stay Secure – Rina Hera Drops Tracks

Back From The Hack – How To Stay Secure – Rina Hera Drops Tracks


[Rina Hera video clip] :    “ hi everybody this is Rena Hara I just wanted to say thanks to the cryptochrome community for the great support all the views and comments on my youtube channel Matt and I are looking forward to release the full version of Clare coins and I hope you like it . “

Ladies and Gentlemen . . . I am the Crypto Crow    and I am so emotional at this moment I love each and every one of you so many questions have been asked over the past week where’s the crow what’s the crow doin why did do the crow delete his videos is it a conspiracy is it whatever what happened and the support that I’ve received from my murder of crows is extremely powerful and I thank each and every one of you I’m gonna try and get through this without just breaking down because I’ve been pretty good the last couple days at a time when you look at the Internet community is a series of trolls trials tribulations people testing you liars scammers cheats and the like to see so many people rally around the brand me the crypto crow Channel my communities the offers of support the emails the text messages everywhere as completely blown me away I was hacked and that is what happened of all my accounts exchanges and otherwise the only thing I did not have google two-factor authentication on was my gmail account why because I’m a fucking idiot for whatever reason it never dawned on me that Google’s Authenticator would be used for Gmail the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever done and because I saved all my passwords into Google Chrome the hacker was able to access anything that I had a save password in

apparently the hacker tried to hold my youtube-channel hostage but I wasn’t aware because I don’t really use Twitter very much and apparently that’s where this guy or gal I don’t know if it’s a girl a guy I don’t know who it is or do i there are some things that I can’t discuss but I will say this I ultimately I didn’t see the extortion attempts the whatever you want to call it and so here’s what happened now that I think I’ve calmed down a little bit so for security reasons I’m not gonna say exactly how I got hacked I will say that it was preventable and as soon as I realized so so basically I woke up the next morning and I saw that I was logged out of everything I I basically I went and I ID to log into my google to check my email I couldn’t access it tried other accounts couldn’t access them and I’m like oh my god I was hacked and I knew in that very instant I knew what happened so I immediately went and started the recovery on on Google then I did it again but he did it a little while did it again did it on another account just to be on the safe side and then nothing was happening everything Google said was your your you know your account it read like your account will now be shut down until we investigate what’s happening which could take three to five days

well that didn’t happen nothing was shut down apparently then I I basically I I started trying to find who the hell do I call it Google who do I call what what what there’s got to be something going on who do I call I found a couple phone numbers that ultimately went to some random support I it was pretty obvious to me that it was third party some third party company that was hired for support and they knew nothing they could do nothing and I told them flat-out I said my account is being hacked right now and and I noticed as I was checking my videos that the hackers the hacker was changing my description text on my videos to lead to a hacking site basically a place that they could like fish you and do different things or do whatever and I told the I told Google I said my account right now has over 70 thousand subscribers and the hacker has access to my YouTube channel and it’s changing the description text to my videos to lure and and and you’re telling me there’s nobody to talk to you’re telling me that there’s nothing that can be done I almost just started cussing this guy out I said give me a supervisor

I’m sorry sir supervisor is gonna tell you the same thing we don’t have any power to do anything I said so basically I’ve been trying to reach you guys or somebody at Google now for what had Baird probably five or six hours and nobody was able to do anything about anything I was completely and utterly blown away at this point by a little bit into the evening I was watching my youtube videos be deleted one at a time boom boom boom I was just watching my videos disappear people in my in my telegram community we’re downloading my videos to try and rescue them thank you all I have 75 of my basically video any videos that I do that I am NOT doing alive I had backed up but thank you all of you for your help with that because you don’t know that and and and there are a lot of people very diligent in trying to make sure that I was able to recover to some extent not knowing exactly what was going on other than you know the people in my telegram community they stay in the know and while I was getting bombarded on on Twitter and Facebook in a bunch of platforms

I don’t sit around all day long reading and waiting for questions to come in I have I don’t respond to private messages on telegram because I have so much going on a telegram that as soon as somebody messages me it drops like a rock I don’t even know I just tried to message somebody last night and I realize he tried sending me a private message three weeks ago and I’m like dude I’m so sorry I had no clue that you were trying to reach me I am at upstage err I’m not Krypto Crowe anything on telegram folks just so you guys know and we’re gonna go into this we’re gonna go into some of these things because I have so many impersonators and I don’t know I don’t know if it’s the same guy I don’t know if it’s the same hacker or or a group of people who have just targeted me in my community they want to try and hack everybody and they want people to send them aetherium for whatever reason they focus most on aetherium which i find interesting every effort this this hacker made was to try and get aetherium he’d ever tried to get Bitcoin at all which I found very interesting so at this point I come to realize a member of my patreon group is a higher-up at Google he’s a an in-house attorney and engineer at Google

