A Surprise! – Profit Feeder Contest and Cartel Coin ICO Review

A Surprise! – Profit Feeder Contest and Cartel Coin ICO Review


How you like  Them Apples    Good Evening Everybody    I am  the Crypto Crow    and I love the full  version of this song and I’m holy goatee  yeah for those of you I know I you know  I was those of you who haven’t been with  me for a little while I actually messed  up my mustache using the wrong  attachment and yeah the I had to just  shave my whole upper lip basically so  I’m waiting for that to grow back and  until then I’m just gonna continue going  with my Amish Amish crow look what’s up  love the song – I do I love it man this  chick rocks like she’s incredible  apparently she did a bunch of selfie  videos over the weekend but then like I  guess she didn’t like any of them so so  I’m still waiting to see that come on  now like let’s let’s see were yet and  you know the producer matheus intimidate  he sent me a link today that’s basically  showing me her new website and so  they’re getting ready to launch all this  stuff and they were gonna have an  acapella version for those who were one  to remix the crow your coin song the  whole nine man I mean it’s it’s it’s I’m  pumped I’m super pumped I’m actually I  asked him today

I said what would it  cost to do some sort of music video for  this song like but not you know but it  would have to be I want something viral  I want something exciting and fun and  something that everybody will appreciate  and so I’m trying to figure out that I  didn’t pay her I didn’t pay I never paid  or anything like I didn’t pay her a dime  like she basically just did this to help  out and support and that’s why I’m so  helpful and and so eager to try and help  support her and like you know yeah just  just an amazing thing like he basically  reached out to me and he was like hey  you know what would you think of having  like a theme song and I’m like I would  love it and you know we just kind of  started talking about ideas and he was  like well this is how I see you as a  person and I’m like oh my god you hit it  so hard like you hit it all like I mean  this  happiest guy as a writer producer like I  wish he wasn’t there like in the  Netherlands or something but I tell you  what he actually sent me a picture in  his leg gorgeous white like his his wife  is bangin and they sent a picture I’ll  put it up like when we when we get all  this other stuff together in the website  and everything I’m basically gonna  introduce everybody so that you guys can  get to know them all and so yeah that

basically that what they’re gonna do is  like I said before they’re gonna release  the full version of the song and then an  acapella version of the song and then  her single and I think that the crow  your coin songs they’re gonna give away  like we’re basically gonna give them  away for donations like they’re just  gonna accept etherium as a donation and  you know if they get anything over  anything like if they reach ten etherium  and donations from people that love the  song they’re gonna donate ten percent of  it all to charity in my name so yeah  like if you I know everybody keeps  asking like where can i download the  song where can i buy it if I wanted on  iTunes I want to hear I want it there  and it’s fantastic I’m so glad that all  of you guys love the song as much as I  do so I get mad even my wife who’s like  my harshest cynic  she’s like man that something really  does get caught in your head and I catch  myself humming in at the fridge when I  wake up at night sometimes if I can’t  sleep I’ll just catch myself humming it  like that is a like the chorus of that  song it’s like radio hit quality now I  don’t really consider it a radio hit  song because it’s you know curl your  coins and it’s like you know people  aren’t gonna get it that are outside of  the crypto sphere

and it’s it’s more of  kind of a brand-name thing but yeah  ringtone I wanted as a ringtone that  would be a really cool idea crow your  coins I’m telling you I’m just  flabbergasted by the whole project I  think it’s fantastic and you know I I  know right well I used to know so many  people in the music business and the  fact that they’re so far out in the  Netherlands you know I want to expose  her to as many people as possible in the  United States and that’s really my goal  so when this thing launches I’m hoping  that my murder of crows out there all of  you guys are linking like in and  and everything and just just expose it I  mean it helps the channel it’s gonna  help her and most of all I really want  to see her do really well from this  effort I mean because it’s it’s I’m just  very very grateful very very grateful so  so yeah I think crow likes that song yes  I do love that song  alright so I got a couple things I’m  gonna go over tonight and then I’ll get  to some questions and stuff we’ll maybe  hang out a little bit but first thing I  wanted to do is I wanted to tell you  guys about a contest where is it BAM  if you look in the description I think  there’s a description even though we’re  live but if you look down on the script  the description there’s a link for this  this is the crypto prophet bought crypto  crypto crypto crow

I can’t talk tonight  I haven’t finished the cheesecake my  wife just made had pork chops for the  first time in like ten years I’ve been  watching all those videos over the years  like people pouring coke on pork chops  just never one of them but I just said  screw it tonight and I got some big  fatties and uh she made them they’re  great and then middle like I told her  like when I was a kid my mom used to  make these really cheap cheesecakes I’ll  show you what I’m talking about if you  could see it really cheap-ass  cheesecakes those kinds you get in the  box and you mix them up you put them in  the fridge I used to love them when I  was a kid I’m like you know I’m feeling  nostalgic I want some of those like hood  ass cheesecakes and I used to have when  I was a kid he could box for like a  dollar so she we got some and she made  it for me and I’m loved it because I’m  completely out of my Nutella at this  point that’s gone so I got to throw that  away but that was I just polished that  off too I’ve just been a junkie man like  ever since I played all this stuff going  on I’m just craving off his sweet stuff  so anyway here’s the deal guys to say  thank you for a great start to the year  in anticipation of the 1.5 release which  we which will be a major upgrade in  functionality for feeder

crypto profit  bots are offering you the chance to win  a free PT feeder key just enter in your  details below for the chance to win five  winners will be chosen at random on the  17th of March 2018 and the winners will  be No  via email so if you don’t already have a  copy of profit feeder this is your  opportunity to get a copy for free  alright so I suggest you guys click the  link in my description and just enter to  win man I mean it’s it’s look I’ve been  getting a lot of messages lately  especially with the market being in such  a weird downtrend and like it’s been  going up but then it kind of hits hard  and I have been getting a lot of  messages readings recently thanking me  for profit feeder because if they turn  profit feet are off and they use an  incident so they’re bought without it  they’ve been getting a lot of bags and  when they turn profit feet are on  they’re noticing that they’re getting a  lot less bags and they’re noticing that  the sale of the bags they do acquire are  getting unloaded much quicker and it’s  really what profit feeders about I  struggle I’m a very very aggressive  trader when it comes to profit trailer  so like I’ve said in the past like

