5 New Blockchain ICOs – Credits, Telegram, Orbs, Seele, Fusion

5 New Blockchain ICOs – Credits, Telegram, Orbs, Seele, Fusion


Good morning Good afternoon Good evening    wherever you may be I am the crypto crow  I’ve been contemplating the entire  afternoon what exactly I was going to  talk about today and so I figured I was  gonna go over some icos  that so basically when I you know what  I’m going for  i cos i look for one of the first things  that I look for is I look for new  blockchain tech I look for new coins  you know DAPs and and and you know other  platforms and things you know they they  can do really well but typically it’s  you know a lot of the new coins because  everybody speculates on a new currency  everybody speculates on a new blockchain  so typically when you can get in really  lower at ICO price on a new ICO bought  chain you can typically fare pretty well  the only problem is especially if you’re  within the US they’re almost impossible  for you to get so while I’m gonna go  over some of the new blockchain icos  some have one why no one of these is  already completed one of them is coming  up soon one of them is a rumor and one  of them is I don’t think has started its  public sale yet but it’s really  difficult to get into

so I’m gonna talk  about them a little bit and let you do  your own research I’m just gonna point  you in the right direction and but first  so I’m gonna I’m gonna confess something  that I did today  and I’m actually proud of it and I don’t  give a damn what you think so today you  know I have been I mean all afternoon  all I have like late last night actually  you know what I did really late last  night to try and fall asleep because I  was just I was reading so much and doing  so many things that I needed to come I  needed to change up completely so I  downloaded Spore I downloaded Spore off  of steam and started playing that last  night I’ll probably play it again  tonight to fall asleep also I did get a  3d printer I got it yesterday I set it  up today tried my first print I tried to  time  to print something and it keeps screwing  up I get to the little guy because I’m  actually working on a board game and  it’s it’s something that I’ve been  wanting to do for years and years and  years I have a story I don’t even really  want to say too much about it yet  but it’s basically going to be in the  vein of like super dungeon explore but  the the story I did an iPhone app a  while back and it’s a story about a  little droid builder and this droid  builder grew up without his father as  have

I and he come to find out you know  in a nutshell he has to basically you  know he has a friend and they go on this  adventure to try and find his father and  it turns out his father won a big bot  building tournament like a battle of the  bots kind of big tournament and because  he was the smartest mind of all these  droid builders he was captured and put  to work forcibly and that’s why he’s  never seen Billy since he was really  really little and so basically Billy has  to follow in his footsteps  and created big battle bot droid to  compete in this tournament to try and  win first prize so that he can be  invited into this master evil genius  robot builders lair where Billy can try  and rescue his father okay so that’s  basically the plot that’s the story of  this board game and so I have all this  art I have all these characters that are  I mean they look amazing and so I have a  3d modeler who’s creating prototypes of  all these and so I bought this printer  because I want to be able to try and  print the prototype so I’m gonna have  the kids play the game and all this  other stuff before I even show it to  anybody and so I got the 3d printer man  and I started trying to use it and it  just keeps it gets going and going and  going and got to the guys his feet

you  got to get up to his knees and then it  just started like collecting somewhere  and I’m like damn it and it did that and  then and then I cleaned everything up  and I tried it again and it didn’t even  get that far so I something’s not right  I don’t know but I got a pretty badass  printer I got a forge was a forged  Master Forge master creator pro or  something like that it was like 899  way bigger than I thought it was gonna  be I mean this thing is like probably  can’t even see this I mean it’s heavy  it’s a big beasty kind of thing I  thought it was a small little block so  anyway so yeah there’s that and then  today you know I’ve been doing a lot of  research on TA I’m still trying to learn  technical analysis you know I’ve always  said I’m not a technical analysis guy I  was actually watching somebody’s videos  he was doing kind of a live video this  morning and I even asked him on his  channel I’m like hey you know I really  like your TA skills I’d love to have you  on as a guest on my channel and you know  cuz he didn’t have many very many subs I  think he has like maybe a thousand  subscribers or whatever but he’s a  well-spoken cat from from the UK and you  know