thank my lucky stars this guy was a part of my community because he was he basically championed everything that’s happened from that point he basically got on the phone got through got through all the different engineering departments like look we got us we got to recover this guy’s channel this is what this guy is doing you know I’m a big fan and and you know he basically champion I don’t want to say his name though I would love to create a statue of him ought to be real honest but I don’t want I don’t know if you would want me to mention him by name so I’m not going to all I will say is we’ll just we’ll just call him Pat okay Pat was instrumental in me getting my channel back to where it is so far and he got my channel recovered he got my subscribers all of you recovered and I’ve been waiting on getting my videos recovered because let’s face it I don’t want to lose my videos I don’t want to lose the views or the the comments or all the social signals or all of the work that had gone into promoting those videos the money that has gone into promoting those videos and you know you know that that’s that’s that’s it now I was told by the YouTube operations manager Friday that they’re hijacking team was being communicated with about recovering a lot of this stuff

they are in India and so I basically had to wait until Monday so they said you know your video should be back up soon it may be no later than into business Monday well it is now Tuesday and my videos still aren’t back so I’m a little concerned though they have come through with everything that they’ve said everything has just taken a bit longer and because of the fact that I’ve been radio silent this entire entire time you know I’ve started to see some subscribers fall off and I’m and I’m really disappointed in that but I get it people are thinking you know this this guy’s channel is dead there’s no reason for me to be here and you know so that’s that’s that’s that’s basically what’s happened so uh you know and I tried to and I just basically said look the way the way YouTube and Google works I was I and I still am a little bit I’m fearful that by even doing this live broadcast today that it could somehow hinder their ability to recover all my old videos I don’t think that’s the case but you know and I even asked them yesterday but I didn’t get a response so it’s kind of radio silent on their front but that’s that’s what’s happening

so I’m just I figure I’m just gonna start I can’t sit still anymore people I miss all you guys I missed this chat I miss everything that that’s happened here now I will say this the shock horror and every emotion that ran through me when when I realized what was happening I kid you not people I was shaking so bad uncontrollably shaking so bad that I had to call my wife to come home from from her from work to help me type messages to Google and others and I think back on and I’m not trying to use this as an opportunity to to kick somebody when they’re down because I hate it when people do that shit but when I I remember watching that Trayvon James video where he had apparently just discovered that he was hacked and lost like a hundred Bitcoin and he was just kind of like oh man shoo shucks bullshit man that’s a lot to tell you because I didn’t I don’t have a fraction of what Trayvon has and I Green and I’m a I’m more of an emotional dude anyway I get that but I tell you what I was a manic crazed psychopath for days days and I still am so paranoid now that eidm near I’m not even gonna tell you guys everything I’ve done to secure everything that I have but Google flat out told me dude you’re a target you need to consider some even outside of Google two-factor

there are some other things that you need to consider I’m not gonna share everything but I am gonna share some of the primary things that each and every one of you people should be doing right now if you haven’t yet and I’m gonna explain why and so that’s basically gonna be a topic okay for this evening now I really I really so I’m gonna play this one more time [Music] exactly that’s not what I was trying to play what I was trying to play was this hi everybody this is Rena I just wanted to say thanks to the cryptochrome community for the great support all the views and comments on my youtube channel Matt and I are looking forward to release the full version of Croatia so Rena Hara has officially launched her her website okay and I really would love for all of you guys to show some love and support now if you go to her site which is see if this hold on hold on hold on so there Rena Harrod calm okay there it is right there right there all right so if you go to the site you will you’ll find everything so you’ll find this page here which says give me the songs now as you noticed at the very beginning I played the acapella version of the song which I really love

there’s something so powerful about this woman’s voice to me and just her I don’t know something about the nature of her really comes through and I absolutely love her okay so this year if you click here it’s gonna take you here they are giving away CRO your coins full song the short version which is my intro version of the song and the acapella version they’re giving them away for free make donations okay if you love the song and or any of any of the three songs actually I want to see if this will play through hold on [Music] never seen a place like this before not afraid to go ahead as long as you with me I’ll go on even if it takes me all my life I’m not afraid to do it right as long as you with me no you wanna go yes I go slow yes I go but I go slow yes I go slow yes I’d go but I’ll go slow I won’t slow I’ll go slow I’ll go slow so slow hold your breath Finn spin around and jump off the cliff into the underground hypnotized by the changing lights come with me we’ll reach new heights hold your breath Finn spin around jump off the cliff dive into the underground hypnotize but it ain’t in lines they reach you guys never been a tease like this before everything falls into place as long as we follow you

it’s true even if it takes me all my life I’m not afraid to do it right as long as you’re with me you wanna go yes yes I’d go but I’ll go slow yes I call me because I’m slow yes I’ll go but I’ll go slow go slow I’ll go slow I’ll go slow so slow hold your breath Finn spin around jump off the cliff into the underground if the time by the changing lights come with me we’ll reach new highs hold your breath Finn spin around jump off the cliff dive into the underground hypnotize but it ain’t England around the time but it’s changing light come with me meet you hold your breath [Music] hypnotized but it’s called [Music] I’m sorry you know to deal with with everything that’s happened in just when you’re when your life changes so drastically pretty much overnight and you attract so many people that that seem to really care about you and your well-being and your family and your health and just everything and you know to have something like this happened while while very traumatic in a lot of ways it’s also very powerful because I can tell you now there’s a lot to come soon and so anyway if you know back to topic I love I love the the jesus walks because i was gonna play the whole song i did this whole this whole show