I  don’t mind bags because I know that when  they finally unload typically it’s  during a surge of some kind and I know  that because of the nature of trailer  those bags typically I mean I’ve made 40  percent profit on trades from negative  45 percent bags okay so I’m not I don’t  stress that stuff but I do find profit  feet are very very solid and if the  market is sideways profit feeder just  makes those trades even quicker and I’m  curious I don’t even know all of the  details about the new functionality so  I’m actually pretty excited to find out  what they’re coming up with I haven’t  talked to them in detail about any of it  but regardless it’s an opportunity for  you guys to get a free copy at least  five of you anyway so I am I’m in a bit  of a pickle tonight I’m gonna be real  honest with you because you know all you  guys know that that hour that followed  me quite a bit are quite a bit you guys  know that I’m just a very very honest  about my ICO reviews paid or not I’m  just very very honest about what I think  if I love it you guys know I love it if  I’m not so like hot on it  I just  stick to the numbers I love I love  really unique projects and I love  projects that have to do with really  kind of changing the paradigm of society  of finance of you know turning things on  its head right

and that’s one of the big  reasons why I am still doing the icy  overview that I’m doing tonight however  I do not and I’m gonna tell you right up  front I do not think they are  necessarily ready for a full-blown  public re-see oh okay  and I’m gonna explain why so I’m not  just gonna not I’m not gonna be trying  to dump on this I see oh they did pay me  this is a paid review like all the  others but I am I you know I tell  everybody look you you’re not paying me  to give you a great glowing review  you’re paying me to expose you to my  channel and that’s exactly what I’m  going to be doing tonight and there are  some projects that I don’t really think  have any place being anywhere at which  point I won’t talk about them at all I  don’t even I don’t even wanna give them  the exposure on my channel and then  there are projects like this one that I  do believe given the proper timing given  the proper funding they could  potentially do very very well but I’m  gonna go over this in detail tonight  because I want to not only educate you  guys on some of them some of the things  that can kind of separate you from a  booming ICO but a kind of not so  successful ICO okay now they’re public  ICO hasn’t officially even started yet I  don’t think I don’t think so

I think it  starts in a few days public ICO starts  in three days and 11 hours and I’m  talking about Cartel coin alright so  yeah I mean it’s in the title so I guess  that was no secret here’s the thing  these what these guys want to accomplish  I feel could truly change the world  really on a lot of different levels okay  here’s the premise of their whole  project alright they’ve got multiple  products associated with their company  and and what they’re wanting to do now  this is difficult this is difficult but  the very nature of what they want to do  is they want to save all of us an insane  amount of money and the way it breaks  down is let’s say let’s say I I make  this little guy okay  made this guy off of my 3d printer right  so I made this and let’s say that this  took this cost me a dollar fifty let’s  just say cost a dollar to make alright  and then I want to sell it to you well  in order to sell it to you I basically  have to sell it to you know so I’m the  manufacturer and then I’m gonna sell it  to a wholesaler and that wholesaler  sells it to a distributor and then that  distributor sells it to a retailer and  all of the every every one of these  stops basically increases the price  because of all of the the money the  resources fuel transport all that stuff

basically go into the overall price of  this item so I made it for a dollar I  can sell it for two dollars and make a  hundred percent profit right but because  it has to go through all these different  chains of middlemen this thing ends up  being $29.99 on retail store shelves  right so what cartel coin is basically  wanting to do is they’re wanting to  implement a system that enables all of  us so let’s say you know there’s almost  300 of us let’s say the 300 of us get  together we all decide that we want to  buy the latest the latest pair of Nikes  or whatever it is okay then because we  are all together on this order we’re  creating one big bulk order and going  directly to the manufacturer eliminating  all of those middlemen and ultimately  getting whatever product it is that  we’re looking to purchase at a major  major major discount and at the same  time here’s the thing is what’s helping  the economy and and things like that you  know less co2 emissions by 50% fire  Beks money saved that’s cool but at the  same time it’s also it’s gonna kill a  lot of jobs all right I’m just gonna be  honest here so the question is you know  how how will this affect the overall  marketplace right

like if there are a  lot less people with jobs well we’re  gonna need these major discounts to be  able to afford anything anyway right and  I know that that’s not necessarily a  point anybody wants to be made but let’s  just call it how we see it okay if this  thing were to hit the ground running  really really hard there are gonna be a  lot of truckers and a lot of people out  of business overtime now at the same  time maybe they can afford to get a much  less paying job because everything’s  gonna cost that much less but that’s not  even really the whole point all right  now basically this kind of breaks down  all of the different processes before  something ends up in the consumers hands  the factory acquires raw materials  produces a product adds on margin  shipping pickup costs taxes and shipping  and import costs distribution and  marketing and branding costs paying for  his employees etc adding on margins  trucking wholesaler courier retailer all  the way to the consumer so I get what  these guys are wanting to do and I like  it