he he does he does the Fibonacci  retracement he does the Elliott Wave and  he seems to be pretty good at it and he  you know he he I was going through some  of his stuff he’s got a pretty decent  track record so I thought like maybe  you’d be fun to have him on as a guest  so that he could kind of teach people  some of the basics of technical analysis  and I’d be able to probe them with some  questions and things in the meantime and  just kind of make a thing out of it  anyway you know all right he just he  didn’t even seem to bat an eye he didn’t  seem to care too much so I you know I  figured look you know you come onto my  channel it gives you some exposure maybe  some of these people follow you get you  some subs but he didn’t seem to care so  I don’t know it is what it is but anyway  I basically sold all my Bitcoin today at  about $8,500 and I know it’s gone up  it’s back up to 87 and and that’s fine  but you know we are just a few days away  now from Chinese New Year which starts  on the 16th if I think we’re gonna have  a couple of weeks man where things are  gonna get a little worse and I’m just  looking to improve my Bitcoin position

I  started doing it last time I let one of  you trolls talk me out of it I actually  lost I pulled out I read I just I bought  back in I’m like you’re right fine you  know what I Chrome I coins but like I  say bitcoins my utility man I mean if  there’s if I can play a swing and in  and potentially add 25-30 percent to my  Bitcoin position I’m gonna do it and if  you don’t like it you can suck it so  that’s just how I feel about that you  know I kind of look at it like it’s at  8700 but you know through the night I  might wake up and it might be a grand I  don’t know but I sold it at 85 and I put  a buy order back in at 6,500 and I don’t  know me and I think over the next couple  weeks it may very well meet that because  I do I mean it seems Universal everybody  agrees there’s gonna be one more big  dump before it starts to shoot up and so  we’ll just have to see what happens  worst case scenario I just made a bunch  of money best-case scenario is like me I  can double it well I wouldn’t say double  it but do pretty well  so anyway oh and one more thing so I was  talking in my last video about back when  I was young and how I actually used to  be good-looking and I know that a lot of  you guys don’t believe that

so I  actually found the picture that I was  looking for you’re not gonna believe  this shit it really is me for those of  you who are gonna doubt it  that is me don’t don’t you see the  resemblance  hmm so yeah that was me back in I think  it was 1996  it’s crazy absolutely crazy I actually  just got out of shower and a girlfriend  just took a picture of me real fast and  I just like looked at her and gave her  my blue steel look as a joke and it  actually turned out nice so I actually  had that made for my mom man it’s crazy  looking at myself realizing I’m 40 and  fat and all this shit all right away  with that picture the good old days so  here we go  so there’s there’s looking at the market  you know market caps been hovering  around 420 billion for a while now and  bitcoins just been kind of playing games  up and down a few hundred bucks and you  know when I look at the charts you know  when you see what’s going on here now  this isn’t even my regular chart  [Music]  but just to try and give you guys some  stuff that I’ve kind of picked up  generally speaking  now I’m on a one-hour and that’s not  right wait what am I doing here  that’s the MACD but I’m looking for an  RSI there we go

so if I’m looking at RSI  basically on a one-hour chart  I’m right here at about 54 and what a  lot of these guys you know they what a  lot of these guys are saying is when  you’re in the 40s when the RSI is at 40  or below that’s where you buy and then  when the RSI gets up to 70 that’s when  you sell and so you know it’s just been  kind of right smack dab in the middle it  was down quite a bit today I think  earlier today it was down around here oh  she came and seen my big ass shoulder  butt yeah there you go so but yeah it’s  right now it’s at 53 so still some still  ways to go but you know there’s just not  a whole lot of activity it’s just been  like kind of hovering and not doing very  much and I’m just like you know maybe it  goes back I mean it hit nine grand right  after it touched on 6,000 and so I’m  thinking me and if that happens again  even if it goes up to 9 grand but then  it just drops back down to 6,000 I have  a buy order in at 6500 I want to pick it  up on its way down to 6,000 we’ll see if  I get lucky but I’ll you know every time  I do this I tell my wife oh my gosh I  did this today hopefully it wasn’t a  stupid mistake

