70k Subs! Final Bitcoin Crash and Cool Cousin ICO Review ??

70k Subs! Final Bitcoin Crash and Cool Cousin ICO Review ??



I used to be  able to dance back in the day not so  much anymore  I’m just nobody wants to see an ogre  dancin anywhere  I think the audio is fine and I think I  know exactly what happened because I did  that interview this morning with Alex  machine ski and I had headphones plugged  into my microphone and for whatever  reason just me unplugging it just  stopped my whole entire mic from working  so that’s what happened so I had to  reboot my whole computer reset up  everything that I had sorry it took a  little while but yeah so I’m here and  you know I just want I was gonna point  out that I broke 70,000 subscribers  today and I was super super pumped about  that I just wanted to say thanks each  and every one of you guys it shows up  here all the time and listens to me rant  ramble I try to educate I tried to do a  lot of different things and yeah just  that we turn up the volume hold on a  minute now you want you want you want  more volume I don’t think you want more  volume cuz I’m looking at the meters and  it says it says I’m pretty good so  alright I’ve seen you I’ve seen you Ajay  Kumar thoughts on credit  Superman says this is the best project  Ivan on tech says it’s a scam what are  your thoughts  alright so III do have thoughts on this  at this point because I’ve explored kind  of both sides of the fence here and look  Superman looks at it like Superman is  not a programmer

Superman is not like  myself I’m not a programmer either right  so we kind of in in in some sense we  kind of have to and neither of us have  programming you know technical advisors  to help us kind of establish our  perception or our valuation of an ICO  when it comes to a blockchain technology  like credits you know it’s it’s a  they’ve never reached out to me if they  let’s just assume for a second they  would have reached out to me and they  would have said hey you know we’re  really interested in and you  reviewing us then I would have started  to do I would start doing some digging  and I take blockchain tech a little more  seriously than I do some of the other  stuff right because a lot of these a lot  of these icos that are out are basically  just forks of aetherium like they’re all  on the etherium blockchain now when  you’re talking about something like  credits you know where they’re basically  bragging about having what was it like a  million transaction a second or  something like that  look yeah if they if they pull through  with that it’s gonna be the biggest  project of 2018 probably now the flip  side to the end so in that in that case  I agree with Superman but I haven’t  talked a lot about credits outside of  basically some mentions alongside some  other blockchain tech

because when it  comes to when it comes to this  blockchain stuff man I mean it’s like  it’s it’s really difficult to know and  they’ve put out some pretty lofty goals  now I also watched Ivan’s video I just  watched that tonight as a matter of fact  guys got a lot of valid points I mean  you know he’s an actual developer  apparently I don’t know a lot about Ivan  the tech okay I just know that he gets  his visa and w’s mixed up just little  ribbing but he seems like he knows his  stuff and he basically pointed out some  glaring concerns that he’s had with the  code with the wallet with with the  things that they’ve put out so far the  fact that they don’t have any github yet  and I saw in their telegram recently  that they basically said look we haven’t  put anything on github because marked  our patent isn’t complete well I know  that you can get a patent pending issued  pretty quickly like in a matter of a few  days so I don’t think I necessarily buy  the whole patent argument because I have  I have my own patent pending on the  universal wallet believe it or not I  don’t know any you guys know about it  but I actually patented a universal  wallet system with two different  variations of pulling it off through  blockchain technology so I never put  that out there but I actually patented  my own  them for universal wallet technology  when I was working on my original  project the simple universal wallet that

I never got off the ground so there you  go and I got that I mean I filed it and  got the paperwork and everything back  like within a week like I expedited it  so that being said I don’t really know  what to believe to be quite frank with  you and I also know that a group you co  you are the ethos killer no I love ethos  absolutely actually and I actually I’ve  invested in ethos so I’m expecting it to  do well I don’t know anything about Eden  chain or any of that stuff  so you know I I I got to be honest like  if credits pulls it off and they start  releasing some good solid information  I’m all about it but until then I’m not  really planning on investing so on that  note bitcoins down in 97 I actually  think it’s probably 96 now no it’s at 97  here’s the thing like I know a lot of  people are freaking I’m freaking out  about this and I know that there’s a lot  of the recent news lately like the u.s.  cryptocurrency trading platforms must be  registered with the SEC amen that’s all  I can say amen because I think that they  I saw this video recently and they made  it basically stated that a lot of people  just assume that exchanges are regulated  and they’re not I mean