I mean let’s face it my job isn’t  necessarily to worry about whether  somebody else has a job my job is to  take care of my family and provide for  my family the best that I can and if I’m  able to get a product at you know five  times less than I would be paying  typically because of their service I’m  all for it all right now their market  cap is very small the amount of funds  they’re going for is very small however  I was reading their white paper I’m  gonna be real honest they need to scrap  this white paper and start over with  somebody that speaks normal by that I  mean I found myself looking upwards out  of their white paper and I thought is  this on purpose or are they trying to  reach strictly PhDs who study the  dictionary in their spare  did somebody’s come up with a word and  then look up a complicated word in a  thesaurus to add some sort of  intellectual credibility to the white  paper because really all it did was  alienate me I hate to say it and I’m  only being very honest here because hey  that’s what I do  and if you didn’t know that already you  should have read it when the fucking  stuff I sent you okay  look I think overall this project is  solid in a lot of ways but I feel like  it needs a lot of work and refining  before really hitting the major public

and if I look at their community I know  that their community is not really  booming and I feel like a lot of that  stems from a few things that I’m of  course gonna continue going over here  now there was one one one thing in  particular that caught me I don’t  remember where it was I think it was on  lower down on the right yeah here’s the  word who the hell knows what come comet  tent Li means does anyone of you and  chat know what the hell this word means  concomitantly I didn’t even bother  looking this up if any of you guys know  without googling and I’d love to hear it  but my point is is that trying to read  and make sense of the general picture  the overall picture of this white paper  I felt not only talked down to but I  felt like they were trying to tell me I  just wasn’t smart enough to be a part of  their ICO I’m just being real honest  here I’m a pretty intelligent guy and I  have no idea what the hell half of this  stuff was even talking about so when I  read a white paper like this and on top  of that it’s very short lived white  paper there’s really not a whole lot to  this white paper I found not all of my  questions were answered in this white  paper and I’m not saying that a white  paper has to be overly technical I’m not  saying anything of that nature I’m not  even saying it needs to be 40 or 50  pages

I just think that this project as  it sits right now looks to be something  that somebody thought up recently  brought some people in on board and  immediately plan to toke  sale okay and again I know that they’re  probably gonna just be super pissed but  I am actually trying to help any of you  from cartel that it’s watching this  video okay I think that what you guys  have here I think the idea is very sound  I think that what you’re trying to  accomplish is very worthy I just think  that prior to trying to establish a  community you should probably have some  solid advisors on your team guiding you  and how an IC o—- should be formulated  marketed and pushed to the general  public if I go into the team and I’m  gonna play this video because I really  do want you guys I would love to see  their community grow I would love to see  these guys take this video for what it’s  worth and put what I’m saying to work  and then come back to me in a few months  and show me all of the steps that have  been fulfilled and and basically present  their case I would honestly scratch this  three days

I would say you know what the  Crowes right we need to reevaluate where  we are with our ICO put some of what he  said into and put it into work and then  I will be happy to come back reevaluate  everything with a clean slate and see  where you are okay  no cost whatsoever I am talking about  this because I believe that this is a  very worthwhile effort I’m very excited  about such an idea and I would love to  see this work but I know that if I sit  here and I say this is solid and I love  it and this is gonna be great  you are going to fail plain and simple I  would much rather like you know like I  can basically I look at it like if I  were to basically sit here and ignore  all the glaring issues that I find in  this ICO and basically tell everybody  yeah this looks good I’m giving you a  fish but I’m not teaching you how to  fish to survive into the future and  that’s ultimately what I ultimately I  genuinely really like this I really do  like this as an idea as a company I just  think there’s work to be  and I think that that work should  definitely be done before going into the  overall details of the project and  trying to launch this thing now that all  being said okay the team so here are the  here are the four major things that  they’re looking to launch okay and I’m  gonna get into the team a little bit

the  consumer portal merchant interface with  embedded smart contract using  proprietary scale purchase system that  connects buyers from all over the world  with wholesalers and manufacturers  brilliant love to see this API plug in  application integrating existing sites  like Alibaba WeChat kacct Kakao Talk  Amazon and whatsapp with the cartel  platform off offering excuse me offering  their customers are proprietary  functionality wallets enabling the  sending and receiving to other  currencies p2p lending capability will  also be included as a function of the  CCW and finally the business portal the  business-to-business platform allowing  companies to compile their buying power  exploiting economies of scale and  reducing cost of goods and services  it all sounds fantastic guys the roadmap  quarter one and two compiled into one  little segment here quarter three  quarter four you’ve got basically an  entire year broken down into three small  segments of information now the team I’m  not even gonna go too deep into the team  I’m just gonna say that I would love to  see some changes being made here not  necessarily to the team members but to  the overall commitment the team has to  this project

here’s the thing and to  these guys credit okay hey guys the very  snappy dresser I say that I mean that’s  a movie star looking guy right there but  you know  okay former German military officer  leading operations in a helicopter  squadron political relations and  training programs CEO of sage –n C and  Berlin with offices in New York City and  2015 Jan founded gaming firm arcade  distillery successfully launching four  games on a range of platforms including  PlayStation Vita Vita PlayStation 4  Nintendo switch and PC where’s the  blockchain experience the to pull this  stuff off that we’re talking about you  need some solid blockchain developmental  experience behind you now there’s some  developers here you’ve got your legal  officer your project manager and agile  specialist product development UX and  agile specialists with eight years  experience building web and mobile  applications okay that’s cool no problem  there crypto economy advisor fair enough  sales director cropped is a Windows  software engineer skilled with desktop  UI development specialized in WPF C c  plus R um C or Objective C sorry  which is basically Apple development