but I figured you know  I’ve been watching all this technical  analysis from all these guys and a lot  of these guys are saying the same damn  thing just maybe you know slight  variations and timeframes and I know  that all this stuff is coming up on the  16th with the Chinese New Year and I  know that there’s gonna be a couple  weeks there or there’s not gonna be much  aging activity and I’m just kind of I’m  just kind of placing a bet on that so  we’ll see if I’m right or wrong all  right so let me close out of this I  guess we’ll start right here  this is a blockchain ICO that is  currently still in rumors and when this  thing kicks off I’m gonna be all over it  like a fly to a turd let me just tell  you I absolutely love telegram I use it  for everything and like right now this  is just this is all there is to it like  there’s not a whole lot of anything but  just I’m just kind of letting you guys  know keep an eye out for this maybe set  a Google Alert for telegram ICO so that  when that stuff kicks off you’re  informed next one I’m gonna talk about  is credits nobody’s paying me for any of  this stuff just so you guys know you  know I am gonna tell you tell you guys  one thing as an update

I’m gonna have to  stop like all the ICO reviews that I’ve  done where I’ve you know I’ve gotten  your etherium wallets and all that stuff  excuse me I’m definitely gonna pay you  guys out but I got to stop doing it that  way I’m gonna have to figure out a  different way to get back because man I  you guys have just you guys hammer the  hell out of me  blowing up the channels with I mean even  in the video I’m like you know this is  all for live only but then everybody  still blast my channel with you know  there are theory and wallet addresses  and then I made the mistake of saying  send me I just can’t I just can’t  I’m so sorry but I can’t I had so many  damn emails of everybody emailing me  their aetherium wallets because they I  don’t know if they turned in late they  didn’t watch the video they weren’t  paying close enough attention I mean I  basically said you know email me at you  know my email address if you if I had  already basically told you yes you’re in  the runnings for like that I think it  was the Bank era like everybody that may  have sent me the wrong Bank era  aetherium wallet address because I know  there were quite a few of you and I got  four of you that did a mail me and I’ve  got you pegged down you’re gonna get  your coins

I don’t know what to do with  the rest of you everybody else just  basically emailed me an aetherium wallet  I had no idea who you are and I had like  a hundred of them so it’s like I don’t  you know what I mean like I just deleted  them and it was a chore and then they I  still got even got a couple  more today so you know it’s like I want  to be but I’m honestly thinking what I  might end up doing is I might create  four new aetherium wallets and every  quarter so like every time I do some ICO  reviews every time I do something like  that or just in general I don’t know  we’ll see I’ll basically throw coins to  those wallets and then maybe at the end  of every quarter I’ll do some kind of  big giveaway we’re like look the like  the shit on this wallet like for you  guys are gonna win like you know 20  grand worth of stuff like you know I  don’t know I got to make sure that it’s  cool that I do that shouldn’t be a  problem and I might even I might even do  five I might do five wallets every  quarter and one of those wallets is  gonna go to a charity that’s that’s  probably what I’ll do

I know that it  kind of sucks in a way cuz I’m not gonna  be doing these live giveaways but I just  went like man when you guys that FOMO  kicks in you guys are sending me all  kinds of wallets and all kinds of shit  I’m some I’m surprised a bunch you guys  aren’t you sending me your phone numbers  and addresses like it’s crazy and it’s  just too much it really is I thought  it’d be easy and fun but it’s turned  into like a whole other job and I just  can’t keep doing that  I hope everybody understands but not all  is lost  I’m gonna figure out a way to make it  work I’m still not hard set on the five  wallet idea but technically if I did do  that  then every quarter you know add  everything up do a big thing I don’t  even know like make a contest or or I  don’t know I figure out a way to have  some fun with it but I think I’m  probably gonna figure out a way to go  that route and I’m probably gonna be  redoing Jason Appleton calm as a website  here pretty soon as well too to  accommodate all of these different ideas  and things that I want to try and do  with the channel and with the ico  reviews and I’m getting so many I’m  really getting so many and I’m getting  some good ones too honestly

but it’s  like I don’t what I’m I I’m so lost  people I’m just said like I my lawyer  told me today that he’s actually gonna  be sending me  well he said he was uploading all the  documentation so I can start onboarding  all of the non-accredited investors and  so but I you know I’m like okay cool but  I haven’t seen it yet he told me he was  uploading everything this this afternoon  around 4 o’clock and I haven’t seen it  so I’m hoping that he he told me that he  was punching up the email with all the  instructions on like each step everybody  needs to take because he said it’s a  little different than accredited  investors so hopefully he’s still  punching that up over a drink of whiskey  it’s about 10 o’clock so maybe I’ll have  it in the morning but I’m not holding my  breath but you know between that and you  know it’s like I want to I want to do  more ico reviews and because some of  these are pretty good and you know I I  but I’m trying to figure out a way to  make it all work because I don’t want my  whole channel to be full of icy  overviews so anyway credits now and keep  in mind none of this is a review I’m not  reviewing really these icos I’m not even  really going to tell you