i’m gonna be doing a lot of into security and things like that but i I love this song and it was so it meant so much I wanted to play the whole thing but I don’t know I don’t know what the legalities to using an entire song in a YouTube video is so I just I just used the clip but and I had more planned to be honest because I wanted to create a whole thing I really need to get a badass editor because there’s some stuff that I want to do on this channel moving forward and I don’t have the means to do half of what I want to do Wow guys show me the way because the devil’s trying to break me down I love that I love that song like Kanye West is one of the cockiest artists ever but I mean he’s still amazing so he kind of got to give the guy credit so anyway yeah there’s so much that I want to talk about and there’s so much that I want to do there’s no way I’m gonna be able to keep my focus long enough to do it all in one video so I am definitely scheduling out a lot of things so the first thing that I want to tell everybody to go and get right freaking now is zone alarm if you don’t already have it zone alarm it really really will help you protect your computers I think and everything that I’m showing you I buy I bought the pro versions of everything no more chances no more letting stuff slip through the cracks

not only have I the first steps I’ve taken is I’ve changed every password took me three days three solid days of changing every password I no longer save any passwords in any browser anymore that’s the first thing that I did well knocking myself all over the place here and you know that that’s that’s the first step then I if I didn’t already have to Google two-factor Authenticator on it I put it on it I am when it comes to the rest of that I’m not gonna publicly say what else I’ve done but I’ve taken additional precautions there okay I have so from now on if I’m not using a computer I shut it down I shut it down it’s there’s no reason for me to leave everything anything running anymore and it let’s put it to you this way guys when it comes to crypto or internet security at all the lazier you want to be the more probable it is that somebody’s gonna find that exploit okay keep that in mind moving forward and now while those of you that might be watching this video could be thinking well you know I I’m not a target crow I’m just an I’m just a fan I’m just a you know I I don’t have very much cryptocurrency let me tell you this if you have so much is mentioned crypto on any social media platform your target your target

I may be a much bigger target because I’m all over the place about my crypto and what I do and investments and things but if you so much as mention the fact that you have anything to do with crypto currencies whatsoever you are a target and they are watching you they are going to figure out how to hack you okay do not kid yourself do not kid yourself at all that what happened to me could happen to you it’s happened to NASA it’s happened to the NSA like if a hacker wants something from you bad enough they can probably figure out how to get it or at least get access to do something they may not get what they want but they’ll get something or create problems for you so the safer and the more Pro Kotlik I am so I’ve been I’ve spent so much time and money honestly on my security since this hack that it’s I’ve made it so difficult for myself to get into shit so but it’s better than the alternative okay is the way I see it like I I have multiple layers of security I have decoys now I have I have so much shit going on it’s it’s silly alright zone alarm what zone alarm does altum Utley when you first install it the fur

I mean and I’m still dealing with it okay I set it up so the basically everything on your computer that connects out and everything that tries to connect in you have to approve it okay until it learns what is okay and what is not and it basically locks off all open ports it’s it’s basically a firewall it’s a firewall from you for your computer one license of this is good for like five pcs so you buy over 40 bucks and I’m not even trying to do affiliate shit with any of this stuff I just want you guys to be secure I want you guys to learn from my horrors here okay and and this helps protect five different pcs so zone alarm go to the website do some reading on it learn as much as you can about it but this is solid this is pretty solid and I and I was reading a different reviews like what’s the best firewall and this one came out on top of everything else okay it is a pain in the ass at first I’ll tell you that now because you’re getting notified about everything but if you don’t know and to be honest I would even almost go as far as wiping your computer before setting this up so that you don’t have bad shit that you that might already be on your computer trying to connect out or let things in and you don’t know what they are and you’re just hitting to prove approve approve and that this serves no purpose

so at least this way you don’t have to wipe your computer but I did all right is just another thing I I cannot even tell you everything that I’ve done alright but it’s it’s so yeah it’s it’s it’s very important that you guys look into this I don’t know how much you have to lose or how much you have at stake but this is something that I feel should be a first step okay this helps prevent like anti-phishing protection of protection against identity theft zero-day protection against unknown malware 100% virus free PC guaranteed okay so this offers a lot of functionality another one that you’d probably want to look into is malwarebytes and and this basically this is going to help try and track different malware you know if you have anything currently on your computer this has a pretty good chance of finding it that sort of thing now let’s say you are let’s say you’re like me and you’re a youtuber let’s say that you use Google Gmail for a lot of sensitive stuff or Google drive or any of the services Google offers Google’s strongest securities for those who need it most Google flat-out told me to get this set up okay and so basically what this is there are two pieces of hardware that you actually buy and then configure them so if I if you click get started’

well anyway you can go to this website just punched in Google advanced protection program and it’ll take you to this page and was it trying to log in hold on so yeah I mean that’s that’s pretty much that’s pretty much all I’m gonna say about this just go read about it and get it plain and simple if you use your gmail account or Google Chrome or anything this goes above and beyond Google Authenticator people this is this is like hardware that you just just go check it out I don’t even want to I don’t even want to talk about it I just want everybody to go use it okay crypto is not the same without you thank you guys I look I’ve been reading your comments this so far through this whole video and I just I’m beside myself I mean obviously I’m just I’m absolutely besides myself what I will say is that news of me planning a comeback seemed to help the market I’m kidding obviously I had nothing to do with this this is all stuff that I’ve been telling everybody was gonna happen back in like the first week of February like you know this is nothing that I will say that because of the hack I wasn’t able to play this swing which would have probably I would probably would have made an extra four or five Bitcoin so the hack definitely cost me some money inadvertently but you know I’m fine with it like