I’m  pretty sure dotnet technologies is now  exploring decentralized ax applications  now here’s the thing so this guy is now  exploring decentralized applications  that’s fantastic how long has he been  with the company there’s no mention of  it here he’s a software consultant for  Hewlett Packard for a year and eight  months that’s cool software contractor  for Cisco which you’ve got to be a  baller to be working at Cisco two years  in a month that’s cool what I mean I  think I come all the way down here where  did I find him where it at no point does  he even really mentioned this project  these are things that are very very  important to people if you’re trying to  generate money in an ICO and you know a  lot of these guys have basically the  ones that have their involvement with  this project noted on their LinkedIn or  elsewhere it’s for a matter of three  months four months made  maybe maybe six months so what I see is  I see a group of people that have been  brought together in efforts to create  this platform but it’s all just getting  started now

what would I like to have  seen with this group what would I like  to see this group do right now I would  like to see this guy and maybe this guy  take this whole concept and do a private  presale to obtain the funding necessary  to rewrite that white paper and start  marketing to different communities and I  know they paid me to basically spread  the word and discuss and give my opinion  on what their project means to me right  now that’s exactly what I’m doing  this project means a lot to me quite  frankly but I want to see this better  handled I want to see that I want to see  all of this better prepared before I  start handing over money because my  concern is that nobody has truly been a  part of this project for very long at  all  and there’s no there’s been no private  presale there’s been no there just  hasn’t been much of anything to start  generating a community and when I look  at a project even if everything else I  mentioned was flawless even if I felt  great about all of this but I went and I  looked into their community involvement  and I saw the numbers that I’ve recently  seen I would wonder why is nobody taking  interest in this why is it so difficult  for these guys to establish the  community

and I think that a lot of it  stems from the same reasons that I’m  giving you it’s lack of overall faith  and excitement because I haven’t seen  anything yet that screams to me a this  is happening hands down no matter what  happens at the ICO I haven’t seen  anything that says true dedication of  all parties involved with a project  because this is a lot of this has just  recently come together and I feel like  that’s scary to people they don’t feel  like they’re missing out on something  because they don’t feel like there’s  something to miss  out on yet do you understand what I’m  saying so you know again I’d been very  conflicted about even going over this I  almost said there Bitcoin back and said  I think you guys aren’t ready but I part  of me also feels that maybe in talking  about this giving my impressions  exposing this to a lot of you guys that  maybe you’ll join their community give  them a boost help them out a bit help  get them the interest that they need to  maybe go after some private presale  partners and then really come hit this  thing hard in three to six months that’s  what I see means it needing to happen  here but I agreed and I said look I’ll  review you and Ben and and that was  basically at face value

I did a little  bit of search in like I always do you’re  you’re not a casino you’re not a you’re  not an adult oriented company you’re not  a high-yield platform and you’re not a  cloud mining company yeah I’ll probably  review you and and and and that’s it and  you know and then people basically I  send them a link to the page that  basically says look you know you’re  paying me for exposure you’re not paying  me for a glowing review and you know and  then once they agree then I start  getting to work and by the time I’ve  looked through all of this I’ve already  spent a couple hours minimum and  evaluating overall what what did I get  into what are where are the holes in the  company what needs work what does it  need work and so at that point it took  it’s a decision like look I can either  just they have to know when they came to  me that I am just brutally honest like  if everybody comes to me and they say  all we’re big fans were big fans we’ve  been following you for a while like you  know I’m gonna give it to everybody  straight so I feel like if I am i  insulting if I say you know look I don’t  think you’re ready here’s your money

I  think you know and just give them my  brutal thoughts or am I am I basically  doing exactly what they expected me to  do I really think that that they can get  their stuff together I see this  potentially being huge I see this being  but I gotta see something fellas I gotta  see that this thing is gonna take off  I gotta see that you’re putting your  best foot forward I gotta see that all  these guys are committed  honestly I you know crow you need to go  I need a crow shirt on they pay you for  your time you put in the time yeah I I  mean I do I put a lot of time into this  really I mean just looking up words in  there white paper like I’m half kidding  but that that’s that’s it like so if I  go through the numbers here I’m gonna go  through the numbers here and I’m gonna  break down what I what I what I see in  line let’s see where we at here all  right so here’s here’s where I’m at so  it’s basically a platform and it’s it’s  a multi point kind of issue right like  they have an API a wallet they have  other things but ultimately I wrap it up  into a platform so I give him a point  for that the tech yes if they pull this  off this is a huge huge like  world-changing platform I mean quite  frankly huge like I can’t even put into  words how big this could be okay

I think  that these guys really really have  something solid here I absolutely  wholeheartedly agree with that or  believe that and that is why I am doing  what I’m doing right now I am exposing  this to you guys because I believe that  what these guys have is something  special and I would love for you guys to  take interest take notice and do some  more research and start being a part of  their community I really would like to  like to see that the team I gotta say no  I when I look at a team I’m looking for  you know I’m looking for serious hey I’m  looking for obviously all-stars if at  all possible but I can look past  all-stars I can look past past all-stars  and look at people who are capable  because for  me I feel that the CEO of a company the  founder of the company that’s where the  buck stops and I think that ultimately  when you are the the people that you  bring on like for me let’s just say I  was gonna start a blockchain company I  don’t need to be the smartest guy in the  room and damn it if I’m launching a  blockchain company I better not be the  smartest guy in the room right and so I  want to bring on people who I know have  the experience the knowledge the  resources to do exactly what it is I  need to do from them and I’m not saying  that those people aren’t on this team

what I’m saying is is that I don’t  believe that all these people are truly  committed yet to this team why because  they don’t have funding and that’s the  part of the problem that’s a part of why  my review is what it is right now  these guys are just getting started  these guys these guys to me based on my  humble opinion is these guys are six  months minimum away from basically  having a successful public ico  I think these guys really need to put  some prototype systems together show  some people how this concept is gonna  work then they need to go out and find  some private presale funds to really  give them a leg up on a public sale and  start driving people to the community  and I think that that’s a big part of  what their problem is right now is their  team is made up of some freelancers and  some people who have recently come on  board then there are three months four  months not enough time I don’t feel the  conviction I don’t feel that these guys  are in it for the long haul  so to speak are you got to say no I  didn’t give him a point now and keep in  mind this is only my opinion this isn’t  to say that these guys are in it for the  long haul