I could create an  exchange right now in my room start  promoting it and I have everybody  trusting me with millions and millions  of dollars in cryptocurrency and that’s  how a lot of these exchanges are I  absolutely agree that the SEC needs to  make sure that every one of these guys  is licensed they are registered and  they’re following the rules man I mean  look I know that early on when I first  got into crypto I was kind of like you  know the sec sucks and I know there are  a lot of people that hate them but you  know and even even given the things that  I’m doing you know I’m going to have to  deal I have to deal with the SEC  regulations things that I say in my  channels technically could fall under  SEC guidelines in the sense like I can’t  you know like these disclaimers in the  disclaimer that I put I mean look it’s a  pain in the ass don’t get me wrong but  when you look at the grand scheme of  things I want them watching my back it’s  like a police officer like you can say  cops up cops suck but then as soon as  you get robbed or you you know  somebody’s in your house that doesn’t  belong there who are the first people  you call right

so you kind of have to  take the good with the bad and deal with  both sides of that fence they’re there  when you need them and I think when it  comes to exchanges they’re gonna be  there when we need them which is now  because the you know let’s face it every  aspect of cryptocurrency  although the idea for decentralization  is to be outside of the thumb from out  of underneath the thumb of government  regulatory bodies you know government  interference things like that let’s be  honest folks we still need it okay it’s  like it’s like being 15 years old being  you know full uh full up you know what  will they stay young dumb full of   ?   doesn’t know shit and you know that’s  kind of where I feel we are right now as  an entire market and it’s like I  remember when I was young I was like 15  I wanted to be emancipated because I  wanted to move out be independent be on  my own I didn’t know what the hell I was  even thinking and I needed you know my  mom and I needed other people to tell me  you’re stupid you don’t know what the  hell you’re even doing yet you can  barely even walk let alone go live on  your own work full-time

get a job could  support yourself and honestly in this  case especially the SEC is like mom like  I hate to say it but it’s true that  CeCe’s like mom they’re dead basically  telling us look you guys are tools you  don’t know any better yet you get we  need to protect you from making stupid  decisions I call it how I see it and  that’s how I feel about it  so that the flip side to this is is  we’re looking at Bitcoin now at 97 32 I  know it was just at 96 hundred bucks on  G Dax because I was just kind of  watching everything tank and I’m  watching the charts but and I didn’t  pull any of these up but back  getting like February 5th when I told  everybody if you go back to some of my  videos where I told everybody what to  expect in February in March I basically  said look the markets probably going to  start coming back 14 15 16 to February  which it did it like to almost to the  letter of what I was predicting it  started coming back we got as high as 12  to about a $12,000 Bitcoin and I also  said look it’s probably gonna fall again  in March early on right I don’t know how  many of you in chat remember me saying  this and this isn’t even this wasn’t  because I like worked out a whole bunch  of technical analysis and Fibonacci  retracements and an Elliott Wave shit it  had nothing to do with any of that

it  had to do with the annual pattern a  Bitcoin in the overall crypto market and  basically looking at these patterns year  after year after year that’s basically  what I saw happening and given that the  timeframes are a little bit different  give or take a week or two but pretty  much that’s what’s happening and so when  I’m watching this Bitcoin go down right  now I’m not freaking out because  honestly I’m rejoicing that this is  happening right now yeah you’ve got news  that’s hitting the market and buying ins  being hacked what do you think by Nance  being hacked really pulled twenty thirty  million dollars out of the market in a  day and it wasn’t even hacked by the way  folks they it was somebody was using a  phishing scheme to try and pull api’s  and buying ads put a stop on all  withdrawals until they knew exactly what  was going on that’s really all it was  buying it wasn’t technically hacked so  all that being said I think things are  fine I’m not freaking out I don’t give a  shit like look I could try to play the  swings here hell I even said in a video  where I was looking at the RSI indicator  and I was it was like it’s 70 or just  above 70 even it was around $12,000 I  think I even made a comment like

I  should probably sell right now because  it’s probably gonna go down from here  soon and sure enough that’s exactly what  happened but you know it is what it is  you know what I mean I’m still learning  about how to read some of this stuff and  what it means and the fact of the matter  is is it doesn’t matter how good you are  in technical analysis like there are  only like a thousand people that own the  total like the bulk of  coin right like it’s not like it’s not  like a global fractionalization of all  the Bitcoin that’s out there it’s like a  small handful of people and so look man  these trends are happening for a reason  and so basically to sum up my whole  thing about Bitcoin right now it’s gonna  drop hell I don’t know how far down it’s  gonna go I don’t think it’s gonna go too  drastic  I would expect it to maybe go half as  far as its lowest point during the crash  that’s my guess  maybe it’ll hit 65 maybe it’ll hit  somewhere around  I don’t know 75 it could maybe it’ll  stop at 8 I don’t know but I expect it  to probably go down a little bit more  and it might it might just go down to  9,000 bucks but I’m telling you now this  is probably in my xmin this is my crow  prediction this is gonna be the final  crash before it starts heading to the  moon

and this is based off of the last  several years of typical patterns known  with Bitcoin around this time of year  February of March I was dead to the  money from my on my February 14th 15th  prediction and I made that prediction on  the fifth when it was Bitcoin WA at the  time I think was like 6,500 bucks that  had dipped it low at 6,500 bucks and I’m  not a technical analysis wizard I just  kind of take everything in that I’m  seeing and I kind of make my own way  through it all and I come up with my own  conclusion and typically they’re pretty  right me talking about bit connect  closing you know in December you know  back in November I was like bit connect  might be closing in December you know  what I mean and and and I was basically  a week off all right so yeah that’s  basically what I do is I just I pretty  much crow AI I wish I had a way to like  I actually had a like a super rich guy  in this conference called recently  asking me if there was any way of  creating like an AI algorithm for what I  do  I’m like dude I don’t know man like I  doubt it  neo hit 86 bucks at one point today yeah  I liked it when it was 68 bucks I was  looking at