it’s it’s it’s I’m sure those of you who watch my videos religiously remember you know back in the first week of February I was basically saying look this is exactly what’s gonna happen you know and and I don’t know if there’s gonna be another big dip just yet my guess honestly is that’s it I think that’s it I think from here we start to go up consistently because if I were to look at and now I’ve disconnected and wiped all of my API keys I don’t I can’t even go to coinage II yet right now cuz I haven’t even said any of that stuff back up yet but you know just looking at what bitcoins been doing recently it’s had a pretty solid climb back up here so you know we’re looking at alright so back then was when it was about nineteen thousand let me look at past month mmm let’s go three months alright so I remember a video that I did it was here yeah February 6th I think I think February 5th right here is where I basically said this is what to expect most likely my opinion over February in March and when those videos come back you guys will be able to look and see like yeah I was right like it but the thing of it is is it doesn’t take a rocket science scientist and it’s not because I’m psychic

I have no special powers it’s just that January February March have been pretty much the same pattern for the last three four years so it’s I don’t know how to explain it I don’t know exactly why that’s the case or exactly what’s happening my guess is it’s just the cycle that the majority holders a Bitcoin utilize each year whether it’s for taxes whether it’s just a cycle they utilize because they know they can control the market that way and that’s how they that’s how they you know are set up I don’t know exactly why I just know that it’s a very solid pattern and you know no matter what whether there’s another decent-sized dip this month or not I mean we’re already at March 20 so typically this is from from the from the past this is around the time when things start to really moon and start to go up for the rest of the year so I expect to start seeing some very significant growth here as Tim Draper giving his forecast for Bitcoin this year yet I do not know I do not know so yeah I guess I’m gonna go to some questions and and so the Cardinal crow yeah I look a lot of this stuff like Cardona being a $0.20 I saw this get down to unless my mind’s playing tricks on me I think I remember this getting down to as low as 14 cents

I mean just crazy and you know I’ve seen I was seeing some trolls come to my videos you know of me talking about you know this particular coin or that particular coin and they’re like you’re such a fraud you don’t know what you’re talking about this points down by this much I’m just like how do you even respond to stupid like I don’t like how do you even respond the comments like that people who I don’t know if I’ve seen this like three or four times on different coins and it’s like are you not aware of the fact that the entire market including Bitcoin is down like it’s not like everything is you know moaning and like coins I talked about are the only ones that have sunk like it just blows my mind how people are so full of opinions with so little to actually say and it’s a little annoying but go it got down to 12 cents yeah there you go like it was everything I mean this is crazy it’s still crazy and it’s still now here’s here’s here’s something that I typically do so and this is basically my methodology right now for buying old coins all right now so I’m gonna pull up oh you can’t see my calculator all right [Music]

hold on let me see if there’s a calculator all right here’s a calculator so hopefully it’ll let me separate it oh it doesn’t let me have okay hold on all right so right now bitcoin is eight thousand eight hundred and forty seven dollars okay now well I look at like with neo okay neo is already back up to seventy three bucks which I so I mean this dropped significantly recently and so what I’m looking at and I’m thinking okay I absolutely expect Bitcoin to get back to no less than 20 grand okay so at some point this year how long it will take I don’t know I I kind of think that once the bull market starts back up all the press all the media everybody starts there rallying and they’re chanting how high can it go will Bitcoin hit 12,000 will it hit 1415 all the way up to 20 like they did last year in the years before it you know I expected to hit a minimum of $20,000 and I’m with I’m going to guess sooner than later so if I were to hazard that guess then if I let’s say are interested in buying neo so I’m gonna take eight hold on was that 88 47 88 47 I’m gonna divide this by the price of neo which is 73 54 all right / 73 54 all right so that’s a hundred and twenty

so I could buy a hundred and twenty neo right now for one Bitcoin all right now if neo gets back to its high let’s see what that is and this is all strictly based off a recovery to their previous all-time all right this is slowly what I’m basing this on let’s just say it was 162 all right I’m pretty sure that was that 162 all right so if I multiply this by a hundred and sixty two will it be more than $20,000 times 1/6 219 488 pretty close so that could be a pretty good buy because while depending on the developments of mio up to that point the question at this point is will neo get back to its all-time high quicker than Bitcoin will and with a coin like neo that’s basically proof of stake you know it’s generating gas the entire time which also adds to the value so buying neo right now could be a pretty decent buy just based off of all time highs is everybody kind of understand that whole concept oh that’s another point that I’ll talk about is the advertising thing is crypto advertising ban on Google Facebook and Twitter a rumor or real it is real and I’ll tell you why in previous videos that I’ve done you know I’ve discussed how I basically tell you guys to never click at like AdWords never click advertising crypto focused advertising in Google okay