I’m simply basing my opinion off of what  I see when I go to the LinkedIn profiles  then I do some checking up on these guys  and I’m trying to get an idea has this  project been in development for a year  or a year and a half and all these guys  are truly committed and they’re putting  in all this time outside of their normal  day jobs because let’s face it this is a  new concept this is a new  company and so these guys don’t have  funding they’re hoping that their idea  their concept and the people that  they’ve put together I know exactly  where these guys are right now this is  exactly where I was with my ICO when I  was trying to launch a universal wallet  and that was before like I knew anything  about ethos or our prism or any of that  stuff that I was I was trying to launch  a universal wallet before any of that  shit and I had a full development team  they were all out of the Ukraine and but  they were all solid developers and they  still are and now they’re starting to  build a big name for themselves I was  getting them right before these guys  started to really hit things off with a  lot of big projects so I would have been  lucky had the interest been there in me  but I know exactly why I didn’t get the  interest in my project and it’s for the  same reasons that this is having some  issues in my personalized advisors

I  could go either way with this yeah  they’ve got some advisors but if the  advisors are you know oh my god I gotta  be honest people if these advisors were  worth their weight in salt that white  paper wouldn’t be so damn difficult to  read and ultimately I wouldn’t be  feeling the way I feel right now because  any real advisors would have told them  that we’re not ready yet so I gotta say  no I’m sorry prototype there isn’t any  that I’ve seen I’ve got to say no total  supply 100 million coins these guys  aren’t cash grabbing they’re not trying  to you know get 30 50 hundred million  dollars for their ICO they just won’t  start up funding and I don’t have any  problem with that I just don’t I haven’t  seen enough yet to not only give it to  them myself but promote the idea of  others giving it to them either but they  got a point  because they are they’re only looking  you know 100 million coins total supply  if I were to invest in this let’s just  say that they watch this video and  they’re like screw CRO ooh burn him down  let’s do him much like whatever his  opinion sucks we don’t agree with it  right and they move forward the ICO  there’s still a chance that they  can meet their goals there’s still a  chance that they have just begun  marketing okay there

I mean I have had  much bigger I SEOs tell me that my fees  too expensive but cartel coin had the  resources to pay it so you know I give  them credit there they’ve obviously got  some kind of funding whether it’s from  from you know their CEO and he’s self  funding the whole project which is my  guess which is completely fine but there  are I would I would suggest not paying  tools like me to review the ICO until  it’s ready and maybe have some prototype  systems in place put some money there  right now I see oh tokens 70% of the  total supply is being issued at IC oh  okay  the IC o—- price ten to fifteen cents  depending on what stage of the IC o—-  you’re getting into they get a point for  that again these guys aren’t cash  grabbing so I give them credit I think  they’re just and they call this stage of  their IC o—- the earlybird IC o—-  which to me basically says look we know  we’re not ready for the big public yet  we know that we’re not ready to bring on  a hundred million dollars in capital yet  we’re just looking to basically solidify  the team be able to pay everybody  full-time salary so that they can work  on this to get us to the next stage and  again that’s one of the reasons why I’m  reviewing this because I truly hope and  believe that they can get there okay

but  I am basing all of my material all of my  review everything that I’m saying I’m  basing on what I see today not what I  think could happen in a month or two  months three months or six months I’m  not basing that on the future I’m basing  it on what I’m presented with right now  okay the total market cap is 7.9 million  it’s practically nothing anybody that  invests in this thing if these guys  start making some power moves with some  serious partnerships or a solid  prototype or anything else and this  thing hits in exchange the price could  skyrocket overnight I mean seriously so  you can get in a $0.10 they could start  playing some serious moves over the next  three to six months man if this thing’s  on exchanges the the  the sheer nature of the price of the  coin the overall market cap being so low  this would be one of the most volatile  fricken coins this could be one of the  most volatile coins on exchanges and I  think it’s gonna be good for them  because I’m hoping that if they can if  they can acquire even half of this I  think it’s gonna give them what they  need to take things to a level that when  they come back to me and they say all  right  we listen to you we didn’t like what you  had to say you’re a total asshole but  take a look now and alright and again

I  will be absolutely happy to do so  highest bonus only 25% to get a point  for that the pulse I gotta say no there  is no pulse yet these guys aren’t even  on a they’re not even a blip on a map  yet okay and that’s that’s a part of my  concern trust at this point in the game  I gotta say no I gotta say no because I  don’t idle like I said all for all the  same reasons I don’t see anything that’s  telling me this is a long-term  commitment I don’t see anything that’s  telling me that this is gonna be a  project funded no matter what happens in  I see oh I don’t know that those  resources are there and that’s why you  know a lot of people bitch and complain  about presale dollars you know and  presale bonuses and things like that but  what you don’t take into account is the  fact that those presale bonuses attract  those early bird ico investors like  these guys are trying to go after but  these guys are trying to go after it  like a public sale and that’s the  difference it’s it’s it’s very difficult  to go after a pre ICO money this way and  so you know this is the kind of thing  that your lawyers should be doing your  advisors should be doing you know  helping get you connected to the people  that are gonna be willing to put that  money in so that when you come to the  market with a public ICO

you can already  say we’ve already generated five million  dollars we’ve already generated two  million dollars at pre ICO because other  people believe in what we’re doing and  our team and everything else enough that  you can have faith in us too and that  what’s going to help drive the community  early on in those beginning stages of a  public sale okay finally the total a  seven out of ten I don’t know what else  to say that’s my review and I hope that  everybody finds this helpful this was  this was a painful a painful one to do  because I see something here that these  guys are trying to accomplish and I know  what it feels like to be in their  position I know what it feels like to be  you know ja Jan and in putting this team  together and trying to get all this  stuff going and then try to acquire the  initial funding necessary to probably  create these prototypes that I’m talking  about and to basically take things to  the level they needed to be I understand  what it feels like to be here but that’s  not where they’re at so the one last  thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna play  this video because I do want you guys to  see it because I do I’m telling you guys  I know this is a it’s like not a big  booming glowing review but I really do  like this project which is why I’m  trying to do everything I’m trying to do  right now alright