I almost bought some it might  even hit 60 Crowe cardano’s 2.24 now 24  cents I actually saw it hit 20  25 cents I saw it hit 24 cents but the  problem is is that when these all coins  are dropping but bitcoins dropping just  as fast or faster it’s not like it’s a  bargain now granted cardano’s 23 cents  right now so it’s dropped 16 percent  while bitcoins dropped 10 percent in the  same 24-hour period so I don’t know I  might it might be the perfect  opportunity for me to pick up some more  card ah no because if I bought some card  ah no right now with Bitcoin being  probably it’s a check G tax it’s  probably ninety five hundred it’s  probably card oh no might be a pretty  solid hedge against bitcoins potential  losses over the next week so we’ll see  all right  you called that February 15th shit yes I  did and I’m not I’m not even here’s the  thing guys I mean I don’t know shit like  I’m just gonna tell you straight up like  I don’t know shit don’t ever just take  my word for anything I I get gut  feelings about things I put numbers  together I put patterns together I do my  own homework and I look very deeply into  things I feel need to be looked into but  in the grand scheme of things I don’t  know shit I could be wrong at any minute  of any day like so you know I’m not I’m  not like this big guru guy you know what  I mean and I’m not like the second  coming of crypto Christ or anything like  that

I will never ever claim to be I  know enough to know I don’t know shit  and that’s that’s that’s the truth I  this world is so much bigger than me and  my full comprehension you know but I  just happen to be pretty good at what I  do know and a part of what I do know is  my own gut and I honestly believe that  my gut is typically pretty accurate  about things because I’m just so not  about bullshit like I feel like I am so  true to myself that I just I don’t know  my bullshit radar is super super  powerful and like I just I don’t know I  just believe that that’s how things are  all right so yeah I mean I like the fact  that the SEC is gonna start regulating  in  making these these exchanges register I  do I hope they keep a really good solid  watchful eye on them and honestly this  is protecting us folks oh if I were you  I’d embrace it I definitely wouldn’t  look at this as any kind of FUD this was  a little video talking about it but we  don’t need to see it what I want to do  is I want to talk about the cool cousin  ICO because they’re paying me to tell  you guys about it but I’m gonna be real  upfront with you guys you know you guys  seem to be real receptive of my my  review of Kartell coin and I’m glad that  everybody really appreciated that review

I haven’t heard anything from them  directly about it but my hope is that  they take that and they run with it and  they they make the changes that they  need to start really turning that not  necessarily turn it around but I think  that there’s a lot of opportunity there  for them should they decide to make some  changes as I suggested and start playing  their cards right taking things a little  bit more seriously on that front cool  cousin on the other hand is already like  Bowman like they’re not even like this  is the regular website okay they already  have an app on iTunes okay this is their  app and the reviews for this are  fantastic for the most part a 4.7  average out of five which is really kind  of difficult to get on iTunes because  there are a lot more trolls than there  are positive people so the app is  obviously up and it’s doing something  right and these are some of the screen  shots of the app how many of you guys in  my chat right now are already familiar  with cool cousin and what they’re doing  just give me a like yep or something  oh let me I got a check check my my  telegram chat because one of my mods  just said there’s a surprise in here so  let’s see what it is I don’t know how  far that was at 9 o’clock so I guess  we’ll go down oh boy  look what oh shit you sons of guns  congratulations on 70k I’m very happy to  be a part of this movement love you me

and please don’t banish me haha alright  so I’ve got to show this damn picture  hold on oh my god when my wife sees this  picture she is gonna die laughing that  one of you smart asses out here made  this so let me pull this up hold on  I do love it I do love it it’s a pretty  funny stuff very creative  oh my god there it is you guys can see  this look what I made for you a picture  of the Amish crow with a nice wooden  chair and suspenders  all right pine thank you I appreciate it  yeah some of the stuff you guys post and  your little memes of me and my in Mike  murderer crows telegram channel are  pretty good but I gotta tell you guys  you know what pine Dax  you guys do a hell of a job you guys  really do do a great job and kind of  keeping the community strong and helping  everybody and I’m gonna end up having a  surprise for for you guys here pretty  soon too  but but we’ll see but yeah there’s the  picture it’s pretty funny stuff  hardy-har there’s the you must have just  done that too because that’s like right  now that’s like the shirt I’m wearing at  the moment so you threw that together  pretty quick I guess since I started  this broadcast so anyway yeah that’s  pretty funny stuff guys I do appreciate  it though so thank you for that