and the reason for that is if whether I’m an ICO or I’m an exchange coin or I’m trying to promote some fake airdrop or whatever the easiest way for me to reach people is by setting up advertising accounts so I could basically go in create a cheap Google AdWords campaign focusing on let’s say I was gonna do something for neo alright I’m a hacker and I’m gonna target neo people people that are interested in neo and I’m gonna come up with add that basically promotes some fake airdrop for neo holders okay I’m gonna go in I’m gonna use Google Adwords to create a pay-per-click ad I’m gonna mask that link so that it looks like it’s going to something neo legitimate or I’m gonna create a website that looks exactly like Neos corporate website but it’s gonna be off by like one letter or whatever okay I’m gonna get as close as I can and chances are you’re gonna glance at it and not even notice okay then you’re gonna click that link and then because my site looks so it looks identical to Neos website it looks 100% identical to it you’re thinking abut the URLs did the website looks and say this is probably legit especially if you’re new to the field and you’re not used to looking for stuff like this right

and so they might say yeah you know we’re gonna send out you know whatever the newest coin are we’re gonna send gas out so for every one neo we’re gonna send you twenty gasps for free just because we love you but in order to get it you have to supply your private key and your public key and you’re gonna think oh okay sure it’s neo like I’ll give up my I trust neo with my private key why wouldn’t I it’s neo and then you’re gonna provide that information and they’re gonna wipe your frickin acara it is excuse me it is impossible for Google Twitter Facebook any of these major companies it is quite frankly impossible for them to monitor and qualify all of the scam advertising they are not doing this to hurt the crypto space they are doing it to help it I know that some of you guys don’t get that it’s not a big conspiracy to screw cryptocurrency it’s not because Google isn’t uh-huh I saw a lot of people basically talking about you know oh no like pretty much the same day my videos disappeared news came out that Google is getting rid of of the ads right and so people thought oh my god they’re shutting down the crow because they’re they’re making a stance against crypto currencies

total coincidence people I know that YouTube is working to help me get them everything back in order the way it was and and better and more secure for that matter I’m getting some additional help from people to make sure that I’m more secure which is fantastic it is not at all that Google or Twitter or Facebook is against crypto currencies they are against the scams they are against their user base being taken advantage of and the easiest way right now for them to put a stop to it is to eliminate all crypto focused advertising and I for one stand behind that I believe that that is probably the best approach right now here’s one thing that I don’t understand what I don’t understand is how can the fucking IRS talk about how we can track any coin anywhere in the world and know where it’s going and who’s got it and where you know all this but they can’t track hackers hmm hmm that’s something worth looking into where is the company that they’re utilizing to track taxes and cryptocurrency exchanges and all that where is that technology to defend the population of particular countries that’s what I would really love to know you know

it’s it’s it’s very interesting to me that they all pretend to be powerless when it comes to hacking yet brutal when it comes to taxes so yeah it’s basically just another big middle finger to society as far as I’m concerned but you know that that to me pretty much boils that boils that down mmm I don’t even know what to talk about so anyway yeah I you know the IRS is talking about yeah we’re partnered with this company and we can track down any cryptocurrency anywhere you put it this and that but yet this seems like hackers could get away with anything where’s the where is the governmental body that because it’s obvious like the FBI can’t do it none of these I don’t even know what what the proper term it would be for these groups but where is our cyber crime unit like our international cybercrime unit and where because here’s the thing like even the hacker that hacked me it didn’t look like he touched anything at all that had to do with fiat currency he literally came in looked around tried to find any easy crypto gains for himself and that was it and when he didn’t get any of that he basically started trying to extort me for my channel so it’s basically like give me give me crypto or I’m shutting your channel down

and so for right now I feel like people look at cryptocurrency is kind of like these hackers they look at it like look nobody’s gonna come after me for this America is not gonna come after me for this and it just seems like yeah a lot of people they’re willing to screw over people and now here’s the thing about this hacker you know I was thinking like for whatever reason I’m thinking that this hacker I am going to guess this hackers in his early 20s if I were to hazard a guess Hey because he really kind of there are some things that he did that led me to believe that he was younger so for that you know I saw somebody made a comment that he had he had made a statement that he was a smart Russian hacker and I’m thinking okay that’s cool but you’re still kind of a script kitty really like you know I remember when I was young I used to run around with uh well I won’t even say what the name of it was but it was basically a little thing that I could email people and this isn’t how this is exactly I got hacked but I remember doing it to friends and family and stuff like that and I would email it to him and I would change the file name and they would double-click it and all of a sudden I would get access to their whole computer and I could make their CD drawer open and close and I would do it to people in that office even when I was working when I was a kid and I was an Apple support rep

I would do it to people there’s their stuff that you can do to basically give complete control to some and you know but when you’re using that kind of stuff you’re basically a script kitty and and it’s just your and and to focus a hundred percent on crypto like hey I’m not complaining it gave me time to secure everything else but it was just it was somebody looking for easy and quick crypto and they got out and that was it and it was just like you know yeah that’s really all there is to it which so trying to let me to believe that the kid then it’s a younger guy and you know I don’t even hey you know I think I’ve mentioned this in the past but you know somebody wants I don’t know I don’t know if I read it somewhere if it was a saying or whatever but it basically it was something along the lines of morality being a luxury that most can’t afford and when you think there’s no money for our government and chasing hackers yeah well where’s the money and police busting drug lords you know what I mean that’s kind of a you know what what what what money does the government gain by