so let me get rid of  this and I’m gonna show you guys this  video and we’ll see what what do you  guys think I’m not sure I want to hear  your comments in the chat are wasted  every year paying retail did you know  that you could personally save tens of  thousands of dollars every year simply  by buying smarter wondering how welcome  to the cartel the cartel platform is a  completely self operating decentralized  blockchain solution built to give you as  a consumer  the ability to buy your goods at  wholesale and distributor prices forever  how when you buy a product ugly tip  unnecessary margins have been baked into  the price for example it starts at five  dollars cost from the manufacturer who  makes the front which is not a boat  sells it to a distributor distributor  sells it to a wholesale the wholesaler  puts it on a truck and sends it to the  retailer the retailer finally sells it  to people for $50 that’s something that  only cost $5 to make and along that way  there is a total waste of fossil fuels  carbon emissions and plenty of our  planet’s resources what a completely  unnecessary cycle especially in today’s  highly connected and integrated world

enter car tech a user-friendly interface  built on top of a very sophisticated  decentralized smart contract operated  block shake when you want to buy a  product the smart contract confirms and  reserves your funds in a temporary  escrow without charging you anything no  feets thousands of buyers from all over  the world do the exact same thing our  intelligent smart contract compiles your  order with a thousand other people from  all over the world and presents that  order as a huge total to the seller the  wholesaler has already priced in  according to different volumes the  contract executes and your goods are all  shipped out directing you from the  manufacturer and a fraction of the cost  you would normally pay  the blockchain solution provides a  low-cost self-operating platform the  entire Glo can communicate with  pre-agreed e centralized companies while  the smart contract enables the  wholesaler to fairly conduct a trustless  transaction without the need for  third-party mediators and the  cryptocurrency lets you buy products at  a fixed price from any country in the  world without exchange rate problems  local banking limitations or macro  events pushing down the purchase value  furthermore

you will also have saved the  planet a whole lot of waste of resources  and save yourself anywhere from five to  ten and you can kick in times your money  spent on everyday purchases such as  furniture and necessities woven  computers technology  and that’s the cartel platform built by  consumers or consumers we create a waste  this economy built entirely on the  construct of value and fairness so let’s  start buying smart saving more and  wasting lives all right and there’s that  video and I just read this comment  Krypto Crowe you’re the only crypto  pundit I’ve never been called a pundit  before that I tuned in for live I love  that you’re a straight shooter that  being said give the girl who made your  theme song some crypto well I’m gonna  see about actually paying to have a  music video made for her so hopefully  she finds that more valuable so yeah  don’t worry I’m gonna be I’m gonna be  taking care of her in more ways than one  and I don’t mean that in any like odd  way so give me give me an idea what are  your thoughts on this review guys I  think your review is a true honest  review and you shouldn’t feel bad about  it honest criticism and is invaluable  and they should appreciate that  look my hope is is that my big spiel  here helps them attract some big power  hitters with some dough who are gonna  contact these guys and say you know what  everything crow said was right

but I’m  gonna help you guys out because I see  the future I see what you guys are  trying to do give me some more details  and let’s see if we can’t work together  maybe it’s some other people I mean I  know that that all these different ICO  companies watch my channel cuz all the  emails that I get every day and you know  maybe they’ll find some partnerships  maybe they’ll find some advisors maybe  they’ll find some more people to help  really flesh this thing out and come  back to me in the future like I said  these guys can come back to me anytime  in the future and you can present their  updates and I will deliver them to you  at no cost whatsoever I want to see  these guys do well I love their idea I  love what they’re trying to accomplish  but again I have to base my reviews on  what I’m seeing right now and and and  you know like I always tell everybody  like I don’t chill stuff like I’m not  like it doesn’t matter if I’m paid or  not I’m always going to be brutally  honest if I’m super jazzed up  you I am not gonna be able to contain my  excitement and if I feel like you’ve got  holes well you’re paying me to find  those holes and to present those as well  and hopefully this helps everybody  across the board it would be great if  they had some partners or companies that  would already be involved  ie say like Dell or Nike or something  like that

I completely agree and I think that a  lot of those initial relationships are  are honestly parts of kind of that  presale pre relationship building effort  I feel like that this this whole thing  Kai I’m guessing I don’t know how long  Jan’s been working on this or  cultivating the ideas and putting  everybody together but I’m guessing that  this a lot for the majority of the  people involved this this probably just  became a conversation three to four  months ago so they really haven’t had  the time to get very far yet a nice  little presentation is congruent with  their vision replace fairness with  efficiency I want to meet her crow that  sounded creepy  I like the video oh and I will give you  guys an update PayPal did I did I did  talk to PayPal today because I basically  explained to them like where all this  money’s coming from I explained that I’m  affiliate for different stuff my udemy  course is just everything that I’m doing  and once I explained that I was in a  drug lord and that I wasn’t hosting I  SEOs and you know using PayPal for not  even asked her like who the hell would  set up an ICO and accept PayPal money  for an ICO I’m like it doesn’t that kind  of defeat the whole point of the  blockchain to begin with and she’s like  wow people do it

anyway long story short  they I talked to this woman for at least  30 minutes explained everything and then  within like an hour I got an email  saying they had reopened and like  reactivated my PayPal account however  immediately after that email I logged in  tried to transfer that day  there and it still wouldn’t let me and  it still said that my account was still  limited but I did find a place where  they wanted me to upload some stuff so I  assumed they wanted me to upload  screenshots of my udemy and just all the  stuff that I do so that they could  basically say okay well that’s where the  money’s coming from no problem and at  which point I’m hoping that tomorrow  they officially release my funds not  just unlimited can’t which it’s still  limited so I don’t even know what that  email meant my guess is that when it’s  like every email they said is absolutely  confusing and I told her she was like  well you know that that ami I said no no  you the email you guys sent me basically  said you’re keeping my money for six  months for no real reason or because you  suspect that I could be doing any one of  these things none of which were related  to me so you guys just up and decided  that you know you guys are just gonna  keep 30 grand of my money for for six  months for no real reason whatsoever