and wait  where did I just send you guys a sense  you guys into an oblivion alright so yes  some of you know no note a lot of you  haven’t heard of it okay good well  hopefully crypto Croat cro Toshi we  praise you and your Nutella I do love me  some Nutella folks I sure do yessiree  it’s good with a cracker it’s good with  a banana it’s good with just about  anything good on a sandwich it’s good  with a fork good with a middle finger  it’s good just about any way I can get  it alright so cool cousins basically  here’s the thing here’s what this app  does revolutionising travel with the  sharing economy powered by blockchain so  you guys know how Airbnb works right  like my wife has actually used it I have  not yet but like it Airbnb basically  when you’re going to a new city you’re  going somewhere else maybe you don’t  want to stay in hotel maybe you want a  little more of a personal touch right  and people put their put rooms in their  homes or wherever and they put them up  basically for rent on Airbnb all over  the place then you pay for everything  and everybody’s raided and and all that  stuff  well cool cousin is kind of like that  but for almost like for a travel agency  they’re basically creating a travel  agency but they’re calling a cool cousin

almost like anywhere in the world you go  you’ve got a cool cousin that can show  you around show you the hottest spot  show you the best places to eat show you  the best places to shop and they’re  ultimately kind of like little like it’s  like having a cool cousin pretty much  anywhere in the world and that’s really  in a nutshell like it’s just and it’s  freaking great because I know my wife  when I already talk a lot and as soon as  I grow bigger balls and I actually have  the ability to get on a plane and stay  on it  long enough to get from one location to  another I know my wife’s looking it and  doing some traveling soon and I know  that when we actually start doing that  whether that’s through I don’t know a  drug induced coma that that knocks me  out on the plane or I get completely  liquored up I don’t know how we’re gonna  pull this all off yet but there is  pleasure our plans that go some places  and this is really cool it’s a really  cool way to basically find somebody to  show us around like if we’re gonna go to  another city or maybe you’re gonna be  there for like four or five days  we are absolutely gonna use cool cousin  to like find someone to help show us  around and teach us like almost like a  tour guide now there are different ways  and different depths of using different  people but that’s ultimately what this  whole cool cousin thing is give me give  me a thumbs up or something in chat

give  me a hell yeah if you think this is a  pretty cool idea because I really do  think this is like this is just sick  like all right but I think of Airbnb  when I think of you just need a bigger  plane yeah what I think it mer B&B; when  I think of uber when I think of all that  yeah hell yeah I mean I think this is  really solid so he’ll effing yeah cool  idea hell yeah got you hell yeah hell  yeah  lots of hell yeah it’s good because I  think this is really I I think this is  going to be very solid now taking a leap  forward introducing cuz cuz is the coin  cuz don’t you know that’s what’s up cool  cousin is on its way to become a  game-changing decentralized a this  decentralized travel agency for the  Millennial and generation Z traveler  using blockchain technology empowered by  the crypto token cuz  cool cousin will offer travelers diverse  and affordable premium services while  creating a new source of income for  locals around the world without  compromising the contents  trustworthiness I think  SiC I really do autonomous community an  autonomous community of contributors who  own their own cool cousin profiles  monitor content quality and monetize  their unique knowledge for whatever  reason I just think of that scene and  boys in the hood where this little kid  he’s like y’all want to see a dead body  I don’t expect any cool cousin saying  this

but for whatever reason that seemed  popped in my head  whoa crow you were looking effing great  brother feelin good oh you know I’m  feeling better like I’m a little hot in  the back of the head right now I’m not  gonna lie this is my second video of the  day and I’ve been just reading and doing  all kinds of stuff I’m a feeling a  little tiny bit woozy I’m not my ear is  still like got some weirdness going on  but at least I can walk straight and I’m  not super dizzy  all right scaling fast growing bigger  faster thanks to the establishment of a  self-governing community the company can  run a lean operation with no overhead  organically spreading to New Territories  and easily onboarding new contributors  affordable custom service affordable cut  I know I’m reading this like I’m like  running a commercial or something that’s  like my voice-over effort right so  affordable customized travel services by  local experts can now be offered thanks  to low overhead costs and transaction  fees provided all travelers with  time-saving services that elevate  experiences unbiased service trustworthy  information is safeguarded by blockchain  technology which limits the company’s  ability to make commercial decisions  that compromise the services  authenticity

so there’s a really cool  one-pager that kind of breaks some of  this stuff down and then the white paper  that had the one paper or the white  paper is really nice very easy to read  so now that I’m getting down into some  of the numbers here let’s look at some  of them this is Bullis I don’t know why  I’m dropping frames yo what’s up with  that cuz crow um I am being paid for  this I am being paid to expose this but  if you if you didn’t learn from last  night that me being paid for a review  doesn’t mean squat you know  you best recognize doesn’t matter if I’m  being paid for review doesn’t mean I’m  gonna sit here and tell you guys how  great it is I genuinely like this ICO  quite a bit so let’s see here let me  pull this down five minutes PowerPoint  web browser there we go all right so I’m  gonna go over my point system here how  many of you guys watched my review last  night just just to give me an idea how  many you guys watched my cartel coin  review  so do you guys do you guys think that  even though I was paid for that review  do you guys feel that that was a very  fair potentially accurate I don’t want  to say accurate because it’s based off  of my own opinion but do you feel that  my my my review of that ICO was in any  way swayed by the fact that I was being  paid for it

