How To Invest in ICO’s With The Crypto Crow?

Written by on November 5, 2017

If you have been watching my Facebook page you know that I am both the VP Of Sales for a mortgage company and an avid Cryptocurrency Trader, ICO Investor and Crypto Miner.

I spend countless hours researching ICOs, watching charts and more, all to make the most educated decisions possible when it comes to investing my hard earned money. Many of my Facebook friends have come to me asking for help. They want to invest in ICO’s but know nothing about it other than the high gains to be earned if getting in early with some of these companies.

I have created two options for budding investors to benefit from my work in Crypto that will work for just about any budget or experience level.

#1. Wallet Management Service

Perhaps you have funds you’d like to invest in ICO’s but you know nothing about them. You don’t understand the technology or how to use them but you just want to capitalize on this revolution of disruption. (Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and I don’t give financial advice. You should always do your own research and make decisions from there.) I will set up the wallets you need to which you will send your Ethereum from your Coinbase Account (if you don’t yet have one, set it up now. Clicking that link will give you $10 of free Bitcoin to get you started.) From there I will handle all of your transactions. I send you screenshots of each transaction and reports on the progress of coins “you” invest in.

For this service, I have a $500 Initial Investment minimum which at the time of this writing is around 1.07 ETH.

For every 1 ETH, we invest in 1 ICO. Click here to find the current USD to ETH Exchange rate.

My fee for the Wallet Management Service 20% of your return on investment from your investment, not the investment itself. I only make a profit if you do.


How Are My Fees Paid?

When you cash out your account, my percentage will be spent buying my own currency on the WAVES Dex platform, called Zempa Coin. You will keep those coins as a reminder of the great service you received and tell your friends.

Why Are You Buying A Crypto Token to Pay My Fees?

Cryptocurrencies are a magical creature of disruption and opportunity. The value of a coin depends on many factors, but it all boils down to how many people are buying and holding a coin, speculating on its value. The price transaction of a coin against the volume of the coin is reflected in the coins price. So, let us say I hold 100 million Zempa Coin myself, as the creator. As I help investors generate wealth over time, as accounts are cashed out for various reasons and my fees are paid through the purchase of my own coin, I am building a market for my coin that will increase its value over time as more uses for the coin are established. Everyone wins, even on fee payment!


I am not a licensed financial advisor and nothing I do is to be considered financial advice. I guarantee no return on investment in any opinion I express nor do I guarantee a return on investment through any service I offer. You could lose EVERYTHING you invest. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile with major swings high and low. Never invest anything you don’t expect to lose.

How do I keep informed of ICO’s after launch?

I use a variety of tools, groups and charts to keep an eye on the ICO’s I pick to try and establish the best exit.

For ICO’s that hit an exchange that I expect to climb, if they don’t spike immediately, I watch their charts to find profitable exit points.

I am also a member of groups and telegram channels that makes up millions of people in the crypto buying public which gives me a solid pulse on what is to be expected in the market.

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