I mean it’s all a matter of public safety and and so yeah somebody definitely needs to create some sort of serious cyber crypto crime unit and it’s not gonna man I’m not talking like the SEC I’m not talking about the FBI I’m talking about you know here’s the thing when I think about this hacker and I think about the other hackers out there a part of me feels like they would make so much more money like let’s say let’s say for example this guy would have hacked me right and instead of shutting everything down and trying to just create as much chaos as he could and give himself a pat on the back like I’m so fucking smart right look what I did if I would have found a note on my desktop that I know I didn’t create and it basically said hello I am such and such I am a white hat hacker in the crypto space you know you are an obvious target for people unlike me who want to gain access to your system this is how I gained access to your system and what you can do to prevent it step one step two steps through okay and then leave me an aetherium address I have sent you some cash bro I would have sent you some cash you would have made more that way than what you ended up doing and I and that’s a fact because I am a kind of guy that I would have appreciated that so much

just the honesty and the integrity behind that like dude you’re a target I’m an ethical hacker this is what you need to do to secure yourself and you know here’s the way you can tip me if you find this valuable yeah out of tips yeah I might have sent you a damn Bitcoin I don’t know I mean not now obviously but I mean it’s it’s I just feel like you know some of these people would probably do better by playing taking the high road and helping to benefit the community than than than what they’re doing and you know maybe they just make so much money you know maybe not everybody thinks like me but you know I I consider that a I would have considered that a much more valuable service and offering honestly and I would have felt like I owed them something but yeah not everybody thinks like me that’s true but the guys that do think like me are probably the guys that that have the means of making it worth your while but like granite I don’t ever want to be hacked again I don’t ever want like I am so paranoid about everything now that I’m constantly constantly still after everything I’ve done which is probably I had I had one security guy tell me wow that’s like probably overkill but I’m like I don’t give a shit at this point

I don’t you know because I I’m not just protecting my crypto or my channel I feel in a way I’m protecting my family and I’m protecting my livelihood and I’m protecting my future and my goals and so that to me no no snow stone is gonna is going unturned when it comes to securing all of that okay so we’ve we’ve been on here for about an hour and I just wanted to let everybody know like I have stuff planned I will let everybody know that yeah no I don’t you know I just wanted to say thank you guys so much for all of the support and everything you guys have been showing me you know I’m probably gonna be doing a quite of quite a few videos this week today I just wanted to come on I wanted to try and come on earlier because it’s 1:30 my time so I started this about 12:30 in the afternoon Eastern Time because I wanted to give everybody kind of you know I want to let everybody know look I’m here I’ve just been waiting for YouTube to bring my videos back to my channel that’s what I’ve been waiting on I’ve been afraid that if I did something wait a minute what channel suspended for selling group I don’t even know what this guy’s talking about eat ghr liar channel suspended for selling reviews now that’s not at all the case here

I’m just gonna get rid of you because you’re a tool apparently you don’t know what you’re talking about so yeah and that’s that’s another thing too is that you know realistically yeah realistically there isn’t a whole hell of a lot that can you tell me what do you think about dcn I don’t know anything about dcn coin brother I haven’t even looked into that yet I’ve got so many other things that I’ve been looking into recently yeah in this HG HR guy talking about my channel was suspended for selling reviews it’s total nonsense so yeah because if that were the case I would have my videos right now like they would have just shut me off temporarily or put me on a temp ban or I don’t know how that stuff works but they wouldn’t have deleted all my videos and then like allowed me to have my channel back with all my subscribers like it doesn’t make any sense folks so anyway yeah and that’s another thing I don’t know what it’s been lately but there have been people yeah he’s a troll alright so yeah Jordan my telegram group is awesome you know I’ve got people in my telegram group that are so solid and what they’re doing and they they have a genuine interest in the community as well and and what I’m doing

in the message that I try to relay and the way I’m trying to help educate and all of that and you know Pine as solid Pines been helping me a lot Dax Dax is fantastic he’s been actually Dax is a smart dude man like I wish I wish some of these guys were local because I would like take them out and and I don’t know but it’s like these smart young guys that that have a real passion for this and they’ve taken to to my channel and what I’m doing and have really become to me I feel they’ve become pillars within the murder of crows community and and I value them very very much you can’t fix stupid yeah that’s right much love for dachshund pine that’s right and there are others too did you listen to pines music yes I have I’ve listened to a few of his songs and I mean he’s good he’s really good with the electronic stuff so yeah I don’t know why I’m starting to feel a little emotional again look as far as Superman says crow your coins at least three times in last couple weeks I’ve actually no I’ve had people in my telegram channel let me know that that suppose made mentions of me and and what’s been happening and I appreciate it very very much you know