just give me a know if you  agree that I wasn’t good so there you  have it like anybody that doubts the  fact that I am completely 100% honest  you know look companies pay me and  Martin from my perspective companies  that are launching an ICO or have a coin  already on an exchange they don’t pay me  to gloat about it to glow about them  they don’t pay me to shill their shit  they pay me to give a very accurate  honest opinion of where they’re at what  they’re doing and expose them to my  audience that’s what they pay me for  they do not pay me now some of them come  to me and they say you know what’s your  fee and I tell them and they say well we  don’t really want to pay that much until  we know for sure that your review is  gonna be good and I’m like well I’m not  gonna put in the work of investigating  you and researching you you don’t even  like I don’t work for free either and  researching I cos that’s a job if I’m  gonna read your white paper and in value  eight you over all that takes time that  time is valuable especially my time so  companies either come to me and they say  look we want the exposure good bad or  ugly we would just a lot of them to  their credit Kartell pointed as well  came to me and said we want an honest  review

we want an honest opinion and  that’s what they get and that’s all  there is to it so don’t ever doubt my  integrity folks because I’m knocking  your teeth all right so here we go cool  cousin it is an app worth one point and  it is an app that is already launched  these guys already pulled like two  million dollars and venture capital  money to get to where they are now okay  the tech yes this is a super cool idea  this is a great concept I think it’s  extremely useful for travelers  and I give it a point the team the team  is solid team is big they got a lot of  people associated with this thing and  they’re legitimate team members advisors  again they’ve got a lot of great  advisors I’m gonna look into some of  that stuff but I’ve already looked into  all this stuff when I scored this out  prototype they got more than a prototype  they’ve got a fully functional app  however I do not think that the  blockchain technology is yet integrated  into this which is what they are  planning to do post ICO total supply of  300 million well under my 500 million  mark 33% of those tokens are being  issued at the ICO sale they did not get  a point for this that’s that that’s all  there is to it they actually have they  have like 33% going into the token sale  but then they’ve got like another 20%  that they’re holding back

specifically  for internal use within the app itself  which I understand I I get it but  they’ve got another 20 cent percent of  tokens that are basically just gonna be  used within the app that are ultimately  gonna become that are gonna go into  people’s hands for you know for services  and things  ICO price right now based off of the  value of aetherium is about 20 cents a  coin which you know well under 60 cents  market cap based off of that 20 cents a  coin there’s only about nineteen point  eight million so it’s really not a whole  lot at all like this is not a big cash  grab II kind of thing I think it’s very  very within reason highest bonus now  here’s the thing about their bonuses  okay I gave them a point even though  they’re 50% bonus is way high way above  my 35 percent why did I get a low point  because even if you get that 50% bonus  it is locked up and bested for nine  months you’re not touching squat for  nine months and every tier under that  has a lock-up period as well down to as  much as three months so basically if you  get a bonus from the original ICO price  that bonus is going to be  locked up which i think is very fair I  think it’s a solid way I mean these guys  thought of everything when it came to  like playing in this ICO out I think I’m  about to sneeze sure who had some bass  to it alright

pulse booming community I mean the  community is growing every day there’s  no question that this is popular trust  absolutely I trust them these guys  already have an app that’s launched  these guys have venture capitalists that  have been supporting this thing from the  beginning prior to the ICO let alone now  these guys got a solid Oh duh where’d I  go a solid 11 when I tallied up all the  points 11 out of 13 they’re flying crow  I mean this is something that I you know  this is something that I would genuinely  invest in I probably here’s the thing  because of the nature of this thing I  wouldn’t be how much I would invest into  this would really be dependent on what  my total budget is like if I had a  twenty thousand dollar budget that I was  investing I’d probably throw 500 bucks  into this okay that’s kind of how I look  at it like if I had a thousand bucks I  might throw a hundred bucks into this  like just because I see this growing I  see this doing well over time but at the  same time this is gonna be more of a  long-term hold because of the nature of  the bonus structure like whatever you  whatever bonuses you’re getting you’re  not gonna see those for a while so  you’re basically just relying on the  hard the hard cuz tokens right yes thank  you for that bless you crow I appreciate  that I wonder if it’s true every time  you sneeze you lose a little piece of  your soul something think about all  right

so um let’s see here’s that here’s  that image again oh look what I made for  you alright so going back in here this  is the road map and I love road maps I  I’ve learned to really appreciate how  planned out a road map is this is where  these guys were iOS beta launch Intel  preceding proceed funding around this  was back in second quarter 2016 okay you  go all the way up here 2017 second  quarter fifty cities and two hundred  thousand users boom boom boom second  funding around in this in the fourth  quarter of 2017  and then the web app launch in 65 cities  with a thousand plus cousins  so there’s a difference between users  and cousins right because cousins are  the people that you’re relying on to  show you around all these different  places and then now here we are here it  were the first quarter 2018 we’re at the  ICO launch then we’re looking at the  token sale cuz issuance event simple  simple wallet in the third quarter of  2018  first transactional feature cool cousin  3.0 including cuz infrastructure I mean  like these things these these guys have  it all cool cousin 4.0 buy this by the  fourth quarter 2019 a lot of development  a lot of growth planned mass adoption by  2020 so look I mean it this is I think  this is a very solid opportunity I’m not  kidding you looking at the team I mean  you know when I