well there’s  one that that I do want but credits  credits is a gamble for me like I just  and this is just my opinion only guys  truly just an opinion I’m not even  really like I might end up waiting for  this to hit an exchange but a lot of  people are going in on this and I  haven’t even really sat down to go  through this whole thing so basically a  few weeks ago I made a list of upcoming  blockchain tech that I wanted to look  into and and potentially buy into and  absolutely honest I’ve been so busy I  just have it like I haven’t I haven’t  gone to any of these and so and I I  thought well what am I gonna go over on  like whom I want a bit I went back to  through my excel sheet and I found this  list of these these I cos that at the  time we’re like still coming up and and  so anyway I figured I’ll just kind of go  through them a little bit with you just  to kind of give you an idea like when I  and this is kind of all basically  showing you the process that I kind of  go through  when like an ICO comes to me and they  say hey we really want you to review  we’ll pay ya and then I basically come  to their website and I start looking  around right it is my face is always  fine until I come down in this dungeon

it’s not even a dungeon it’s a finished  basement it’s just whatever so you know  and I read a little bit about what’s  going on  launching alpha version of credits  platform soon will be providing an  entirely new platform which consists of  the following applications and services  nodes web version of the public platform  registry application of the wallet web  version of the wallet  you got all their social media and the  first thing that I check ok so they have  a group and let’s look at their group  almost 26,000 people which tells me that  I mean this goes to I mean I’m bait  here’s the thing I found some other  stuff like people you know making fun of  this ICO but they’re like 26,000 people  in their telegram Channel  excuse me here comes oh the CRO yarn  over one the the sneeze so you know  that’s a lot of people man I mean and  that’s a lot of people buying into this  ICO and then you’ve got the channel  sixty-eight hundred people so basically  that’s not too shabby  [Music]  cool a hundred and twenty nine reviews  on their face that’s pretty interesting  all right

I mean like socially speaking  I mean they’re on point I’ll give them  that eighty eight hundred and sixty  followers the coin talk YouTube reddit  medium so they’ve got a big social  social system set up credits is an open  blockchain platform with autonomous  smart contracts in the internal krypter  krypter currency this wasn’t written by  somebody like native english i don’t  think the platform is designed to create  services for blockchain systems using  self executive self executing smart  contracts on a public data registry the  platform can execute more than 1 million  transactions per second and has an  execution speed of point zero one  seconds because transaction fees are  minimal high volume applications are  possible in a way that no other  blockchain can match  well somebody set up crypto kiddies on  here and test it out so you know without  getting too crazy deep i mean like at  first glance everything i mean they look  pretty legit in transaction per second  okay I changed execution speed cool cool  autonomous cycle schedules and I had not  read the white paper or none of that  stuff yet I read something was that this  one  let me see real quick  then you’re not gonna be able to see and  read that stuff while I’m looking here  [Music]

so I know like like ICO drops they have  this  it’s like hype rate high risk rate high  ROI rate high ICO drops core neutral  interest basically the price of the  token at ICO it looks to be 17 cents  they’re fundraising goals 20 million  sold on presale 3 million 3 million  dollars worth  total tokens of 1 billion it’s that’s a  lot but available for token sale 60  percent whitelist know your customer yes  bonus for first up to 30 percent so yeah  so I don’t know I honestly even though I  think that like some of the other stuff  that I read I’m like I don’t know I’m  not 100 percent I would probably I would  read their white paper I’m gonna go into  their technical paper I’m actually still  kind of interested in credits so like if  I if somebody if these guys had emailed  me and said hey will you review this  then I would at this point I would say  yeah I’ll review you but I haven’t gone  into the team yet I haven’t gone into  anything yet I’ve just kind of gone and  generally speaking what’s kind of  happening what’s the pulse of the whole  thing I would have watched these videos  but I’m not gonna watch that I already  kind of watch this one a little bit and  then I would say yeah sure I’ll review  you