and  I so yeah I mean as of right now it  seems like that they’re going to free it  up there really is no reason for them to  not release my funds by tomorrow because  I have our I’ve sent them screenshots  explained everything  there’s no reason if they if they drag  this out beyond their then there’s gonna  be a real problem I’ve already talked to  my lawyer I’ve already talked to a bunch  of people about it  and I told him I said look man to be  real honest with you I’m um I know based  off of what everybody says that a lot of  people have a problem with PayPal and I  know that they’ve been sued a lot but I  don’t know that they’ve been sued by  someone like me who I will make it as  loud and noisy as possible and that is a  promise all right look I mean I  understand that everybody has you know I  understand about regulations and I  understand but there’s no regulation  there’s no regulation that I’ve ever  heard of and talking to talking to  people that there’s nothing that says oh  well they think that you’re buying  cryptocurrency or whatever with PayPal  or or hosting an ICO and accepting  PayPal funds there’s nothing that says  yeah go ahead and keep all the money  that they make for six months with no  real

like there’s there’s nothing that  really allows them to do that so but  like I said as of right now it’s  seems like look that and they apologize  they did apologize they said look we  don’t know these things and yes you know  you told me the way that like the emails  that get sent out are very kind of  direct and very like we’re shutting you  down and we’re keeping she’s like I  don’t necessarily agree with that kind  of email going out to everybody because  it’s definitely confusing and we had a  good conversation and she was very nice  very very helpful explained their side  of things and I said that’s fine just  give me my money that’s basically what I  I kind of repeated quite a few times so  PayPal holds people’s money to gain  interest well you know if that’s true  then you know that they picked the wrong  dude but that’s that’s all I can really  say they picked the wrong dude for that  do you think whale bots have any part in  the current market stagnation everything  is up or everything is down not onesies  and twosies honestly yeah I do I think  there there is a market for it you know  I just think that your your bot needs to  be running the right settings for the  right for the way the market is so if  I’m going to

I don’t even know what BTC  is at right now I think it’s like 10:00  9:00 last I checked  10:7 Jesus so it’s gone down like a full  thousand bucks since yesterday which  really sucks RSI indicator I mean you  know we’re so or yeah RSI is basically  saying that it’s at a bi position now  you know the whole thing everybody says  you know you when this is at 40 you buy  when it reaches 70 you sell that’s kind  of the whole the whole thing and you  know looking at this I would say it was  about right because if you would have  sold it at 67 and just let it do its  thing until it came back down you know I  mean I would say that’s pretty accurate  so we’ll see what happens  I’m gonna start really keeping my eye on  the RSI indicator because it seems to be  pretty accurate  for the most part but let’s see the  shipping aspect makes makes no sense for  individuals it would be way too  expensive us to Germany for a five ounce  package is $75 for example this would  only be tangible for bulk orders for  businesses well and I and and I I think  it is more for businesses than it is the  individual so yeah interest interest  Jason they like earning free interest  all right yeah

it’s like I look I don’t  want any trouble I don’t I don’t want  any trouble I don’t want it I just I  don’t want to have to waste my time or  my money and it’s it’s wrong it’s wrong  that I could potentially have to do that  and if I do have to do that I’m going to  make sure that look I mean not you just  I’m not even gonna bother saying  anything else I mean at this point I  just I hope it doesn’t have to become a  part of my life let’s just say that  because if it does I will be very very  vengeful about it that’s all there is to  it  no we’re talking about PayPal let’s see  all right so what time is it’s about  10:30 I know a lot of you guys in the UK  are probably wanting to go to bed let’s  see anything I anything I sell on eBay  PayPal holds the funds for 21 days  that’s interesting well I know I know  PayPal either PayPal bought eBay or eBay  bought PayPal I don’t remember which way  it went for all I know I could have an  email it’s checking so I’m gonna look I  guess I can’t  I’m gonna check and see if I have an  email from them and all because as I  understand that they’re like compliance  Department works 24/7 so yeah no emails  from them yet  yeah

I mean I tell you what yesterday  like when I got back upstairs cuz I was  so busy all day when I got back upstairs  I had like 12 emails from ICO companies  that were wanting me to review them it’s  just it’s crazy and and it’s like look I  love really good projects  don’t forget tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern  Standard Time I will be interviewing  Aleks machine ski live and we all know  how I feel about the Celsius project  Celsius IV coin I’m all for them I’m all  about these things so actually I’m gonna  check some so yeah I’m assuming and I  haven’t looked but I’m assuming my bot  is probably gonna be buying card on oh  here pretty soon so we shall see ya  smash those likes guys you know I don’t  know if you guys know this but like the  more the more positive comments and the  more goodness that a video gets the the  likes and all that stuff the shares all  that all that stuff helps the helps the  video rank and it ultimately helps get  more traffic and more views and stuff  like that so yeah crush those likes and  I saw today it’s so funny because I was  watching I didn’t get to time to chime  in live with soo pose recent video but I  did check it out later and I saw how  many of you guys are just blowing him up  for this interview and he keeps saying  the same thing like

I you know I I don’t  know  he keeps saying I don’t know I’m not one  I’m not a good interviewee and I’m just  thinking come on they’re like I don’t  know what you’re Superman I don’t know  what you’re afraid of  but there’s nothing for you to fear  let’s do this interview at the very  least email me and we’ll chat about it  and you know if we chat and you decide  look it’s just really not for me or  whatever  look I’m not I don’t want to interview  Superman because I want to find out what  his latest picks are I don’t give a shit  that’s not my intent  my intent is to put I would like to  start doing a fairly regular like I just  had two more big CEOs email me recently  wanting to do interviews I would like to  make blockchain focused interviews with  big power players a big part of my  channel moving forward and you know I  would like to you know I consider  Superman a power player I mean he’s not  this big billionaire blockchain  developer or anything but you know he’s  somebody that has had an influence on me  you know when I was starting out and I  was getting into the space and  ultimately it’s me just kind of wanting  to you know say thank you and and  ultimately show the public a little bit  more of a personal Superman