this is gonna sound  retarded to some of you guys I’m telling  you now but looking just looking at  these people I get a vibe I’m telling  you I know it sounds like totally quirky  but looking at these people I can tell  this dude for whatever reason I probably  wouldn’t want to piss him off cuz I’m he  looks passive aggressive as hell okay  but he looks like a genuinely smart  happy-go-lucky just trying to get stuff  done kind of guy some of these guys and  I don’t know I I can you I’m not even  trying to pronounce his name it a ight a  could be something completely different  but anyway like the team as a whole look  solid if you go in like the CTO  blockchain development everybody these  guys these guys had the resources to  pull some top talent some solid people  into their fold and they’re doing a hell  but  already the advisors these guys have  they didn’t go overboard with having 50  different advisors about every little  thing just the beef shit up these guys  already had the money like he’s already  these guys have already been getting VC  and C capital funding pretty much since  the beginning why because their idea is  great and these guys are gonna make a  fortune  plain and simple the question is like in  it I mean ultimately when I look at this  I’m thinking okay so these guys had VC  money from the beginning to get them to  this point now

they’re giving us the  opportunity to buy in and potentially  generate some solid returns off of where  they go from here between now and 2020  to me it’s a no-brainer that’s just my  opinion not as a financial adviser but  as somebody that don’t know shit cuz is  this is the stuff that’s my that’s my  eight likes guys seriously come on show  the CRO some love and hit that like  button yeah I don’t know nobody hits my  like button I don’t think anybody really  likes me I think everybody’s just like  hey I’m gonna tune in I’m gonna make him  look like an honest guy making furniture  get some laughs and I’m gonna go to bed  that’s all the love I get i get no smash  likes i haven’t had you know i don’t  give a whole whole bunch of likes unless  it’s about profit trailer when I do a  profit trailer video I get a whole bunch  of likes but when I’m doing an ICO  review people are just like ah another  paid ICO review you suck it Crowe I’m on  subbing and it’s like you know what I’m  not like the others I’m just not I’m not  like everybody else that does these ICO  reviews if I love it I tell you I love  it if I don’t I’m gonna tell you why and  that’s it so it’s whatever cuz all I  know is that I want to get involved in  this cool cousin I was telling my wife  earlier today like we’re totally gonna  use this but next time we go traveling  pretty much anywhere like

my wife and I  we went to Chicago a couple years ago  actually we went to Chicago and we like  we tried to go to this nightclub okay  and they wouldn’t let us in they  wouldn’t let us in they’re like no we’re  too full and so come to find out a buddy  of mine was in Chicago knows every club  owner in Chicago  not only did he take us to the club he  got us in for free we didn’t have to  wait in any line  we got VIP treatment the whole nine and  I’m like I should have been able to do  I’m seven foot tall I could have played  for the Denver Nuggets how the hell do  you know Lou telling me we can’t come  into your club  so anyway you’re my favorite reviewer  because you’re such a dick oh well I  don’t try to be I really don’t I don’t  try to be an asshole at all I actually  genuinely care about the the companies  that I that support me to do well so you  know just because my review may not be  oh this is amazing this is the most  amazing thing since sliced bread I’m  gonna put every penny I have into it it  doesn’t mean that I’m not trying to be  helpful I will never like I used to joke  a lot about people early on you know  what I mean I’d like to use parts of the  team like I kind of tease the CEO of  this but it was very like you know it  came from a good place I think anybody  watching this knows that but I choked  about some other icos and some other  people in the past they were not they  were not thrilled so from a purely  professional standpoint you know

I’m  kind of refraining from making little  wisecracks and and and kind of coming  off overly cocky and my reviews because  you know even though it is kind of a  part of who I am and what I get a kick  out of and I know a lot of you guys do  too I think there is kind of a line  between you know just kind of being an  ass and being funny and I think  sometimes I’ve taken things ended up  being an ass territory so I kind of  refrain from some of that but yeah I  like to think of myself as the most real  sob on YouTube plain and simple you  either like it or you don’t and it  doesn’t matter if somebody’s paying me  to talk about it if I think that there  are problems I’m gonna spill it like  that’s all there is to it and you know  anything that I’m talking about even  myself I mean if I got my own flaws and  I have I’ve had my own issues and my own  failures in the past I’m about as open  as it gets and that that’s not gonna  change that’s not  the change just because I’m being paid  so on that note let’s I am feeling a lot  better I am like overall I am feeling a  lot better and I’m starting to feel a  lot more like myself so thank you print  so hall I appreciate you too man comes  natural yes all your paid reviews are  100% positive with you shouting I will  be honest no you’re wrong there dude go  back and take a look  you probably must have watched two of my  reviews and you don’t really know what  you’re talking about  the proof is in the pudding