I mean you look like you’re it looks  promising so we’ll see what I can dig up  and at that point you know when they  agree that’s when I would go in and I’ll  dive a little deeper so you know maybe  at some point I’ll do a full-blown  review on this once I’ve had a chance to  go through it in detail but like I said  tonight I’m just trying I’m just kind of  showing you guys what’s up oh shoot I’m  on the other browser all right so all  right so we’ll close that  now we are at fusion opening an exciting  new era of crypto finance for the  internet of values this ICO is already  finished so I’m basically telling you  about it because you’ll want to watch  the exchanges for this III again I  haven’t gone through this in in any  great detail but it’s you know I don’t  know of any blockchain icos that don’t  do well to some degree up Wednesday  headaches shaded oh excuse me once  they’ve hit exchanges and um you know  this I’ve been seeing a lot of people  talking about this but I I admittedly  don’t know a whole hell of a lot about  it yet I just I haven’t been able to go  through a lot of these they do want to  check out we’ve seen here they’ve got a  lot of people involved

that’s always a  good sign what is fusion fusion is a  public jump blockchain devoting itself  to creating an inclusive crypto  financial platform that utilizes  distributed network nodes to control  various types of tokens private keys to  make cross-chain smart contracts  possible that’s cool  provides API for centralized  organizations to make blockchain  scalable and connects off chain data  sources to make smart contracts truly  smart introducing the exciting era okay  interesting  alright there’s the white paper  executive summary contact us let’s check  their telegram 8,500 people so that’s  not a whole hell of a lot honestly for  blockchain but you know 2,400 let me  look at  Hey  selected participants reserves proof of  work and proof of stake 30% will be used  to motivate motivate the proof of work  and the proof of stake I’m all about of  proof of state coin  so that’s fusion you know obviously I  try haven’t taught you anything about  this I don’t really know a lot about it  other than it’s a blockchain tech then I  was looking to get into and I didn’t so  token sale the team fact documents so go  through fusion now this is the one  coming up

I know what some of you  assholes are gonna say when I talk about  this because I know who’s been talking  about this recently seal I I so this one  is one is another big youtuber who I  absolutely love by the way but I I don’t  know I know he does some things like you  know I’ll you know join my course and  I’ll tell you what it is kind of thing I  don’t I think he so I was in I just  happened to be and this is no bullshit I  just happened to be in the telegram  channel for this this afternoon and then  all of a sudden all these people just  started loading into it and some of some  of the other people who’ve been a part  of the community for a while just kind  of lost it they were just getting super  pissed talking about the other guy I  don’t even  it doesn’t matter I’m pretty I mean all  these people know about it basically  Superman okay just just Raven hell  because Superman made it one of his big  ICO picks for 2018 and you know I mean  he’ll you know if Superman says it’s  gonna be a big one  chances are it probably is because the  guy like everything he touches you know  like his he buys a bunch of this shit  and he starts pumping the hell out of it  and all of his groups and everything  else and drives the value up

so like the  only problem is you’re not gonna be  overly get into this you know that  that’s the thing with him he’s in the  frickin UK so he could buy whatever the  hell he wants and I thought you doesn’t  have to worry about all the bullshit we  do here in the US so  but I think this is probably gonna be  pretty good I mean the interest is  definitely there there are a lot of  people in there telegram group I mean  there’s I mean this thing is probably  gonna blow the hell up  here let’s see 20 it’s almost 24,000  people so I mean there you go between  this one and credits I mean you’ve got a  couple monsters so you know again I’m  just pointing you guys in the right  direction tonight so then the last one  is orbs program your economy of scale  now this one I was reading some  not-so-good stuff about apparently I  read something about that somebody on  this team I don’t know exactly who it is  but somebody on this team is a no I  swear this guy’s picture just blinked at  me when it did their pictures are  blinking that is funny you guys look at  you guys seeing that that’s a pretty  clever idea  anybody else blinking yep his nose did  something I think wow this is tripping  me out don’t that’s really cool actually