I want to  learn a little bit more about his family  I want to learn a little bit more about  his upbringing I want to learn a little  bit more about where you know how he  came up in the world like everybody  knows how I came up I came up dirt shit  poor I didn’t have anything the only  thing I had working for me was the fact  that I was seven foot tall and kind of  smart you know and and and that’s it and  so that that’s I just want to find out  and I think the public wants to find out  a little bit more about who this man is  look I know a lot more about Superman  than I think Superman thinks I know and  all I’m gonna say is you know there’s  nothing to fear from me like I just want  to I just want to explore the man that  is Superman is my first big kind of I  don’t know interview let’s call it  practice but obviously that’s not gonna  happen because I’m interviewing Alex and  the schinsky tomorrow and that’s gonna  rock the house so I you know cuz I if  you watch any Alex’s videos the guy is  like I said I mean the guy’s got balls  and he’s a little cocky I think we’re  gonna have some fun tomorrow so you know  I mean it’s all good it’s not a man  crush it’s definitely not a man crush  type situation but you know I respect  people that I think are  doing good in the space

I don’t really  give a shit what all the trolls say you  know I have trolls too you know every  every everybody in a public eye has  trolls because people some people just  get a rise out of that kind of stuff  Jack Martin I can’t talk about any of  that publicly at all anymore ever it’s  just not gonna happen  and any mentions of it really I have to  start getting rid of and it’s not it’s  not for anything other than just like  regulation stuff like you just you can’t  talk about that stuff publicly I didn’t  know about it back in November when I  first started talking so yeah just so  you know it’s not me ignoring anybody  it’s just I just can’t discuss any of  that stuff I have to I have to be a  suit-and-tie close-lipped professional  when it comes to that stuff  I can’t just vomit all over the place  when it comes to that particular topic  anymore so you want to explore him oh  you guys are retarded  ridiculous I should say crow what uh  what other indicators do you use for TA  you know I mean I used the MACD a little  bit try to find those M’s and w’s but I  mean you know the RSI I’ve learned a  little bit more about the Bollinger Band  here I just kind of typically I just  watched I look for EMA spread that’s  what I really kind of look for but to do  it to make quick trades you kind of  almost have to use the EMA spread on  like a much smaller time frame and  that’s that’s kind of tricky sometimes  like this here is a 5-minute chart and  you know there’s typically a lot more  activity like boom you know

you could  buy it right here and then but it  doesn’t go up very high and then it  starts to tank again and it’s like right  now with the way the these coins are  working I’m just kind of waiting  honestly like I haven’t sold a single  Jack Martin are you serious do I have to  like I assume you’re paying attention  dude  crow do you have eath settings for  feeder I don’t think I did I don’t think  I put those out and to be quite frank  I’m probably I’m probably going back to  my EMA spread even if I have to wait a  little bit oh here we go like I said I  mean if like my current settings would  basically put in a card on oh by right  about here is where it’ll pick some up  so I mean we’ll see and this I will say  that I am working on an idea that for  profit feed or profit trailer and all  that stuff I would like to put together  a platform of some kind that enables  everybody so all of us youtubers who use  profit trailer profit feeder I would  like to put together a platform that  enables everybody to watch all of our  BOTS in real time 24/7 so that you know  like okay almost like looking at animals  in a zoo or something or like lobsters  in a tank right you’re like all right  what do we want for dinner well I like  this one and I like that one and I would  like to set up a way so that it’s almost  like a profit trailer of settings mall  where you can go and basically watch  this guy’s bought

you can watch this  guys buy and it’ll display like these  are our settings like this is what these  are this is the setting structure that  we’re running in the strategy and if  you’re watching and you’re like ma’am  and you look at the market you know I’m  in the market shit but this mod is doing  really well and they’re on a low BB  setting for aetherium or for Bitcoin or  whatever and then you know and then  basically you can download those  settings for free and and you can just  basically see what everybody’s doing and  then let’s say you’re exploring the  potential for buying profit trailer a  profit feed or a profit tracker or  whatever and you haven’t bought it yet  but you can come to this platform watch  all of us and our bots in action and you  know basically buy profit trailer profit  feeder from whatever one of us is  maintaining our bots in the market the  most providing the settings that you’re  going to need based off of market  conditions and then you basically be  able to pick up while this guy updates  his bond every six hours based off of  market conditions which realistically  you know feeder is going to nipple  out of that in the butt right so but  there are a lot of a lot of crazy ways  that you can configure feeders so  there’s a lot to it but and it’s not  gonna be the easiest type thing

I’ve  actually been talking to the profit feed  or developers about helping put a  platform like this together how would  that work how expensive would it be  should we monetize it with some sort of  monthly fees so that like people can  come in and it’s paying for all of the  servers and I don’t really know and I  don’t know if there’s really enough  interest like let’s say that we had to  charge something every month to  basically cover all the expenses in the  development time and all the stuff just  to bring all this together is it is it  worth it at that point for people you  know what I’m saying to me it is because  it’s almost like a copy trading  membership in a sense but again I don’t  know I would pay for that well that’s  cool yeah I mean you know if you guys  like the idea let me know and I’ll you  know oh oh here we go here we go it’s  cardano’s going down man cardano’s going  down and it’s funny because I just saw  that I ohk just published the new videos  on their channel about an hour ago so  maybe people are finished watching them  no no I got screw this so I might want  to go check those out  look I’m card on a long term and I don’t  give a shit if this goes down to ten  cents all it means is I’m gonna buy more  here before or Boris launches so alright  ladies and gentlemen I think I’m gonna  call it an evening  I’m gonna finish eating my cheesecake  and I’m gonna send you guys out with one  more play of the full version of The  Crow your coin song for those of you who  haven’t heard it and I am going to play  or I’m gonna put up the what’s McCall  it’s the lyrics of the song so hopefully  you guys like that here you go  I love you guys

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