just look at  my paid reviews playlist and just watch  watch the last four videos you’ll know  that’s just not the case I think it’s  been hilarious taking died my course  pretty good I’m not sure what that meant  just gave you a thumbs up crow now where  can i order the Mennonite crow bread I  know you are an ICO guy but what do you  really think about DLT I don’t even know  what DLT is I know BLT sounds really  good right now cuz I’m hungry  Brandon Lopez just read the court case  you mentioned  no wonder the court decision was made  without any congressionally enacted law  it doesn’t apply where I live in one of  the fifties I don’t even know what  you’re talking about  dude oh I see you’re referring to  something that somebody else said about  something else all right so you guys are  talking amongst yourselves and Chad  don’t see the value Crowe you don’t see  the value in the ice in this I see oh is  that what you mean I do I think you’re  crazy basically like as a cousin is  somebody that’s guiding people around  and showing them where you live and the  hotspots and all that you’re gonna be  paying them in coins and there and  there’s a lot associated with this  explain it very well I mean great and I  just kind of went over like the gist of  what the service offerings are

but there  is there is more to it than that so  let’s just take another look because if  you don’t think  I’ve explained things well enough then  let’s go into it a little bit more I do  absolutely speak from the heart without  a doubt I’m putting $500 in this I see  oh hey like I said don’t just stop money  into something because you because I say  I like it but I like something I do like  it but you know like read the white  paper read the you know read up on where  these guys have been and what they’ve  been doing finding reliable travel info  is too hard  searching for relevant travel  information online he’s become an  impossible task the business model that  keeps the internet free has drowned our  feeds and irrelevant information  creating overload and feedback loops  that we can’t escape seasoned travelers  are aware of the manipulations online  but still struggle to avoid fake reviews  bias content boosted by corporate  marketing budgets and powerful agendas  that modify their search pages as a  result much of a travelers vacation time  and dime is wasted on mediocre  experiences that don’t fit their vibe  that is your value that’s what this is  all trying to solve right here and it’s  true it’s true if I go to my own in my  own City if I go and I look up nightclub  Saturday I will see Yelp listings and  listings for all this bullshit and 90%  of these bars and clubs aren’t even open  anymore

so I know exactly what these  guys are talking about even in my own  City now I happen to know what’s open to  what’s around but I’m looking for new  stuff or what’s hot on any particular  night every once in a while my wife and  I like to go clubbing we like to go out  and have a good time and yeah it’s  difficult to even find out in our own  City what’s going on because all this  shit’s so outdated enter cool cousin  this is the last thing I’m gonna read  but you said you didn’t see the value  I’m gonna make sure you understand what  the value is in this thing the most  valuable source of information about a  new destination is a local friend a  trusted insider who knows your taste and  can direct you to places that suit you  cool cousin is the closest thing to  having a trusted friend in every city in  the world  founded as an antidote to the growing  frustration with online travel services  cool cousin directly connects travelers  to like-minded locals aka cousins for an  O I have a friend who like Atman there  he’s got a lot of cousins let me just  say that he can go anywhere and he’s got  cousins and they’re all willing to help  each other out I want that same clout  dammit that’s all I’m saying for an open  and unbiased exchange of local knowledge  and services using the app

travelers can  search through a list of cousins in  their destination explore their distinct  city guide and reach out for customised  guidance and services travelers using  cool cousin connect an average of full  connect connect on average with four  cousins and inquire about accommodation  timing their visit commute issues  current events and other logistic and  perd logistic and personal interest  exactly what people turn to travel  agents for if if you don’t see the value  and what these guys are doing you  obviously don’t travel much what up cuz  exactly why a blockchain and you guys  are making me work well doesn’t  necessarily need a blockchain um yes and  no I think that the voting system and  how people are gonna be ranked based off  of the service they provide to travelers  and all of that stuff that’s all as I  understand it that’s all handled on the  blockchain which i think is actually  really good  kro all good but block to block chain  used seems forced why you needed I don’t  know I don’t know is it needed maybe  it’s not needed but it doesn’t matter to  me what I do know is that based off of  lit

okay let’s put into perspective here  let’s say let’s say I got two million  dollars in seed capital for venture  capitalists they’re gonna try and take a  big stake of the ownership or equity  rights to the company that I’m founding  I used that money to create what I see  here today a fully functional app with a  growing community and a strong  user base and then I come to come to the  idea that I want to expand my market in  the new cities marketing to new cousins  bringing more people into the fold I can  either go out there and achieve and  quite easily get some more venture  capital money and give up more control  of the company or I can host an ICO and  in hosting that ICO I can then establish  a new cryptocurrency that my application  is gonna use it’s gonna be popular and  it’s gonna have a sought after group of  people like people are gonna be looking  for this coin to utilize it within the  application every time they travel right  cousins are gonna want this coin because  it’s gonna be valuable now this is all  speculation and hypothetical but  ultimately people are gonna go after  this coin that travel and people are  gonna want it

trade volume is gonna be high because  you’re talking about a global market  right between the cousins and the  travelers people travel literally on a  global scale and because of that demand  for the point to acquire the services of  these cousins and so forth and so on  being able to vote on like you know  quality of service leaving tips you know  like if I’m a cousin and you come to  Cincinnati and I’m a cousin and I show  you around I’m like look this club is  cool this restaurant is great all this  stuff is cool you’re gonna tip me in  cryptocurrency right it just makes sense  is it a necessity is it needed  no but 90% of the stuff that I see on  the blockchain today isn’t a necessity  and it doesn’t mean you’re not going you  can’t potentially get a you know a huge  return on the investment so for a  business it does make sense to tokenize  their application like this especially  an already successful one all right I  travel for a living I hate traveling I  do I absolutely hate traveling it’s kind  of crazy  so anyway  and T grow you said blockchain is  centralized as well y’all yeah y’all are  gullible I disagree with that T grow I  think I read the same article that you  did and I think you misunderstood it my  girl says no stilettos okay all right so  anyway rant about your doppelganger oh  yeah I will tell you guys so those of  you that are watching this man there is  some troll