it actually does mean a lot just to see the support that I’ve been getting and and you know I’m always gonna back man I mean let you know whatever whatever is the case I mean you know Superman in my opinion puts out like some of the best review videos I wouldn’t give a shit if he were being paid or not you know the fact of the matter is is he puts out fantastic information and he deserves it if he is I know he says he’s not and if he’s not he’s not that’s cool it’s entirely up to him but it really doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter if anybody were paying him or they’re not paying him what he puts out is just strong it’s very very strong I mean he has a way of explaining things too like he’s just a smart guy and I and III it means a lot to me to have the support of someone like Superman it really does so let’s see smash up them likes yeah I need some help guys I need some help with the likes and the social signals and the comments and and I’m hoping that this video kind of helps get the ball rolling again for things I need to hit a hundred thousand subscribers me and that’s my goal I want to hit a hundred thousand subscribers and I know in order to get there I have to provide more value to everybody and I am putting things in place right now where you know

one of the biggest difficulties for me has been to let go of certain responsibilities of what I do so that I can bring on the help to make other things that I am doing easier and enable me to spend more time on them so I did I did I am putting something in place so that my ico reviews like I get so many requests for ico reviews and and features and comments and things like that and so I’m basically putting someone in charge of handling a lot of that stuff for me qualifying people you know negotiating and just handling that I’m basically get I’m creating my own agent so to speak and so that’s that’s so that’s pretty much what I’ve got going on there I I did talk to here’s the thing my problem is and I am this is another thing that I’m working on but I I do everything now on multiple machines okay I’m not even going to tell you how many but I will just say that it’s more than two less than five okay and everything that I do is compartmentalize now I’m telling you guys if you have a clue how psychotic I am getting about security but you know I guess I don’t have a choice

I really don’t I don’t have a choice and like when I as soon as I’m done doing something shut it down working on something I’m done I shut it down like it’s it’s psycho and I know it but you know even my wife supports the fact that I’m just like you know you’re not paranoid if they’re really after you right like that’s the same like it’s not really paranoia like people are trying to take my shit and so like if I could work on like tin cans tied to on strings I probably would do everything in Morse code I don’t know yeah while Jason I know that that’s true and and that’s the thing I’m not just casually yeah my finger I don’t know if you guys can notice that I can’t close that finger and you can’t see it but because I have tatted I have the tats here but there’s a scar there’s a scar that goes all the way around my arm when I was 11 years old and I thought I was a little ninja I jumped up on a balcony and slipped and my arm went crashing and crashing through a window was like an abandoned house Marlin crashing through a window and it cut seven tendons the main nerve and the main artery in my arm no bullshit and I didn’t feel a thing I yanked my arm I was 11 years old I yanked my arm off of the window okay cuz I barn wood crashed through the glass and went down on the clown the glass pane the broken glass

I yanked my arm uh-huh I ain’t my arm off of the glass I still had no clue that I was cut I had turned around and my friend – Shawn like I was playing with – Shawn and his brothers and sisters or whatever and all of a sudden and I went and I turned and I felt pop plop plop plop plop shit you not and I’m like and I like I had told everybody I grew up in rough neighborhoods okay so I thought was I shot and I didn’t know what like what’s happening like what what you know I and I looked and it was blood everywhere and I looked down and I looked at my arm and it looked like a horror show like everything was hanging out of my arm at this point I guess when I pulled it off of the glass it like pulled the shit out of my arm but because I cut the main nerve I didn’t feel a thing and my arm was already turning gray and yeah it was those bad like I could have died I I gotta died in eleven years old because I thought was that ninja slipped on a porch and fell through a glass window I I told to Shawn like dude I was like go get my mom go get my mom I’m like holding my arm it’s like limp okay the only thing that wasn’t I mean I’m sure I cut into the bone too but the only thing that I was telling to shamah go get my mom so he goes I was two houses down from where I lived

so on Gibbs Avenue anybody that lives on Gibbs and a robo crow well what’s funny cuz I almost became half robot with because of the situation so anyway he goes to my to my house knocks on the door nobody answers so he comes back and he’s like dude your mom won’t answer there’s nobody there I’m like go inside and get her before I die like blood was just gushing out of my arm and smacking me in the face covering everywhere I’m walking down the sidewalk I left this thick trail of blood all the way to my house my mom comes out she’s like she was in the air force and then did all kinds of crazy shit in the military okay and um immediately she she runs inside grabs a t-shirt rips it in half ties it up around my arm calm as a Hindu cow man like she just says it tired and tied me up she’s like lay down do this all the neighbors started collecting on my yard ambulance finally shows up I’m sitting in there and they’re like talk about crypto whatever suck it I’m telling a story so I’m sitting in this ambulance and an EMT guys like man you lost a lot of blood you all right he was like you know you might want to lay down I’m like no I’m fine and I immediately passed out and I woke up to them taking a brush and to clean out the inside of my arm I woke up screaming

how you like them apples everybody the crows back all right let’s see a dude paranoid is when you have your private keys embedded in a code that only you know that can only be interpreted by combining the Declaration of Independence with verses from the book of Proverbs dude that’s not paranoia that’s smart that sounds like a great idea lol a hundred people puking yeah probably that’s cinematic lol a Hindu crow okay the the bird the bird lover flies in any weather oh man take my strong hand please tell stellar price prediction for 2018 and 2020 I don’t know I’ve been so busy with security stuff this past week I’m not even gonna lie I’m look I’m gonna tell you want a price prediction everything’s gonna go up here in two weeks how about them apples alright everything is already starting to go back up but I don’t really consider things III will consider the market effectively rebounding and back on a bull trend once Bitcoin crosses the $10,000 threshold once we get back to that point I will believe that that we’re on our way up for the rest of the year and and the entire market is gonna come back up like it’s it’s going to come back up folks I don’t don’t