I like that that’s smart smart smart  marketing all right whatever I want to  see what everybody else does oh they’re  just moving their fingers ever so gently  look how creative that is that’s so  special well this guy looks angry what’s  he doing he’s gonna move his eyebrows I  bet oh just moving his little fingers I  thought he’s gonna move his eyebrows it  looks like all you had to work with all  right so we got a bunch of pictures of a  bunch of people winking and moving their  fingers what are the women do well you  got your hair gonna move come on Maya  oh she smiled  come on I’m intrigued she just pulled  her hands apart down there  this chick didn’t do anything she’s like  take your animated pictures and shove it  I got work to do find my you know fun  bar now but you got a name like bar you  got a you got to be fun what are you  doing come on wiggle your thumbs that  what’s happening Suzanne you don’t do  anything either come on what’s wrong  with these people  how does it let me down all right well  anyway orbs apparently somebody on this  team and I’m not gonna go into it in  detail but I read some stuff about  somebody on this team and a potential  scammer

I do not know if that’s true or  not I have not looked into it personally  but I just kind of want to let you know  that there is a rumor and that’s that  I’m not even gonna get too deep into  that cuz I’ve read some other stuff –  I’m kind of like May I’ll talk about it  because it’s it’s a it’s a blockchain  but death I think I’m gonna leave this  one alone just based off of what I ever  see it now if I do end up going deeper  into this and I find a lot of that stuff  is bullshit then I will definitely come  back and and going over things in more  detail now let’s see what anything  happened  still at 87 41 alright alright it’s like  I don’t want Bitcoin to go down but I at  least wanted to go down like to  seven-grain like go down to 7 grain and  then spike the hell back up because by  that time I’ll be ready I’ll cancel my  order and buy back in at 7,000 but we’ll  see it’s gonna be a really crazy couple  weeks for me so yeah I think that’s it  how I wish I knew how long this video  was because this this program does it  tell you like what your running time is  like my old one did so yeah and I didn’t  I didn’t keep track of when I started  either so who knows

well anyway you know  hopefully this was a little helpful I  mean there there’s you know what  exercise do crypto  just because I’m not really ready to go  upstairs yet and I’ve been waiting all  day to talk to everybody I was gonna do  a live tonight and just kind of hang out  and do some Q&A; but to be real honest  with you I want to go back to learning  the Elliott Wave III really I’m so hard  pressed that I want to learn this shit I  want to learn it yesterday so everything  that I’m doing is I’m trying to I’m  trying to just take some breaks play  some games and go back because I can  only do like an hour at a time watching  these damn videos teaching me this  boring stuff and half of them are people  that have real thick accents so it’s  really difficult to understand what the  hell are saying so that makes things  even more difficult but my hope is that  I can learn this well enough that I can  establish a decent track record for some  TA in the future and then I can start  bringing you guys some of that and that  and that’s a real big thing I want to be  able to like show you guys how to do it

I want to teach you guys you know point  predictions because I love it I love the  science of it and it’s just it’s  empowering it’s it’s hugely empowering  to learn technical analysis and actually  be really good at it  so if I want to go into blockchain news  cryptocurrency price manipulation is  unavoidable man I watched a video today  hold on Cramer  short tricks oh yeah this guy is a  douchebag and I mean I always kind of  suspected and a lot of people give them  shit I don’t even think you’re gonna be  able to hear this but knock this stuff  down he this guy so you probably can’t  hear it but you can you can google it I  actually found this video from the guy I  was trying to reach out to on his  channel today he was doing technical  analysis and and I was watching this  video and I’m just like oh my god and  you know he showed another clip where  Kramer was talking on the  like the see it I don’t remember what  channel he’s on I don’t even remember  doesn’t matter I don’t watch it  I don’t watch this guy I never have  watch this guy I thought he was a tool  but now I know he’s just a dark shady  tool so anyway just my opinion anyway  there was a he was talking about this  video

basically everything he’s  describing right now is how to short a  stock to death like basically you know  it can be doing really well and then he  could come in and you know make a couple  calls broke 10 20 million dollars at it  in a certain way do a few different  things tried the price down on his on  his short order and then and then turn  around and go long and make money on  both ends of it which you know as an  investor sure that’s great but – but but  the thing of it is is he basically the  way he if you watch this video I’m not  gonna play it cuz it’s like a ten minute  video but I look it up watch this guy  talk and listen like a I mean he’s smart  I’m not saying he’s not smart but he’s a  douche and just I don’t know what I  think of how many people here’s the  thing and this is the mentality that  drives me nuts nuts it’s this mentality  that these guys with money millions and  millions of dollars they’re already  filthy enriched but they’re always  looking at ways to make more while  driving other people down and that’s  what I hate look if I wanted to sell my  soul to the devil I could have been rich  a long time ago and you know I I always  told my wife I always told myself like  if I would never sell my soul to make a  buck I just won’t