he’s a he’s a scammer running  around telegram with at crypto crow now  unfortunately I didn’t I am NOT at  crypto crow on telegram I’m Jason  Appleton on telegram and I am at upstage  er because that is my consulting company  and so that’s that’s I’m at upstage run  telegram so if you’re talking to anybody  asking for money talking about I’ll  review your IC o—- or whatever and  it’s and he says you know I’m crypto CRO  and it’s at crypto CRO that is not me  just so you guys know I had 10 I cos  reach out to me today asking if I was  the person they were talking to on  telegram and I’m like no I’m not talking  it I don’t I don’t even talk in direct  messages I have hundreds of direct  messages on telegram I never look at  them because I’m a member of like 60 70  different groups and direct messages  always fall like a rock in my telegram  so I never see him so yeah yeah  dang I’m still waiting for my ether from  him yeah I had an IC o—- basically  that sent them some money today  and yeah I feel bad but it’s these  people these people are just they’re  pretending to be me and there’s nothing  I can really do about it  damn man these trolls need to get a life  geez there’s something called a job yeah  I mean that that’s the one thing that  does suck about blockchain man is it’s  really difficult to try and nab  assholes and there just isn’t a whole  hell of a lot I can do about any of it

I  mean they’re all honestly they’re  stealing from me because you know there  could be an ICO that really wants to  work with me and they’ve got a set  budget and that this scammer gets ahold  of whatever they’re trying to send me to  work with them well I’m not getting it  either so they’re stealing from me and  these companies all right yeah the  trolling is scamming is absolutely  ridiculous  so all right guys I’m gonna cut it here  because it’s 11 o’clock my time and I’m  for whatever reason I’m losing more  frames it’s been a busy day today  I do not have any more I SEOs ico review  scheduled for the rest of this week so I  am focusing I’m gonna be focusing the  rest of this week on profit trailer so  I’m gonna be putting in some work over  the next couple days and trying to get  some guides and stuff going here soon  I’m gonna I’m gonna probably map out a  lot of this stuff tomorrow and exactly  what stages of the profit trailer I’m  gonna go into the different settings all  but kind of gonna outline a plan for the  videos that I plan on shooting between  probably tomorrow evening in Monday and  I want to try and get as much covered as  I can over the weekend

you are the crypto CROW you can do  anything except investing in this one I  don’t know what that means  it’s just  yeah I mean look everybody a lot of  valid points like some of you are  basically saying in general token ico  that is solely for fundraising as  opposed to real use economy like a  platform coin it’s a negative for me and  I totally agree like III typically when  I invest my money I typically look for  like big platforms peep things that are  expected to grow substantially over the  short term like as soon as they to  launch a product as soon as I get it I  get rid of what some of you guys are  saying in chat and you know to me this  is this is a I consider this a fun  project I consider this I consider this  like a step or two above like a cool  blockchain game right like like like  when I invested in hash rush and I was  like you know what I’m probably never  gonna make any money off of this but  it’s a really cool idea and I’m  supporting the technology in the effort  that was it I threw him a little cash  and that was cool and I’m not expecting  it to turn into anything cool cousin I  think is a potential investment that is  going to yield some return at some point  like I do believe that how much I don’t  know but I knew I know it’s gonna be a  popular app and I know that the  cryptocurrency is probably gonna be very  popular and that like these guys said by  2020 they’re looking for mass adoption I  think you’re probably gonna get it

I  think cool cousin has the I mean just  the name alone is gonna be catchy like  oh man we’re gonna we’re gonna go to  Florida we’ve never been there but let’s  use cool cousin let’s go find a cousin  and you know to show us around and take  us to some spots you know and on top of  that when I look at it you know you go  to some of these cities man somebody  like the guy that helped us in Chicago  he was like yeah man I got all the  connections that I got on the cloud and  like got us into a bunch of cool clubs  we didn’t have to pay for squat and all  this other stuff like me and this was  good this was cool you know and somebody  like that’s gonna get a bunch of fat  tips you know what I mean using an app  like this I don’t know I get it I get  what they’re doing I proof of it I like  it I’m looking forward to using it and  that’s it so for this evening hopefully  you guys had some fun we covered some  stuff let’s check Bitcoin real quick  before I bust out I mean it hasn’t  dropped much more still in 97 24 which  my guess is it’s about 96  let’s probably still about 9600 on GTX  so I’m gonna bust out and in my exit I’m  going to know I don’t know you know I’ll  leave this here or did I already close  it hold up I’ll put this back up and  I’ll play the song one more time peace  out everybody thank you so much and I’m  about to jam out a fistful of bed

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