I’m praying none of you panic sold at any point throughout the last two months because if you did you totally screwed yourself and you went completely against everything that I’m always telling everybody crow your coins that has meaning for good reason alright yeah Franken crow yeah they were talking about putting like robotic stuff in my arm because they weren’t sure that they were gonna be able to sew everything back together and my hand works I had to like pull my hand apart rested on a floor and sit on my hand for like a year just to get everything working again so anyway are you gonna re-up load your profit trailer bitch I am still waiting I honestly folks like YouTube could be uploading my videos or re recovering my videos as I doing this I don’t know I’ve been on here over an hour and so YouTube could have responded to any one of the emails I’ve sent them over the past two days I mean I I now have direct access to like the operations manager of YouTube so I’m actually I’m not just sending in like random emails to like you know a main thing like I have direct connections inside Google and YouTube now which which is huge huge and no I will never give those contacts out but it’s I am working on on on that and I do believe that they’re going to recover my videos

I just don’t know when and it’s because of the way the company is structured like you know you’ve got a team on this part of the country a team on the other part of the country you’ve got all this stuff going on so I do believe that they’re gonna recover it could be literally any minute it could be anytime over the net I mean sometime this week I don’t know but I am going to be doing a lot of stuff here soon I’ve got some I’ve got a couple ico reviews coming I’ve got some how-to guides come in and I’m basically just gonna my goal is to start planning out everything I’m doing two weeks in advance and I’m bringing on some help in doing that so no I’ve got big plans for this channel and I am smarter stronger faster and wiser and a hell of a lot more secure than I was before this all went down so that all being said folks I’m gonna cut it here I’m gonna get back to work research and planning and hopefully this was a fun you know educational video make sure if you haven’t already check out zone alarm check out the advanced protection program at Google Checkout Malwarebytes and you damn well better be going terena Herod comm and picking up these songs make sure you download these songs make sure you make a donation guys

show this woman some love and and yeah like her site like you know download the songs everything the one thing that I’m not seeing on here so ok so I see so you got the Instagram let’s see what the I didn’t go to the Instagram real quick VPN I don’t know a whole hell of a lot about VPNs yet she’s only got 496 followers on her on her Instagram that really should be like 10,000 so hopefully now that the songs are released we’re getting the word out we can help her grow you know the this honestly she really needs I might even see who I still know in the music business about helping this girl get somewhere because it’s been so many years since I’ve been in the music business the problem is is that I know that any label rep that I contact they’re gonna they’re gonna look and they’re gonna see what like how popular she is online so far like what she’s accomplished on her own and we haven’t accomplished anything yet we need to get we need to get some sales up we need to get we need to get the pulse up for this girl we need to get her she really needs a Facebook fan page so those are you watching this that are in control of this girl

make sure you you get her a Facebook fan page as well as her Instagram Instagram is cool but and she’s got the YouTube channel which is cool 482 subscribers so I mean it’s going up I think she had a hundred when I first started talking about her but you know we need to we definitely need to get that get that going so hopefully you guys all agree we really do I want to help this girl like I just I want to help I want to help her and and I don’t know it’s like I want to help her without getting back into the music business cuz I don’t want to I don’t want to do all that anymore but I I am I’m gonna probably send her to some people but I already know the first things that they’re gonna tell me I won’t dude she sounds great she’s gorgeous she’s got a future but you know we need to see her you know make some traction in the u.s. you know on social media and all that first I know that’s what they’re gonna say it’s what I would say it’s honestly what I would say if I were in the music business and and she had reached out to me and I and you know one in my help or wanted whatever I would be like okay well this is what you need to do to really start getting my attention so help this girl out folks and no labels indi well pretty much everything’s ending out

I think there are only like two or three major labels anymore and they are the they supply all the Indies with everything that’s going on so you know everything that you see on a lot of these indie labels I mean their distribution their marketing a lot of that’s coming out of major label budgets don’t kid yourself she won’t need reps just fans with blockchain that’s true doubling paid promotions DM CRO for paid promo let’s see here I’m sorry my phone keeps messy messing me up I just thought it would be cool because everybody would help you know be part of I want to be there if you’re able to I don’t okay cool ginger I don’t really know you’re talking about unfortunately thank you CRO since finding your channel I enjoy following your videos thank you I appreciate that uh let’s see did she pay you I don’t know what you’re talking about no if you’re talking about Reena no she hasn’t paid me anything she if you must be late to the game dude come on man she made the crypto crow intro song for me this this is the chick that made the crypto crow intro song and the acapella version which I’m going to start

I’m gonna play right now [Music] I’m gonna play the acapella version one more time and then I’m gonna sign out all right and then if you aren’t already in my telegram channel I suggest you find it and get your ass in there because I mean there’s about six thousand people in there and it’s it’s it’s I love to go on there and shoot the shit with everybody and it’s just a solid group of people man I like truly enjoy the community that’s there and so on that note I’m gonna play this acapella acapella version and then I’m gonna sign out I might end up coming back on here tonight with some more stuff here we go I’m gonna Jam this


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