and you know some of  these guys that’s like it just blows my  mind like look I get it it’s almost like  when you start making a lot of money  it’s like you’ve got you’ve got a path  to take from that point I feel like I’d  been hitting this path myself personally  it’s like you you can either choose to  then focus on helping people and and  doing charity work and doing things that  are a lot more fulfilling like I just  watched this thing recently  damn I forget what show it was but they  were in India and they were talking  about Mahatma Gandhi and like his whole  life and everything he had done and then  there was another guy and I  unfortunately I don’t remember this  guy’s name but he like preaches the  millions of people and you know he just  he lives this very simple life but he  just he was talking about how fulfilling  it is to do what he does to help people  to give faith to you know just to just  to do what he does and and I just  thought you know that’s a defining  moment when you know you start making  enough money where you know the the  lifelong mission to acquire money so  that you can live a more fulfilling life  for the rest of your life at that point

it’s like okay do I want to spend the  rest of my life doing what’s making me  money but then focusing on charity and  helping other people raising my kids and  so forth or do I want to become a part  of that race to see who can make the  most money and when I feel like when you  make that decision like okay now I’m  gonna join this race on who can make the  most money  that’s when greed really grabs hold of  your soul and I think that that’s this  is the end result you go bald and you  turn into a douchebag so and.and you  know yeah this this trolls on TV and he  makes a bunch of money and yeah he’s  smart and yeah everything he said was  real I mean it was it was real smart but  I feel like every time you do that  like this guy’s proud like this is the  way I think this is no bullshit and it  might be a little crazy and I’m not  wishing any ill-will on this guy but I  see guys like this who they I’ve got a  guess he’s been in this for 20 years I  don’t know maybe a little longer but I  think my internet went down so it’s a  good thing I’m not doing this live or  we’d be screwed so we’ll close that but  so I feel like basically the more you  dilute your soul the more you dilute who  you are the goodness inside you the  closer karma comes back to bite you

you  might live a lavish lifestyle and have  everything you want for 20 years but  you’re gonna be get struck by lightning  hit with a heart attack or something  else that did it on on any whim like I  don’t know man  you know people like that like I never  quite like this guy but seeing that  video watching him talk I mean look it  up I mean yeah it’s just like wow how  can you do that to so many people  just to just to make some money and  knock it down and I think just the terms  he uses are these cocky like I’m a god  kind of terms you know and that’s a  thing some of these guys they make these  plays for tens and hundreds of millions  of dollars just because they can and  they don’t give a shit who they hurt  because according to these people were  all just little lemmings running around  taking up space anyway we’re consumers  you know we’re we’re here solely to  we’re like bees for their honey you know  what I mean and it’s just I don’t know  ah God that whole world

I mean it’s like  look I love what I’m doing and I just  believe that you can make millions and  millions of dollars and actually be  worth the skin you’re in you know what I  mean as an individual so I don’t know so  anyway my my website has been  disconnected I’m not exactly sure why so  I can’t browse any more web pages and  until I figure it out I can’t upload  this video so for tonight I’m gonna call  it quits hopefully this was something  different I as soon as I get I I’m  telling you guys I have a plan too I  want to redo my website I’m gonna  restructure how my youtube channel goes  I’m gonna organize everything very  thoroughly I think I’m gonna create  different thumbnails for each type of  video that I do there’s a lot of stuff I  just want to restructure all of this and  at that point I think you’re gonna start  saying things take take some shape  because I actually made some calls about  some offices  because I honestly I want to plan my  workday I might start cranking out four  or five videos in a day because I want  to I want to make my workday you know  basically making videos for very  specific reasons that are outlined a  little bit more focused

I’ll do some  rambling because I can’t help that but  you know what we’ll see but definitely  the changes are coming and a lot of them  are gonna be for the better and yeah so  I’ll leave it at that so for tonight I  wish you farewell and to CRO your coins

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